Fun at the Pool

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I want to tell you about the beginning of the end of my previous life. As they say, when one door closes another opens. My background is that of a military brat, so I spent my teenage years going from base to base. By the age of sixteen, I was the pretty one and very active in cheerleading, and, if I may say, I am pretty smart! I have deep red hair big green eyes, and I’m very petite with tight abs and perky boobs. But with the military being such a small world, I was sexually repressed.

When I went to college I started to be more sexually active. I had no shortage of boyfriends and girlfriends. As I progressed through college, my leanings tended to be more to gals, but I still had the occasional guy when I needed to have a good stiff dick. It was here where I met David. OMG! He was a hottie. He was in the Army ROTC program and on the swim team. He was 5’8 and 150 pounds with dark brown hair, the deepest blue eyes and a swimmer’s physique that was to die for.

In my Junior year, he came to my apartment when it was possible so we could make out. He was fantastic in bed, and I was always satisfied after each visit. We started dating, and one thing led to another; we were engaged. Our sex life was better than most, and I had no desire for any other guy. After we graduated from college we got married, and we went to his first base as we went through training. I got a job as an accountant and was looking to start a great life with David. After his initial training, he received orders to Hawaii.

Hawaii is everything you can imagine and more. Eskort It was expensive there, but we got by so it felt like a second honeymoon. I got a job as a human resource specialist for a law firm and was seriously considering getting my law degree. I loved walking on the beaches and strolling past hotels with him in our skimpiest swimsuits. I undressed the Hawaiian men and woman with my eyes all the time and flirted with them, but I stayed faithful to David all that time. Boy, was I a fool!

One day I got a surprise that was to change both our lives. I came home from work thinking that I was all alone. I had a surprise to tell David, and I wanted to make it a special day. When we arrived in Hawaii, we rented a decent sized house which just happened to have a pool in its grounds. I was looking forward to lying out in the sun. I first made dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant, then I got my black thong bikini bottom, a pink robe on top and was in the process of making a pitcher of martinis for us when David got home.

I was carrying these through the sun room on the way to the pool when I got a sight that almost made me drop the pitcher. Out on the deck was David, wearing only a Speedo. He was on his knees with his hands behind his back and standing over him was our neighbor and landlord, Randy. Randy was a 6’1″ Hawaiian native and damn, he was built! He was married to Donna who was the stereotypical blonde California beauty. When we moved in, he had hit on me several times, but I resisted. I mean come on, I only was married half a year!

I was in shock when I saw David sucking on Randy’s ten inch cock. Neither of them noticed me, so my hand involuntarily started rubbing my breasts at the sight. As he licked the head of that magnificent dick, I imagined it was me there licking his balls, the head of his cock and the hard shaft. I wanted David inside me as he did that. As I saw him deep throating Randy my hand went to my pussy and gently started to rub the kitty. Slowly at first then I unconsciously got into a rhythm as David bobbed his head on the cock. I was lost in pleasure as I saw my beloved David’s mouth get used by that dick. Just then I saw Randy with the familiar look that I knew he was going to cum. I saw him pull out of David’s mouth and with his cock spasming he shot a massive load all over his face. That was it for me, I was over the edge and started to orgasm myself. I had to be careful that they didn’t hear me. I saw David clean the cum with his fingers, lick them and swallow.

I decided that enough was enough. I stripped down and walked out to the deck to see them stare at me. David’s look was saying shit I’m so dead and Randy was looking at me as if he gone to heaven. I said nothing and when David tried to get up I gave him a stern look and pointed for him to stay on his knees. He complied as I walked behind Randy and put my body to his. I started to caress his chest, kissing his dark neck as I gently tweaked and pinched his nipples then started rubbing my hands on his hard body. David would try to say something but a look from me made him think better of that. I kissed Randy’s back and rubbed his rock hard ass cheeks as I smirked at David. Despite his fear I could see my asshole hubby was tuned on. I walked in front of Randy got on my tip toes, gave him a sopping wet French kiss and tickled my nipples with his.

My repressed dominant persona came up front after being submerged for so long. My hand reached Randy’s magnificent shaft, and I started rubbing it slowly and softly, taking the sensations of every inch of this cock of his. When I get to the head of his dick I squeezed it some watching his reactions. When he was receptive to my manipulation, I grab his shaft and lead him to David. David was not sure what was going on so I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, forcing his mouth open, and fed him the dick. He resisted at first but then he accepted it and took it in.

As he was sucking, I was kissing Randy’s chest lovingly and slowly. I grabbed the back of David’s head and Randy’s ass, pushing them closer together, fucking his face faster and harder. I could tell Randy was getting close again so I pulled it out of David’s mouth and started to stroke it furiously as I held his head still. Just then Randy came with another massive stream into David’s mouth. I held his dick and licked all the remaining cum from his dick and then let go. I walked over to David, held his hair hard, spit on his face ,and said, “I’m pregnant.”

I walked back into the house where I went to my bedroom and locked the door. I ran the entire scene through my mind as I rubbed myself to orgasm several more times. Needless to say, David and I were due for a long talk.

To be continued…

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