Fucked Neighbour Wife

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Welcome to all. After reading the stories shared by the readers, I thought of sharing my first extramarital experience with others. I am happily married 36 years old guy blessed with a 2 loving kids. I used to taste the pleasure of sex with my wife only. Though I am having strong urge towards sex, we enjoy sex whenever we both feel for that.

Last year a small family consists of a husband and wife with their small kid aged within one year move to the next house. Husband named Balu; he is a Manager in a reputed Private concern. Uma is a housewife. Within a short span of time my wife and Uma became friends. They used to chat to pass the time. I never had any bad thoughts about her till that day.

During the last summer, we went to my wife’s village for vacation. She wanted to stay there for more days to help her sick mother. Since I couldn’t take long leave, I returned back with a plan to visit her once in a fortnight and have some sex also.

During the days I felt much for my wife. But I used to go to work little early and came late to home. Thus I passed the first week without much trouble. On Sunday I felt very boring and jacked of to twice.

At about 12 in the noon I heard a knock. I went out and found Balu was standing there. He invited me to have the lunch in his house. Since I didn’t want to go out in the scorching sun for lunch, I accepted. I promised to be in house within half an hour. I took shower and went to his house.

In his house Balu and Uma who was in yellow sari greeted me. Now she looked different for me. Before that just we used to say hello to each other when we met. But after the hello, my eyes began to crawl below her neck. The low cut blouse reveal the starting of the beautiful boobs. The flat tummy and the swelling below that troubled my dick, which started to get strong. Anyhow I managed.

We took the lunch together. During the time I could see her staring at me. But I could not understand why? Her hubby is younger than me and good-looking also. I left their house at about 2.30 with a promise to take the lunch with them during Sundays. As usual the next week went off quickly but jacking of fantasying of Uma and her bust.

During that week I met Balu while I was going for work, reminded me Sundays Lunch. escort bayan Then come to the mind is lovely boobs and swelling of Uma.I agreed gladly. At 11 o clock while I was taking shower, I heard a call at the door side and it was Balu. He told me he was going out of station on an unexpected urgent work. ” Ok” I told ” I will take the lunch elsewhere”. “No. I come here only invite u. Get ready and come for the lunch.

I may not be there as I have to move immediately so I can return in the night”. My heart danced with joy. But with some hesitation I agreed. He went away. I dressed in jeans and T- shirt and went to his house around 1.30 intentionally to avoid meeting Balu.

She opened the door with the kid in her hand and warm smile in her face and invited me inside. She asked me to sit for sometime to get her kid slept and serve me without any problem. She sits before me in a sofa and laid the kid in her lap to make him sleep. While doing that I was somewhat bold to stare at her boobs while the boy is playing with her sari. He did not care me. After 15 minutes he slept and she put him in the bedroom.

She asked me to come for the lunch. While serving the lunch I could get clear view of her lovely boobs but not dare enough to make a move which may spoil my reputation if she negative.

While chatting, she asked me what I would do in the afternoon. I told her that I should try to sleep. But now days I could not sleep well. She smiled and told me ” U r always thinking of your wife. That is why u r not getting sleep. Divert your thought to others”. I was puzzled what others.

She looked into my face with a naughty smile and told me ” don’t think otherwise”. “Divert yourself in gardening and reading etc.” After finishing the lunch she asked me to wait in the hall. She came to hall after five minutes arranging every thing. But now facial expressions were changed. Instead of naughty smile something strange expression in her face.

Without uttering any word she sat besides me in the same sofa but a feet apart. She might have very well aware that my eyes were followed her always.

Suddenly she turned towards me and asked, “Are u going to sleep”. I replied I would try to sleep. Then she told me in a husky voice, tuzla genç escort ” Don’t worry, I will help u to get sleep”. I could not able to know what she meant. But something what I searched for weeks together would going to be happened.

I don’t know what to reply. But managed to ask how? She moved her bottom towards me and told me ” The way she made the kid sleep”. My heart leapt with joy. I could not believe my ears. I asked her ” R u joking”. She look into my eyes and asked me ” Don’t u like it?” Without any more word ” I laid my head on her lap and move my legs over the handle of the sofa. She breathed heavily and I could feel the head from her crotch.

I could not control myself, my dick, which was growing after the lunch now at its full and trying to come out of my jeans in vain. The tow lovely mangoes are hanging before my head and she stretched backward. How can I control? I put one hand around her neck and caressing her cheek while another is just pressing gently the right boobs. She sighed heavily.

I pull her neck down so that the boobs with the blouse touched my face. She bent more and the two boobs covered my face. Meanwhile I felt here hand open my zipper and move my underwear so that my dark, thick dick around 7″ sprang. She circled it with her hand and start moving front and back. What a lovely experience.

I could not control myself. I ask her whether we can do it comfortably in the bedroom. We both hurried to the bedroom removing the clothes on the way. While in the bed both are naked. She had a lovely bushy pussy and the swollen boobs which I like most. The tits were erect. I made her lay on the cot. She closed her eyed and moaning.

On seeing her dick was ready to enter her swelling cunt. But I want to give her more pleasure. I sat beside here and massage her boobs with hands. While doing that, slightly squeezed the tits with fingers. She acknowledged my action with little sounds and movements of butts. I removed one of my hand let my closed lips teasing her nipple. She could not bear the play. Her hand moved up and pressed my head downward so that her tit crushed below my lips.

He held tightly for some time and I moved my free hand and navigate her body downward till it reached tuzla kendi evi olan escort the edge of the love forest. After caressing the bush briefly navigate further to reach the mounds of love canal. She was still closing her eyes and uttering something not so audible. Suddenly I move my head a little up and open the mouth and took the crushed tit into my mouth and soothe it with applying my saliva with my tongue. She could not bear it.

Now my hand feels some fluid and I knew she was coming. I played with both boobs. She opened her eyes and told me ” I can’t wait. Please fuck me with your strong dick as u fuck your wife. Please.” With these I could not control. With a single movement I planted between her parted legs and keep my dick just above her juicy cunt. Just as the boobs, I wanted to tease the cunt also. So I touch the cunt with head of my dick slightly and move back and forth and she cried ” Please Fuck me … Don’t wait.” and move her buttocks. Suddenly she gave an upward thrush and captures my dick with her pussy. I could not believe. And out of mind.

I gave thrush, which kept her buttocks on the bed. She gave a scream. Then I started pumping her while my lips are playing with the brown tits. She moving her buttocks up to receive my thrusts and give me full pleasure. Her body shuddered and her movements stopped and I pumped a little more and exploded into her. We lay like that for five minutes. She opened her eyes and the naughty smile came into her face and told; ” Now try and u will get sleep”.

I wanted to give her more pleasure by fucking her in various postures. But she refused. Today she enjoyed the fuck more than enough. She thanked me for fucking her as my wife and told me that she saw me fucking my wife in one morning before going to office when she came to meet wife. She saw the mighty dick and wanted to have it. Now her dream fulfilled. She promised to give me whenever I need and time permits. But now I had to leave. I kissed her and went to the bathroom for cleaning. On seeing her swaying boobs and naked body my dick got erect.

On seeing that she knelt and caressed it and suddenly she took it mouth and saw my reaction. I acknowledged. She gave me fine blowjob in my life and I shed my load and she did not waste a drop. I went home after dressed and kissed each other and slept well.

My wife came home in the next week and we could not continue our game. But while seeing each other the Sunday afternoon come in mind and she used to blush. I am waiting for such chance in future to fuck her in different positions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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