From Homophobe to Homo Ch. 06

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Fags are disgusting and Connor hates them all! There is no doubt in his mind. But when this raging homophobe finds himself forced to move in with another hunky mechanic, he has no idea that he is about to slowly, but surely, become what he despises the most!

This is a pure work of fiction.

This story does not reflect the views of its author. I do not endorse the actions depicted in this story in real life. All characters featured are above 18. Enjoy!



Chapter 6: Setting him straight

My roommate had just given me a facial. Let that information fucking sink in! I was kneeling between his hairy legs, my face practically pressed against his big balls and thick cock, and he had showered me with his spunk.

Then, Robbie had rubbed his dirty, sweaty, smelly boxer briefs all over my face to collect his fresh and warm cum.

I was trembling.

“Dude! Relax a little.” Robbie said casually. “That’s just some protein when you think about it. I’ve already seen you jizz on your own face. What’s the difference?”

I snapped.

“The difference?!” I yelled at him. “You cannot tell the fucking difference?!”

He grinned at me and I just could not take it anymore.

Once again, I lost control of myself.

I jumped at his throat over the couch and we both fell heavily on the floor. We were holding each other as if we were taking part in a lewd wrestling match, we were both naked. I wanted to hurt him, to destroy him, to own him!

During the fight, I was reassured to note that I still had the upper hand over him.

I was the strongest of the two, or maybe, my rage was getting me going. Either way, I was chocking him underneath me.

“What…” He was panting. “…The…” He grabbed my bare ass. “…Fuck?”

I was lying on top of him, crushing Robbie with all my weight. He had his right hand on my throat and his left hand firmly holding my ass, trying to do, God knows why, to defend himself. I raised my fist in the air, ready to punch his smug face.

“I’m gonna kill you!” I barked at him like a mad man.

One second, Robbie looked terrified, the next, he was sporting the creepiest smile.

He moved his face closer to mine. I had the crazy thought that he was about to kiss me.

“Dude, you’re hard again.” He whispered in my ear.

I was instantly paralyzed when he said that. That could not be? Not like this? Not again!?

Robbie took this opportunity to overpower me. We switched position until he was the one on top of me, practically sitting on my face. His hairy and musky asshole was dangerously close to my mouth.

“You’re fucking gay, bro!” He exclaimed, laughing hysterically, pinning me down.

“Shut up! Shut the fuck up!” I was tearing up.

He rubbed his smelly ass all over my face. He was having the time of his life! I wanted to scream but I could no longer open my mouth now that he was smothering me with his dirty ass.

“What are you gonna do, now?” He asked, sliding his ass crack up and down my nose like a freaking credit card sliding into the terminal.

“Mmmmmff… Mmmmmfff….”

He was holding my arms down, I tried to move my legs. I swallowed some of the hair from his butt. Fuck.

Why did he have to be so hairy?

After some more back and forth on my face, he moved around and slapped me. Not violently, not to hurt me, just to remind me of my place. I thought about my dad again, what would he say, seeing me like this? Robbie then grabbed my legs and pulled them towards him.

“I’m so done with you, Connor.”

He was pulling me through the living room’s floor. At this point, I was no longer able to register what the fuck was going on. I barely saw him opening the door. Robbie had told me that I was a freaking homo, that thought alone was polluting every cell of my brain.

He grabbed me one last time to violently throw me outside of his place. In a matter of seconds, I found myself in his hallway, shaking in front of his front door. Stunned.

Robbie locked the door behind him while shouting: “Good luck, bro!”

That woke me up from my torpor. I was fully naked, in the middle of a hallway, droplets of cum still drying on my face and chest, my dick at half-mast.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. How did I get myself in this position? No cell-phone. No clothes. No car. I had nothing!

It took everything in me not to ball-out and cry like a wuss.

I was about to smash the door when I considered that, for once in my life, I had to play it smart. This was not the time to be impulsive. I could literally have the cops called on me for being naked there. The neighbours could see me and then… Oh damn!

I remembered Patrick, the perv from the fourth floor. Could you imagine if this fairy were to walk on me, right there?! He would have quite the show. I had shivers just thinking about that.

I knocked at Robbie’s door. I needed this bastard’s help!

“Dude, that’s no funny. Let me in.”

No answer. I looked around, my ass was facing the elevator. I prayed for no one coming sarışın porno in.

I knocked again.

“Rob! Let me in! Fuck!”

“Who would let a fucking maniac back in his apartment?” He said through the door.

“Come on! I’m not a maniac. We’re friends! You know that.”

I was very worried that the conversation we were having would get even more attention towards me. But what could I do?

“You just attacked me!” Robbie yelled.

“Dude, we cannot have this conversation through the door. Please.”

He did not reply back. I was desperate. I tried again a couple of times but no reaction.

I sat down against one of the walls. To be honest, this was probably one of the lowest points of my entire life.

After what seemed to be like twenty minutes, – I had no watch nor cell-phone so no way to really tell, – the door slightly opened.

Robbie was wearing a pair of black underwear. He had apparently taken another shower. I was still smelling like shit.

“You’re still here?” He asked.

“Where the fuck would I go, like this?” I pointed towards my dick as if this was not obvious.

“Keep the volume down and show me some respect, mate. You don’t want us to fight again… Right?”

Reluctantly, I nodded yes.


“I can let you come in but you have to promise me that you will never lose your temper on me. Ever again.”

“Dude, that was crazy!” I stood up. “This went over board, you know that I’m impulsive, I mean…”

He went back into his apartment, almost shutting the door. I got very scared again.

“I don’t want your excuse; I just want you to fucking chill out and not freak out every time something happens.” He spoke.

“Look, man. I’m naked, I’m cold. I feel terrible. I learned my lesson. Please, let me come in. I’m sorry, ok?”

Robbie smiled at me and talked in a much friendlier tone.

“Sorry about locking you out, bro. I was pissed too. Come-on in.”

I felt somewhat relieved and quickly ran back into his apartment. How did I not realize that I was going back, straight into the lion’s den?

“Can I go take a shower?” I asked.

“Not now. Let’s sit. We need to talk.” He pointed towards the couch.

I followed the instructions like the Beta male I had become.

“Rob, it’s already super late, I’m exhausted.” I tried.

“I know, me too. Sit.” I obliged and let him say his piece. “Listen, I understand why you got mad. I mean, the cum on your face is one thing, but it was just an unfortunate incident. I think you were angrier at yourself than you were at me.”

I tried to remain calm.

“What do you mean?”

“If suddenly I thought that maybe I could be gay, that would fuck me up. I’d go insane I think.”

“Why do you keep saying this? Why do you keep on suggesting that I could be one of these freaks?”

“Because you keep getting hard around me, that’s messed-up!”

The talk was uncomfortable, being naked all through it was even worse.

“Dude, I’ve been super horny for days! That’s all.” I defended myself.

“Yes. I did think about that too. And that’s true.” He sighed. “Listen Connor, I have gone through the footage we shot tonight and I am super happy with it. Truthfully, if you had not attacked me like a crazy horny naked wrestler, (he laughed, I pretended to smile…) I would have gone to bed satisfied and I would have given you your share of the profits. But you lost it, mate, and I don’t want us to fight. Our friendship means a lot to me.”

“You have to understand… I have my pride. And after you…”

I could not say it out loud. But Robbie clearly could:

“After I jzzed on your face. Yes, Connor, let’s call it was it is! I fucking unloaded my spunk all over you.”

I had a spasm but I collected myself. I was sure that he was pushing my buttons on purpose.


“Dude, we’re bros, it’s just us, nobody knows what you’re doing for me, that’s no big deal.”

“You should not have done that though…”

“Well, you could have moved your face when I started to cum! You stayed there because you wanted to! Anyway, as I said, I think the real issue here is your fear of being a fag.”

“I am not afraid of that! I know what I am!” I shouted, trying to convince myself more than I was trying to convince him.

“Well, ok. Maybe you’re not worried but I am! If you were gay, like, I don’t think I would feel comfortable with you being my assistant anymore, or even, living with me.”


“Would not you feel the exact same way if the tables were turned?”

“Of course, I would, but I’m fucking straight! You know that! I hate fags.”

“Ok, ok. Look, I am not telling that you’re a queer for sure. I am not in your brain nor in your dick. For all I know, maybe you’re so horny that anything, including my big throbbing cock against your nose would make you hard.”

“Fuck you, man.”

“Bro, I had an idea in the shower. I think what you need to go back to yourself is banging a nasty chick.”

I was about to snap sex hikayeleri back at him but that took me aback.

“What? I… Yeah! I mean… Exactly!”

He smirked.

“Listen, I have a girl coming over tomorrow night. I can ask her to bring a friend. Both of them, total sluts, the full package. Boobs, ass, filthy minds. They’ve been salivating over my cock for weeks. I’m sure one of them will be happy to have you instead.”

He pulled out his phone and showed me some pictures. Two brunettes, big boobs indeed, I could not see much more but their eyes were enough to know that they were true bitches.

“Interesting…” I mumbled.

I was afraid of getting hard again. Well, maybe that was a good thing to get hard now? That would prove that I was straight, right? Fuck! What the hell did I have to prove?!

“One text and they’re both coming over tomorrow night. That one is called Sofia, I want her for me, but her friend, Lucy, she’s for you.”

“She’s fine as hell!”

“She is. I think that would be good, even for me, to see you banging a chick. Like, it would help me get over the fact you got hard taking my spunk. Take this as a way for me to show that I still trust you and you’re still my bro!”

I laughed awkwardly.

“You offer me a pussy as a gift?” I asked.

“Best gift ever or what?”


Truthfully, after the awful night I had just had, I could not have hoped for a better outcome. I had to learn to take my wins.

“Once you’ll have tasted some pussy and some boobs again, I’m sure you’ll feel better. This is going to set you back to straight!”

“If you knew how bad I’ve been wanting a good pussy for dinner lately.”

Just like that, it was like we had become bros again.

We talked about hot girls and real straight men stuff (sports, big cars, fucking chicks) for the next half hour. I almost forgot that I was there naked.

When I went to take a shower, I was horny again and ready to finally blow my load but Robbie told me something which definitely killed the mood.

“Don’t you dare play with your little willie.” He said to me as I was walking to the bathroom.


“Dude, if you jerk off after having received a facial, would not that make you automatically gay?” He smiled.

I thought about it.

“I won’t. I don’t want to jerk off tonight anyway.” I lied. “And I need to keep the content of those balls warm for Lucy.”

I grabbed my (full!) balls and winked at my roommate, pretending to be in on the joke.

With no lock anywhere inside the apartment, I sure would not do anything that night. If Robbie were to find me stroking my dick after everything that had happened, my life would certainly be over.

Instead, I slept on my hard-on.

It was certainly not the best night I had, especially as a strong odour of cum was filling up my room.

As Robbie’s assistant, it was part of my duties to prepare the special packages he had promised his clients: his dirty socks, his dirty underwear, including the one full of cum from the previous night, and even some used condoms in freezer bags.

I had everything lied down on a very small table just next to my bed.

My room was so small, I could not believe Robbie chose to store all those dirty things right there… But he told me that it was my job and that I should keep them “safe” until they were shipped and delivered to his clients. Besides, he hated the smell of cum so he could not keep that in his bedroom.

He also put some envelopes and the list of all the clients I had to address the packages to on my side table. Convenient, right?

At this stage, I did not have the strength to argue with him so I slept with his old condoms and underwear a few inches from my face… Worst part is: after a few hours, you do get used to the smell.

Not surprisingly, the next day at work was painful.

I hate to admit it but Robbie’s reasoning was getting to me. I was not so much thinking about how he had nutted on my face, I had come to the point where I thought maybe it was just a mistake and not such a big deal after all, but my own reactions towards him (meaning, my erections) were driving me insane.

I could not be a fag. Fuck. My father had taught me right! I was not one to take it in the ass.

“You’re ok, Connor?” I jumped and hit my head on an opened trunk.

Eric had sneaked up behind me.

“Damn!” I complained, massaging my head.

“Sorry, man, I did not want to scare you…”

“I was not scared! I… I was surprised! That’s all.”

“Ok, ok. Look, I’m really coming to you as a friend. You know I’m a bit older than the other guys here.” He put his large hand on my shoulder. “You can talk to me if something is not going well.”

Who did he think I was? A 10 years-old girl whining about my problem to my teacher?

“I’m fine.”

“If you say so, you just seem preoccupied.”

The man could not let it go! For God’s sake, I am not his wife.

“What do you want, Eric?”

“You know that real şişman porno men are allowed to have their down times too. You lost your apartment, you lived with your friend, you…”

“You think you’re so much better than me, eh?”

Eric rolled his eyes. I thought he was going to get mad but he only patted my shoulder some more.

“Grow up, Connor. Grow up.” He said, leaving me there.

Frankly, the only thing that kept me going that day was the anticipation of a wet pussy sucking up my cock. As a joke, Robbie kept on sending me pics of the girls all day long.

It did lift my spirit, they were always wearing the most scandalous outfits, all boobs out.

Robbie said it was his mission to “straight me up” again. The prick. At some point, I swore he talked about this with Oliver. But I was no longer mad at him.

He was feeding me pussy, I had to appreciate that.

When we finally came back home, I made sure to pack all Robbie’s “dirty packages” aside, I was set to ship them the next day, and we were ready to welcome the girls.

My dick was hard as a rock a full hour before the time they were supposed to arrive.

“See, straight as an arrow.” I said, finally finding back some of my confidence, grabbing my fat bulge in my blues jeans.

“Well… I’m the only one in the room.” Robbie replied with a wink.

I could never win! Could I?

Right on time, at 8pm, the door rang. They were here! My cock throbbed in my pants. How many days since I had sex for the last time? The fact that I could not know for sure made me think it was way too much! I used to get some pussy every single day, most likely, multiple times a day.

Robbie went to open the door, for once. Behind, a girl even sexier than the pictures came in, Sofia.

She was wearing the tiniest black skirt and red high heels. She was not playing!

“Hi, babe.” She said to Robbie.

“Hi.” He replied, kissing her on the cheek.

He whispered something in her ear. She giggled. It was like I was not there.

“Your place is so nice.” She said, looking around. “And hi, pretty boy.”

Finally, she acknowledged me.

“Hi, I’m Connor.” I said, quickly hugging her, already feeling her breast pressed against my tee-shirt.

What a fantastic piece of woman! Where did Robbie get her? I thought I had already gone through all dating apps and clubs in New-York City but clearly, I had missed some gems.

“Lucy is not with you?” Robbie asked mindlessly, pulling off a bottle of red wine from a cupboard.

“She texted me she was stuck at work; she should join us soon.”

“What does she do?” I asked, pretending to care.

What I did care about was our guest’s cleavage, Sofia was not one to leave much for the imagination.

“She’s a data analyst for one of those big tech firms. Don’t know which one at the moment, she changes all the time to raise her pay-check.”

Damn. I was impressed. A hot chick with a brain? She was like a unicorn. She must have had tons of guys after her but she still agreed to meet Robbie… and I.

As I was in my thoughts, Robbie and Sofia were already getting closer, much closer. I mean, it was pretty clear from the start that we intended to do a foursome that night, so I should not have been surprised when Robbie and Sofia started making-out, hard, on the couch.

It would have been awkward if I was not so horned up watching them French-kissing. That girl was clearly dying for cocks. She already had her hand all over Robbie’s crotch. My own dick was pulsating in my pants.

I filled up the glasses for everyone.

A few minutes later, after the most ridiculous chit-chat, Robbie started to lick her neck and winked at me. How much longer before Lucy arrived?

I drank my glass of wine. Nobody had said a word in the last ten minutes. Maybe it was getting awkward after all.

“Mmmmm… Fuck yeah…”

Wait. Was she moaning? Already? I glanced towards the couch again. My roommate had his hands under Sofia’s skirt. The man was fingering her! Right there!

“You like that, honey?”

“Don’t stop, babe, don’t stop.”

She was staring straight at me while getting her pussy fingered. I was about to take my dick out of my pants and jack off.

“Wanna watch?” Robbie asked me after few more minutes.


I had never done something else with a dude. I had done a threesome once before but it was with two girls. Still, I was so fucking curious… and turned on!

I got closer to the couch until I was almost at the same spot from the previous night when Robbie had jizzed on me.

*Stop thinking about this!* I scolded myself.

“Spread your legs, darling. Show my friend the goods. Get down Connor, you’ll have a better view.”

Sofia nodded yes. I obliged as well, kneeling down. What a glorious bitch! I am referring to Sofia of course, not me!

She turned towards me, fully lifted her small skirt (not that it hid much anyway) and spread her legs wide. Should I even say it: she was not wearing any underwear.

“FUCK!” I exclaimed at the magnificent view of her warm, and already wet, pussy.

I was like mesmerized by her pussy lips when two fingers were shoved into her.

“Mmmmm….” She moaned.

“That’s how you do it, man!” Robbie said with the biggest smile on his face when he added a third finger.

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