From Coaching to Playing

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Where do I begin to tell the story. Well I will keep it as short as possible and simply say that I’m a retired Sports official and now work as a coaches coach. That means that I travel around the country helping coaches become better coaches in a variety of sports.

This great profession puts me in contact with lots of tremendous people in various locations from the gym to the field to the classroom to an office to their home.

This story is going to focus on a portion of my trip that I spent in the Western part of the country. I enjoy to relax and spend time in a bathhouse and the one closest to my home is approximately two hours away. That location does make it challenging to visit on a regular basis so when planning my trips I leave extra time in cities where there is a great bathhouse.

On a recent trip to a western city my client suggested that I head back to their home and have a relaxing dinner enjoy the small sauna and hot tub they have within their home. That sounded more relaxing then heading over to the bathhouse so I agreed.

When we arrived she said instead of cooking she decided to do some takeout so we had some pizza and a little bit of Chinese food delivered. Shortly the food arrived we had a few drinks and a few laughs.

While we were eating I kept wondering when will we get to the hot tub and the sauna. John stood up and then Kylie stood up while waving to me and said come on. As we were walking I said to John that I left my bathing suit at the hotel and asked if he had a pair of gym shorts that I could wear. Kylie chuckled and said we do this naked and hope it’s OK with you. Because they were clients I was a little cautious and embarrassed but agreed to strip down to my birthday suit and join them.

We hit the sauna first and then went to the hot tub for a relaxing soak. John and I got in and Kylie went to the kitchen to bring us back some nice cold delicious lemonade. While we were waiting John said to me I understand from Kylie that you enjoy going to the bathhouse. I quietly responded and said yes I do. Well, the topic had surfaced while her and I have been talking with some of our clients. They asked if it made sense for them to go and relax there, which was followed with that nervous a little chuckle.

When Kylie returned with the lemonade John said to her we were just talking about the bathhouse. Kylie then said did he tell you what they do a couple of times a month? When I said no he hasn’t she smiled and said well then I am going to tell you.

Well John has been a member there for a while and he likes to go over a couple times a month to have some man fun. A few months ago he told me that twice a month they have women’s night. When I said that sounded cool and I wanted to go he said I don’t think so. John said you have to enter with a man and I won’t feel comfortable taking Kylie.

Without hesitation Kylie looked at me and said can you stay one more day and take me tomorrow? I instantly looked at John and he nodded and said it’s fine with me if you can do it. I told her if I could get my flight changed my hotel stay extended and my appointment adjusted I would love to take you. Everything fell into place and I picked Kylie up about 6 PM the next day and we headed to the bathhouse.

When we arrived I looked at Kylie and said are you ready? With a big smile she said yes I am. After paying the admission we started walking to our room and it was a typical bathhouse. The lights were very soft and dimly lit. As we walked the halls Kylie peaked in some of the open doors and saw guys laying in various positions. Additionally she saw guys walking in the hall wearing only a towel, we never saw a single woman.

When we got to our room we closed the door and Kylie sat on the bed looking very nervous. I told her we could leave right now if she wanted to. She said nope I want to do this, I want to see why you and John enjoy coming to these bath houses.

I said OK let’s get ready and then I started to undress. Kylie nervously stayed sitting on the bed until I started to pull down my underwear at that point she stood up and began to undress. Even though I saw her naked the day before in her hot altıparmak escort tub I never really looked at her body, maybe because John was there.

As she slid down her panties I noticed how perfectly shaped her ass was and how smooth it looked. While I was looking at that perfect ass she turned around and my eyes immediately caught sight of her pubic hair which was very nicely trimmed. My eyes then went up her body over her breasts and we made eye contact. She smiled and while looking at me she said do you think I’m ready? I nodded yes and said more than ready and reached for our towels.

Kylie asked should I wrapped a towel around my waist like the guys? I said I don’t know I’ve never seen a woman in here so why don’t you wrap it up above your breasts and let it hang down and we’ll see where it goes.

OK let’s go and we headed out the door and started to wander the halls looking for some adventure. We walked down several halls and finally came upon a group of people standing around an open door. Everyone was watching as this couple was in the missionary position going hot and heavy. As we were watching I felt a hand on my leg took a peek to my left and gently moved the hand off my leg. Shortly after that I felt Kylie twitch she leaned over and whispered in my ear that guy just touched my leg. I said OK let’s take a walk and we headed down the hallway.

I told her people are here to either have sex or watch sex with very little conversation taking place. That person was basically asking you if you were interested. People in these places are very understanding, no is no and he will not bother you the rest of the night. On the other hand if you change your mind and want to approach him that behavior is very acceptable.

I decided to take her into the sauna so we could sit and relax a little while before we moved on with the night. When we arrived there were four guys and one male/female couple just sitting and relaxing so we picked a spot to do the same. While we were there Kylie got to see the process work.

She saw one guy slowly get closer to the guy sitting next to him. Then his hand went out began to rub the other guy’s leg and when no resistance was given he slid his hand up under the towel. From that point it took less than a minute before he was around in front of him and began sucking his cock. As we were watching this blow job take place Kylie was squeezing my hand tighter and tighter. When the guy finally came it looked like the giver was trying to swallow everything but a little did slip out of his mouth and drip down his chin. Kylie said OMG and slipped her hand my towel gave my cock a slight squeeze and said let’s go. I said OK and we got up and left the sauna.

We left the sauna and started to walk around the club and noticed that more people have been arriving. We noticed more females than we noticed before. Four of the five females we saw had the towel wrapped around the waist similar to men exposing their breasts.

We turned into a room that was a little bit bigger than a standard bedroom and it had a couple of couches and a straight porn movie playing. On one side of the room there was a crowd so we gradually walked over to see what was going on. The first thing we saw was a woman on her knees giving a guy a blow job and with one hand holding on to another guys cock. Kylie went wow look at that and I thought she was looking at the same thing I was watching but she was not. There was another girl leaning over the back of the couch getting fucked from behind. We stood and kept watching both scenes and then finally the guy who was getting a hand job came and shot all over her face while she was still blowing the other guy. Kylie whispered in my ear and said wow this is amazing and I said so you like what you see? She said definitely yes!!

I said OK let’s take a walk and see what else is going on she smiled grabbed my hand and we walked out of the room. We walked by a few rooms where the doors were open and the guys were just laying there, Kylie asked what’s going on? Well the way I see it the guys laying on their back with their cock just showing are kind of saying hey come on it’s bursa anal yapan escort yours let’s have some fun. On the other hand when you see somebody laying on their stomach it means he wants to be topped.

We turned down another hall and then to the room where the lights were a little bit dimmer so it took a few seconds for eyes to get adjusted. When we did we noticed it was a Glory hole room, there must’ve been 20 or 25 glory holes around the room. About half of them had a cock hanging out but only two of them being taken care of an interesting enough it was buy two couples. We started to walk around the room looking at the show and as we walked Kylie reached out and grabbed or felt a few of those cocks. She was kind of acting like a kid in a candy store and I was chuckling to myself.

As we continue to walk and look I saw one that was a little bit shorter but nice and thick. I reached to feel this one and it felt awesome and I decided I want it. Without saying anything to Kylie I just got in position and slid that thick cock into my mouth. It felt so good in my mouth as it slowly went in and out and sucked it and held it in there and played with my tongue it was great. The thought of Kylie watching me made this even more exciting as I just continue to enjoy and suck this cock like there was nothing else happening around me. My eyes were closed but I kept sneaking a peek to make sure Kylie was there and ok. I closed my eyes again and shortly I felt a little pre-cum on my tongue. I knew my reward was coming so I just kept enjoying this cock in my mouth and waiting. I felt this cock beginning to pulse and then Bam my mouth was full of the salty, tasty cum, it was awesome. I was able to swallow every drop.

I got up and looked around the room to find Kylie sucking a cock. Additionally while she was enjoying that cock there was a guy standing next to her massaging her breast. Kylie appeared to be enjoying both activities so I just stood back and watched along with a few other people. I saw Kylie‘s head moving a little faster and then she appeared to gag. Yeah the guy was shooting his full load into her mouth and it appeared to be a little more than she could handle. She did not stop she took as much as she could before it started dripping down her chin.

As she was letting that cock slide out of her mouth the guy who was rubbing her breast kind of gently turned her toward him. Almost instantly Kylie was on her knees slid that cock into her mouth and put one hand on each of this guys ass cheeks and begin pumping his cock into her mouth. I just stood watched and enjoyed everything that was happening. Finally his breathing increased and he unloaded into her mouth. As she was standing up she was swallowing everything then gave him a couple of taps on his ass and turned her head looking for me.

When she walked over to me she looked at me with a big beautiful smile and said this is awesome I love this place!

We started walking around a little while when Kylie said John’s probably wondering how we’re doing so maybe we should think about heading home.

As we were working our way back to our room we saw a black door which opened to a hallway with a downward ramp. Kylie said oh well let’s see where it goes. We walked down this winding ramp and ended up in another absolutely unbelievable amazing room. It was set up as a dungeon yes I really mean a dungeon with lots of people here.

As we entered we heard moaning to our left and looked to our right and they were two guys handcuffed to the ceiling. As we walked toward the moaning it was a male and female moaning. There was 10 or 12 people standing around the event and we decided to move on to explore more of this dungeon.

Next we saw a female bent over a table stretched out. She was handcuffed to the end of the table and her ankles were also handcuffed to the table legs. She was being banged hard from behind and we couldn’t tell whether it was in her pussy or her ass.

We walked by four slings and one was being used by a gang of guys. The guy in the sling was being fucked and told he had to jerk off the two guys standing alongside bursa bayan escort of him. We stood and watched and when one of the guys who was being jerked off came the guy in the slang was slapped and yelled at. One of the guys yelling said you were told both hand jobs had to end at the same time now you were going to pay.

He was taken off the sling and walked over to the stockade where his hands and head were locked in place. A butt hook with a ball on the end was inserted in his ass and tied to the stockade. Then some kind of attachment was wrapped around his balls and cock and then a weight was hung to that. He was then told think about what you did and we will be back. Then the guys walked away.

I looked at Kylie and said maybe we should leave. She nodded in agreement but as we were walking out she slowed looked at and touched one of the slings. I looked at her and said do you want to try it and she said yes I’d like to see what it feels like being in there.

She took off her towel which I laid on the leather swing and helped her climb in. I got her ankles up in the stirrups which now exposed all of her bottom then took and handcuffed her wrists up onto the support chain above her head. She looked at me and said this might sound crazy but this feels excitingly amazing.

I took this opportunity and get down on my knees between her legs and started to lick and taste that beautiful pussy. As I continued to enjoy what I was doing Kylie began to squirm a little and get a little bit wetter. I got my finger wet and began to slowly penetrate her butt hole. It was tight but accepted my finger gracefully. I kept licking and tasting her sweetness as my finger slipped in and out of her tight hole. Her hips began to rock I could feel her breathing intensifying, my finger was getting squeezed harder and faster. Her hips began to rock harder her breathing was intensifying even more and then I could taste her beautiful juices. Wow she had a massive orgasm and I was honored to be a part of it.

I stood up between her legs that were suspended in the stirrups and looked and saw her beautiful smile. I then looked around and saw that we had drawn quite a crowd. I felt Kylie’s legs up in the air could be embarrassing for her so I took them down very quickly and then release the handcuffs so she was totally free. She sat up and said I think it’s time to leave this room I agreed helped her down and we walked out of the room.

We quietly worked our way up that winding hallway and headed back to our room. We changed and headed back to her house wondering how we would tell John about everything that happened.

I asked Kylie if she remembered anything different about the door that headed to that winding hallway. She said she didn’t notice anything but there was something bothering me about that door. We were talking a little bit about the night and then it hit me, that door was different. It was painted black the same as the wall. I wonder if we were not supposed to find that door and the hallway leading to the dungeon. Kylie said maybe you’re right but I’m glad we did I chuckled and said me too.

When we got back to the house we walked in quietly and found John’ watching TV. John’ stood up and said hey before you say anything let’s grab a drink head to the hot tub and get in. Well, time to take our clothes off again so we did and the three of us settled into the hot tub.

As Kylie was climbing into the hot tub she gave John a kiss and she settled back took a sip of her drink and relaxed. Kylie looked at me then turned to John and said now I know why the two of you love to go to that place it was amazing. Let me just say we had an amazing time and I’m looking forward to go again hopefully with you John or maybe we could all go together. I agreed with Kylie and we all simply kicked back during our lemonade.

I was not scheduled to be out west for another six weeks so it would be a long time in between visits. However I did get a really nice surprise. When checking email one morning I received a note from John and he said thank you. Kylie and I went to the bathhouse last night and had a simply wonderful time although we did not make it to the dungeon. Thank you for taking her and I hope the three of us will be able to go together when you were out here again. I have listed the schedule of women’s nights to help you plan your next trip. I have just scheduled my trip and will be returning to the west in two weeks.

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