Friendship, Wine and Temptation Ch. 03

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Karen hoped and prayed that Jess wouldn’t invite her over, unsure if she possessed the willpower to resist tonight. She intentionally placed her phone out of reach on the counter as she explored the site, and tried to ignore the sporadic buzzing of her phone. Her curiosity got the better of her, and she retrieved her phone, noticing that there were at least five text messages within the last ten minutes.



Karen stared down at the texts in shock and excitement, until she realized that they weren’t authored by Jess, but by an unknown number. Again Karen felt both relief and disappointment. She texted back —

TEXT: Who is this?


Remembering that she handed her number to the “boy” at the counter earlier, she glanced up at the clock. She was surprised that it was only 11pm, although it felt like it was much later. Maybe this was what she needed to get her mind off of her new and unhealthy — what — obsession?

TEXT: Ok, where and when??


Ugh, she thought. From what she remembered, that was a college dive bar, and not the place where a thirty-something woman would ever feel comfortable. She really wasn’t in the mood to navigate across the sticky floors of an overcrowded teenybopper bar, but Andy WAS cute. She was ready to decline until she saw yet another text, this time from Jess:

TEXT: Come over tonite?

Now, determined to “right the ship,” Karen hesitated before texting:

Love to but can’t. Meeting a friend. Sorry. Picnic hike tomorrow?

TEXT: Ok ; (– Have fun & be careful. Nite

Karen hesitated before texting Andy:

It’s late – Come here instead?

He quickly agreed. She provided him with the address, and hurried to prep for her late-night visitor, jumping into the shower and quickly shaving her neglected legs & underarms. Looking down at her triangle, she briefly considered shaving the patch, but instead opted for a light trim. “Just a little off the top,” she giggled to herself as she trimmed, hoping that tonight she would get her mind and her desires back on track.

Although this wasn’t the first time that she took a chance and invited a relative stranger into her home, for some reason she felt as though she was cheating this time. But on whom? She knew, of course, but tried to erase the thought from her mind, opting for a shot of tequila as she prepared for her visitor. Assuming Andy was a college boy, she decided that she would stay casual with basic grey sweatpants and matching sweatshirt. In the event that the night would become physical, she opened her panty drawer and dug into the bottom for her black thong — a gift from a prior boyfriend, and one that she almost never chose to wear for reasons of comfort, or in the case of the thong, discomfort. Tonight was different, however, and she intended to sacrifice comfort for the greater good.

She slipped the thong on, now regretting that she didn’t trim a bit closer, as a hint of hair peeked out from each side. She turned around and looked in the mirror. The thong was embedded between her full cheeks, nearly invisible. Despite the discomfort and her slightly overweight but curvy ass, she immediately felt sexier, and briefly wondered if Jess would like that view before quickly suppressing the thought. With no reason to wear a bra, she instead chose an old t-shirt before sliding her sweats back on, just as the doorbell rang.

En route to the door, she quickly downed another shot of tequila, suddenly feeling warm as she looked through the peephole. God, she thought, he looked even younger tonight. Too late now, she thought, as she opened the door with a smile, allowing Andy in. Smelling of smoke and beer, he said, simply, “What’s up,” while handing her 4 cans of Budweiser — the remnants of a six pack — before easing past and dropping onto the love seat. So much for a greeting, she thought as she moved to the refrigerator and slid the cans inside before pouring herself a glass of wine.

Too late to turn back now, she thought again as she sipped the wine too quickly. After all, he WAS cute, although not necessarily her type. She guessed that he was around 5’10, slim with shaggy dirty blonde hair and several days’s stubble. He was slim but toned, with biceps sporting a barbed wire tattoo that peeked from his T-shirt. Like her, he opted for sweatpants for his big “date.” He discarded his black Converse high-tops and plopped his feet on her coffee table, not bothering to hide a giant hole in his left sock, and flipped to ESPN as he sipped from the can before crushing it in his hand and dropping it on the table.

Karen sat next to him and attempted to make small talk through slightly slurred speech. She learned that he just turned twenty one and was in town visiting friends at the local college. He was still “finding himself” and was currently helping a friend with a landscaping business. So, she thought, bursa escort bayan she REALLY knew how to pick them, didn’t she? Basically an unemployed, nearly under-aged slob who probably still lived with his parents. Still, as he lightly touched his bulge through his sweats, Karen felt that familiar longing deep down. As repulsed as she was with his demeanor, what harm in taking him for a test ride, she thought? And Lord knows, she rarely turned down a nice stiff one when she had the opportunity.

Andy wasted no time reaching for her, and she allowed herself to be pulled to him. His arm wrapped around her shoulders, and he reached clumsily for her breast as he pressed his lips against hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She vacillated between disgust at his cigarette/cheap beer breath, and carnal desire for what she knew would follow. With his free hand, he took hers and guided it to his lap before reaching down to loosen his pants. She followed his hand, sliding it under the band of his sweatpants and grasping his shaft through his briefs. He soon shifted his hand from her breast and reached around and under to feel her full ass, with a finger sliding down beneath her cheeks to stroke her through the fabric.

There was something to be said for cheap, nearly anonymous sex, she thought to herself as she moaned into his mouth. Freeing his hard cock from the briefs, she felt his hand pressing against the back of her head, first lightly, then more firmly. She needed this — a man’s touch — she thought, especially tonight.

He whispered, “Come on Kate. Suck it for me.”

Looking up at him, she said, “Who is Kate?”

“Oh shit. I mean … um, Karen, right?”

In the few seconds of the exchange, she realized how far she sank. She flashed back to the earlier chemistry that she experienced with Jess – innocent or not — as they relaxed under the comforter, and she now realized that Andy was no substitute for her best friend — not even close. Why couldn’t it be Jess who was gently guiding her willing head lower into her lap and not Andy, she wondered. Suddenly feeling sober, she found herself resisting. When he refused to stop, she grasped his cock tighter, squeezing it until she finally heard him whimper.

Confused and in pain, Andy finally relented and released his hold on the back of her head. She pushed away and tried to apologize, but she heard him mutter, “F–ing old cock-tease” as he struggled to slip into his shoes, holding his sore bulge as he tried to rise, still in pain.

“I’m really sorry, Andy, it’s just……”

He finally tucked himself back into his sweats, and stood, grimacing, “Where’s my beer?”

She retrieved it from the refrigerator and handed it to him as a tear formed. Grabbing it, he looked at her and shook his head before staggering to the door.

“Have a good life, Tina, or whatever your name is, you old f-ing bitch!”

Now it was Karen’s turn to feel sorry for herself. She poured another glass of wine before dropping down onto the loveseat, and slowly drifted to sleep, regretting that she didn’t spend the night with Jess instead.

She awoke the next morning to a buzzing phone:

TEXT: Morning! Rise and Shine!

TEXT: Hope your date went well lol

TEXT: R we still hiking?

Again, Karen felt a rush of excitement and nerves. Although they spent countless days together over the past dozen years of their friendship, this time it was different — at least for her. She responded:

TEXT: Can’t wait! OK to pick u up at 10?

TEXT: Sounds good — tough trail or easy one this time?

TEXT: Let’s do the tough one

TEXT: Deal, C U at 10

Karen thought back to all the times that they hiked in the past. Actually the term, “hike” didn’t really apply to the easy trail, which was really just a flat gravel pathway following a long and winding creek, always well populated with casual walkers and families. The alternate “tough” trail was far different, with steep, rocky inclines following narrow, winding dirt paths carved out of the countryside and encircling an isolated lake before heading off in any of three separate directions.

The big difference, however, was in the remote setting. There were times when they hiked the entire trail without encountering other hikers. Was that the reason she picked it this time, she wondered?

Opening the window, she realized that it was perfect hiking weather, probably sixty degrees Fahrenheit, and likely climbing to the high seventies by mid-day. She loved this time of year, when it was cool enough in the evening to snuggle under a comforter, but almost warm enough during the day to take a dip in the lake.

Normally she didn’t put much thought into her choice of hiking attire, but this time it was different. She decided on a white sports bra under a navy blue t-shirt. Opening her panty and sock drawers, she opted for a pair of white Hanes boy-shorts and thicker socks görükle escort that reached perhaps four inches above her ankles. Looking in the mirror, she couldn’t help but admire her butt in the panties before sliding on a pair of khaki shorts. She briefly debated — cap or not? Figuring that Jess would wear one, she grabbed a khaki baseball cap with “Old Navy” written in blue cursive, and pulled her ponytail through. She completed the ensemble with her old Timberline hiking boots.

She quickly packed sandwiches along with grapes and cheese, and on impulse, she dropped a few six ounce plastic wine bottles into the small cooler before heading to her car. On her way, she concentrated on controlling her emotions, and despite her best effort to focus on their friendship first, she couldn’t help but flash back to the scene from the prior morning and the desire she felt upon seeing her own panties in Jess’ hand as she slept.

She pulled up to the curb and watched as Jess entered the car. Unlike Karen, Jess opted instead for black leggings and old tennis shoes along with a white t-shirt and burgundy cap.

“Hey Sis,” Jess said as she climbed into the car.

“Hi Sis,” Karen responded as they smiled, remembering all of the times men mistook them for siblings.

“Ready for an adventure?”

“Sure, but first you have to tell me about your date, ok?”

Karen bit her lip, wondering how much she should share, before saying, “Nothing really to tell. I guess it was the one-nighter that never was.”

“You need to be careful Karen. There are some real creeps out there. Not everyone is as nice as me,” she smiled.

“You’re right. It was stupid of me, I know, but at least I escaped with my dignity intact.” She went on, “I almost let my ‘you know what’ do my thinking for me again, I guess.”

“You’re so bad, Karen,” giggled Jess as she smacked her right leg lightly. Karen looked down at Jess’ hand as she did, and suppressed the desire to place it back on her thigh as they drove.

“Thanks again for staying with me the other night. I know I would have texted Jason if you weren’t with me,” Jess said. “It was so hard NOT to contact him yesterday, but I managed to get through it.”

“I was wondering, but I didn’t want to ask.”

Jess said quietly, “It’s just so f-ing hard, losing the person you thought was your soulmate.”

“Does such a thing exist, really?” Karen commented, but deep down she wondered if Jess could be exactly that to her, or if it was just silly wine-induced puppy love.

Jess bit her lip and sighed, “If it doesn’t, why even look? Why risk the pain?”

“Who knows, really? Maybe it doesn’t exist – or maybe it’s closer than we think,” Karen commented and glanced at her friend, smiling but realizing that she may have said too much. “Shit,” she thought to herself. Calm down and get a grip!

Trying to dilute her last comment, Karen quickly added, “Maybe our soulmates are hiking the trail right now. Two cowboys with huge c-cks, waiting for us at the lake!” Jess turned beet red and they both giggled like adolescent school girls.

“Oh, I almost forgot. You left some things behind the other night. The candle and some, uh underwear I think. I forgot to bring them along,” Jess commented, changing the subject.

“Well, the candle was a gift for you, along with the wine.” Karen hesitated before lying, “I thought I took everything else with me.”

“Oh, well I’ll check again when I get back. Maybe I’m mistaken,” Jess said, almost wishing she hadn’t brought it up.

Each with a fear of saying the wrong thing, they drove in silence nearly the rest of the way to the trail’s entrance. Not surprisingly, they saw only one other vehicle in the small dirt lot – a truck with a horse trailer in tow.

Seeing the horse trailer, both said in unison, “Our cowboys!”

After parking, they gathered their small backpacks and walked the short distance to the trail entrance.

“What are you up for — the short one or the long hilly one?”

Karen answered, “Well, I have nothing else to do and I can use the exercise. Let’s do the hard one.”

“I should have known you’d pick the HARD ONE,” Jess giggled, “Just like last night!”

“Oh stop it! I told you nothing really happened, although you’re right – it WAS definitely hard,” Karen smiled while they made brief eye contact.

Starting along the trail, Karen added, “Besides, I think I finally GET that there can be more to relationships than just mindless sex.”

“Wow — that’s a pretty huge revelation, coming from you,” Jess said, wondering what may have prompted the different outlook.

“Yeah, funny huh?” Karen murmured quietly as she walked ahead of her friend on the narrow trail, knowing it was the night with Jess that had her suddenly longing for a deeper, less superficial connection.

She reached back for Jess’ hand and helped her to climb as they reached a steep rocky incline. Jess took bursa escort bayan it, and they both worked their way up through the most treacherous section of the trail, gasping for breath. When they reached the top of the hill several minutes later, Jess worked to catch her breath, releasing her friend’s hand.

“Maybe we should keep moving. We have a long way to go.” Jess took the lead as she said it.

“Oh, ok. Sure. Onward, I guess.”

With that, Karen wondered if perhaps she had grossly misread her best friend’s body language. If that was the case, she thought, it would alleviate her confusion and hopefully squelch her growing desire. Still, she realized that there was a definite advantage to this view from behind her friend, and she couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the sight of Jess’ ass, thighs and calves hugged by her black leggings as they trudged ahead.

Did Jess do the same when she was trailing behind her earlier, or was it simply just another hike for her? Now roughly ten feet ahead, Jess glanced back to see if she needed to slow down, and blushed as she realized that Karen’s eyes were not on the trail ahead, but on her. Turning back around, she felt flushed, now suddenly conscious of the movement of her hips, and more than a little excited. Could Karen be thinking the same thing about her?

Roughly three miles into their hike, they spotted an old picnic table and chose that spot to rest. Dropping their backpacks on the table, Karen reached in to grab two bottles of water, and handed one to Jess. Both straddled the same bench facing each other as they sipped their water. Jess held the lukewarm bottle against her forehead and neck, while Karen did the same.

“I didn’t expect it to be this warm,” Karen commented as she sipped from the bottle, realizing her back was drenched with perspiration.

“You must be unbearably hot in those yoga pants,” she said as she glanced down at the tight leggings.

“Yeah, I couldn’t decide between shorts and leggings. I guess I made the wrong choice.”

Biting her lip, Karen debated whether to mention that she packed a pair of gym shorts, just in case. Seeing her friend perspiring and downing the water, she knew she needed to offer it.

“I actually brought a spare pair of gym shorts. You’re welcome to use them if you’d like.”

“Karen, you’re a life saver. I’ll take you up on your offer. Thanks so much!”

Karen pulled the pair of white cotton gym shorts from her bag and handed them over to Jess. “Sorry, but they may be a little bit short. I just grabbed them at the last minute on the way out, and I could never wear them outside the house.”

“It’s ok, it’s not like anyone is going to see us out here on the trail anyway,” Jess said as she looked around for a place to change. Not finding any, she untied her nikes, pulling them off before standing.

“Keep an eye out for hikers, ok Karen?” With that she turned around and peeled her leggings down, balancing while bending over to pull them over first her left, then her right leg as she held on to the picnic table with her free hand.

Karen watched intently, wondering if this was a test from God, and quietly praying that she would pass. She felt her pulse race as she glimpsed her friend’s panty-covered butt, shiny with perspiration. It was at that moment that she realized that Jess was either wearing Karen’s own sky blue panties, or a pair that was identical to the ones that disappeared the day before. She debated briefly before deciding not to say anything that might embarrass her friend. Jess turned around and grabbed the small gym shorts. Now facing Karen, Jess placed her hand on Karen’s shoulder to steady herself as she slid the shorts on. Releasing her hold on Karen’s shoulder, she pulled them up as Karen watched, biting her lip.

“There, that’s better!” Jess grabbed her sweaty leggings and bunched them up before stuffing them into her backpack.

“Yes it is,” Karen heard herself mumbling under her breath as she struggled to keep her composure.

“And thanks for keeping a lookout for our cowboys while I changed, buddy.”

Buddy? Again, mixed signals, Karen thought.

Jess stood in front of her friend as she grabbed the water and sipped the rest of it, with Karen now watching, unashamed.

“Wow, those look much better on you than they did on me,” Karen commented when Jess caught her looking.

“Think so? They’re a little short I guess but they feel so much better than those hot leggings,” Jess said as she turned to show them off.

It was all Karen could do to contain herself as she glanced at Jess’ full but firm ass in the shorts, which were barely long enough to fully cover her cheeks.

“Jason doesn’t know what he’s missing,” Jess giggled as they started to hike again.

“That’s for sure.” They both laughed. Karen quickly took the lead, fearing that she would risk ruining a friendship if she had to continue enduring the sight of Jess from behind. She knew that there were several miles to go, and her willpower was waning by the minute.

Behind her, it was now Jess’ turn to enjoy Karen’s full ass, shiny hamstrings and thighs as she forged ahead, wondering if her friend recognized that Jess was wearing her “borrowed” panties.

(to be continued)

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