Friend’s Mother Ch. 01

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Hai . This is a real story which happened in my life. Name of the characters are changed. Nandu and suzy. Suzy is the mother of my childhood friend.


I was doing my plus one(pree degree) and I was staying in my uncle john’s house. My uncle is the older brother of my father. I used to spend my all time in my house.

One day I was cleaning my water tank on the top of the house. There is a small store room near to the tank, anyone can hide easily in there. I was just wearing my boxer. Suddenly I saw one of my neighbor watching me through the window. She was looking straight into my naked body. First I was bit shocked, she was glaring at my body, she was my childhood friends mother. Slowly I moved to side of the store room and but she was still looking in my direction. She had a small smile on her face.

I looked back through the window in store room. Our eyes met and we were looking each other. I was bit scared that if anyone will see or not. Somehow I cleaned the tank and went downstairs.

But it was still in my mind. She was looking at me in a different way. That night I was just passing through the main road and I saw she was standing opposite side. The road to my house was very small and it’s a rural area. Only few houses were there. Ankara travesti On the way to my house I met her. She was walking very slowly .

Suzy: hi nandu

Hai, can I ask u something?

Suzy: yes.

Why were you looking at me, when I was cleaning the tank?

She didn’t reply but she had grin on her face.

I tried to hold her hand but she just walked away.

After two weeks it was my cousin brother’s engagement. All of the relatives arrived in my home and all were celebrating the engagement. Few neighbors were also invited to the function and I saw Suzy standing in the corner of the room. She was talking with my mother and aunty. She also noticed that I was watching her. She was wearing a blue soft silk saree.

About 7pm most guests were gone and only few family members were there. There are three bedrooms and one kitchen and one hall in our house. First we enter into the hall and we can go to the side way of kitchen or other way to the bedrooms. There is a passing way from one bedroom to other. I saw Suzy standing in the middle bedroom along the door. She was talking with my aunt. I went and stood behind Suzy, I just put my hand her ass and started rubbing. She couldn’t react, I really had my chance Konya travesti to touch her body. My aunt only could see me standing behind her, she couldn’t see what I was doing. I started moving to the front of the bedroom and I started watching her. She was bit scared because my aunt was nearby.

After my aunt moved I got her from back and pushed her to the other bedroom. I switched off the light and I hold her tightly to me. She was trying to push me away but she couldn’t, I asked her not to shout.

Suzy: nandu what you are doing is wrong. You should let me go. If anyone see us, our life will be srewed. Plz nandu…

No I wont leave you. I know that you need me, slowly I hold her breast and started to massage it. Her breathing was heavy and I could smell her scent on her neck. My cock was touching her ass. I slowly licked her earlobe and neck and her sweat .

Your scent is making me really horny and your sweat tastes so sweet. I need you suzy please… I told her

I turned her and started sucking her lips and tongue. I was exploring her mouth.

Suzy: Nandu oh … hmm

She started responding back to my kiss. She backed away and started to kiss me all over my body. She pushed her hand inside my pant and İzmir travesti took hold of my throbbing cock. Again I pushed her towards the corner of the room and started to pull her saree up.

Suzy: oh Nandu I was waiting for this time. I need you more than anything in this world.

I moved her panties and touched her pussy. I took hold of her ass and pushed my cock inside her love hole.

Aah… nandu I .. aah…

We both were in ecstasy. I hold her more tightly and started thrusting inside her.

Ahh! give to me… aah

Our lips met again and we she was sweating. I kissed her neck and sucked her sweat.

Yes..aahh oh…..aahh….. yes nandu Im coming

I want to cum inside you suzy..

Yes .. oh yes

Im….i ….. cuming…aah

I also shot my load inside her.

Nandu ah… I ahhh…!

She was shaking and I could feel her love juice flowing over my cock.

She drained my cock until the last drop was finished.

We both fell to floor and she was upon me. I could feel her sweat smell. Her heart beats was slowing down. The room was filled with our sweat smell. I just hold her tightly to me.

suzy you are the first women I have ever touched and made love. Now I am all yours. I gave a kiss on her forehead. I really love you and want to make love to you in my whole life.

Suzy: I too love you. Now you are all mine. We will make love to each other every time. But I want this to be our secret. Please don’t let anyone know.

To be continued…

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