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I know this device.

I watched you build it, two lengths of 6 x 4 timber mortised together to form an X frame. You had me lay on it so you were sure that the steel ring bolts were in the right position, about level with my ankles on the two lower struts and high above my wrists on the upper.

You could, I realised, pull my body very taut if you wished, almost rack like. You told me to get up, and went to work smoothing all the edges, leaving nothing to scratch or hurt me.

The ropes were black and thick, one end spliced into a stainless steel quick release shackle the other wrapped around a steel securing post, this was on the upper struts, on the lower was only the rings.

Watching you, I found myself getting wet but to no avail, you simply finished the work to your satisfaction and took it upstairs, locking it in the room that I never enter without you, the play room.

But now, still within the agreed 24 hours it seemed I was to renew our acquaintance. I had woken to the smell of fresh coffee, you had released my wrists and removed the blindfold, I reached for my dressing gown but you took it from me, I was to remain naked.

We sat at the table, me naked you wearing only jeans, drinking coffee, eating fresh rolls with Brie. We said little both our minds on what was to happen fulya escort next I guess. I finished my roll, drank the last of the coffee and looked at you.

“Stand up.”

I stood.

“Stand in the middle of the room.”

I obeyed, facing me you slid the blindfold over my eyes.

Then I felt straps tighten around my ankles, and then my wrists, you pulled my arms behind me and I heard the lock click, your hands encircled my biceps, you kissed me between the shoulder blades.

“Time for the play room.”

You led me upstairs, I heard you unlock the door and you guided me in, stopping me, you pushed me gently back. I felt cool, smooth wood against my back, I knew what this was, even though the last time felt it I was clothed and now I’m naked, I know what it is.

I shiver slightly.

“Open your legs.”

I do, and feel you seize my ankle and connect the ring on the strap to the ring on the cross, now the other ankle pulling my legs wider apart and, click. You touch my pussy, pressing, not hard, just teasing, you reach behind me unfastening my wrists and lift first one and then the other and securing them to the unseen ropes, you pull them higher but not to high, not stretching me. The last time I was on this device, I reclined, unrestrained, bebek escort now I’m standing, very restrained and very naked, breathing fast and getting bloody wet.

You pass a rope around my waist and the cross, passing the rope between my body and the wood and pulling it tight, you do the same to both my upper thighs, rendering my belly and pussy immobile. I hear you leave, and return, warm wetness on my pubes and pussy, the smell of shaving crème and the soft scratching of your shaving brush between my thighs and on my belly. You slowly and carefully start to shave me.

My arms for some reason best known to themselves struggle against the straps but you continue unconcerned.

At last I hear your razor drop into the bowl, you rinse me with more warm water and dab me dry, making me gasp, not at all I’m sure without intent.

I feel the rope being removed from my waist and thighs. You draw a finger from just below the strap on my wrist, down along the inside of my arm, into my armpit and down my ribcage, into my waist, I jerk my body senselessly away from your touch.

You laugh.

“I think you have to much freedom.”

My arms are pulled higher; my heels leave the ground, the straps on my ankles tightening, my toes just reaching the ground. florya escort You take off my blindfold! now you can see my eyes, now I’m totally naked!. I hang my head. You stroke the side of my face with the back of your finger, I kiss them, lick them, sob when you take them away. You stroke me, lick me, kiss me; none of my body has escaped your attention. You slide off your jeans, no underwear I notice and stand, naked and very erect. You pinch my nipples, hard.

“How would you like them piercing.”


If it makes me more attractive to you, yes! Anything!

Just please fuck me, but I say nothing, a soft moan my only answer. I realise you’re rubbing your prick against my pussy, now just inside the lips, now going deeper, and I can’t move a muscle, can only, not even accept, just take whatever you wish to give me. You go deep, all the way now, your hands grip my ass, squeezing hard. Now you grip my head forcing it back, feasting on my throat, your prick speeding up now, my already stretched muscles trying to grip you, I feel my fingers writhing helplessly in the air. Your lips crush down on mine, depriving me of air, your prick making me frantic and the orgasm hits, wave after wave blasting though me, I realise I’m screaming, don’t care, have to get this shuddering energy out of me or explode.

It passes, reality reasserts itself I feel the ache in my muscles, for some reason I’m sobbing, you take my face in your hands and kiss away the tears. You release my legs and supporting me around the waist release my arms, laying me on a soft sheepskin rug, joining me there, just holding me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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