Four Fs

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Author’s Note: The intimate details of the sex acts themselves are missing in this story. You may wish to read another story if that is your only interest.

Four F’s

What are the four F’s?

Find ‘em, feel ‘em, fuck ‘em, and forget ‘em.

Every young man my age knew that saying.

I never really went along with that idea until recently. I had been in a serious relationship for over a year. I had given Suzy Q an engagement ring and we had set a date to be married. Things were going great. I was standing next to Tim my best friend and my best man too, waiting for my bride to walk down the aisle. She never arrived. Suzy Q stood me up in front of my parents, our friends, and God! When the Bride’s father walked down the aisle alone there was a hush. You could have heard a pin drop, literally. Each step that he took was like a man on death row going to the electric chair. I think my heart stopped between each step. He came up to me, put his arms around me, and whispered into my ear that my future wife had called off the wedding. He and Tim lowered me to the church steps to sit as he then told the rest of the guests that the wedding was called off. He only said that the bride had changed her mind and that all of their gifts would be returned.

Later of course I found out the truth. Suzy Q did not want to be tied down with marriage. She had been a cheating slut ever since the day we had met. She had fucked over a hundred guys since that day too, including my best man. Tim was no gentleman however he had never said a word to me about it. At first I hated him but then I knew why he hadn’t told me. He had never seen me any happier in my life. He knew that I was head over heals in love with that woman. He also knew that I wouldn’t have believed him. That’s why he never told me.

So together Tim and I planned my revenge. Suzy Q was not a shy girl at all and had let me take pictures of her all the time. Most of the pictures were nudes both indoors and outdoors. She loved to flash her tits, ass, and pussy out in public so that I could that her picture. Suzy Q had even suggested that we make our own pornographic movies and we had. Together we had made three of them, compiled them, and even added titles and credits. Just as a joke one day Suzy Q printed out a professional model release, signed it, and gave it too me. That was when we were in love, but I still had it.

With Tim’s help I bought an Internet address and put up my revenge site. I offered subscriptions to the photo area and I sold copies of all three of our DVDs. Tim and I posted almost two thousand photos of Suzy Q. We subscribed to a place that would accept credit and debit cards for us and another place that would help advertise our site. Once that was done we got drunk for a week.

When Tim and I finally sobered up and checked back in on our site we had a ton of emails requesting Suzy Q’s DVDs. It took us two whole days to make enough copies to send out and we had to rent six more computers to do it. However the money was very good.

A week later after checking our income I finally held up a bottle of beer and said, “Thank you Suzy Q for leaving me at the altar!”

Tim raised his glass and said, “From now on it’s the four F’s for us! Find ‘em, feel ‘em, fuck ‘em, and forget ‘em!”

I added, “And don’t forget about Fhotographing the fucking bitches too!”

Tim added, “Then post their cunts on the Internet and make money off from them too!”

So the “Five F’s” were invented. Find ‘em, feel ‘em, fotograph ‘em, fuck ‘em, and then forget ‘em.

Life became a fuck game after that. Tim and I had a contest to see how many girls we could seduce into bed. He was a little more crude than I was. Hell who am I kidding he was a whole lot more crude than I was. He actually hit the sleazy bars late at night asking any halfway decent woman if she wanted to go home with him and get fucked. He was doing pretty well at about two or three girls a week. They were usually so fucking drunk that we could do anything that we wanted to do to them.

We had a fully stocked bar in our loft apartment and we kept plenty of beer around too just in case. His drunken broads were not to bad. The hard part was trying to get them to sign the model release so of course we lied to them any way we could. We usually told them that it was a form that the Alcohol Bureau makes us get signed so that we can give the booze away for free. The funny part is that it works about ninety percent of the time with his drunken broads.

Once they signed the release she was all ours to do with as we pleased. With the music turned up and the alcohol flowing like water it was no time at all before she was up on our little stage dancing for us like a real stripper. We even had a stack of Monopoly Money that we would throw at them and stuff down their waistband. The drunken broads always got naked for us and we always got plenty of pictures too. Our bathroom didn’t have a door on it but no one really complained about it. Most of his drunks would always have to pee a few times and would even take a shower with him as I took pictures for our web site. Fucking her was certainly no problem at all because Sex hikayeleri that was why she had come to our apartment in the first place. I didn’t want to risk getting some sexually transmitted disease from them so I always used condoms with his chicks. They would let us stick just about anything up their pussies too so we had a nice assortment of dildos, candles, and wine bottles. One said that she was a auto mechanic and asked us to fuck her with screw drives, pliers, and hammers too.

Well now to my tactics. I sure wasn’t into a long-term relationship with a woman but I still had the desire to wine and dine them. I wanted to finesse them into bed. The first thing that I did was make peace with Suzy Q’s family. Then I tried to get sympathy from Suzy Q’s younger sister Debby Q and one of Suzy Q’s best friends Yvonne also, both at the same time of course. I also touched the hearts of Bonny the checkout girl at my grocery store, Candy the waitress at the dinner that I eat breakfast at, and with Heather one of my co-workers. All five at the same time I might add. I know the co-worker thing was by accident but she was cute and she really wanted me. Yes I know the old saying; don’t shit where you eat but like I said Heather was really cute and she really wanted me too.

I started with my almost future sister-in-law Debby Q she was just twenty years old and she wasn’t old enough to drink yet but she sure liked Sloe Comfortable Screws and that was exactly what I intend to give her.

I started out by making her a couple of regular ‘Sloe Comfortable Screw’ drinks with an ounce of sloe gin, a half ounce of Southern Comfort, and then fill the glass with orange juice. They went down so well that I offered her a ‘Long Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against the Wall.’ I mixed together an ounce of vodka, an ounce of sloe gin, and an ounce of Southern Comfort in a tall glass over ice. Then I filled it with orange juice and floated an ounce of Galliano on top to make the wall. She loved watching me hold the spoon on the surface of the drink as I poured the Galliano into it so that if floated on top of the glass instead of sinking to the bottom and mixing in.

That was the key to unlocking her treasure box. After a few of those ‘Long Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against the Wall’ drinks Debby Q was ready for action. I asked her if I could take pictures and that excited her like it had her sister. When I asked her about signing a model release she only asked for a pen. That was way too easy. After that she danced on my stage, undressed for me, and even took a shower for me so that I could take pictures of her. She was everything that her sister had been and more. She masturbated, shoved dildos up her pussy, and let me fuck her three times before asking me to take her home that first night. She was great. I had chosen the wrong sister to marry that’s for sure. I made her my Saturday night girl. I would need a lot more pictures of her. We even started our first sex DVD too. She was so much like her sister that it was scary. I couldn’t help but wonder about getting her mother in on the action too. Nah!

Next I went after Yvonne, Suzy Q’s best friend and her bride’s maid. She had come on to me a few times in the past when Suzy Q wasn’t around. She wasn’t as classy as Suzy and Debby but she sure was very desirable. When she asked me for a drink called ‘Sex on Gilligan’s Island’ I had to look it up. Then I mixed one ounce of everything and put it in a glass for her. It contained cranberry juice orange juice, pineapple Juice, Peach Schnapps, and Vodka. The glasses were small and they went down quickly. Yvonne didn’t usually drink them that quickly we had been out together but she had something on her mind and apparently needed the courage. Finally she admitted that she had wanted to steal me away from Suzy Q but hadn’t because of their friendship. Now that Suzy Q had dumped my ass Yvonne wanted me.

So I told Yvonne all about Suzy Q flashing for me, posing naked, and us making three pornographic DVDs. She said that she all ready knew all about it, Suzy Q had told her. Then Yvonne asked to see one of the DVDs. She even asked for it by name. As we watched the DVD Yvonne kept saying that she could do better. Finally I told her to prove it. Then with Yvonne’s permission I called Tim to come home and operate the camera. Yvonne really liked the idea of someone else watching her making love to me. I got the impression that she considered me a trophy fuck, which was exactly what I thought about her. She signed the model release willingly and even wanted a few more drinks. She said that it was to loosen her up a little more. I wondered if it was to help her get up enough courage to go through with it. Yvonne was definitely trying to out do her girlfriend and I was glad that I was going to be on the receiving end.

Yvonne could hardly wait until Tim arrived. She was primed when he came in the door, then she could hardly wait until he got the camera in his hand. As soon as Tim had it turned on she kissed me and jumped up on the stage to quickly strip for us. After a few very sexy dances up there she moved to the top of the bar as I fixed her another drink. She even peed in Sikiş hikayeleri the stainless steel ice bucket for us. Now that was nice to watch. She had great bladder control and could shut off the flow and start it again at will. I watched in awe as she stood several quarters up on their edges on the top of the bar then squatted down and picked them up with her pussy lips and dropped them in a glass. What amazing control! She said that if we liked that we would love her next act.

This time Yvonne lit a cigarette and got on my bed. She was naked of course and put her ankles behind her ears. Then she took the cigarette from her mouth and slipped it into her pussy. She pulled it out and amazingly a smoke ring puffed out of her pussy. Tim and I watched as Yvonne’s pussy smoked the whole damn cigarette. Her very talented pussy must have blown fifty or more perfect smoke rings. Each one went up into the air. Several of the rings landed on one of her breasts. It was out of this world. Tim got it all on video while I got it all on still pictures. When we asked her to smoke another cigarette she laughed and said that she was trying to cut down. However she said that she would be happy to do it again for the next DVD, perhaps outside. Wow! Yvonne was already thinking about another DVD, she really was intent on surpassing Suzy Q.

When we got to the sex scenes I got to fuck Yvonne’s pussy with her tied to the bed. Tim fucked her in the ass while she was bent over our coffee table. I got some great shots of that. Then about an hour later we did a double penetration and switched holes. Tim got her pussy and I got her asshole while Yvonne moaned and groaned with the best of them. She pretended that she was directing that sex scene and shouted out directions like deeper, harder, and faster as she wanted it. She may have faked some but I counted eight Earth-shattering World-rocking orgasms that started in her toes and worked their way up to her throat.

Yvonne kept us entertained by periodically calling her asshole the fudge tunnel, her poop chute, and even her butt pussy, which made us all smile. She referred to her pussy as Cupid’s Alley, Venus’s honey pot, her fuzzy cup, and even her prick purse. Apparently she had learned a few things by looking them up on the Internet. What ever it was it was terrific and would make the DVD a good seller.

As we settled down Yvonne asked me if Debby Q knew about the sex movies that her sister had made. She said that Debby was just as competitive with Suzy as she had been and would probably do a few DVDs too. Yvonne suggested that perhaps she and Debby could do a few together too. What a hell of a great idea!

Bonny the sweet checkout girl at my grocery store took me up on my invitation. At first she was too young and innocent for me to take advantage of. Then I figured that she needed to learn about life sooner or later and it might as well be from me.

Bonny was definitely the ‘Fuzzy Navel’ type because it doesn’t taste like booze. So I mixed an ounce and a half of peach schnapps with orange juice in a glass of ice and handed it too her. As I though it wasn’t hard to get her silly. She liked them and drank a few. Bonny signed the model release without a single concern. She seemed to enjoy the freedom that the booze gave her. It gave her the excuse that she needed to be as wild as she wanted to be. She could always blame it on the booze. So be it!

All I had to do was ask and Bonny did! She enjoyed getting naked and posing for me but she wasn’t ready for Tim yet. Bonny did somersaults, cartwheels, and handstands in our living area. I had to laugh when she did a Russian split and her moist pussy made a smacking sound when she hit the freshly waxed floor. It was if her pussy was kissing the floor. Bonny did it a few more times for the video. I loved it! Bonny was still a cheerleader and still in high school but she was eighteen years old, that much I was sure of. I was glad that it was a Friday and Bonny had lied to her mother about where she was spending the night.

When it came to sex Bonny was not very experienced. She wasn’t a virgin but she had only let two boys fuck her before. She had not been fucked ten times in her life and even said that for her DVD. I told her that it would be much better if my roommate could film it for us. Bonny said that it would be okay but she begged me not to let him fuck her. She was afraid that she would become a slut or a whore if she did. I laughed but if I could fuck her a few times that was fine by me. The first time I fucked her I just set up the camera and made love to her like an innocent young schoolgirl needs. Then after a nice shower I contacted Tim to come home. He took one look at Bonny and fell in love her instantly. What was there not to like about her? That second time Bonny got on top of me and put on just the sweetest performance that you ever wanted to see. Her tiny titties bounced even nicer that Yvonne’s bigger ones had. Her youth gave her that special beauty. After our third time I just cuddled into her and Tim filmed us falling asleep. Bonny had a real smile on her face. By the way she likes to sleep with her tits outside the covers.

In the Erotik hikaye morning when Bonny was sober she was still as frisky and still wanted to be filmed going to the toilet, brushing her teeth, and taking a shower. All of that before we made love two more times. Then she felt the need to go home. We were on again for the following Friday too. Tim and I could hardly wait. He really wanted a piece of her.

Candy the waitress at the dinner that I eat breakfast at was a little different than any of the other girls so far. Candy was a gum smacking, hip shaking, and toe tapping mama. She was a single mother, loved rock and roll music, and worked at one of those retro fifties diners. She was fast with a come back and could give those truckers a run for their money.

Now when it came to fixing drinks for Candy she seemed to like ‘Sexaholic’ and ‘Sexy Slut Named Bertha.’ I had to look them both up. ‘Sexaholic’ was made with one-ounce limejuice, two-ounces Vodka and one-ounce Raspberry Schnapps. The mixing instructions were cute. Mix raspberry schnapps and limejuice then add the vodka. Make more and have lots of sex. Make more I did. The ‘Sexy Slut Named Bertha’ required one-ounce of cola, one-ounce of cranberry juice, and six-ounces of Jack Daniels. I put the Jack Daniels in a highball glass, add a little bit of cola, a touch of cranberry juice, and then handed it to her. It was a powerful drink and made Candy very merry!

The sex theme in her drinks was no mistake. She radiated sex in her speech, in her mannerism, and especially in the way she walked. Candy was dandy all right. When I mentioned nude pictures to her and maybe making a porno movie she was all for it and very willing to sign the model release. I told her that she might even get some money for making it if it actually sold any copies. I knew that would spur her on to do a better job. It sure did. At her own suggestion Candy let Tim and I fuck her until we couldn’t get it up anymore then she made a few phone calls. Within an hour there were a dozen big crude truckers taking turns fucking Candy. She was spurring them on, begging for more, and getting it too. They took her one, two, and even three at a time. The more the better as far as Candy was concerned. Tim and I enjoyed the more the merrier atmosphere too. Candy actually wore them all out and begged for more. In the end she was jumping up and down for joy. Her titties were bouncing and she was the queen of the orgy.

Heather my sweet little co-worker was very special. She was not much of a drinker even though she was twenty-three years old. When I suggested a very pretty drink called ‘Sex With Smurfette’ Heather loved the idea. She loved that cartoon when she was younger and could watch it enough. It is made with one-ounce of blue Curacao, one-ounce of vodka, half-ounce of Blueberry Schnapps and then fill the glass with Sprite. She liked the appearance especially the blue color. Plus she said that it tasted really nice.

Heather was extremely old-fashioned. At the end of our first date as I walked her to her door I got a goodnight kiss. On the second date I received a few kisses during the date but my hand was stopped from touching her breasts through her blouse. Then on our third date I was allowed to fondle her breasts from the outside of her blouse and bra however I couldn’t get near her pussy.

Heather was a ‘nice girl’ and a twenty-three-year-old virgin. She was saving herself for marriage. She said that as long as I behaved myself and went slowly that she would allow me more privileges as our relationship progressed.

Heather was not going to be an easy nut to crack. That was fine with me. Sometimes the things that are the easiest to get are not worth having. Besides I had my hands full of sex with all of the others that Tim and I had on the line. Plus if we didn’t have anything else lined up he would go bar hopping and bring something home.

Yvonne and Debby Q did get together for a couple of lesbian DVDs. They were very good at it too and said that Suzy had turned them both on to beaver eating. They invited other girls to come over and join in too. From the top of the loft we could look down on a seven-girl Daisy Chain. The web site was making money left and right off that one. Sex certainly does sell!

Bonny my little checkout cheerleader talked a few of her girlfriends into helping her make a nude cheerleader video. It became one of our best sellers.

Candy never came back. She said that once she had done something she just had to move on. I guess she was really a slut but tried to hide it. Her video was a good seller but of course I never gave her a penny of the profit from it. In fact I found someplace else to eat breakfast too. With Heather!

As time went on I got the idea of revenge out of my system. I wined and dined Heather my little Smurfette for several months. She started posing nude for me after we became engaged but I never posted those pictures to the Internet.

Tim now runs the Internet business and I still get some of the royalties.

Yes, Heather was still a virgin on our wedding night when I broke her cherry.

Sex with Smurfette is very, very good.

Smurfette and I made our own DVD. It started with our wedding, Heather loosing her virginity, and ending with the birth of our third child. Even Tim has never seen that one.

The End
Four F’s

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