For The Love Of Luke

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“Hi ya, Luke! I was hoping, maybe, if you can, later… come by and sort of check up on us?” said Molly Wright, with hope in her voice.

“I know you do. Go ahead and wait for me.” Luke said sweetly, to the pregnant woman.

Molly rounded the corner and glanced back at him with an inviting smile to her lips. She turned, at the last moment, to wave shyly back at him, as she exited. Irdu waved back and cocked his head. His trained smile was still in place, until she was out of sight. A wisp of her long flowing purple dress, trailed behind her, as she round the corner.

His fake smile fell from his lips and his hand dropped to his side, when he was sure she was gone. His clients had a tendency, to return unexpectedly, to tell him some irritating nonsensical bullshit. And today wasn’t a good day to hear it!

Walking in the other direction, taking in the splendor and luxury of the clinic, while looking at his stock of sexy employees, Irdu took a deep breath.

Every piece of human flesh was beautiful enough to make Luke’s (name of his host) body ache with lust and possession, just by looking at them. Sorry to say though, he was not and he was going out of his fucking mind with boredom.

Irdu thought to himself, of how he hated working, with these female human pregnant scums. They were nothing but human skinned incubators, used to brew the demon child that grew in their stomachs.

He had nearly fucked the entire staff and women clients that ever passed the clinic’s threshold. Each human pussy and cock, he has had was lacking and did nothing for him. Once he has had them, Irdu found it was hard to keep himself entertained, whenever his sister was out of his reach.

His only solace is the thought that if this continued there will be a demonic meat suit, easily and powerful, for demons to possess. He was thrilled that he was in charge of providing the demonic seed and blood to these helpless women. Women, who came to the clinic unable to procreate without his help and now thought of him as their lover.

In the beginning, it was entertaining, to take these women and men. It filled him with pride and satisfaction, to dominate over them, with his blood and body. But now, it was a chore and a bore. His insides churned at the thought of touching these, simpletons, again and again.

Fuck it! Molly shall not be seeing him, today again. Instead, he would give his sister a call, for her to immediately, come and give her brother satisfaction.

Regardless, of the meat suit she wore.

These sorrowful excuses of existence called man, made him feel nothing. Only contempt and hatred were felt for his charges and staff. Every now and then, he would have a bit of pleasure with the humans, depending on how they had reacted to him.

Like those who allowed him to come to their beds easily, were not worthy of his time anymore. He much preferred the ones, who refused him their beds. Those were the ones worthy enough to gain Irdu’s attention.

Those women were scared that the sex would cause them to miscarry and lose the babe. A notion, that hardly ever crossed his mind, while he was taking them. The thought, hadn’t stopped him from seducing them or them seducing him, into having sex, to toil away the time.

Irdu headed over to the bar to order one of his favorite drinks, black tea with a twist of lemon. He watched as the bartender sliced the lemon into slices deftly. His eyes riveted on the back and forth motion, waiting for him to slice his finger off in the process.

When it hadn’t happened, he quietly, moved to sit in one of the lavishly decorated couches, in the reception hall. He sipped his bitter black tea, while he pulled his cell phone from his pocket. Just then Lena came over to him.

“Don’t forget you have an appointment at 1:13, this afternoon.” Lena sing sang to him, while stretching bursa escort bayan out languidly on the couch opposite him.

Lena was wearing her favorite woolen white dress that clung seductively to her host’s body. It was long and covered her well, but the woolen material was stretched and showed her skin beneath.

Her chocolate brown locks were flowing free, falling over her shoulders and amplifying her plump cleavage. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her dark nipples were highlighted as, two round brown spots staining her dress.

“Don’t you have someone else better to fuck with?” Irdu asked, annoyed.

“Yes, but he won’t let me. I believe he is saving himself for someone else…” she added on a pout.

“Ha! Like, as if you can be turned down. Like that can happen. But wait! It happened twice.” Irdu arched his brow at Lena pretty face.

“Humph! You may turn me down. But that hideous sister of yours, do deserve a creature like you.” She said with a haughty tone.

With that, Irdu flung his hot tea at her chest. Her skin reddened, but it wouldn’t mark her. However, the cup, that held the warm liquid, had cracked with the force and her chest caved in, making it temporarily hard for her to breath.

She shook with pain and anger, her hand clasped over her chest. Her nipples peaked and defined. The rest of her face was slowly catching up to the color of her chest, as she smiled back at him, eagerly.

Irdu stood up and looked down at her open invitation. He shook his head in disgust, at another creature that was also beneath him. A demon.

No way, he was going to touch that!

“Look at that… Gotta go prep myself for my appointment. Make sure some one come and like clean that up.” Irdu pointed at the stain on the couch and the mess on the floor, leaving her out of the picture.

Irdu left Lena staring lustful at him. He would rather sit and listen to how happy the human women were, in being able to carry a child and how they couldn’t wait to give birth. Sniveling and crying their pathetic little hearts out. Weeping and becoming an emotional mess, about what was his to give these overbearing burdens of trash. Than, touch a filthy demon.

There was no use for them in his opinion, but he had to work with them. They were his master’s dominions and he wished to be his master’s pet.

Irdu was one of the first incubuses to be created, but didn’t have the powers like other demons. He couldn’t make things move with his mind or fight back against another demon. Instead, he had the power to take on a host’s body, he needs no sexual energy to rely on and he can make any human he chooses to want him, with but a look.

And truly want him, in such a way, they would give up their very soul to have him. Though, his power was limited to each creature:

With a demon Irdu could make it bow to his will and do his bidding, but with much effort. Demons are solitary creatures and prefer to do as they please.

While for an Angel, it was nearly impossible, but he could make the pious father-loving beings suggest things or influence its thinking, with his silken tongue.

As for humans his power was limitless. One look and all fall at his feet. They fight for his attention and kill to have him.

But here at the clinic, it spoke of the same effects, but was so much worse. At first, they would be fearful for losing their child; they begged him to stop ravishing them. The more they begged, the harder he would thrust, until they were nothing, but a quivering mass of sexual ecstasy, pooled at his feet. Then finally, the women would become uncaring about their babes, they so desperately struggled to have. They would always pity themselves, afterward and still allowed him to take them again and just as roughly.

He would take them, but only to feel his blood echoed within the bursa anal yapan escort women body, reaching to their stomachs and feeling the demon blooded child move inside, under his touch. It was gratifying, to feel it react to his touch, as though it recognized, who their father was.

On his way down, with the elevators, he stepped out on the lower level. While he headed to the room, where his appointment would arrive, to wait for them, Irdu thought about what it was like in the beginning. When back then, he took pleasure in fucking these women, even those, who were happily married.

But look at them now! All yearning and longing for his dick. They would grab him in the hallways and pushed him into their bedrooms. With their growing demonic powers, they would tear through his clothing.

So, caught up in their lust for him, they hadn’t realized, they had torn through thick corduroy material. If some knew they possessed powers, no human should ever have, they never let on. Scared, to lose the care, the clinic provide for them and their child.

They should feel this way and it was a shame, Irdu couldn’t tell them, it was all because of him. They should kiss the bottom of his feet, for even allowing them to carry the demonic child. Their wombs, far too barren or unable to hold a human child, made it impossible to do so.

With their hopeful spirit left over, it gave Irdu, a reason for them in becoming the perfect candidates. This absolute desire and wish to have a child, made them by default, the caring and protective incubators, they were.

And they adore him!

Opening the door to the white padded room, he walked over to the bed in the middle and waited. His hands folded over his chest, his ankles crossed and his heart raced with trepidation and anticipation.

Irdu sighed. He was bored and he thought back to when humans would write in their history books about his beauty and flagrant ways.

Remembering, how solely gazing upon him, never slaked anyone’s fascination for him. To put it simply, looking wasn’t enough. And unfortunately he wasn’t for the taking. To have him was to have a prized possession that had its own free will.

His will, to do as he pleased, with this world and watched it fall into ash and withered away. Crumbling in masses, with the sky pitched in darkness and evil can walk freely among God’s most prided creations.

A creation, that has forgotten him and has given easily into his temptation, of sex, lust, desire and wanton abandon.

He felt his blood rise and realized he hadn’t seen his sister in over two weeks. He hated being apart from her for so long, but they needed to keep to their plan to entrap the Winchester Brothers.

The brother’s love for each other was normal. Two Angelic Vessels loving each other to a point, where their lives are intertwined, like a braided lock of hair. No matter, what color or texture, once interlocked, no roads they take will or can separate them from each other for long. Their love and admiration, bonded them, branded them and binding them.

Human’s can not process this unconditional love and devotion Angels have for one another. They see it as undying love or finding one’s ‘soul-mate’. Maybe for some, it was possible. For the Winchesters, it was virtually in their blood. They couldn’t deny each other no more than he can deny his love and need for his sister.

Ardat was the perfect counter being to his. The one woman in this world, who could make him yearn and long to have her forever in his possession. He remembered the first time he had laid eyes on her.

She was absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful.

There were places on earth; they proclaim was as close to heaven as humans can come. There were emotions, human’s described as heavenly. There were even bursa rus escort human women, who were born close to her likeness. Yet, none of these can hold a candle to her.

She is the definition of beauty, the reincarnation of splendor, the embodiment of desire and she was his and he made sure he made her his. He took her body whenever he could.

When Lilith was asleep with other men or not sending them off on an errand, he would take his sister over and over again. Her body was unrelenting. It would not bend to him and see him as its master.

He did everything to take her and make her bend to his will. He adorned her with the loveliest of human hosts, there was to offer. Crowning her queen and empress of loveliness, praising her beauty and worshiping her womanhood, he did anything to make her happy.

Oh how he loved his sister.

As he thought about his love for her and the many female hosts she had possessed and he had the pleasure of fucking. He was hard.

Which was good…

It was 13:11, the digital clock winked back at him. In the next 2 minutes, the door to the padded cell, where they planned to hold the Winchester’s, would open and his appointment would enter.

He moved to prep himself for the taking. He removed his pants and reached for the bottle of oil under the pillow. He slid his slicked fingers in and out of his ass, opening himself up. Irdu closed his eyes and shuddered with lust, as he felt the summoning of the most powerful being, he has ever met besides Lilith.

The being entered the room and the room was filled with a raw light. A light that humans can not see, less their eyes be scorched from his once angelic powers. But his beauty was none the less as extravagant.

“Hello brother…” Irdu would always whisper softly, when he took his lips and kissed him, gently.

“I have missed you, brother and our beloved Farther, so very much. Please, accept me and allow me to enter into the bosoms of your love, once more.” He would say before he took Irdu’s body.

Irdu let the human host’s soul rise to the surface. The soul knew nothing but the love of this man. Forever kept in the dark and starved for his love and companionship. It foolishly believes in this love, that this is true love. As it felt a kinship and it desperately wished to be taken and loved by him.

Its innocents shining bright as Lucifer touched and made love to one of Michael’s many vessel. Not the true one, but as close as they can come by.

Irdu was created by Lilith and not birthed by her, for that, he was able to accommodate the searing power of this being. As Lucifer withdrew his finger, turned him onto his back and thrust deep into Luke’s body. Luke trembled with the force of it.

Lucifer reveled deeper into the light of Luke’s soul, as he searched for some semblance of a love before. Possessing and claiming with each thrust, bite, stroke, touch and whispered words of love.

Irdu had to use his power to keep the body intact. Lucifer’s death grip on Luke’s inner thighs was clamped hard and nearly cut off the blood flow through the artery that traveled the length.

Lucifer held Luke’s legs wide, spread far apart and open to his gaze. The child like soul mewled with pleasure and relished in the attention it was receiving from Irdu’s master.

“Brother, I love you so… Michael!” Lucifer exhaled as he climaxed.

The padded walls took the brunt of his master’s release, which was why this form of love making can only be taken place here. Where the padded walls absorbed the reverberations of Lucifer’s unrestrained power when, it was released, during his climaxes.

Like clock work Luke’s body climaxed in time with Lucifer and not long after, Lucifer would take Luke’s body again, moving with powerful and deep strokes and whispering words of love and adoration for a brother long lost and a father’s love long in remission.

Irdu knew better, than to give into the seductive words of Lucifer. Like Luke was eating up Lucifer’s every word.

He knew this was not love… this was the preparation. Future preparation for a would-be well kept pet, one, by the name of Dean Winchester.

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