For Just One Day Pt. 01

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“You have got to be kidding me! There is no way in hell I am putting all of this on.”

“Oh, come on! You promised! Anyway. A bet is a bet. You’ve never welshed on one before.”

“Yeah, I know. But none of the other bets made me dress up like a damn cat!” I was pissed. When Katy said that she wanted to collect on my debt this weekend, I thought it was just going to be a day of cleaning her apartment or driving her around. Maybe even fixing lunch and dinner. But this? This was ridiculous. I picked up the tail, running my fingers over the metal bulb meant to be inserted into my ass. It felt cool and heavy. Okay, secretly, that did turn me on a little. But this other stuff? Damn.

“Nikki, it will be fine. It will just be for one day and I promise that it will be just between you and me.” Katy gave me the pleading look that she knew I couldn’t resist. Ever since we first had started dating, I would be reluctant to try something and then she would give me that look that melted my resolve like ice in summer. I have to admit that she didn’t overuse or even abuse it’s power but, dammit, why couldn’t I just say forget it to her when she looked at me like that!

“Fine. Just for today Kate.” She squealed with delight, clapping her hands like a little girl who had just been given a kitty to play with. Well, I thought to myself, she has. The first thing was to clean me out. I hated enemas but gladly had her administer it to me when I realized that I was going to have a plug up my ass all day. The next step was a shower. I took my time, soaping myself up thoroughly and shaving myself baby smooth. Just like I knew she liked it. I remember being reluctant to shave my mound at first but Katy gave me the look bursa otele gelen escort and I tried it. She was right. It felt so much sexier and amazing when her tongue touched my bare pussy lips that I kept it shaved smooth for her from then on.

It was still early in the morning because she told me to be over at her place at six am. Katy had a cup of coffee waiting for me when I exited the bathroom and she even cooked eggs and bacon. I gratefully wolfed it down, the excitement of what was going to happen and my nervousness combined to make me ravenously hungry. Finally, I finished eating and brought the dishes to the sink. Something on the floor caught my eye and gave me pause. It was a bowl. There was a picture of a kitten playing with a ball of string painted on the inside and my name written on the outside. I turned around to say something to her but she had already left the kitchen and went to the living room where all of my costume was assembled.

“Hey! What’s with the bowl Kate?” I asked as I walked in the living room. I couldn’t help but sound a little angry. There is no way that she expected me to eat from a bowl on the floor!

“Oh come on Nik! Kitties don’t sit at the table silly.” she replied, giving me that adorable little giggle that was just so infectious. I couldn’t help myself and giggled too, just at the absurdity of it all. “Now, sit your cute tail on this chair and hold real still.” She took the next hour and styled my hair and did my makeup. Luckily, she was a professional at this. That is how we’d met. I went in to the salon where she worked, just expecting the same old professional boring hair style I usually got. But, instead, left escort bayan looking downright amazing as I just said to hell with it and let Katy do her magic. I’d never been hit on so much in my life after that day and every time I went back, I always booked her. It didn’t take long before we went out on a date. After that, a whole new world of sexual pleasures opened up to me. I tried anal rimming on her for the first time. Now, I loved licking her ass just as much as her pussy. She convinced me to try water sports, too. I was reluctant until she gave me the look and said that if I didn’t like it, she would never bring it up again. Now, every time she went to pee, I wanted to run in there and lick her pussy dry.

So there I was, being made up to look like a cat. I was actually kind of curious at this point to see what the end result would be. She always did my makeup for the Halloween parties we attended together. Last year, when she finished painting me up, she giggled and said I was the sexiest zombie she’d ever seen and that I could eat her anytime. I laughed silently to myself at the memory and enjoyed her breasts being so close to my face as she swept back my hair. Katy reached behind her and picked up the set of cat ears. She had even taken the time to get them custom made to precisely match my hair. The next step was to have me remove my contact lenses so that she could have me insert ones that were designed to give me cat’s eyes. I looked dubious at her but did it anyways, figuring it was just for one day. The next part was epoxy Halloween fangs. Man! I thought to myself. Katy really went all out for just one day. One final touch was a leather collar that she fastened around mudanya escort my neck. It even had my name etched on one side of the dangling tag and “Property of Katy” etched on the reverse. I heard the click when she put it on me and then she allowed me to stand and see my reflection in the mirror. A human/kitty hybrid stared back. I reminded me of the old cartoon my brother used to watch. She had done an amazing job.

“Okay, Nik. Now for the next phase. Strip.” I turned and gave her a sly smile as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and removed my shorts. She didn’t like to wear underwear and I had started going commando myself a lot of times. Katy had me kneel down on the couch with my hands on the back and my legs spread, feet dangling. Then she started eating me out. I let out a low purr and closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation of a master pussy eater at her craft. She brought me to the edge of cumming several times, licking my pussy and rimming my ass, before pushing me over and giving me release. I lay there on my knees, in post orgasmic bliss, when I felt something being inserted in my pussy hole. Katy quickly put leather panties on me, manipulating my legs so that she could pull them up. I was about to turn around and say something when she shushed me, placing her hand on my back and preventing me from rising. Then I felt the bulb being pressed against my asshole. At least she coated it in gel I thought to myself as the bulb popped in. I heard and felt a zipper being zipped up and another click. Something tickled my foggy brain as not being right about that sound but before I could even think about asking her, Katy put my hands in mittens. They were patterned to look like paws and the coloring again matched my hair. Again, I heard the clicking sound after she put them on me. Then it hit me.

“Katy, um, are these locked on?” I asked nervously, my speech having a slight lisp from the fangs.

“Of course silly!” came her reply, followed again by that giggle of hers. “Now, the real fun can begin.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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