First Time with an Older Guy

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Note: this is a true story of my experience, please enjoy.


I was 22 at the time, and I’d only sucked off a few guys around my age. I still considered myself mostly straight, just thought it was a bit of fun. I was having a boring day at work on a Monday and was feeling horny, so I hopped on squirt and was checking some guys out.

He sent me a message out of the blue. His profile said 51, as old as my dad, but I found it exciting and he had a nice cock and body, so I thought why not. We didn’t really discuss anything, he just asked me to come over to his place that night. I just assumed I’d blow him and go like usual, so I said yes.

I work fairly late so I got there at around 9. I knocked and he let me in. He was about my height, handsome and in good shape, looked more like he was in his 40s. He was just smiling at me, then grabbed me and started kissing me right in the doorway. I’d never kissed a guy before, but suddenly was making out with a much older guy, and I was enjoying it.

We made our way to his bedroom and started stripping each other. I was naked and he was in his undies, so I got bursa eskort bayan to my knees and pulled them down. He was already completely hard, and it was bigger than it looked in the photos – uncut, not thick, but long, and slightly curved upwards. I wasn’t very experienced, so I took it as deep as I could. He didn’t really react or hold my head, just let me have my fun for a few minutes.

Then he said he wanted to fuck me. I was shocked, but realised we never discussed what we wanted to do, so he was probably expecting sex, not just a blowjob like me. Of course I’d thought about trying it before, but not seriously, I considered myself mostly straight after all. He told me to think about it as we got on the bed and starting making out again. I was on my back and he was on top rubbing his dick on my body, while I had my arms around him and kissed him like he was my girlfriend. He kept telling me how hot I was, and how much he wanted to fuck me, and I didn’t want to disappoint him, so eventually I got so horny I said yes.

He took his lips off of mine and had a big smile, but didn’t say anything. He bursa otele gelen eskort bayan jumped off me and pulled me down the bed until my ass was at the edge, and started rimming me – I’d never been rimmed before and it felt amazing. I realised this old man knew exactly what he was doing, so I trusted him, and didn’t resist at all. He flipped me onto my front and kept rimming me, then stopped and leant over me, putting his hand on my back, and I felt his cock against me.

He slowly pushed it in, and I was surprised how easy it was, given he was only using spit. It only hurt for a few seconds each time he pushed deeper, until he was most of the way in. Because of his length, he pulled back and pushed even further a few times until it was all the way in. Now the pain was gone and I felt a strange full feeling. He started moving and I was amazed that it actually felt good, which I told him but he just laughed, I guess he was having too much fun.

He pulled out and I missed it immediately. He put me on my back and held me down with his strong arms and started bursa eve gelen escort fucking me a bit harder now. We started kissing again and I wrapped my arms and legs around him. I just let him control me and move me into any position he wanted, which turned out to be a lot, and he fucked me harder in each. Any time we couldn’t reach each other’s mouth, I was moaning, and he was grunting, and I said stupid stuff like I loved his cock.

After about half an hour he said he was going to cum, and I told him he could do it wherever he wanted. He wanted to breed my ass and make it his, which I’d never thought about before but turned me on for some reason. He had me doggy style again and I felt him stop, cum, and pull out. He teased me by asking if I was still “mostly straight”, then we stood up and made out some more while I held his cock.

He asked me to stay over night, but it was after 10 and I had to get home or my parents would wonder where I was. I imagine if I had stayed, he would have fucked me again before we slept, then again when we woke up, breeding my ass each time and really making it his, I was very tempted. But we got dressed and kept kissing as I made my way to the door.

He asked me to come over again a few more times, but for some reason I never felt up to it, maybe I was really mostly straight after all. I’ve never been fucked again since then though, so I guess my ass is still his, but I definitely have a thing for older guys now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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