First Time Female Encounter Ch. 02

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Sarah walked away, or was it skipped? She certainly felt like she was skipping, skipping along to the speeding beat of her heart. She did not look behind; she could not for fear of Tammy seeing the huge grin that was spread broadly across her face! She felt like everyone was staring as she walked her way through the town towards the parking lot. They probably were, her eyes were sparkling, her mouth in a permanent cheesy grin, and she was swaying her hips instinctively as she walked, still enjoying the warmth that emanated …

She reached the car park and was just turning the key to open the door when her phone bleeped to indicate the arrival of a new text message. Thinking it was probably from her husband, checking when she would be home, she immediately retrieved the phone from her bag. Sarah had a party to go to that evening with some work colleagues and he would be chasing her, reminding her to get home soon. She pulled the phone from her bag to check it straight away, not wanting him to worry, as dusk was now drawing in and it would soon be dark. … The message was from Tammy!

” Wow I enjoyed that very much, ur just what I have been searching 4, must meet again soon. Thanx” read the message.

Sarah grinned broadly again, happy that her companion had shared her lasting impression of their first meeting. She quickly typed out a reply:

” Ditto x x ” she typed and then hit Send, smiling at her cool response. “Didn’t want to sound over keen, did she!” She thought.

The whole journey home, Sarah’s mind speed faster than the car, her brain could not keep up with the images from that initial meeting and her mouth was beginning to ache from the constant grinning! “Shit, sit shit, What did I just do” Sarah said out loud, almost shouting. ” What the hell came over me to follow her into that restroom” she thought. “But she wanted it too”, “she didn’t resist, she was smiling, nodding agreement, hey, she’s even sent me a text already” her mind still buzzing.

Suddenly her thoughts returned to her husband and she pulled over to the roadside. Taking out her phone once more she started typing out a message to her partner.

” Driving home now, am running late, will go straight to party, c u 2mro. love u x x ”

She was relieved, she didn’t want to face him this evening, he knew nothing of the day’s events and she would like to keep it that way. Sarah had been married to Tom since they were both 25; they had only recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. They were soul mates, far more in love now than when they first met. Tom allowed Sarah freedom, he knew she was a free Casibom spirit and knew in order to keep her he had to turn a blind eye. Tonight she was going to a party with some friends of hers. He knew them, but they were her friends and it was not unusual for her to party without him. Sarah went to the party, the excitement of it added to that of the day, she was exhilarated and it showed. All night friends would comment on her look, saying she had a contented glow. Little did they know!

That night she went home and snuggled up next to Tom, lovingly spooning him and before dropping off to sleep she gently stroked his hair and kissed his ear.

The next day when Sarah logged on to her email, there awaiting her was a message from Tammy Willis. She immediately clicked it open and read with a smile stretching from ear to ear.

” I loved yesterday, I felt an immensely strong bond and I knew I wanted to be with you. What happened in the ladies room is not something I have ever done before and I am slightly embarrassed thinking about it now. I mean; we had only just met! But it seemed so right, so natural, so naughty … I can’t wait to see you again!

I will be on Messenger from 9 tonight… hope you can join me! ”


Sarah re-read it again, still smiling. She decided against a reply, she would be counting the hours until 9 and she would definitely be there awaiting this lovely lady


Sarah logged on and was just thinking how to start the conversation, when the window popped up with a big grinning smiley and the words ” Hi Baby”

S ” Hi back”

T ” I cant stop thinking about our meet!!! You are one amazing lady 🙂

S ” u too … we are going to have to do it again VERY soon!? I feel that bond also, LOL thought it was just me!

T “Yes!!! Can you get away at the weekend? Those few minutes were not enough, I need more, I have been thinking about nothing else since!

S ” 🙂

They continued outrageously flirting for nearly two hours and finally arranged a time and a place to meet at the following weekend.


Saturday came, and it seems that Sarah and Tammy both had the same idea to arrive early, or was that impatience?

They hugged and lightly kissed each other’s cheek before linking arms and strolling through the park, where they had met, and onward to the cinema where they had arranged the ‘date’.

It was only 11.30am and the cinema, as anticipated, was fairly empty. They shuffled along the left row of seating to the far wall, where Sarah sat Casibom Giriş on the wall seat with Tammy next to her and the rest of the row empty. They sat chit chatting until the lights went down and the movie began. Tammy snuggled in close, her whole left side resting against Sarah, her head nuzzled across her shoulder. Sarah was nervous, she took a cautious look behind and to her right to ensure they were not being watched and was relieved to find the rows behind empty and their aisle still clear. She arched her arm across and hung it over Tammy’s shoulder and pulled her in even closer. Tammy leaned up and gently kissed Sarah’s open lips, which automatically curved up into a grin. Then as they hugged each other Sarah felt her nipples being tweaked through the thin fabric of her summer blouse. Oh how they ached for that touch and were stiff and yearning for more within seconds. She instinctively let out a low moan and they giggled as they both automatically bobbed their heads across to see if they were being watched. With the coast clear, Tammy dropped her head and snaked her tongue through the small opening where Sarah’s blouse was straining at the buttons. The warm wet tongue probed the bare skin now exposed as it licked aside the blouse opening. The tongue was now working it’s way towards the soft underside of Sarah’s bra-less breast and again Sarah could not control her moan. Spurred on by this encouragement, Tammy used one

hand to massage Sarah’s left breast, working the nipple to Sarah’s distraction while still licking at the right through the little hole made between the buttons. Tammy was getting frustrated, as her tongue could not quite reach where it so desperately wanted to and so using the other hand she quickly popped open the button’s of Sarah’s blouse and grabbed the freshly exposed breast in her warm and welcoming mouth. The cool air rushed at Sarah’s now exposed breast and the straining nub twitched in excitement and caused a flow of molten juices to flood her panties. Sarah massaged the top of Tammy’s head to show her approval and instinctively spread her legs to ease to torment of her throbbing clit.

Tammy needed no further encouragement, she was down on her knees in the tiny gap, with her back pressed hard against the seat in front as she bobbed down and dipped her head under the short skirt of her eagerly awaiting conquest.

Sarah felt an erect tongue firmly licking up and down her slit through the fabric of her oh so wet panties. Tammy was sampling her juices, savouring the differing tastes of both old cum and the newly fresh warmth, which was currently gushing out of Sarah’s Casibom Güncel Giriş pussy. She wiggled in the seat so that she could thrust her hips upward to meet the now urgent licks, which were stuffing the panty material up into the wet slit on each journey. Sarah pushed Tammy’s head closer, showing her she so needed the release, the smell of hot fresh cum seemed to be filling the whole aisle now. Sarah furtively looked to the right and behind to check again that they were not putting on one hell of a lesbian show for someone! Then grabbed at her own panties, ripping the material aside so Tammy could at last gain the access they both so wanted.

Tammy’s mouth latched straight onto the now fully exposed and throbbing clit, causing lightening bolts to explode throughout Sarah’s body. She sucked hard, squeezing the little nub between her lips while arching her tongue downward to lick up all the sticky honey that she could eat. She sucked again and Sarah felt the orgasm fully upon her, she ground Tammy’s head into her pussy, pumped her head up and down the length of her yearning cunt. Just at the moment of impact Tammy rammed two fingers into Sarah’s now bucking pussy and that was it, Sarah arched her neck back and her mouth opened as if in slow motion … “JEEEEEEZZZZZZUUUUSSSSSSSSSS” Sarah verbally let out her release. At realising what she had done, she shot her head up and looked at the five or six people in front of her now looking scornfully and shaking their heads as she mouthed the word “sorry” to them. Then looking down, she saw Tammy looking up at her, her sweet eyes longingly looking up at her and her mouth in a cheeky grin. “Oh that mouth!” which she so wanted to kiss. All covered in her own fresh cum.

Sarah looked up once more and seeing the angry viewer’s were all facing the right way and back to watching the movie, she beckoned Tammy back up onto the seat next to her. For now it was Tammy’s turn…..

She swivelled around in her seat and brought her lips onto Tammy’s soft cheek. “Thank you, Baby” she whispered. Their lips met and Sarah could taste herself on her lovers lips. This was Sarah’s first taste of pussy and it was her own! Oh how she wanted to taste her lover, to smell her, to taste her, to feel her fully naked body next to her’s. Sarah slid out of the seat and began to position herself just as Tammy grabbed her arm. Their eyes met.

“Not now Baby, I can wait” whispered Tammy ” It is your first time and I want you to be able to fully enjoy the experience” and with that she stood up and began walking off down the aisle.

Sarah looked after her dumbstruck, not sure what to say or do. But she didn’t have to have worried. Tammy looked over her shoulder, winked and held out her hand for Sarah.

“Follow me, honey, I have somewhere special to take you!” grinned Tammy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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