First Time

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We walk into the hotel room and I’m feeling so nervous. You have a big smile on your face for numerous reasons. One, you can’t wait to do what we are going to do. Two, you see the nervous expression on my face and that makes you like it even more. And three, you know that you will really be punishing me and taking me one more big step to becoming your complete bitch.

The plan has been in motion for awhile and I can’t believe we are actually doing it, we’ve talked about it so many times but the fact that we actually went to a gay bar and picked up a guy and brought him back with us so we can complete this fantasy is making me shake with fear and excitement. The guy’s name is Sean and you say you picked him out because he looked cute but he’s taller than me with a bigger build, and I know you picked him so I can feel more like a bitch being taken by a big stud and also because it’s obvious he would have a big dick.

As soon as the door closes you tell us to take our clothes off. We do what you say and we’re both standing there naked. I look down at Sean’s dick and just as I thought, his dick is huge. He is easily bigger than I am, well over eight inches. You see me look at his dick so you say “Oh, I see you looking. You want his cock don’t you, you little bitch! Get on your knees now.” You have told Sean all about what we do, about how I’m your bitch and how it’s ok to force me to do anything. Sean turns towards me and puts his hand on my shoulders and pushes me down. He couldn’t believe his luck when you told him that you wanted him to come home with us so that I could suck his dick. He liked the idea of fucking a straight guy in the mouth and cumming down his throat. He quickly realizes that he can do whatever he wants to me so he pushes me down until I’m on my knees with my face is inches away from his hard, massive cock.

You bend down towards me and start rubbing my head and whispering softly. “Just lick it once baby, it’s ok, it’s not bad if you do, just do it, stick out your tongue.” You grab his dick and point it at my mouth. I slowly stick out my tongue and lick the head of his big dick.

“That’s it baby now open your mouth and become a cocksucker, do it baby. Do it now bitch,” you say as I open my mouth, with your hand on the back of my head you push me towards Sean’s dick and his cock enters my lips. You continue to push until my mouth is filled and you hold me there. My mouth feels so stuffed because his cock is Casibom not only long, but also thick! “Yesssss baby. That’s it, you little cocksucker, suck that big cock. Do it for me, now!”

I slowly start to move my head and suck Sean off, he is being patient, but you don’t want him to be bored. So you say “Have your way with his mouth, do whatever you want.” So he puts his hands on my head and begins to thrust his dick into my mouth. You sit back and take your clothes off and begin to rub your pussy, you are so wet watching me suck dick. You never thought you would be watching me suck cock, but you’re glad that I am. You begin squeezing and rubbing your tits while one hand is furiously rubbing your pussy. “Oh yes, fuck his mouth, go deeper, I want to hear him gag on your dick.”

Sean doesn’t need any more invitations so he begins pushing his dick deeper into my mouth with every thrust. I put my arms down to my side and stop moving as Sean grabs my head with both hands and begins to bring my head closer to his crotch as he continues to thrust his cock into my mouth. Soon all I can do is try to open my mouth and throat as much as I can so that I don’t gag. But the truth is, it’s no use. Sean begins to fuck my throat and as his big dick hits the back of my throat I begin to gag. My eyes start to water up and soon Sean just slams his cock into my throat and holds it there. I fight the urge to gag as much as I can, but I eventually lose and begin coughing. His dick falls out of my mouth and as I try to regain my composure, Sean grabs his dick and begins slapping me in the face with it. It is so powerful and as tears begin to roll down my face I realize that I’ve opened my mouth again and I’m trying to grab his dick with my mouth so that I can continue to suck it. His dick finds my mouth and soon he is back to facefucking me.

By this time you have put the strap-on dildo on and you walk up to where we are. “Get up and get on the bed, both of you.” I know what I have to do, so I get on all fours on the bed and wait for the both of you. “Look how hard his cock is, ” you say as you point to my dick. “He really likes sucking dick, he likes being a bitch ass cocksucker!” Sean chuckles at this and you tell him to get infront of me and continue fucking my mouth. He needs no other invitation and soon my mouth is filled with his cock again and I’m moaning to show you that I do like sucking cock. I feel you place some lube on my asshole and I thank Casibom Giriş god that you are being generous with it. Sean’s hands are still on the back of my head as he continues to shove my head down, his breathing has also picked up, so I hope that I am doing a good enough job to make him cum. You start to ease the dildo into my ass and I let out a groan as I feel the head pop into my asshole. “Oh yes bitch, take my dick! You like it up the ass don’t you? Tell me you do, I want to hear you say it with your mouth full of cock!”

I try to talk with Sean’s dick in my mouth, and I find it really hard since his cock is so thick, however I manage to say something that sounds like “Yes, I like it in my ass.” This makes you laugh a bit and you thrust your dick all the way into my ass. I let out a moan and you begin to pump my ass. I feel the dildo going all the way in and your hands on my hips. I start to push back as I realize how gay I must look. I have a huge cock in mouth and I’m bent over being pounded in the ass by a dildo, and my own dick is so hard it hurts.

You slap my ass a couple of times as you continue to talk dirty to me and call me names such as “cocksucker, bitch, cumslut” and all I can do is moan and enjoy the abuse I’m getting. Soon I feel Sean tense up a bit, and I hope I know what comes next. “I’m going to cum!” I hear him say. You pull out of my ass and grab a cup that is on the table and say “Cum on his face! Give this bitch a facial!” he pulls out of my mouth and I’m left there on all fours with my mouth open staring at Seans cock as he quickly begins to jerk off. YOu hold the cup below my face and soon I hear Sean grunt. The first stream flies out of Sean’s cock and hits me in the cheak. The second hits me near my eye and it makes me close my eyes. “No baby, open your eyes, now!” I open my eye and feel the cum around my eyelids, it’s hard to keep it open but I do my best, and I’m sure I look ridiculous as I realize you are laughing. Another stream of cum hits me in the forehead and I can feel my face being covered in cum! Sean gets closer and puts his dick into my mouth as I feel more cum shooting out and into my mouth.

As he finishes, he pulls out of my mouth and you say “Swallow it! Now! Eat his cum!” so I swallow his load that is in my mouth. I somehow fight the urge to gag and I look up at you to see the huge smile on your face. “Oh yes baby, you are such a real bitch now!” You start to wipe off the extra cum on my face into the cup and soon there is a good amount of cum inside the cup. “Now, be a real, good, cum slut whore and open up!” You say as you tilt the cup towards my mouth. I open my mouth and watch as you pour a little bit of the cum into my mouth. “Swallow it!” I do as I’m told and then without you saying anything I open my mouth again. “Hahahaha you want more don’t you? You’re such a cumslut, you fucking cocksucking whore!” You pour the rest of Sean’s cum into my mouth and I swallow it all.

“Lay on your back” you instruct me as you take off the strap-on. You straddle my dick and since you are so wet and I am so hard it easily goes into your waiting pussy. “Oh yes! This feels good, fuck me!” You say “You like eating cum don’t you? Whore!” I nod yes. “Tell me how much you liked having cock in your mouth!”

I let out a sigh and close my eyes and whisper “I loved having my face fucked.”

You interrupt me by yelling “Louder! I want to hear you say it loud!”

“I loved getting facefucked!” I say in a much louder voice. “His dick was so big and it tasted so good, I’m such a cocksucking bitch, baby!” You are bouncing on my dick so hard that I feel my cum building up. “Oh baby, I’m going to cum.” You pick up the pace and soon I let out a huge grunt as I feel my dick explode in your pussy. I look at you and see the big smile on your face so I know what comes next. You get off my dick and quickly place your hand on your pussy holding my cum inside of it. You climb up and straddle my face and I open my mouth as wide as possible.

You remove your hand and out comes the biggest glob of cum I’ve ever seen. It falls into my mouth and I quicly swallow it. “Lick my pussy, now! Clean it cum slut!” I start to lick your pussy and I keep tasting my cum and feeling it drip out of your pussy and into my mouth. I continue to swallow it as I stick my tongue into your pussy and start to dig for more cum. You are moaning and rubbing your pussy on my mouth and soon I feel you cum on my face which makes more of my cum flow out of your pussy.

Soon, you feel that you are clean enough and you get off of my face and look at me. There are droplets of cum on my chin and this makes you laugh. “Wow, you are such a cum slut. You look like such a bitch sucking cock and now with cum on your face. You liked it didn’t you baby?”

I let out a sigh and a meek “Yes.”

Sean is sitting there and when we look at him all he says is “Wow, that was hot!” You laugh and say “I know, maybe once you’re hard again you can fuck his face again.” I look at you as you wink to me, all I can do is smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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