first sex with cousin

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This is my first story so leave comments

When I was 16 I had an 8 year old cousin named angie, she was really cute, she would always run around in my mom’s house naked, so I could always see her pussy , usually I wouldn’t look though because hey she’s my cousin. But on her 9th birthday, when everyone left that night and it was just me, my mom, and my sister and Angie, she took off her clothes and ran around the house, what a sight! Her small pussy was flopping around and her breasts were just developing, I got a huge hard-on, and that night I masturbated, I blew a huge load. The next day my mom, and my sister had to go to my grandpa’s funeral, and had to leave Angie at home, and my mom said she would pay me to babysit her.

“Sure what the hell, I could use the money” I said
“Great, so we will be gone the whole weekend” she said
“Oh and don’t forget to make sure she has a bath before she goes to bed!” she said calling out the door

Right when she said that I perked up a lot, I have seen her naked many times, but actually being able to bathe her and wash her small innocent pussy made me really horny. So I made dinner for Angie and sat down and watched TV with her, all I could think of was the bath and how her mom and dad hadn’t told her about sex yet so I knew this would be the perfect opportunity.

“Angie” I said, “shouldn’t you get into your bath now, it’s getting late”

“Okay!” she squealed happily, and went off to the bathroom.

I could hear the water running and knew this was the time, now or never. I went and knocked on the door

“Angie, mom asked me to help you bathe yourself” I said over the noise of the water

“Ok” she said “come Üsküdar Escort in now”

So I slowly open the door to the bathroom and see her playing with her dolls in the bathtub, naked, so I walked over to her and got my hands all soapy.

“angie, you should spread your legs so I can wash your private area, it gets really dirty in the day, so I have to wash it” I said happily

Without saying anything, she spreads her legs so I can start “cleaning” her pussy. I first start rubbing her belly, she seems to like that, then I start descending onto her legs and start tickling her feet, she really likes that. Then finally when I have her trust I start rubbing her small little pussy lips,

“ohh” she shouts, surprised

“Oh I’m sorry Angie, did I hurt you?” I asked.

“No you didn’t, it feels ticklish there, it feels funny” she exclaims.

In all my excitement, I forgot completely on my starting boner, and when I finally realize it, I really hoped she hadn’t of seen it, I was wrong. All of a sudden she looks down and starts to stare at it.

“What’s that?” she asks.

“Oh this?” I point at it, “this is my private part, it’s called a penis or cock if you prefer” I said.

At this point she started to look disappointed.

“Why don’t I have one” she asks

“You don’t have one of these, because this is a boy part, you have a girl part” I told her.

“Could I-I t-touch it” she asks nervously “just to see what it feels like?”

“Go ahead” I said, “but only if I can play with yours”

“K” she says

So I get naked, fully, and hop into the bathtub with her. She starts poking at it.

“WOW” she says” way does it feel so Üsküdar Escort Bayan hard?”

“oh that’s what happens when I see a beautiful girl like yourself, this made her blush.

“You really think I’m pretty?” she asks

“I really do” I exclaimed

She starts fondling with my cock, knowing that she doesn’t have a good angle, I explain,

“Angie, since you don’t have a good angle on my “cock” and I don’t have a good angle on your private part, let’s does something else, how about you lay on my stomach facing my cock and put your bum in my face” I explained to her

She does as she is told, and she now has a better angle on my cock, and I can now lick her pussy.

“angie, I am going to lick your private area now, if it starts to hurt tell me ok?”


So I start to lick her pussy, and she start making with low pitch sequel, I’m pretty sure she likes it, so I start to insert my finger into her pussy, while I am licking it. While I am doing that I accidently hit her unbroken hymen with my finger.

“OUCH!” she jumps, and starts crying.

“I’m so sorry angie, did that hurt?”

“y-yes” she says in-between sobs.

“I am really sorry, the only reason it hurts is because your still a virgin” I explained

She stops crying after a while and asks, “what’s a virgin?”

“Somebody who hasn’t had sex before” I said

“What’s sex” she asks

“Sex? Oh sex is something very magical, and it makes you feel real good”

“ it feels good? Could we do sex?” she asks

Jackpot” I thought to myself.

“ I guess angie, but you cant tell mom or your mom or dad about this ok?”

“Why?” she asks

Escort Üsküdar because this thing we are going to do is very good but your mom and dad don’t think it is, so you will get grounded if you tell”

“Ok, I won’t tell, I promise”

With that I lifted her out of the bathtub still both of us naked, and I carry her in my arms, to “my” bedroom and laid her down.

“Can I teach you to kiss, angie”? I ask

“Sure! I want to learn”

So I lay down beside her, held her body close to mine and kissed her, a long deep kiss, I didn’t want to teach her to make out though. After we were done kissing I told her to spread her legs so I could teach her about sex.

“so angie, I am going to insert my cock into your private area, it might hurt since you aren’t a virgin, but after its done hurting, it will feel really good, ok?” I told her

“O-ok I think I’m ready”.

So I spread her legs and tease her lips with my cock, I see her shudder but she is smiling so I suppose she likes it, so I insert it very roughly, breaking her hymen on the way

“AHHHHH!!” she cried in pain, and started to cry really hard

We lay there for about 10 minutes and soon enough she stops crying, so I continue. I thrust my cock deep into her, thrusting in and out slowly to rhythm.

“Oh ah ah ahh!!!!” she says in-between moans

“You like it?” I ask her

“Ahh, ahh ahh, yess, it feels reallyy goodd!!! “she screams

So I start thrusting in and out faster and faster, being close to Cumming and before I am about to cum, she cries out

“ ohh yesss oh my god something feels like its building up”.

“ oh yess baby your going to have your first cum

“whats cum?” she asks
“You will see baby” I promised
About another 30 seconds and we both came, at the same time, I was really surprised to see her cum, since she is only 8.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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