First Road Trip

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After much planning and packing and hoping and me pretending it was about growth or enlightenment rather than just being alone with you for months, we loaded up your car and set sails for a faraway campsite, unavailable on most maps, but prophetical in my own heart. I had dreamed of this moment my whole life.

We were headed for Great Falls, Colorado. We didn’t know anything about the town, the surroundings, or what else would be there for us for the next two months. But we had devoted that time to one another, and no matter what, we would be together for that time. So I was okay with it.

I remember packing certain pairs of underwear, picking certain clothes that I thought you would find attractive. It was my goal to seduce you this trip. We were older, I knew something about how it all went, I could make you happy. I could give you what I’d always wanted to give you, but was too scared I didn’t have it for one reason or another. Now I was sure – I could fuck you.

We drove most of the way in silence. I pretended to sleep (do you remember?) and stared out the window, thoughtless, waiting for the next rest stop or CD change when it would be acceptable to talk to you. Then – even if it was a “What do you want to hear?” or “Can I get you a snack?” – I could talk to you, actually YOU would hear me. You, you, you.

There was no way I could sleep on the car ride. Everything about what I hoped would happen was exciting. I felt every movement between you and I. every time I shuffled in the seat or breathed heavily I felt you watching me, seeing me, taking me in. you were as ready for this as I was but there was so much unspoken love, so much history, all mixed up with hurt and confusion and years and years of longing. So there was a tension that was exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Suddenly, after years of separation, here we were doing really intimate things together: stopping after dinner to brush our teeth, you going inside the rest stop to get me coffee, me taking of my shoes and rubbing my feet in front of you. It was like we were really a couple all that time. We were just that comfortable around each other.

It took two days to get there. We stopped Missouri in and paid $55 for a hotel room. Of course the original plan was to get two rooms. But I think we both wanted it this way.

“You know, we really could save money if…” was all I had to say. The look you gave me assured me that you were thinking the same thing I was.

“Yeah, let’s just get a room with two beds,” you said.

So it all made perfect sense. We unloaded just our small bags and found the room, entering quietly and swiftly, excited.

I threw my bag on the first bed and you flopped on your back on the second bed. For a moment, I considered lying down next to you, but decided against it, thinking a shower would be nice.

“I’m going to get a bath,” I said. “I need to relax from the road.”

You turned on the television as I began to heat up the water, filling the tiny bathroom with steam and pouring a few bubbles into the water. I took all my clothes off, and stood for a moment in front of the mirror to look at myself.

My hair was short and messy, matted a bit from being in the car. My face looked tired but definitely happy; there was a spark in my eye that was unmistakable. My arms were tanned and plump, falling snugly next to my pale breasts, which were enjoying the steamed room. My nipples were hard out of gratitude for being let out of their shirt. My stomach was curvy, and even though at times I felt chubby, right now it looked beautiful and feminine. I was happy. I began to rub my neck, my breasts, and my stomach, imagining my hands were yours and I was seeing my naked for the first time. I was beautiful through your eyes. I lifted one leg up onto the toilet and used my hand to pull my abdomen upward to fully expose my vagina. I ran my fingers down along my soft, plump labia, pulling at them a bit toward the ends, and used my middle finger to feel for wetness. Of course I was wet; it had been building the whole trip. I was so excited to be here with you. Suddenly I remembered you on the bed, and hoped you were touching yourself to, to feel some sort of relief and to acknowledge your arousal.

I stepped into the bath slowly, letting my body sink into the bubbles and soak up the heat inch by inch. It pendik escort felt so nice to be in that hot water. I still was touching myself, and once I was beneath the water and beneath the bubbles, I began to rub my clit in a circular motion, in hopes I’d be relaxed and comfortable enough to have an orgasm. I wanted to come thinking about you.

So I pictured how I wanted it to happen. I thought in the grass maybe, with a canopy of branches overhead. That felt right. I felt your slender body on top of me, your soft mouth kissing my cheeks and neck, your erect penis pushing itself on my thigh. My hand moved faster under the water. I knew I could orgasm.

Then a knock at the door.

“Did you bring any shampoo?” you ask. I call back that I did, my voice wavering a little bit, probably more high pitched than usual.

I felt nervous, silly, and like I had been in the bathroom too long. I stood up in the water and quickly rubbed soap all over my body, thinking I’d have time to wash my hair in the morning. I dried and put on my PJs and walked out into the bedroom.

You were laying down, with the lights off, turned to your side a bit. When I came closer you appeared to be lightly sleeping, probably having just dozed off. I sat on my bed for a while, watching you and thinking about the trip ahead of us, until I was sure you were asleep. Then I lay down softly next to you and spent the rest of the night in and out of sleep. At one point you put your arm around me, but I couldn’t know if you did it consciously. I woke before you and slipped away quickly, hoping that if I had overstepped the boundaries, you wouldn’t be upset about it when you woke.

Half a day later we were there. We followed printed-out directions to a secluded camp site whose only marker was an old wooden sign and faded paint that read “green mountain park.” I paid the attendant for a week’s worth, not more just in case we didn’t like the site, and drove down a long winding road to the place the attendant said we could set up. There were very few other campers around. Several trailers were occupied by what may have been permanent, or at least non-vacationing, residents. Aside from three other tents, the park seemed empty. I liked it that way.

The campsite was stunning. There was a huge mountain rising sharply to the north, covered in green trees and several running streams of water. One of those streams reached the valley where we were, spilling out into a wide, shallow pool. There was an open grassy area where we could easily set up the tent, surrounded by big oak trees and pine trees. There were insects buzzing around, pollinating flowers that grew at the edge of the woods. It looked perfect in the midday sun.

The first few days there were easy and calm. We met the nearest camper, a single man with a long beard and skinny legs, whose site was at least a mile south of us. He was in the middle of his year-long journey across the United States, which he said would be done half by foot and half by train. He told us that we could catch fish in the pond and he let us take some tomatoes and potatoes from a patch he was working on near his tent. He said food grew quickly in the climate.

So with this bit of information, we began to live off the earth. We bathed at one side of the pool, and drank water from the other. The bottom of the pool was coated in silt which inevitably would get in our drinking water and food, coating our teeth with a thin layer of roughness that I eventually grew used to. We buried some of the potatoes in the earth so they would not bake in the hot sun. We ate the tomatoes first, spreading our meals as thin as we could. We shied away from hand-catching fish the way the traveler had told us to, but when we grew hungry enough on the third day, we decided to give it a try.

We rolled up our pant legs and waded out into the center of the pool, figuring our best luck might be had near a rotting tree stump coated in moss. I could clearly see the large fish swimming in the clear water, but they were so fast. I couldn’t imagine holding a slimy, wiggling one in my bare hands.

But you were on one in an instant, just missing it with the reach of your hand and splashing water all around in a chase. This movement scared any potential fish away so we had to move to a different spot.

I tried one, and knew pendik escort I could have had it, except the instant before I closed my hands around it, I remember how slimy his skin would feel and how easily he would slip away. So my reach fell short and he lived to swim in your direction.

You wasted no time and were on him, grabbing him hard, but keeping him under water.

“When he comes up, he’ll suffocate, won’t he?” you asked.

“Yes,” I said. “That’s how it goes.”

You lifted him just barely, so I could see his silver side gleaming in the sunlight. He twitched over and over, splashing water on our clothes.

“I can see him trying to breathe,” I said. And I knew you saw it too. You lifted him all the way up, kissed his smooth belly, and threw him back in the water, splashing us both, soaking my clothes. It was the most respectful thing I had ever seen.

“Let’s stick to potatoes for now, shall we?” You looked at me with those blue eyes, with that devious smile, and cocked your hip forward just a bit in my direction.

I was so proud and admired you so much in that instant that I couldn’t contain myself. I splashed over the few feet in your direction and put my arms around your neck, loving you so much. Our chests pressed together, and I could smell your sweat from your hair. I pushed my face deeper into you, trying to take you all in in that instant.

I was taken aback when you hurriedly grabbed the thick undersides of my thighs, lifting my rear up in the air and forcing me to wrap my legs around your waist. You were so urgent about it, and it was such a sudden move, that I was overcome with desire for you to just hold me as tight as you could. You must have sensed that, because you kept shifting your weight in the silt, holding me up like that, pressing your face into my breasts. You looked up at my face.

And then, with the salt and heat between us, we kissed, our first time in years. I was hungry for you, I sucked your lips in and spat them out over and over, shoving my tongue in your wet mouth, feeling you massage it with yours. I could feel you sucking in all the air around my face, making it feel cool as it was still damp. I wanted you so bad.

While our lips were still together, I moved your hands and positioned them firmly on the bare skin of my hips. I took my arms and lifted my shirt up over my head, threw the shirt in the water, and searched your face for a reaction.

You weren’t looking at me, you were looking at my breasts. You moved your face close to them, and I put my arms around your head, forcing you to come closer. They were soft and firm, aching for your touch. But your hands had to hold me up, so all you could do was touch them with your face. You rubbed your mouth all along them, up and down, from their weighty underside to the crest where my nipples stood erect, to the top where they sloped into my upper chest. Every time your lips went across my nipples, I shuddered, and clenched my legs tighter around you. I wanted you to lick them, suck them, tug them with your teeth.

“Are you sure this is okay?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” you said. “I’ve been thinking about this since we left town. I’m in love with you.”

Oh my god, you had said it. You had said what my whole body was aching to say, what I’ve felt so strongly for so long. You told me you loved me. It was you! YOU loved me. It took me several moments before I could say, “I love you too.”

Then it was all over for us. You lifted me off your hips, let me stand in the silt. My feet sank just a bit into the soft pool bottom. You hurriedly took your shirt off, and asked me to take your pants off. I couldn’t want anything more than that.

I knelt down and unbuttoned your pants, pulling them down quickly to your knees. You were erect, the tip of your penis glistening with a drop of semen, which I licked off. Your penis was warm and stiff. I took you in my mouth in a second, your swollen head touching the back of my throat and your pubic hair right there at my nose. I could smell you. I loved smelling you. I began to move my head back and forth, running my lips along the shaft of your hard cock, feeling the tip press against the back of my throat over and over. My hands were on your smooth thighs, my eyes going from your face to your dick. This was heaven.

You softly pushed pendik escort my face off of you, looking into my eyes. “Stand up with me,” you said, your voice husky and raw. I wanted to do anything to please you.

You kissed my mouth deeply, massaging my breast with one hand and feeling for my cunt with the other. You flicked my clit once, and pushed a finger inside my hot hole, coating it with my juices. I was so excited. You pushed in, in, in, never seeming to leave me, just penetrating me deeper. After a few moments you found my erect clit and pinched it, rubbed it on itself, all the while giving me deep kisses and stopping every few moments to lick my nipples.

I needed more.

I turned away from you and put my hands on the tree stump, having to bend over just a little to do so. My round ass stood there, with my wet pink vagina in your full view. You stepped toward me, placed one hand on my back and one hand on my hip, and shoved your cock into me from behind in one swift, sure thrust. The pain and pleasure from that sudden entry rocked my body, and my whole torso jumped forward a bit while my ass positioned itself firmly on your dick. There was no way I was letting that get away from me.

“You feel so good,” you said in a breathy voice, moving your hand from my hip to my clit, curving your torso more around mine. I tilted my pelvis a bit so you could rub me easier, which made my pussy tighten around you. That excited you even more. You began to pump in me fast, gently and steadily rubbing my clit. You were bouncing my body off of yours, forcing my breasts to jolt back and forth, the skin on my ass to vibrate with each thrust. I was so close to orgasm, I knew it would only take a few more thrusts to get me there. But this wasn’t exactly how I wanted to come.

“Stop for a second, I want to look at you,” I said. You pulled out of me, your hard dick covered in my wetness. You looked in my eyes. “Lift me up on the stump,” I said.

You gently helped me get my bottom up on the stump, which was soft with the mossy covering. I massaged your forearms, your belly, your shoulders. You lowered your head to my breasts and took one nipple in your mouth at a time. When you began to use your tongue on them, I couldn’t take it anymore. “Make me come with your dick,” I said. “I want you to fuck me like this.”

You pushed my thighs apart quickly, finding my vagina easily with your hard cock. You pushed yourself into me, filling me with every inch of you. You moved in and out of me fast and steady, your loving eyes intent with making me feel good. “Suck my breasts,” I pleaded, knowing that was all I needed. You did, you did it firmly and lustily, drawing my orgasm out of me from there. I exploded on your cock, my body staking its claim on you, offering myself to you for the rest of my life. I felt tingles start in my pussy and spread to my legs, arms, chest, fingers, toes, and scalp. My body rocked there for about ten seconds, completely lost in you and what you were doing to me. I never felt anything so powerful. Your strokes became slower as you showered me with kisses.

When I regained composure, I said, “Now it’s your turn. How do you want it?”

You asked me to bend over for you again, so I lowered myself off the stump, and turned around for you. I knew just the sight of this was what turned you on. You wanted to pull my ass into your pelvis, shove as much of your dick in me as you could, while feeling my soft bottom make little pads against your body. You entered me gently, softly, and began fucking me with gentle strokes so as to prolong your orgasm. You knew you’d come any second. I wanted you to get to enjoy this for as long as possible.

But it didn’t take long before you were pumping faster, and I knew you were about to come in me. “Harder,” I said, hoping that would turn you on. It drove you wild that you were pumping so hard and fast in my slick pussy. All of the sudden I realized I might come again. This was so hot. I reached my hand up to my clit. All I had to do was touch it once, and shivers went up and down my spine. “Touch me and I’ll come for you,” I said. You did. You reached up to my clit, gave it one quick circular rub, and I was coming again, relishing the feeling of you hard inside me, knowing you would come with me. You had moved both hands on my ass when I felt those first hot squirts of semen. You thrust three or four more times, determined with each thrust to fill me completely with your come.

After it was over, I turned to you and began to kiss you deeply and passionately, feeling more love than I ever thought possible. We were finally together.

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