First Kiss Ch. 4

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Martha was sound asleep when Lydia woke her by setting a cup of hot fragrant coffee on the lamp table beside her bed. She rose up to a sitting position and the covers slipped downward to her waist. She had bought a new gown and knew that it was very revealing. In fact she had wondered if she should even wear it.

Lydia relieved her of any anxiety since she was wearing a very short gown that was trimmed with lots of lace. It had spaghetti straps over her shoulders with a plunging neckline with thin lace over her breasts. Martha’s face was at the same level as Lydia’s breast and she could see the full form of her firm breasts.

Martha’s gown was also lacy and low cut. She felt her nipples gently touching the satin material and lace as her breast swayed with each movement. She knew she was giving Lydia a nice show as she reached for the coffee, which caused the soft gown to slip to the side revealing much of her breast.

Lydia gazed down at Martha’s breast and said, “Get your pretty bod up and get ready for a big breakfast. Then we will go shopping or whatever you want to do today.” Martha agreed and willingly raised her face as Lydia leaned over and gave her a very soft kiss on her lips. As their lips parted Martha could not resist looking at Lydia’s swinging breast totally revealed beneath her lacy gown. Lydia continued to lean forward exposing her breasts as she teased, “Naughty, naughty. Looking under my gown.” Then she straightened up and slowly swayed her butt as she left the room.

Martha felt her excitement building and threw the cover back and went to the bathroom leaving her robe on the foot of the bed. She brushed her hair and teeth and went to the kitchen and helped Lydia set the table. Each of them caught the other gazing at their body. Martha was excited when she caught Lydia staring at her legs, breast or butt. She knew Lydia also caught her taking glances when she bent forward showing either her bare ass or breasts.

Martha had worn a thin bikini panty and was sure that Lydia could see them through the thin material of the gown. Martha discovered that Lydia did not have on panties when she leaned over to get napkins out of a bottom drawer. Her short gown pulled up past her crotch giving Martha a full view of her bare vagina between her firm legs.

Lydia suggested that they get dressed and spend the day enjoying getting acquainted as they looked at some exclusive women’s stores. As Martha dressed in her bedroom Lydia would occasionally sick her head Casibom in the door to make a comment. She caught Martha leaning forward to get her breasts positioned properly in her bra. She hesitated letting her breasts swing freely giving Lydia a nice long look before she snapped the bra closed.

With a few purchases they returned home for a light dinner. Lydia told Martha to take a shower and then she was going to give her a treat. While she was showering Lydia came into the bathroom and emptied her bladder. Martha could see Lydia and knew that she was equally visible. She turned off the water and opened the door to reach for the towel. Lydia was standing there with a towel for her Lydia was naked and told Martha that she was also going to shower. Martha was drying as Lydia started the water and began lathering her body while watching Martha dry herself. Martha was growing excited at being naked in front of another naked woman. Lydia did not hesitate to look at Martha’s lovely body from her crotch to her breasts. Martha was encouraged by her boldness and gave herself permission to openly admire Lydia’s nakedness.

Martha put on her short robe and returned to the bathroom door just as Lydia got out of the shower. She stood there looking at Lydia’s slim legs, firm full hips, and firm breasts that only had slight sag. She noticed that Lydia had very short pubic hair and that her vagina lips were fully visible. She wondered if Lydia shaved.

When Lydia finished drying she also slipped on her robe but did not close it. “Now come to the kitchen with me and I will give you a special treat,” Lydia said as she took Martha’s hand to lead her. Lydia asked her to sit in the chair in the center of the kitchen. Then she filled a small pan with hot water and placed it in front of the chair. Then Lydia placed a small stool directly in front of Martha and sat on it. “Now I am going to shave your legs for you,” Lydia announced to a very surprised Martha. She blushed and tried to say no but she was secretly becoming more excited all the time. Not only had she looked at Lydia’s nakedness, but had also let Lydia look at her naked body without trying to cover up.

Now she sat in front of Lydia with only a short silky robe on and was looking at Lydia whose body was also covered only with a robe. Lydia placed a towel over her legs and leaned over and lifted Martha’s right foot and raised it to rest on her knee. Martha knew that her vagina would be visible to Lydia and pushed her robe between Casibom Giriş her legs. Lydia lathered her leg with a perfumed soap. Martha thrilled as Lydia’s hand lovingly caressed her leg from her foot to her crotch. She especially enjoyed Lydia’s hand on her inner thigh when she felt her hand touch the hand she used to hold the robe in front of her vagina.

As Lydia began shaving her leg Martha noticed that the towel over Lydia’s leg was not covering much. In fact Martha could clearly see all of Lydia’s inner thighs and her vagina was clearly visible. Martha let her own fingers press into her vagina as Lydia finished her right leg. Lydia took a washcloth and rinsed the soap from her right leg and dried it with the towel that Lydia had over her legs. Martha was looking down Lydia’s naked legs directly into her vagina. Martha knew that Lydia was raising her leg and spreading it but she was only enjoying it.

When Lydia raised her left foot to her own leg, Martha moved her hand from her crotch and let the robe slip aside. She felt a sexual thrill knowing that she was exposing her open crotch to Lydia, who often glanced up for a look. Lydia was opening and closing her legs as she lovingly touched Martha’s naked leg. As she spread the soap inside Martha’s thigh she brushed her vagina gently with the backside of her fingers.

As Lydia rinsed the soap off of Martha’s leg she slipped the stool closer to her chair. Lydia began drying her leg and raised her ankle to her shoulder while drying her thigh. Martha made a slight sound as she let her leg be raised to Lydia’s should which spread her crotch totally wide. Lydia was only inches from her naked vagina. Lydia brought the towel up her inner thigh and gently rubbed her vagina. Martha gasped and closed her legs slightly before relaxing and letting Lydia touch her vagina with the towel.

Lydia gently pressed the towel against her pussy and asked, “Do you call this your pussy or do you call it your vagina?” Martha blushed and said that she usually called it vagina. Lydia removed the towel and brushed her fingers over the lightly covered crotch and said, “I find it more exciting to call it pussy. In fact I would like to shave your pussy for you. Will you let me do that?”

Martha was embarrassed but also very excited and finally whispered, “Yes.” Lydia smiled and took scissors and began clipping the hair as short as possible. Martha was aware that her friend was actually touching her vagÑpussy. Jus t calling it pussy served Casibom Güncel Giriş to stimulate her more. When Lydia trimmed the pubic hair very closely, she then had Martha to place her feet on her shoulders and spread her knees as far as possible. Lydia moved closer and pressed her cheek against first one thigh and then the other. Then she kissed the inner thighs as she began soaping Martha’s pussy. Martha could not control her movements and was slowly raising her hips toward Lydia and she felt her fingers moving even inside her pussy lips.

Lydia enjoyed touching Martha’s pussy as she shaved gently all around it. Martha grew more excited as she felt Lydia fingering her pussy lips and gazed at Lydia as she brought her face closer and close to her widely exposed crotch. “God,” Martha thought, “I never thought I would be spreading my legs and let another woman shave me.” Martha thrilled as Lydia looked up at her and deliberately drug her fingernails across the sensitive lips of her pussy. “Have you noticed that I am touching your pussy?” Lydia said with a sly little smile. “I’m very aware of it and I can hardly stand it” Martha whispered with a shortness of breath.

Soon Lydia declared that she had removed all the hair covering Martha’s beautiful pussy and leaned in for a kiss. Martha almost climaxed when she felt Lydia’s lips on her pussy. She let out a little moan and placed her hands on Lydia’s head and gently pulled her closer for another kiss. Lydia readily agreed to have another kiss and pushed he lips inside Martha’s pussy lips and kissed the pink wetness.

Martha’s eyes were wide open and then closed in pleasure as she felt another woman kissing her pussy. God it felt good. Never had she felt such lust and sensuality. All her inhibitions about making love to another woman flew quickly away as she gave herself completely to her first sexual climax under the loving care of another woman. She felt her climax coming and repeated to Lydia, “Oh Lydia, Kiss my pussy. Make me come honey. Oh god, I have never been so fucking hot in my life. Oh Lydia, honey suck my pussy.”

When the climax receded she was quivering. Lydia helped her stand and they fell into each other’s arms. With no hesitation Martha began kissing Lydia with a passion. Their tongues met in a sweet dual. Lips opened wide to receive the other ones lips and tongue. Hands roamed freely feeling the naked softness that is only found in another woman. Martha was instantly addicted. Lydia broke their embrace and led her friend toward the bedroom. Martha followed willingly but whispered, “I think I would like to return the favor and shave you if you don’t object.” Lydia pulled Martha down onto the bed beside her and whispered into her parted lips, “Later.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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