Finding a Partner

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How did we meet? I’d been writing my stories for Literotica and he loved to read the ones posted in the Group Sex section. It started with my ‘Thank you’ emails for your feedback and progressed to regular emails from my yahoo account. We would exchange little bits and pieces regarding our normal everyday life and family; this progressed to IM and then chat.

I let Eric know that my stories were so vivid and detailed because use to swing when I was married, but since I divorced there had been nothing. Since swinging involves couples and I wasn’t one anymore; well that pretty much tells the story. My problem stemmed from the wife’s side; you know, hubby would love two women, but wife wasn’t bi and preferred a man.

Eric truly loved his wife and considered himself as happily married, but his wife didn’t swing either and would not add any variety to their sex life. Again it was a little hard to locate a swinging couple that wanted just a threesome.

We became cyber friends and chatted when we had the spare time. Unfortunately, we lived halfway across the country from each other and it looked like we were never going to meet, so we enjoyed our cyber flirting and cyber sex as well.

I had been typing away at a new story for hours and sat back with a cup of tea to do some more proof reading and corrections. My IM notified me that Eric had logged on and he sent me a friendly “Hi, how’s it going there?” message. I set aside the story and focused into chat mode.

“Hi Eric, things are fine here. Keeping busy as usual,” I responded.

“Guess what? I have a conference that’s going to be held in your state. It would be great if we could meet in person,” he said.

I smiled not because we might meet, but because it could be anywhere in the state. “Okay,” I started, “exactly where is it located?”

When he gave me the name of the city and the date the conference was held, I was floored. It was only a hundred miles from my location and I would be available during that time. Seemed like a fate thing to me.

“Eric that’s awesome. Would like to meet also; too bad we can’t locate another couple,” I sent.

“I already have and they’ll be in that area also. Thought we could all meet for a drink to see if we’re compatible,” he replied.

“Eric; is wife bi like me or straight?” wanting no surprises.

“She’s straight, is that a problem?” he inquired.

“Hopefully not, but I’ve had a few bad experiences. We’ll just have to wait and see when we meet,” I responded. “You let me know what hotel you’ll be in and I’ll make a booking also.”

“Why not save your money and stay in my room? It’ll be double bed in case you don’t want to share mine,” Eric said. I could see the excitement in his words.

Okay, heat rate jumped and could feel warm moisture growing in my pussy. He knew that my money was tight as I tried to budget everything. “Alright, sounds like a plan; got to go now, so take care.”

Two days later Eric emailed me the name of the hotel and my ‘women’s intuition’ told me to book my own room just in case; so I did.

The day finally arrived so I got up early to basically primp and not rush around. Knowing check in at the hotel wasn’t until 3 pm, I decided to start out at 1 pm; this would avoid most major lunch traffic crunches. I arrived at 2:45 pm as it was; I couldn’t avoid interstate construction and a detour.

I gave the valet my keys, walked into the front lobby and over to the main desk. The friendly glowing face of the young woman greeted me. I told her I was there to check in, but asked if, by chance, a friend of mine had checked in already. Gave Eric’s name and was informed that he and his wife had just arrived also. So here was my decision, do I check into my room or do I go back home. In for a penny … in for a pound; I checked in.

I arrived in my room, standard double bed, and then didn’t know what to do with myself. I couldn’t call Eric’s room; what if his wife picked up the phone. He’d sent me pictures so I knew what he looked like, but that wasn’t going to solve my dilemma.

Okay, decided what I needed was some food and time to think. I called room service for a nice light dinner, then broke out the lap top and decided that I might as well do some writing since it was quite and offered me no distractions. When I finally looked at the clock, I realized that it was close to 8 pm and I’d been sitting for some time.

I got up, stretched my unused muscles and got ready for bed. I had packed my red silk gown and matching robe; just loved the way it felt on my body and across my nipples. I reached up and squeezed my breasts and tweaked my nipples wishing I had someone else to do me the pleasure. Oh well, wasn’t going to happen so might as well call it a night.

I settled into bed and drifted off to sleep in short order when I heard a soft knock on my door. Without thinking, and robe still hanging over chair, I went to the door and opened it; there stood Eric. I was thinking ‘I must be dreaming’ ankara escort when he smiled at me. “May I come in?”

Trying to still come out of my dream state, I stepped aside and he entered the room. Trying to form a coherent thought and not thinking of one, all I could say was “What are you doing here? I mean you checked in with your wife.”

He sighed, “Yes I know. Tried to email you to let you know; she decided that she wanted to come along. She’s flying out tomorrow to visit our daughter on the East coast.”

I visibly relaxed, smiled and crossed over to where he was standing, “Hi Eric, nice to finally meet you other than in cyber. You’re much taller than I thought.”

Eric reached down and cupped my face in his hand and I leaned into his caress. I kept starring into his eyes as he brought them closer and his lips met mine in our first kiss. The moment our lips contacted each other, I felt a surge of sexual energy. My mouth parted and his tongue entered; I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck. His hand traveled down across my shoulder and then cupped my breast and feeling my hard nipple; I again moaned and continued to passionately kiss him in return.

He drew back a moment and gazed into my eyes, “Nice night gown,” and he smiled. I laughed as I now realized that I have failed to put my robe on. “And your blush matches well with the color.”

I continued to laugh and just shook my head side to side and sat down on the bed I had been sleeping in and he sat on the bed opposite me. “So tell me about this other couple. Have you been with them before?” I inquired.

He smiled, “I’ve been with them a couple of times as a threesome.”

I arched an eyebrow, “Never a foursome?”

“No; we never did find another woman who …,” and he drew silent.

I sighed knowing already, “… let me guess, who the wife wanted.”

Eric sighed now, “Yeah.”

“Eric; they’re not into swinging,” I said with conviction. I held up my palm when he started to speak. “I’ll be able to tell you right off that she’ll reject me as well. She wants two men; not another couple.”

“How do you know that? She could very well like you; I know I do. We have a lot in common.” He was trying to convince me, but failing.

I smiled slightly at the whole situation. “Eric you know I like sex because it’s a release as well as a pleasure and, as I’ve stated before, there’s a difference between sex and making love.” He was starring at me waiting for me to continue.

“Call it ‘women’s intuition’ then, like I knew to book my own room; that nagging little voice in my head said ‘be prepared’. My guess is that she’s domineering and that her husband goes along with whatever she says. Yes I know I sound just like a psychologist and I haven’t met them, but still my little voice says I’m right.”

Eric was shaking his head dismissing what I was saying.

“Look Eric,” I started, “I didn’t say I wouldn’t meet with them. Meeting is no problem and if I’m wrong, then I’ll admit it; simple as that. But if I’m right, I’m walking away from the whole situation.”

“Okay; that’s fair enough, but I think you’re wrong Angie,” and his gaze held steady.

It was the first time he said my name and I smiled, “If I am,” and I winked, “I’ll have to make it up to you somehow.”

Eric laughed and stood up, “I’ve got to get back now. I’ll come and move you to my room tomorrow, after I see her off, if it is acceptable to you.”

I smiled, “It’s acceptable and economical too. By the way, when do we meet your friends for drinks? Oh, and what are the times of your conference too?”

“We meet for drinks tomorrow at 9 pm at the Viva Club; I’ll ask at the front desk where that is located. I’m relatively sure that it is someplace close by hopefully. My conference starts on Monday at 9 am. I hate to leave you alone, but …”

“Eric; don’t worry about me. I brought my laptop along so I could work here. I’ll be fine,” and again I smiled at his concern that I’d be bored.

We kissed lightly this time like too old friends and I saw him to the door. I once again snuggled down in the bed and let sleep sweep me off into my dreams that usually became my stories.

When I woke, sunshine was sneaking in behind the very dark curtains. The clock said it was going on 10 am and I realized that, not only did I oversleep, but failed to put in a wake up call. ‘Oh well, have plenty of time’, I thought. Went to use the facilities and brushed my teeth. Had just started water to run for a shower and thought I heard a knock on the door. I turned off the water and listened. Yes definitely a knock.

‘Must be housekeeping’, I figured as I hadn’t put out the tag on the door for no service. I opened the door to tell them to come back later and there stood Eric. He smiled and lightly laughed, “You really should put on a robe or did you check the peephole and saw it was me?”

I blushed and then laughed again, “No I overslept and was just now getting çankaya escort ready to shower.”

“Why not hold off a while and we could take one together,” he said as he bent to kiss me. I broke off the kiss and was going to mention something about check out time, but saw the need and desire in his eyes. I picked up the ‘no service’ sign and tagged the outside handle of the door.

Eric started to remove his clothes and I smiled; I didn’t have much to remove. I pulled my gown over my head and finished pulling the covers off the bed. I stretched out and waited for Eric to join me; I needed to have my desires fulfilled also.

Eric stretched out beside me and we started to kiss; each probing deeply, tongues swirling and vying for dominance. He started to kiss and bite my neck and I moaned loudly; my hand traveling from his chest down to his hard cock pressed against my pussy. His mouth engulfed my nipple and sucked hard and I arched my back and screamed from sheer pleasure.

His hand trailed the top of my mound and then his finger slipped through my outer lips and stroked my clit. I pulled my legs further apart to grant him greater access while massaging his balls.

“Oh God Eric; I need to be fucked hard and now!” I breathed huskily. His lust filled eyes mirrored my own need. He rolled in between my leg and rubbed his cock up and down my slippery slit a couple of times before inserting it into my hot wet hole hard; filling me totally.

I screamed in desire once again and wrapped my legs around him as he started to pound me in and out. “God Yes!!! Oh God! Fuck me Eric! Yes! Yes! Yes!” I kept screaming as I felt my orgasm coming to a head. It overtook me and flooded through my body; I screamed out in my ecstasy while Eric covered his mouth over mine. He equally moaned into my mouth as I felt the final thrust flood me with his sperm.

We lay collapsed on each other trying to get air in our lungs and holding tight; pressing our bodies as close together as possible. My eyes fluttered open when I felt his soft kiss on my lips. I smiled into his eyes, “Thank you; I really needed that.”

“Thank you also,” he said, “it’s been two months now and I just didn’t feel like jerking off again. It felt so good to finally be able to fuck someone and believe me Angie you felt so good!”

He laid his hand over my breast and cuddled his head against me neck. “Eric; as much as I would like to lie here and cuddle, check out is at noon. We still need to shower at all.”

“Fuck check out Angie. I’ll pay for your room because right now this is where I want to be,” and he held me tighter.

I caressed his face with my fingertips, “Ok Eric; this feels good to me too. No more said. Let’s rest and recoup for now.” We both drifted off to sleep then.

I woke with the pleasant sensation of Eric sucking my nipple while his hand kept rubbing my pussy lips. When he realized that I was awake, he drew up and kissed me deeply again and then I felt his hard cock pressing against my hip. I smiled, sat up and straddled Eric’s body. I slowly kissed and licked my way down his chest, stomach and to his waiting cock.

I bent my head down and wrapped my lips and mouth around the head of his cock; my tongue swirling and tasting the combined flavor of our previous sex. My tongue teasing and stimulated the sensitive spot beneath the head and Eric did an intake and moaned softly.

“Been a while Eric?” I asked softly.

“Just a bit Angie, please don’t stop,” he replied.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth Eric or would you like anal?” I asked since we had discussed online how long it been for him. I pursed my lips over the head of his cock again and then sucked him down to the base. He moaned and thrust his hips up driving his cock into my mouth.

“Oh God! Angie that feels incredibly wonderful! Keep doing this for a little bit and then let me have your ass,” he moaned.

I sucked hard; bobbing my head up and down on his hard throbbing cock. Eric kept moaning and thrusting while his hands rested lightly on my head. He grabbed my head and stopped me, “Heads and knees,” he said.

I crawled off of him and presented myself. He got up behind me and slammed his cock into my pussy and couple of time and then lined it against my puckered opening. I prepared myself to relax in case he just rammed his cock in, but he didn’t. He slowly inserted his cock and then, as equally slowly, pushed it in until all of him was buried in my ass. It felt so good; so wonderful and I could feel my own orgasm starting to build.

Eric reached down and began flicking and then rubbing my clit. I started to moan and then hump back on him grinding my ass into the base of his pole. He pulled out almost all the way and pushed back into me; slow and steady. My breath was coming in short gasps and I knew my orgasm was building to be a major one.

I kept moaning with each thrust feeling the wonderful sensation that his cock was giving me. When Eric changed demetevler escort tempo and started thrusting harder and faster, I felt his cock get a bit harder and wider. He now was rubbing my clit harder and occasionally pinching it. The steady roar of my heartbeat pounded in my ears and the familiar hum of my orgasm getting ready to explode filled my body.

“Oh God! Yes!!!” I screamed as I teetered on the edge. I arched by back and screamed again as my orgasm racked through my body. Eric released my clit and grabbed my hips to pound into my ass harder and harder until I felt his cum splash deep inside my bowels. I sunk down onto the bed breathing hard and brought Eric down on top of me.

I felt his cock going flaccid and finally pop out of my ass. I was content to just lie there with his chest warming my back. I could feel my ass slowly closing to regain its structure. Eric kissed between my shoulder blades while his hands caressed my waist and hip.

“Angie that was fantastic,” he said as he cuddled closer to her and reached up to kiss the back of her neck.

Angie laughed softly, “And you weren’t too bad yourself you know. Feel like a shower now?”

Eric’s hand caressed my ass and squeezed my cheek, “Yes and then something to eat.”

“I hope you mean food Eric,” Angie rolled and kissed his lips lightly. “I haven’t had anything to eat yet today.”

Eric stood up and offered me his hand; pulling me up and holding me tightly against his chest. He bent down and kissed me deeply. “At my age it does take me some time to recoup woman, but I think you’ll be satisfied,” he smirked.

I smiled into his warm face, “Let’s get that shower then we can get me moved to your room.”

I walked into the bathroom and once again started the water running and adjusted the temperature. I stepped in and Eric stepped in behind and slid the glass door closed. I reached for my body gel that I had laid out the night before and poured a generous amount into the palm of my hand. I knelt down and flipped the shower off with my elbow while the water ran into the tub.

“Turn around,” I said and Eric turned. I rubbed my soapy hands across back and shoulders; traveling down to his hips and ass. I got more gel and rubbed it into his legs, but all the time I avoided his cock and balls.

“Turn around,” I once again instructed. I got more get and proceed to rub his chest and stomach. Eric was breathing a little faster; his cock was semi-hard and striving to regain an erection. I smiled as I ran my hands across his pubic hair, his balls and finally his cock which elicited a moan.

“No,” said Eric. “It’s just a bit tender right now and I need something for later,” and he gently removed my hands from his cock. “Your turn; turn around.”

I smiled as I turned around and then felt his strong sure hands caress the soap onto my back and then massage my ass cheeks. He caressed and massaged each leg and then pressed his palm against my pussy; bearing down on my mound and clit which drove me to my toes.

He didn’t ask me to turn this time, but guided me around with his hands on my shoulders. He got more bath gel and soaped my chest paying extra attention to my breasts and nipples. I didn’t touch his cock, but kept lightly tracing my fingers along the inside of his thighs and through his pubic hair.

I reached down and flipped the shower back on. We rub our bodies as we rinsed the soap clean. I shampooed Eric’s hair and he did mine. I’m always so thankful that hotels have a vast supply of hot water to accommodate their guests as we stood under the water kissing and fondling each other. When my stomach rumbled, we both laughed and decided it was time to dry, dress and move.

Eric’s room was just another duplicate of my own. We went downstairs and I checked out and then we went to the restaurant. We had a pleasant dinner and talked like we’d known each other for years. “The club is about four blocks from here and the front desk told me it’s within walking distance,” said as we were finishing our after dinner coffee.

I raised my eyes and smiled, but my little voice kept saying ‘he’ll be sorry.’ “That sounds fine Eric, I nice leisurely walk sounds good.” I stood up, “I think I’ll just use the bathroom before we go; if you’ll excuse me.”

“Go ahead; I’ll take of this,” he said smiling and stood up.

I used the bathroom and washed my hands gazing into the mirror. I sighed and then took a deep breath, ‘Might as well get on with this’ I thought. When I exited, Eric was waiting by the front door for me.

We walked slowly looking around at the buildings that surrounded the hotel. Being a busy section of the city, it was pretty well lit. We heard the loud music before we actually saw the club. “They want to meet here? We won’t be able to hear ourselves Eric?” I questioned.

“They said to meet them on the lower level, maybe it’s quieter there,” he said as we started to approach the din of noise. There was an elevator located just to the right when we entered. The boom-boom-boom of the live band was vibrating through my body and not in a pleasant way. Finally the elevator doors opened and we entered; more like trying to escape the music. Eric pressed “LL” and we descended slowly leaving the noise above us.

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