Finding a Home

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This story involves two men, both are over the age of 18. If you are offended by homosexuality do not read this.


My name is Eric, I’m 5’6 with short black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. I’m pretty much the living definition of ‘twink’ except that I have an above average sized cock. At 7 inches long and 3 inches around I would say I’m pretty hung. Of course that did nothing to help me with losing my virginity. At the ripe old age of 19 I’m headed off to college with my virginity intact hoping against all hopes that my partner will understand and be willing to wait. Going to college was no small task; I’m painfully shy and applied for a single room because I thought being gay would be a problem for my roommate. This was not going to help me meet people.

My story is not atypical of a small town boy who turns out to be gay, my parents kicked me out and I managed to stay afloat only because of my job at the local deli and the savings I had in my bank account. I had been working since I was 14, mostly to stay away from my drunken father and I had managed to get a great scholarship and financial aid to help me get out of my hometown and go to college to get a degree in child psychology.

Of course on my way in with my one bag of clothing in one hand and my bag of bedding in the other with a backpack slung low over my shoulder I managed to drop about half of the supplies that were jammed into the backpack. Stopping in the middle of the square was my only option and I knew my face turned beat red.

While struggling to pick my things up I saw a pair of cheetah print flats with little brown bows headed over my way and knew it was the popular girl coming to make fun of me. Instead of the usual klutz comments and laughter I saw knees drop to the pavement and gold painted nails picking up my highlighters and pens.

“Hey I’m Amy,” the tall, pretty girl said to me when we had finished picking up my stuff and she had grabbed the bag with my bedding.

“Eric,” I said as I shook the hand offered to me.

“Which hall are you in?”


Amy proceeded to walk towards Stevens’s hall, my bag in hand. She looked back at me “well are you coming?” I picked up my pace and caught up with her in time to tell her which room I was in.

She took my bedding out of my bag and started to make the bed while I put my clothes in the closet. “Where are you from?” She asked.

“Ohio,” great I was very good at conversing with people.

“Massachusetts,” she said and looked at me with the expression I must have had on my face when I said Ohio. I couldn’t help but break into a smile.

Her phone buzzed. I was going to be left alone. “That’s my friend Haley, you want to come to the dining hall with us?” she smiled and it was contagious.

We walked over to the dining hall where Amy saw Haley and gave her a hug. We got our food and sat down, before long more people came over and they all seemed to know Amy. She was friendly with all of them, and even though the guys flirted with her she didn’t flirt back, she also introduced me to everyone who came over, half of who’s names I don’t remember. When we had Escort bayan finished eating Haley left to go off with some other friends and Amy and I were alone again.

“So are you going to the freshman welcome party?” She asked.

“I didn’t know there was one.”

“Of course there is silly, it’s going to be a total blast.”

“I don’t really know any freshman.”

“Well first off that’s not true you know me, and Haley. Secondly this is the place to meet more freshmen.” She gave me another smile and again it was contagious. I knew at that moment we were going to be good friends.

2 months later

Amy sauntered into my room and huffed as she fell back onto my bed. She had gotten me a rug and some decorative pillows for my bed during the time we had known each other because my room had “no personality” as she put it.

“What’s wrong girly?”

“We have to go home next week for thanksgiving, I’m dreading it.” In the time I had known Amy I realized she had a pretty serious medical condition and her family and the stress they caused seemed to push her to the brink.

“I would invite you to come with me but I’m not going anywhere.”


“Yeah I can’t really go home because my parents disowned me when they found out I was gay so I’m just going to stay here.”

“But…you need to go somewhere for thanksgiving its about being with family!” she said incredulously.

“Well I don’t really have a family” I said getting annoyed.

“Then you’re going to join mine.” She looked at me with a glint in her eye that told me not to mess with her. I was worried her family seemed judgmental and I was not up for being ridiculed for my sexual orientation. I think she could see the worry on my face. “Don’t worry boo, they’ll love you.”

“Okay,” I said begrudgingly.

“Of course that means you get to meet Brendan.”


“My sisters GBF,” she smiled menacingly

“Don’t try to set me up with him.”

“Oh don’t worry you two will hit it off big time!”

Thanksgiving eve

I was sleeping on the floor of Amy’s room using extremely comfortable couch cushions as my bed. I was worried though. Amy’s family was extremely nice, loud but funny. Tomorrow we were having thanksgiving at her aunt’s house and I would meet Brendan. He sounded like a saint came from a family with two brothers and his parents had just gone through a divorce. I saw pictures and they made me hard as hell and I was glad I was wearing loose pants. He was apparently 21.

“Don’t worry boo, he’ll like you,” Amy said as she hopped into bed. She always seemed to know what was going on in my mind. “Goodnight”



We had arrived at Amy’s aunt’s house with her parents in tow. Her sister had gone to pick up Brendan and they would arrive later. I walked in and was hugged by mobs of people, I nearly started to cry because of all the love I was being shown. Amy seemed to notice and pulled me away to sit on the couch and we engaged in conversation with her oldest cousin until I heard shrieks.

“Brendan!” everyone yelled in unison. It seemed Escort they had met him before and all liked him very much.

“Hey guys how are you?” I heard a low baritone voice say. I was scared to look; I was scared to not look. Amy got up and I followed her with my eyes until they landed on a much more attractive (to me) male specimen with golden hair, dark blue eyes, and a lithe frame that had definition but was not bulky.

“Hey Brendan” She said as she hugged him.

“Hey Ames how are you?”

“Good come meet my friend,” she dragged him over to the couch I was seated on “this is Eric.”

He reached out his hand, I grabbed it “Nice to meet you” he said.

“Likewise,” I replied as his deep blue eyes seemed to look into my soul.

“Dinner,” Amy’s aunt called out even though it was barely past noon. Brendan sat next to me at dinner which it was rightfully called; I think I ate more than I had the whole semester at school.

Brendan chatted with the rest of the ‘children’ at our table making easy conversation. I say ‘children’ because they were younger than the rest of the family but far past the age of a child.

We made our way to leave, Brendan stopped me.

“Can I have your number?”

“Sure” I stuttered and programmed my number into his phone. He took it back and called my phone smiling.

“Now you have my number too.”

We walked out Amy, myself and her parents got into one car and her sister and Brendan got into the other. “I knew you two would hit it off,” she said.

“Yeah,” The rest of the vacation was pretty uneventful, Brendan texted me every day though and Amy noticed. We went back to school and she was itching to say something but she didn’t

3 months later.

Brendan and I had been texting every day since we left. He even came down to visit my school and took me on a date; he kissed me on the cheek because I think he sensed I couldn’t go further. We were officially dating and he asked me to stay at his apartment for spring break. I readily agreed. I was ready for him.

He picked me up from school and held my hand as we drove to his apartment. At every red-light he would kiss the back of my hand. By the time we made it to his apartment I was horny as hell. He parked in his spot and was ready to get out until I hopped onto his lap and gave him a steamy kiss. He parted his lips in a moan I took that as an invitation to taste him, I swirled my tongue around his mouth and his started to battle for dominance. I readily complied. He pushed me away and I pouted.

“We need to get inside before I jump you right here.” We ran up the stairs. I pulled him into another kiss while he fumbled with his keys trying to open the door and struggled to pull my butt closer to him.

He opened the door grabbed my bag out of my hand threw it in the living room of his apartment and picked me up kissing me on the way to his bedroom. He threw me on the bed.

“Are you okay with this?” he asked.

I pulled him down for another kiss “Yes” I said between pants.

He slid off my shirt to reveal my hairless chest “Beautiful” he said as he leaned down Bayan escort and sucked on my nipple. “Ahhh” I hissed and rose off the bed while he moved back and forth between my sensitive nubs.



“You know I’m the bottom right?”

That got my attention. Brendan seemed so dominant, so confident. I thought he would be putting his cock up my ass, I hadn’t brought any condoms.

“No. I didn’t know that. I didn’t bring condoms I thought you were topping.”

“No baby I bottom, I prefer it, is that alright?”

The thought of my cock up his tight ass made me really hard. “Yeah”

“Don’t worry I have condoms when the time comes.”

He started sucking on my nipples again and all coherent thought left my brain. He took off his shirt to reveal perfectly sculpted abs. He was gorgeous.

“Fuck” I said as I reached up and tweaked a nipple he froze. I did it again, he moaned. I had found a weak spot and I was going to use it. I flipped us so that he was on the bottom. I went after his nipples with no mercy.

“Please Eric.” He whined.

“Please what?”

“Touch my cock” I hadn’t even taken his pants off yet but I did then. He had a nice cock about 5 inches in length and pretty thin. I took it in my mouth. I had practiced deep-throating on a dildo that I ordered online, it was 6 inches, I managed to get all of him down. He stated moaning uncontrollably “I’m going to come” and he did in my mouth, I was afraid to swallow, it tasted good but I held it in my mouth and kissed him pushing the majority of it into his mouth. “Ungh” he moaned. “Lube is in the drawer on the left.”

I opened the drawer to find lube and condoms a couple different packs with different sizes, none of them were opened. “I didn’t know what size you were,” he said his cheeks turning pink.

I kissed him and warmed the lube in my hands like it says to do in all the stories I read. I then stuck my pinky finger in his ass. “MORE” he screamed. I stuck my middle finger in as he writhed and moaned on the bed. I stuck another finger in and began scissoring him “Fuck me now” he yelled. His cock had gone completely hard again and I lubed up my cock and put a condom on it and put it at his entrance. “Go slow” he said.

I pushed in and slid in an inch, he grimaced, I stopped. The velvety heat felt so good, it felt like coming home. “Keep going.” He said, I slid in another inch before he grimaced again. It went like this until I was four inches in and hit something “Again” he said. I pulled back slightly and pushed in he moaned. “Harder” I pulled back and slid in all the way.

“Fuck” I yelled and started ramming into his ass. He was moaning and scratching at my back that drove me even harder into him.

“Please almost there,” He said and I reached down and just barely touched his cock before he spurted his load all over our stomachs. His orgasm caused his ass to grip my cock even tighter I hit home one more time and then exploded into the condom. I pulled out and tied the condom off. I didn’t know what to do with it.

He looked up at me “Give me a second” he then got up took the condom to the trash got a wash cloth and wiped the come off of our stomachs.

I fell back onto the bed exhausted. “I love you” I said and my eyes shot open.

“I love you too” he said and curled up next to me. I started to cry. “Don’t worry you’re home now.”


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