Fifty Shades of Silver Ch. 07

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Time for a bubble bath and a naked nap!


Silver tries to cover her surprise at seeing me, but fails miserably.

“Did who miss any spots?” I inquire innocently.

“Shut up”, she mumbles, burying her face in the mattress.

“Hummmm”, I emit thoughtfully, looking across the pool. A dude with a farmer’s tan sits next to a cute brunette looking at us. He’s holding a fancy camera; an actual camera. Huh! Pointing the camera elsewhere, he looks through the eyepiece…Click!

Hummmm…I’ve heard that sound recently.

“Do I need to check?”, I ask, smiling at the back of her head.

“No, Mr. Smarty Pants,” she says into the mattress, “as a matter of fact, he didn’t miss a single, solitary, spot, thank you very much.”

“I’ll just make sure”, I reply, rubbing a little oil on her back. He didn’t miss anything here that’s for sure. Her back and sides, including the visible side portion of her breasts, all glistened in the sun. Sitting by her parted feet, I start to drip oil down her legs before I realize they are shiny too. Putting the bottle down, I rub up and down her calves and backs of her thighs; plenty of oil here. Hands traveling into the 2″ gap between her spread thighs, I push upward toward her heart shaped ass. Absolutely no resistance as my thumbs find the frontside edges of her bikini while my fingers and palms work their way under her bottoms. I feel Silver tense slightly and make a small noise in the back of her throat…

Withdrawing my hands from under the layer of transparent pink, I conclude that he was quite adept at applying oil to my baby’s female form. I straddle her legs, slowly lowering myself to cover her body with mine. I have no doubt she can feel the bar of steel wedged between her cheeks.

“Feels to me like you are right,”, I rumble, “not a single spot missed.”

Her back is hot against my chest and I feel her hips squirm as the noise in her throat turns into a purr. “Mmmmmmm, you fit so perfectly.”

I resist putting my full weight on her while I nestle my face in the crook of her neck and inhale deeply, “God, woman…”, I groan, “I love you so much.”

“Yay”, is her muffled reply, “I try…”

“Did you enjoy his hands on you, my naughty girl?” I whisper in her ear.

I feel her hips stir while a moment passes… “Maaybeee?” I can barely hear her. She feels me chuckle and moves to turn over. I lift up and she flips over, pulling my mouth to hers for another hot, sloppy kiss. Breaking our embrace, she pushes me up, grasping my face in her hands, “I AM a little bit tipsy, ya know… AND you were off somewhere else…”, completely ignoring the fact that SHE sent me off. “I mean, I did warn you…AND the fact I’m a little bit tipsy”, she repeats.

“I can say… I never imagined it would feel so…”, closing her eyes, “…a w e s o m e”, she exhales against my lips.

Her head falls back on the bed, with a beseeching look, “What the fuck is wrong with me, baby? Are you sure this is what you really want? His hands caressed every inch of me he could reach… and it felt so… thrilling…to feel those unfamiliar hands on my skin, especially since I know it’s going to turn you on…too”, she finishes breathlessly.

I feel her shudder, her lids heavy, when I take her mouth and kiss her passionately; my hips adding pressure to the embrace. We continue kissing, hot and wet, until… Pulling back from my grasp, she places a hand on my chest. “All righty! I’m going upstairs… right now”, disengaging from my arms and grabbing her dress. “Will you bring our stuff up?”, she asks, glancing at me as her bright dress settles down over her tan, supple, nearly naked body.

A little shell shocked I manage to say, “Of course…I’ll be up as quick as I can.”

Reaching under her dress, she slips her bikini bottoms off and tosses them in my lap.

“Don’t take too long,”, purposely bending over in front of me to pick up her phone. Turning back to give me a peck on the cheek with a slightly drunk, and wickedly sexy grin, “You know what happened last time…”, shaking her phone back at me as she walks away, hips swinging.

My eyes follow the swaying, shapely ass; knowing that she is completely naked under the dress causes my scrotum to draw tight up against my body. Her tiny purse swings from her shoulder in opposite time with the sandals hanging from red tipped fingers. She reminds me of the time she was walking back to our suite from the pool on our honeymoon… but that’s a whole other story.

She ‘Jeffies’ her way through the golden bodies and flowering planters, ending up at the bar, leaning over looking up at Chris.

It’s a good fifty feet away, so I have no idea what’s she’s saying. Chris disappears behind a door for a minute, returning with a smile. I watch as he places a to-go cup on the bar and I can almost hear his trademark “Here yar”. She puts her mouth to the straw and sips tentatively, then swallows thoughtfully. Placing the cup on the bar, she reaches out with both hands and kürt porno grabs his shirt collar, pulling herself over the bar. As her tan cheeks peek out from under the short chiffon, she plants a kiss on his mouth. I hear a choking cough in the distance. Withdrawing, he looks surprised… a goofy grin spreading across his face. Looks like Silver says something over her shoulder as the door closes behind her. He glances in my direction, giving a start when he sees my smiling face. He shrugs his shoulders with a sheepish grin and I wave him off with a grin of my own and turn back to gather our stuff.

I’ve witnessed Silver kissing or touching men in the past. I recall once, while we were at the club one Halloween night dressed as Batman and Robin (super sexy Robin), when she headed off to grab a couple of shots and chasers from the bar. Walking by some dude dancing on a waist high cube, she reached up and grabbed his ass with both hands and gave him a squeeze. Laughing as he turned around, he offered her another grope, but she just giggled and smacked his leg before heading off to the bar.

That’s my Silver…sweet, flirty and incredibly sexy.

I love it. I love her. She’s the perfect mate for me. And…IIRC, Bill was the recipient of a hot, sloppy, wet kiss that night too… or was that his birthday party?

But, I digress…again.

Gathering the remainder of our stuff, I head back to the patio on a more direct route than the one Silver took.

Chris, watching as I approach, looks ready to apologize for the kiss a few minutes ago. Holding up a preemptive hand, “No worries, mate… I know my wife pretty well, and as you witnessed, she’s a bit more flirty when she’s had a few adult beverages.”

“Yeahhhhh…”, I’m sure he’s recalling the taste of her mouth. Wiping the back of his hand across his lips, “It was a hell of a kiss”, glancing at me, I guess for approval or acceptance or something to assuage a lingering concern that I’ll kick him in the nuts when he’s not looking.

My nod apparently does the trick, and he continues, “…I’ll tell you that. WTF? All I did was get her some sweat tea.”, he says, somewhat bewildered.

“Ahhhhh…”, I respond with dawning realization. “I assume that she thought the tea was acceptable?”

Fingers lingering on his lips, “Yeahhhh, I’d say so… she took a little taste and the next thing I knew her tongue was in my mouth. I blanked out for a second. The last thing I heard before I realized she was gone was, ‘Now, THAT was delicious’,” shaking his head.

I literally laugh out loud. God, I love my wife. I wonder if she was just talking about the tea. “Methinks you’ve made a friend for life, bud”, slapping him on the shoulder. Huh, dude is solid. “Silver loves her sweet tea, and if she liked yours THAT much, you have joined a very small and select group of acceptable ‘Sweet Tea Makers’.”

Pausing a moment, I contemplate the phrase ‘In for a penny, in for a pound’: “Would you like a tidbit of information that might earn you a repeat?”

Gaping at me, he nods.

“Find some Lipton single serving black tea bags, both caf and decaf, and keep a hot tea setup close by; plenty of sugar, a bit of cream and some English tea crackers would be perfect. Oh, and make sure she gets a decent sized cup…otherwise, you’ll see her pouty lip.”

“You. Are. A. Crazy. Dude…but I like it”, reaching for my hand.

After a quick shake, I rap my knuckles on the bar, “Gotta run! I’m hankering for something delicious myself.”

I hear his chuckle as I walk away.


Opening the door to our suite, I tap lightly on the bathroom door, “Baby, I’m here!”

“Yay! Do you mind fixing the pipes? It will be a few minutes.”

The door opens a bit, “Get comfy too.”, she says, peeking through the crack. I catch a glimpse of her naked ass in the mirror and smile.

Blowing her a kiss, I say, “Your wish is my command, sexy lady. I’ll get your pipe first, though.” She’s smiling when the door closes.

Working quickly to put stuff away and prep the pipes, I open the new stash (thank you Miguel, I hope you enjoyed oiling up my Hotwife), and I find everything I’ll need. It only takes a few minutes to grind up the aromatic cush and fill both. Mmmmm, that smells great. I tap lightly on the door and Silver bids me to enter. She is relaxing in the huge tub, covered with bubbles, the window sheers thrown wide to the world outside.

“Hey sexy man”, she says through hooded eyes.

“Hey sexy woman”, I echo. “I’ve got a little ‘something else’ here for you…and it smells ‘delicious’.” Handing her the weed pipe and lighter; she’s already turned on the vent fan.

She laughs at the word, picking up her sweet tea in one hand and skewering me with a finger from the other. “I KNEW you would be watching me, you silly, sexy man! Did you enjoy seeing me kiss him from far away? I think I may have flashed someone when I kissed him”, her eyes turning dreamy, “I heard a guy choking on his drink somewhere.”

The straw slips between her lips and she sucks, eyes closed. “Mmmmmmmmm…”

I laugh, “Come to think if it, I seem to remember hearing a cough when I saw your ass up in the air… you sexy vixen.”

Looking up at me over her plastic lid, eyes glassy, “I do it just for you, ya know. Well, maybe a little for me”, stifling a giggle, “but mostly for you”, she finishes with a thoughtful look and a satisfied, somewhat dunk, smile.

The lighter flicks and thick, sweet smoke escapes from her mouth; her face is serene and relaxed.

“I loved every part of it, my amazing Hotwife, though…Chris was almost catatonic when I walked up to the bar. I eventually dragged the details out of him… he was afraid that I’d be pissed off. I assured him that was definitely NOT the case and that any friend of Silver’s is a friend of mine.”

“So… you thought his sweet tea was ‘delicious’… “, I say after a pause.

She sucks again, eyes closed. “Mmmmmmmmm… the tea was delicious, too”, she whispers, her sparkling eyes slide open with the last word. Leaning over the tub, I kiss her soft lips, “Thank you for everything you do for me baby. You are awesome. I love you.”

“Yay, I love you too.” And I head out the door so she can enjoy her bath and pipe in peace.

I remove my swim suit and walk around naked, straightening up here and there, peeking down at the pool area occasionally, finally settling down on the bed with my pipe. I flip the TV on and find another DIY show while trying not to think of my Hotwife relaxing naked in those bubbles, beginning to feel the THC hit her system.

As the closing credits inform me that the renovation is on hold because they ran out of money, I hear from the bathroom, “Close your eyes!” I glance over to see Silver peeking from around the door. Smiling, I switch the TV to music and settle back, eyes closed.

“Ok,!”, I call.

I hear the door opening and the pad of her bare feet moving about the room. I’m naked, but have a corner of he sheet covering my crotch… just enough.

“No peeking!” I hear from the direction of the open French doors. Hearing the flick of a lighter, I risk a glance (I know, I’m bad). I can only see the back of her head as she casually smokes, looking out over the span. Closing my eyes, I lay back… relaxing as my own body feels the high. I’m so relaxed, I barely flinch when I feel a warm, wet trail along my thigh. Keeping my eyes closed, I moan softly. The trail continues north as I feel the sheet pulled slowly away, exposing my growing member.

As Silver nudges my knees apart, I feel her soft lips continue down my inner thigh, then bridging the gap to the other. A hand wraps around the base of my cock while lips and tongue massage my testicles.

“Aaahhh…uuuhhhg” escapes my throat as I feel her mouth engulf the head while her tongue swirls the tender underside. Added pressure pushes her lips down the rigid shaft, stopping as the head presses against the back of her throat, causing a soft gag and eliciting a groan from me. She withdraws a bit and slides back down; another little gag, another groan. Changing tactics, she increases the tempo, but decreases the depth… Holy shit that feels good, and I do my best to say so. I can feel her smile around my member as she slows to a stop, letting the pulsing muscle slip from her mouth with a wet plop.

Feeling her move to kneel upright between my legs, she says, “Open your eyes.”

I can only imagine the look on my face as my eyes finally are able to focus on the sparkling image kneeling in front of me, posing with her arms up stretched, head thrown back… tan breasts and hard nipples silhouetted against the light blue ceiling. She is adorned with artful swirls and curls…stenciled in rainbow colored glitter. The spirals center on her nipples and grow outward on her breasts; turning into filigree as the glittering path reaches her hips and upper thighs. Tinkerbell looks like she is resting against a rainbow. Flat, roman sandals wrap their way up her calves, tying at the back of the knee.


Deep breath…exhale… “Where did…how did…when… oh my god…Wow”…

Silver leans forward, silhouetted breasts transform into her beautiful face. Dark eyelashes are backed by sparkling silver glitter, extending to her temple in delicate patterns. Full, pouty lips, carry a light tint of pink. Prisms explode from dangling earrings.

Mesmerized, I struggle to speak. Smile spreading, she whispers, “I take it you approve?”

Finally able to take a stab at speaking, I manage, “Yo…u. look… fanTAStic… You’re fantastic. Fan-fucking-tastic!”, I say, grabbing her by the arms and using my hips to quickly flip her over.

Giggling, she adjusts the pillow underhead, “Then show me how fan-fucking-tastic you think I am, emphasis on the fucking, please.”

Laughing, “My pleasure, you incredible Hotwife”, covering her mouth with mine. The base of my cock latin porno rests against her clit as I allow my weight to hold her down. Grabbing both wrists in one hand, I slide the other under her ass.

She moans against my mouth, hips thrusting against mine, “God baby, please fuck me… I swear to god, I am about to burst… you’ve made me so FUCKing hot, all FUCKing day.”

Covering her mouth with mine and lifting her ass off of the mattress. I slide myself into her tight, pulsing wetness, knowing that this is what she wants…needs; it’s what I want and need, bottoming out against her cervix.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh… god, now THATS what I’ve needed…”, wrapping her legs around my waist, pulling me in farther. I feel a little pop, she inhales sharply, and I slide in another inch…burying myself to the hilt. She bites my lip then switches to my neck, leaving a train of teeth marks across my shoulder. I respond in kind, leaving marks of my own in her soft flesh, her groans and rate of breathing increasing. Using my hand under her ass for leverage, I withdraw with a sucking sound, but not completely and drive back into her with a wet slap of my balls against her ass. She grunts. Again. Grunt. My tempo is furious, all other thoughts lost in the moment. She is whimpering under me, hips matching my thrusts with ever increasing fervor. I release her hands above her head, sliding mine down under her other cheek while her nails rake my back. I won’t last much longer at this rate.

Releasing my full weight on her, I fuck her hard; she fucks me right back with the same enthusiasm. Methinks she is well on her way to Nirvana as well.

Using both hands, I lift and spread her ass as my piston hits top dead center.

“Oh god, baby…”

“Oh yes, baby…”, I echo.

“Oh god baby…”

“Yes baby…”

“Oh god baby…oh God baby… Oh God Baby…OH GOD BABYYYYYYYYYYY…”, her voice rising with each utterance. The last dying off and turning into a keening wail, effectively pulling my trigger.

Unable to control the explosion inside my head, nor the one from my groin, I submit to the ecstasy by holding her ass tight and driving myself as deep as possible, flooding her pulsing walls with hot seed. Silver is spasming under my weight; her claws digging into my ass, ankles crossed behind my back, whimpering.

Collapsing on her, I am barely able to breathe, let alone shield her from my dead weight.

We are one person, melded together as a mass of quivering, exposed nerves.

Minutes pass… then, realizing that Silver may not even be able to breathe, I raise my chest and feel her inhale deeply. “Aaaahhhhhhhhhh…”, her exhale emits an ombré of pleasure to satisfaction as she moves to straighten her legs. I remain inside her, but lift up slightly, allowing her thighs to squeeze together, entrapping little Gabriel. Sliding easily back into her, I balance my pubic bone on her clit and grind slowly.

“God, you’re beautiful. I love the glitter baby, you look like a life sized Tinkerbell”, I growl.

Sultry, brown eyes lurk behind sparkling lids, “Mmmm, thank you baby, I thought you might like it…ohhhhh… god, that feels good…”, glancing down where our bodies are connected, “Again…? Yessss plllleasee…”, lids lowering.

She reaches under her pillow and withdraws her favorite toy. It’s modest in size, but fits the criteria she has for an orgasm producing, substitute for me. I slowly move down her body, my semi-hard cock slipping out gently to her moan, “Crap, I hate this…”, shuddering slighly, “ohhhh… part.”

My lips softly caress her skin as I urge her legs open, making way for my descending torso and shoulders. Gently spreading her engorged lips, I place the flat of my tongue against her clit, applying a butterfly’s pressure… she sighs. I inhale the intoxicating aroma of our bodies combined; slipping the tip of my tongue against her anus, she clenches. Continuing on my course, she feels my tongue sliding over no mans land and plunging deep into her quivering wetness.

Placing her hand on the back of my head, I hear, “Oh, god… I love your tongue inside my pussy… ohhh.. god. Gentle… gentle…”

Our musky essence is coating my lips and chin as the click and buzz indicate that it’s time to make room for her little (medium-sized, actually) silicone friend. Sliding down beside her, l run my fingertips over her glittering skin…it’s only then I notice the amount of glitter now adorning me. Huh… not very much, actually. I mean, I do kinda look like a rainbow covered vampire from those stupid movies…but… damn, she looks so fucking gorgeous, the glitter patterns still entact and accenting her curves with bursts of colorful light.

Her moan draws my attention to the vibrating ears, lightly brushing over her engorged clit. Resuming my touch, I trace the glitter pattern on soft quivering flesh, swirling around her breasts and tummy, but actively avoiding the taut nipples straining upward. I begin stroking my slippery cock as it comes back to life. Silver makes an adjustment and magically, the dildo disappears from sight. Another moan erupts as her little friend slides out and back in with short, sharp thrusts, eventually coming to rest deep inside her pussy, the little ears assaulting her sensitive button.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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