Fantasies Do Cum True

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I opened the car door for her and she caught me glancing as her dress rode up a long expanse of tan thigh. She smirked at me and I smiled. Getting caught looking at her lovely legs wasn’t going to make her mad at me, in fact I think she likes that I can appreciate her physical charms without getting all stupid over them. All I know for sure is that if I really made a play for her, I would lose one of my closest friends, confidants, and partners. Plus she would probably hand me my head keeps my fantasies to myself.

I watched others get a little stupid over her. Those she handled with her wicked sense of humor and rarely did anyone object. I’d also seen people get really stupid and a few of her put downs have become legendary. I’d also seen idiots get drunk and decide they were in love with her and try to corner her. They seem to end up on their ass. No one tended to mess with her more than once. She was beautiful and in excellent shape and could take care of herself. She sat there for a second and tugged the hem of her dress back over her thighs.

“Do you want to see them again?”

“You know I can’t help but look. You have the greatest legs!”

She blushed slightly, hard to tell with her tan. She slipped her hem higher, showing her truly long, shapely legs and twisted slight in the seat to give me a nice long look. Half of me was excited; she had never acted that way toward me before. The other half of me was surprised, much for the same reason.

She and I got along wonderfully as friends, co-workers, and occasional business travel partners. We both shared a love of good food, wine, and entertainment. Traveling to places like DC with her was a joy. Having someone to share the hunt for obscure but excellent eateries and even made trips to places like Mountain Home, Idaho, a blessing. But while I have always appreciated her appearance — and commented on it approvingly — she never did something so blatantly sexual in my direction.

I couldn’t stop my gaze from dropping from her eyes and taking in her legs! She took the hem up about as high as you could. She wasn’t even wearing pantyhose; those amazing gams were bare, tan, smooth, and gorgeous.

“What if I told you I wasn’t wearing panties?”

My eyes froze at the very top of her thighs, and then I looked back into her eyes and tried to figure out what the hell was happening.

“Probably a good thing you worded that rhetorically or I might never get that mental image from my head.”

She leaned against the inside of the closed car door and said in a loud stage whisper, “I am not wearing anything under this dress!”

Now that got my attention and I leaned in the window after a quick glance to see if there was anyone nearby, and dropped my arm into her lap and touched her thigh. She didn’t jump like I expected her to. I pushed between her thighs and she tightened a little on my fingers, trapping then between her warm thighs.

“Open your legs a little.”


“Because someone told me something incredible and I want to taste it for myself.”

She said, “You could just ask me.” as she opened her legs.”

“If I just asked you — you might get annoyed that I didn’t believe you.”

“So you believe me?”

I slowly slid my hand up her smooth thighs. She slipped down a little lower in the seat and looked at my hand.

“Oh I believe you!”

“So why do you have to check.”

“Actually I’m not checking, I fully expect to find you sans panties.”

“So what are you doing?”

I paused at the very top of her thighs. I could feel her heat and watched her breathing increase slightly. Her eyes were wide and the pulse at the side of her neck was as fast as I’d ever seen it.

“I am doing something that only seemed to ever happen in my very private dreams.”

“Aw, you’ve dreamed about me?”

Rather than answer her, I touched her, I felt the slight roughness of her pubic hair and then felt the folds of her pussy open before my questing finger.

Her eyes closed then opened again, there was a fire in them I had never seen directed at me. She leaned against the car door as I explored her deeper.

My index finger felt her become wet as I pushed in harder. She opened her legs as wide as the confines of her car would allow. Pushing down I followed the contours of her pussy until I could go no lower, my hand hit the seat. She scooted a little lower and I retraced my line back up to her pubes and pushed a little deeper and went lower again. I saw her bite her lip as I found her clit on the upswing. The look on her face was so sensual. Her eyes wouldn’t look away from me as my fingertip traced around her clit and went still lower and deeper. I bursa evi olan escort felt the edge of her opening, but rather than plunge in, I used two fingers to retrace my path up and then three back down. I felt her spasm slightly and also felt a dampness flow under my fingers. I pulled my hand away and leaned into the window a little more. Her eyes watched me carefully as I brought my fingers to my face, first smelling her delightful scent and then tasting her juices on my fingers. She was delightfully fragrant and both bitter and sweet at the same time.

She exhaled a long breath and trembled slightly. “Do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Do you . . .” She repeated pointing at her lap.

“Do I ‘eat at the Y’ so to speak?”

She laughed at that. “Yes, do you eat at the Y?” She gave a low sexy giggle at the words. I knew she was perfectly aware of the cruder vernacular. I heard her curse up a storm at a few work situations over the years. But rarely did ever hear her use sexually crude remarks.

“Yes, I love eating at the Y.” I sucked the last bit of flavor from my fingers and returned them to her warmth.

She kept her legs wide and pulled up the hem to her waist. We both watched my fingers find her sweet pussy again, this time I slipped two fingers into her while touching her clit with my thumb.

“Oh God!”

“Do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Do you . . .?” and I looked at her sweet pussy.

“Do I eat at the Y, no, I never have.”

“You don’t like oral sex?”

“Not really.” She leaned her head back as I found a sensitive spot, then she brought her head forward and bit her lip.

I put my fingers deep into her, she was even wetter. I could feel her juices has penetrated her dress and were probably staining the leather car seat under her.

“Why not?”

“Because the guys I dated always wanted it, but rarely wanted to return the favor. I didn’t like doing it knowing it was so one sided. Do you like to do it?”

“Do I like eating at the Y?”

“Ummmm yes!” She said as another small tremor went through her body. Her hands came up and cupped her breasts.

“Yes I do! Would you like me to?”

“You have to ask?”

“Yes, I do! Would you like me to eat at your Y, sexy Jane?”

“Oh you know I do.”

“We can’t do that here.”

“I know that.” As she said that my fingers were running from her clit down and into her pussy and then back up again. She was squirming her hips in time with me.

“I want you naked as well so I can see all of you!”

“Oh God!” She tensed up and squeezed her breasts hard and then a massive convulsion over took her and she pushed back hard against her seat and let out an explosive breath as she came all over my hand.

As she slowly relaxed I pulled my hand out and tasted her again. She tasted sweeter and certainly different.

I glanced around and was glad no one was close in the large parking lot. She recovered slowly. “Oh my god!”

“I know that was pretty Oh My God for me too.” “You didn’t, did you?”

“Oh no, I’m saving it for later. I know a quiet out of the way No-Tell Motel that is actually a nice place. And since it’s not a weekend it should be pretty empty. Over on 68, just south of the park.”

“Are you sure?”

“You shoulda thought of that before volunteering to me that you misplaced your panties today.”

She smiled at that. “If you get me to cum again I might tell you exactly where my panties are. I’ll follow you!”

She did follow me and stayed glued on my bumper the whole way, enough to make me nervous about her driving. She stayed in her car while I registered. I wasn’t kidding about the No-Tell Motel part. It was open all year but made most of its money during the touristier season, which was still a couple of months away. This time of the year they took care of last minute travelers during the week and a bunch of couples with no luggage on Friday and Saturday nights. The girl behind the counter didn’t say a word as I signed in with a very common name and cash, no credit card.

As I helped Jane out of the car I saw desk clerk watching us with a knowing smile on her face. Another day I might have gone back to discover exactly why she was smiling and tried my luck, but my hands were full of a fantasy very close to being realized.

In the room Jane dropped her dress, yes just that simply. One second she was standing there like a fashion plate and the next the dress flowed down her slim curves and puddled at her feet. She was right; she was without panties or bra as well. The only thing she had on was high heeled shoes and a necklace. It was a sight I never truly imagined I would altıparmak escort ever see for so many reasons.

She stepped over her dress and picked it up in a smooth motion and laid it across the chair. I couldn’t help but stop and watch her move, so smooth, so sexy. I watched her dance in a club in DC once and was completely captivated by her boundless energy and smooth movements. She caught me watching then and teased me for days.

She pulled the thin comforter and blanket off the bed and turned and looked at me. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and cupped her breasts while waiting for something.

Oh, yea! It dawned on me, I was still fully dressed! I started to say something but she went, “Shhhhhh!”

I looked at her, slightly confused.

“I know you and if you start talking you’ll talk yourself out of being here right now. So no more words. Don’t risk it with saying anything.”

She released one breast and touched herself after opening her legs wide. “Just go with it!”

I went all the way off the deep end and stripped quickly. Not as fast as her, but quickly for me. My clothes ended up near the chair, somewhere, but I was too engrossed in watching this beautiful creature touching herself for me. She didn’t actually masturbate and she just touching and even tasted her fingers. Once I was naked she smiled and slid back all the way on the bed. She laid down, raised her knees, and spread then almost flat on the bed. Her sweet pussy was open to me.

The invitation was unmistakable and even as turned on as I was, I also wanted to do exactly as she wanted, I dreamt of tasting her. While I didn’t spend all my fantasy time thinking about her, whenever she appear3ed in them it was something like this. Her beckoning me to kiss her right where I wanted to kiss her. This scene could have been right out of one of my fantasies. How did she know?

I knelt on the bed and touched her thighs, so smooth, so hot. The inner thigh muscles were stretched so sexily tight. I was practically drooling when her scent really got me. She was in a class by herself as far as I could tell. In the car she was both bitter and sweet. Here in the hotel she had a deep muskiness that just made me want to inhale deeper. But the sight of her sweet pussy with a wet finger moving slowly around her clit was the only thing that could distract me from her scent, and it did! I curled my hands under her thighs, took her ass in my hands and pressed my face to her pussy.

Jane arched her back and I felt her hands in my hair pulling me tighter against her. Rather than rush things, I took it slow and went on a gentle tour of her. Her soft lips parted easily, her clit stood proud and a slightly darker pink than the rest of her. Her pubes were shaped in a short line, obviously done for her bikini bottoms. That brought a memory of the first time I saw her topless. It was at a hotel in Utah. She came up from a dive in the pool and her bikini top didn’t come up with her. Her small breasts looked like a solid handful and her nipples were hard little pencil erasers. She was so embarrassed and it was so cute! I think that was when I had my first fantasy about her!

I wrapped my arms around her thighs and brought my hands to her pussy, pulling open her labia gave me a view worth waiting for. She was a dark pink and glistened wetly. Pushing my tongue deep within her made her groan loud on the bed, then flicking one fingertip across her clit made her squirm so sexily. She let go of my head and grabbed handfuls of the sheet as I tasted her until she screamed! And scream she did! Her release came as a surprise to both of us and it was accompanied by a small amount of liquid love! When she calmed down I looked up at her and she started laughing!


“It’s in your hair.”

I felt my head and realized there was more than had been more than just a little liquid love. My hair was pushed over my ears and one side was heavy with her juices. I started smiling when the door knob rotated slightly.

I jumped out of bed and pulled open the door quickly, ignoring my naked state. I think I knew who was there! Jane grabbed for the sheet, but I had the door open before she got completely covered. The person holding the knob almost fell into the room, it was the girl from the desk, of course.

“Oh my . . . I am so sorry. I heard a scream . . .”

I helped her up, but didn’t let go of her hand. She looked me up and down and blushed.

“No you didn’t.”


“You didn’t hear a scream; the desk was to far away. You were listening at the door, weren’t you?”

“I would never . . .”

“Oh give me a break. I saw you watching us gemlik escort come in. You were doing everything but lick your lips. I expected you, just not this soon.” Now it was Jane’s turn to go “What?”

“She was watching us get out of the car and come into the building. I expected a call rather than testing the door. She was curious.”

“Girl, who are you?”

“Just Darcy.”

“Well Just Darcy, my friend Jane just had her sweet pussy eaten and than was the scream. You enjoyed listening to that, didn’t you?”

She stood there as it slowly dawned on her that I wasn’t angry. Then she said, “Fuck yea!”

“She certainly enjoyed it. Have you ever eaten a pussy?”

Darcy repeated herself.

“Jane, love, push that sheet off.”

“Just Darcy, she’s beautiful isn’t she?”

She nodded emphatically. Jane was torn between pleasure and annoyance at this complication.

“When do you have to go back to the desk?”

“I’m on a dinner break. My sister is watching it right now.”

“How old are you and your sister, Just Darcy?” She got annoyed. “It’s Darcy, OK?”

I turned her to look straight at Jane and pressed against her back, my hands pulled her tee-shirt up.

“How old are you and your sister, Darcy?”

Jane’s eyes got really big!

“I’m 19 she’s 22.”

I pushed her top up over her breasts, her young small and tight breasts, and kneaded them. She pushed back against me.

“You are a horny handful, Darcy, do you know that?”

“I’ve been thinking about you two since you checked in. We get lots of couples but hardly . . .”

“Two ladies?”


“Have you had sex with customers before?”

“A few times.”

She was watching Jane start playing with herself. My own pussy was really on fire now. “Guys and girls?”

“Both, sometimes together.”

“You do couples?”

“I love couples. This way I can get guys and girls at the same time.”

“But there are no guys here.”

“I know, but you two looked so fucking hot. The way you took her hand helping her out of he car. I peeked down the hall while you walked to the elevator and you were arm in arm. I knew you were going to have sex. I got really hot!”

I unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them to the floor.

“Well before you get to cum, my friend Jane here needs a little help.”

“Anything!” She said as her ass pushed against me, her eyes glued hungrily on Jane’s pussy just a few feet away.

“Jane’s never eaten a pussy before.”

Darcy looked surprised.

“That’s right Darcy, I never have. Would you teach me how to do it right. Teach me to eat Tracey’s?”

“Fuck yea!”

She turned in my arms and kissed me while kicking her jeans to the side. She pulled me to the bed and pushed me down. Then she kissed Jane and pulled her until they were both between my legs. Jane went to touch me and Darcy told her to wait.

“My first lady lover taught me that the number one rule is to take your time. Looks, explore, taste, and touch, but take your time and do it right!


“Look at her, you can tell she’s really fucking turned on. She’s really wet and swollen. This will make her sensitive to your touch.” She demonstrated by running her finger over me and listening to my reaction.

“You see, if you went in to hard and fast right now she would just cum. It’s better to build and make her cum really hard!”

Pretty soon the words of the teacher translated into the actions of the student and I was biting into a pillow to keep from scream as loud as Jane had. Darcy was a born teacher and Jane was a willing and eager student. I came twice while they took turns and when I woke up from the second one; Darcy was giving Jane a final exam between her own legs. She aced it as Darcy collapsed bonelessly to the bed. Jane got up, her face wet and I swear I had never seen anyone look so sexy in my life!

Darcy got dressed while Jane and I recovered on the bed in each others arms. She looked young, but not as young as she had when she first came in. “I gotta get back or Bev will suspect. She gave me hell the last time she caught me.”

Darcy kissed us one last time. “I know you ain’t got luggage, so you won’t be here in the morning, but give a girl some warning and I’ll have a room all ready for you. I hate to charge you for today, but you already signed in. You’re welcome here any time! I work most afternoons during the week. Don’t come here on Friday or Saturday. We’re always packed with cheating couples and two gorgeous women wouldn’t go unnoticed. But the rest of the week we’re quiet till summer. Please come back soon!”

She left on that note.

“Well Jane, shall we indulge the girl and come back?”

She curled up tighter on my shoulder. “Fuck yea, as Darcy would say. Oh Trace?”


“My panties are in your desk, the lower drawer. I took them off before lunch and I was trying to think of a way to tell you.”

“I think you found a good way, a real good way!”

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