Fairweather Ranch Ch. 03

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After another night of romantic yet very dirty sex, Eve and Melody woke up in each other’s arms yet again and went down to have breakfast, just the two of them.

“Mmm, this tastes very good.” Eve said to herself.

“Well, not as good as you do.” said Melody in reply.

“Oh, you silly girl. Speaking of, what are you thinking we should do after you get off work today?”

“Funny you should ask that. I was actually formulating a plan for us.”

“Oh, really? What’s that?” asked Eve, intrigued.

“I think you’ll be happy to see… Come around to the lake at the end of the day and you will see.”

With those instructions in mind, Eve lounged around the house all day. She took a peek at Melody’s things, and as she hoped, found many, many female erotic materials which, as intent to their purpose, helped her out very much while Melody was away. High-quality nude photographs of women and women having sex, hot yet well-written works of lesbian literature, and, best of all, Melody’s detailed diaries. If everything in there was true, then Melody had led a very interesting life indeed.

After the workday was done, she went back Casibom out to the lake. Where was Melody? She had said she would be there…

Suddenly, Melody popped out from under the water of the lake. Eve presumed she had been bathing. She was very happy, though, wet girls were one of her fetishes. She’d been watching girls bathe in the lake since she was very young, and it turned her on very much. Eve could barely restrain herself from attacking like a large wildcat.

“Hey, darling! How was your day?” Melody said, smiling.

“Pretty good, actually. I, um, took a look through your things.”

“Ooh, what did you think?”

“They were great. I found several things I wouldn’t mind trying with you.”

“Well, if you could jump in with me, we could see about that.”

Eve undressed herself and jumped in.

“Woah, that’s cold! I mean, it is the summer and all, but brrr!”

“It’s nice when you’re all sweaty from working all day… or looking through my stuff…

Eve laughed and then swam over to Melody. They kissed, and Melody started digging her tongue into Eve’s mouth. Both women held their breath and dove Casibom Giriş underwater. Thankfully, they both would not need to come back up for a long time.

Each started caressing each other’s breasts, and then down to the pussy. It felt so riveting in water. The pressure of it only made their cunts tighter, which was very enjoyable. Their pretty long hair floated about freely in the water. It brought out each of their respective features for maximum enjoyment. Coming came much easier. After several orgasms from both of them, they came back up.

Both got out completely drenched from head to toe. They had dripping wet hair, bodies, and pussies. Eve, the horny little thing she admittedly was, had thrown both of their clothes in the water. When asked, she informed Melody of her fetish, and she said she would remember that.

“So Melody, which one of my stories excited you the most?”

Eve had to think for a moment. “Well, one of my favorites was when you and your partner hired a male prostitute as a boy toy.”

“Ah yes, I remember that clearly. Big, dumb thing… you know, some of the men on the farm are like that…”

And Casibom Güncel Giriş so, as the sun was setting, the lovers went to the place where the workmen ate and slept. After a long look at all of the men, the two chose Henry, a big, muscular man with brown hair and stubble on his face. The two women struck up a small conversation with him, and very soon they had him with his long, red, throbbing dick out and ready to serve them.

Eve went under him and Melody went on top. Melody started feeling around in his bum. Eve began jerking him off. The thought of these two beautiful ladies fucking each other helped Henry release his semen very quickly. They flipped Henry over and both had a taste. Eve and Melody took turns sucking his cock. Henry was already spent, but being on the farm with mostly men could be quite boring and so he focused on those on top of him. He would certainly remember the two lovers kissing while wrestling with his penis and feeling his testicles like a stress ball. He felt both have orgasms themselves on top of him.

“That was a lot of fun! Thank you, Henry.” Eve said.

“You’re welcome. You girls coming back any time soon?” he said in that loud, deep voice of his.

“Maybe we will.” Melody said as she smiled. And with that, the two left and walked back to the house in the dark, completely nude, carrying their clothes, which were still very wet.

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