Experiments by Sam Ch. 00: Prologue

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Samantha J. Waters was a huge disappointment to her mother when she was growing up. She didn’t like to wear dresses, go shopping, or have anything to do with other “girly” pursuits. No, Samantha liked helping her older brother practice throwing deep, going fishing with her dad, and roughhousing with the neighborhood boys. Samantha was an all-out tomboy, whose Barbie dolls ended up victims of serial killer Ken, who was then killed by GI Joe. And nobody, except her mother, called her Samantha.

Sam dated boys in high school, but none really caught her eye. She was a virgin until the week before graduation. Sam was determined to lose her virginity before the end of the school year. She’d been happily single since the end of football season, so she had to find the right guy to help her out. Her friend, Ingo, was happy to help. After smoking some very smooth pot, they did the deed. Her cherry was popped and she was no longer the last virgin in her group of friends. Ingo went home and they continued like nothing had ever happened between them. Perfect.

Years passed and Sam enjoyed a very active sex life. She liked everything about sex with men, even the messiness. And she was good at it. She learned the tricks and secrets to how to make men cum whenever she chose to, and even how to induce multiple orgasms from her partners quickly. Although she couldn’t deep throat, her blowjobs were legendary among a few select men. But, Sam never came. She’d get turned on, wet, hot, close a few times, but never knew bursa yabancı escort what that “little death” really meant. She finally met someone, a former Navy Seal, who completely took her. She gave him everything he asked for and everything she had. And she finally came with him. He taught her to explore herself and how to find the keys to her sexual happiness. He taught her to make herself cum because he wasn’t going to be with her for much longer. And for the next twenty years, that was the only way she could cum, by herself. She continued her sexual escapades until she became pregnant after a drunken night of debauchery. After having the baby and getting married, the sex slowly went away. Ten years into the marriage, it was gone completely.

With the graduation of her daughter approaching, Sam decided it was time for her to take her life back. She missed her adventures, but there really wasn’t a man she could think of that interested her enough to make her open her legs. For months, Sam thought about it. First she had to start by remembering what being horny felt like. She ordered dildos and vibrators online, but the dildos were a waste of her money. She didn’t like the feeling of being penetrated anymore, but the vibrators were heavenly on her clit. She began fantasizing again, something she’d stopped doing long ago. But they weren’t the same old fantasies she used to have. She didn’t imagine some faceless, hard-bodied man who took her roughly. No, the fantasies bursa sınırsız escort all involved women, all sorts of women. Sam had been raised to believe her feelings for women had always been wrong, so she’d never used that attraction in her fantasy life. But the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to take it further. She wanted to know what pussy tasted like. .

No one had wanted Sam for a long time. For years, she’d read articles and stories about how wives were supposed to make and keep their husbands happy, raising children and not trying to rule the marriage by withholding sex. Why didn’t anyone ever write articles about how husbands shouldn’t withhold sex from their wives? Sam would gladly have given her husband anything he wanted. She’d offered to do just that many times but he’d always turned her down. She’d spiraled into major depression over the years, drinking and eating her way into oblivion. Sam had whittled her list of friends down to just a few and when she was with them, she was able to hide her pain and loneliness. And then one day, Sam said “Enough.”

Six years ago, Sam had stopped smoking cold turkey. She had strength and will power, she knew it. She just had to find them again. She took a two-week “bootcamp” class at a local gym to kickstart her mission. Sam found a nutritionist, changed her diet, stopped drinking, and started working out at home. Over the next year, she lost fifty pounds, let her hair grow and changed görükle escort her focus in life. Gone was the quiet, meek PTA mom. She informed her husband that if he didn’t want her, then she’d go as soon as she was able. He’d stopped sleeping in her bed years before, so making the “roommate” situation official wasn’t very difficult for her. But it still hurt to have him remain quiet when she asked him bluntly if he wanted her at all. She began filling her life with volunteer work and outings with old friends and making new friends. But Sam had always been a sexual creature and that was something she missed immensely. She needed contact with another human being but her heart couldn’t take any more pain.

She’d let her true feelings run free, thinking of and fantasizing about eating pussy, for the last year. Sam knew several lesbians and bisexuals, but how do you actually ask somebody to let you between their legs and into the most private place they have? The thought of approaching someone and saying “Hello. Would you mind letting me spread your pussy and lick it until you cum for me?” made her laugh. Just like in high school, she had to find the right person to help her out, but this time it was a woman she needed. There was one person she’d gotten to know a bit, but there was no way she could work up the nerve to approach her. She’d had a girl crush on her for a few years and she seemed like she’d be perfect to help with the experiment. And one day, the Fates opened the door of opportunity and in walked Holly. She was the type of person that everyone wanted to hang out with. Holly was funny, enjoyed sports, and seemed to always be up front and honest with those around her. Sam thought Holly would be the perfect person, the one who wouldn’t hurt her and take advantage of her vulnerabilities. Would Sam risk a new friendship?

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