Exotic Erotic

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Big Dicks

For many years Exotic Erotic was an underground club, designed for the business man who needed a bit more “relieve”. It started off as a simple strip club, until the boss found out that some of the girls were fucking the customers for money. After that the club started to service other needs than just dancing topless in front of men. It start to be a club where a man could pick and choose which girl he wanted to fuck, and do just that. As the years have gone by the club evolved slowly into a very successful “strip and fuck” type of club. Since the state recognized them as a legal business, the clientele started to build up quickly.

Now Mr. Robinson (Also known as Joe) was a new client that the big boss wanted to impress. If he was able to obtain Joe’s business then they could expand even further. The only thing was that Joe had to be interested in the business. If the deal fell through then Exotic Erotic could be losing a lot of money in sponsoring. The big boss decided he would show a good type and hope to get his business that way. Joe had come for his appointment at 3 o’clock on time, and was greeted at the counter by a lovely brunette. She had to be about 5’4 with nice round tits that showed through her top. Joe could tell that she had no bra on because her nipples were so hard. He swallowed quickly, and lowered his eyes so that she couldn’t catch him staring.

After clearing his throat Joe said, “Hi I’m here to see Mr. Evans…and I believe I have an appointment with one of the girls?”

The brunette smiled, licking her lips before she turned to her computer screen punching in a few keys, “Ahh yes… Here you are welcome to Exotic Erotic Mr. Robinson. We have set you up with Stacy today, but I will need a bit more information from you….Do you like public sex?” The girl asked looking at Joe, while she was obviously pushing her chest out.

“Ummm…Yes” Joe said quietly hoping no Sex hikayeleri one heard. Of course he knew that this was basically a sex club, but it was embarressing to be so open about it.

“Okay…and would you like an open or private room. If it is open you get to watch the other dancers” The girl threw in quickly.

“Open will be fine thank you..” Joe said, nodding once.

“Okay…well here you go and enjoy your time, Stacy likes it hard so you’ll have plenty of fun.” With a wink the brunette handing Joe a bracelet, before turning her eyes to another client.

Joe looked at the number on the bracelet, and it read twenty four. Assuming that was a room number, Joe started to walk down a long hallway that connected from the main entry. It looked as if he had been a hotel, but you could hear the faint noise of music coming from different rooms. Along with the music Joe also heard loud moaning, coming from mostly girls. He smiled a bit, adjusting his semi hard cock which was making it hard for him to walk. Finally he found the room number 24 and he walked in, but was greeted by a bouncer. The bouncer was a big heavy guy who was about 6’2, and very buff. Joe walked past the bouncer once he was given the okay and was greeted by a large room with a stage and tables. Judging from the outside, Joe thought the room was going to be farely small, but it was a like a club inside. There were girls on top of each other fucking on stage to the music, while an audience sat around them. Joe also noticed that there were a couple of dressed up girls stroking, sucking, riding the guys who were watching.

A red haired, green eyed girl approach Joe sticking out her hand. “Hi you must be Joe, I’m Stacy, I’ll be your server tonight.” The girl smiled as she took Joe’s hand to lead him to a that was a little off to the side.

Joe couldn’t help, but checking out Stacy as she walked in a black mini Sikiş hikayeleri skirt that didn’t even cover her ass which was massive. It jiggled a bit as she walked, and her waist was so tiny. Stacy turned around revealing a halter top that showed her perfect 38 c breasts, that looked very soft and creamy. Joe smiled and sat down at the table staring Stacy up and down. Stacy leaned in close to whisper in Joe’s hear, “I hope you fuck me good Mr. Robinson” Stacy stood up with a smile, and started to dance to the music.

Joe looked around to find that no one was staring at him at all. In fact they were all in their own world, receiving something from beautiful girls as well. Joe settled back into the couch, and walked as Stacy began to strip slowly. Joe didn’t look like the type but he was very controlling, and liked it very rough and all he could think about was how he would fuck Stacy. He gestured for Stacy to come, and she did quickly. Joe started to undo his pants never taking his eyes off Stacy, who immediately looked down when he pulled out a nine inch cock, that was very thick. She started to lick her lips never taking her eyes away from it. Joe began to stroke it, as she started to strip again getting completely naked.

“Suck it bitch.” Joe demanded, while his hand worked his cock up and down.

Stacy nodded as she dropped to her knees, and taking just the tip in her mouth. Joe tried not to moan out load as he felt her warm soft mouth around his cock. She let out a small moan, which triggered Joe to put his hand on the back of her head. “All the way down slut…I know how you like to suck dick…Look at you, sucking it down like a dirty whore.” Joe mumbled as she started to go up and down.

Each time he hit the back of her throat Stacy would gag hard. Joe started to push her down faster and faster just to feel her throat jump around his cock. Stacy looked up at him, as Erotik hikaye her eyes water. “Yeah you like that bitch. You like sucking a big cock don’t you? Give me that mouth slut.” Joe started to pump his cock faster into Stacy’s mouth harder, finally pulling her by her hair quickly. Stacy let out a little yelp as Joe pushed her on the couch with her ass facing him. Joe gave it a hard slap watching it jiggle.

“Look at that ass bitch…mmm you want to be fucked don’t you slut.” Joe said, as his finger rubbed up and down her slit. Stacy squirmed a bit moaning, as his finger entered her.

“mmm Fuck me Mr. Robinson.” Stacy cried out, as she pushed back on his finger.

“Beg bitch.” Joe said, as he worked his finger in and out of her a little faster.

“Oh Please Mr. Robinson, please I’m craving your dick so bad.” Stacy cried out some more.

Joe lined his cock up against Stacy’s pussy, and dived all the way in, with the first thrust. It stretched Stacy out so fast she cried out gripping against the couch. Joe didn’t wait a second to start thrusting into Stacy’s pussy. “Yeah bitch, give me this pussy…This is what you wanted to be fucked like a little whore.” Joe grabbed Stacy’s hair hard, slamming into her pussy.

Joe let out little grunts as he had a fist full of Stacy’s hair and pounding her pussy. She was loving every moment of it as she squeezed him tight, milking his cock. “Mmm you tight bitch, fuck this cock.” Joe got louder so everyone could see what a slut Stacy was being. Joe started to play with her tiny star, slipping his thumb in as he fucked her hard. He could feel him cum building up as Stacy started to fuck him back hard. The echo of her wet pussy sounded through the whole club, which was filled with moaning a music. Joe started to go faster, and faster fucking Stacy’s slutty pussy.

“Fuck bitch I’m cumming…” Joe pulled out, shooting seven squirts of cum all over Stacy’s ass. Stacy panted as her pussy was dripping all over the couch. “Tell your boss he has a deal…Go clean yourself up bitch.” Joe said adjusting his cock, and zipping up his pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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