Enough Chapter 32

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I picked up Tai from Ms. Tran at close to four and we drove straight home. On the ride home, I explained to Tai my idea about maybe asking Lexie to join us at the movie. Tai gave a resounding yes and said that would be great. I voice commanded the phone in the vehicle to call Lexie Thomas and within several rings Lexie answered the phone.

“Lex, I am driving home from school and Tai wants to talk to you”, I stated.

“Miss Lexie, do you want to go see the princess movie with us?”, Tai asked, very excited.

“I would love to see the movie with you Tai.”, Lexie replied.

“Good, then Chwis and I will pick you up later.”, Tai answered.

“Ok Lexie, see you about six forty-five or so.”, I informed her, hanging up.

We went home and got cleaned up then dressed for the movie. Tai put on some jeans and a pullover shirt with white sneakers. I did much the same since it was going to be a very casual evening. We drove across town to Lexie’s parents’ home and parked in front. I followed Tai up the sidewalk until we got to the front door. I rang the bell and Jennifer Thomas opened the door almost immediately.

“Hey guys, it’s good to see you again.”, she said, smiling.

“We are here to take Lexie to the movie with us. It’s a princess movie.”, Tai stated.

“Oh my, well I’m sure Lexie is almost ready. Please come in.”, Jennifer answered.

We went in and followed Jennifer to the family room and sat down on the sofa. Jim was out at the grocery store and had just left minutes before. Jennifer talked with Tai as we waited for Lexie to come down the stairs. When Lexie finally showed the wait was worth it. She had on a pair of tight jeans with a white silk sheer top. She had on black heeled boots and had put some curl in her hair. Lexie’s makeup was flawless.

“Miss Lexie, you look very pretty.”, Tai commented.

“Well, so you do Miss Tai.”, Lexie commented.

We left right away and drove straight over to the movie theatre complex. We were about an hour early so we went to make sure we got good seats. Once seated, I went and got a large popcorn and three Coke’s for us. I returned just before the trailers started playing. Tai’s eyes were glued to the screen for the entire movie. I did notice about halfway through the movie Tai was holding Lexie’s hand which made me feel good. It gave me a sense that perhaps Tai was beginning to trust people again. The movie finished and we got up and walked toward the car. Once I strapped her into her car seat and walked around the car, Lexie and Tai were talking about where to go for dinner. Tai suggested we go to Saigon Block which she loved. Her parents had made sure she still understood her Vietnamese heritage. So, we headed there since it was not that far away.

We were seated immediately, and I guess having a Vietnamese child with us caused a lot of attention. Tai ordered her favorite which was bun bo hue. It was a noodle and beef dish in a spicy broth. We also ordered beef satay, meatballs and bo la tot which was spicy ground beef wrapped in betal leaves. The waitress was impressed at Tai’s knowledge of the menu. I could tell Lexie was a little apprehensive admitting she had never eaten Vietnamese cuisine.

The meal was fabulous, and I could tell Lexie was very impressed. Lexie and Tai were getting along very well which was a good sign. It was a little after ten o’clock on the ride back when Tai suggested that Lexie come home with us. I explained that I had to bring Lexie home but Tai wanted Lexie to spend the night with her. I was in a pickle here and did not know how to address this situation.

“Ok, how about this. Lexie can come over for a while then when you go to bed then she can take an Uber ride home. Would that be ok, Tai?”, I asked.

“Yessssss, that’s good.”, she screamed.

We arrived back at my house and Tai immediately took Lexie to the theatre room to put on one of her DVD’s. I went in the back and put on shorts and a T-shirt then went to join them. Tai had put on the movie “Frozen” which I know I had watched a half a dozen times. About halfway through the movie Tai started to fade fast and I could see she was ready to go to bed.

“San sang di ngu?”, I asked.

“Co’.”, she replied.

I got up and picked her up in my arms and turned to go to her bedroom. She lifted her head off my shoulder and looked at Lexie.

“Anh yeu em”, Tai said softly to Lexie.

I took Tai to bed and tucked her in and kissed her cheek like I did every night. I turned on her night light and the monitor next to the bed. I walked out leaving her door ajar slightly like I always did. I walked back into the theatre room and sat down next to Lexie.

“You know how to speak Vietnamese?’, Lexie asked.

“Tai is teaching me. Ms. Tran insists she continue speaking in both languages. I asked her if she was ready for bed and she replied yes.”, I answered.

“What did she say to me?”, Lexie inquired.

“She said anh yeu em which means I love you.”, I answered.

“Oh, how sweet. She is such a precious child. It’s hard to believe everything that she has been through hasn’t affected her.”, Lexie commented.

“One of the psychologists at the hospital told me that young people bounce back a lot better than adults. He also told me to constantly remind her about her family and let her know that they love her. So, I try my best and we go to the cemetery every other week and put out flowers.”, I stated.

“I can’t believe that I misjudged you as badly as I did Chris. I think that being with Cody all those years just made me believe that all men were the same. Then add to the fact that women are always throwing themselves at you, well I just really believe that you would never be just a one-woman man. God was I stupid.”, she sighed.

“Lexie, if I have learned one thing about relationships are that people seem to always run back to what’s familiar to them. Everyone I ever dated always seem to run back to previous people they were involved with the exception of Cassie. Sometimes I believe life is predetermined and me being alone is what is meant to be.”, I said.

“Chris, please don’t say that. You have everything to offer someone don’t give up on love.”, Lexie pleaded.

“It’s not love Lexie, it’s me. Obviously, there is something about me that stops a woman from going all in with me. It can’t always be the woman’s fault. I must be doing something wrong.”, I laughed.

“No Chris, I can tell you what it is. You come off as being too good to be true. I think that makes a woman suspicious that you’re hiding something.”, Lexie commented.

“Lexie, I’m not hiding anything…… you of all people should know that.”, I remarked.

“I did not know that until I saw the way you interacted with Tai. I know now you’re genuine and a rare find in today’s world.”, she answered.

“The only good thing in my life now is that little girl sleeping in the other room. I know she is not going to leave me no matter what.”, I replied.

“Maybe Tessa will come back. You never know.”, Lexie replied.

“That will never happen because I won’t allow it to happen. She was the one who started me on this journey with Tai. It was her idea to foster Tai and I bought this house to be close to her parents. That way if we needed them, they would be close. And after all of that happening I find out she is sleeping with another guy. There is no coming back after that.”, I responded.

Just about that time, my cell phone rang, and I noticed it was Tessa. Lexie saw it as well. I picked up the phone and answered it.

“Hey Chris, how are you?”, Tessa asked.

“I’m fine Tessa, how are you?”, I replied.

“I’m ok, look I’m over by my parents’ house and was wondering if we could stop in for a few seconds to say hi to Tai.”, she asked.

“She’s already in bed for the night. We went to see the new princess movie and went to eat at one of her favorite places. She is sound asleep.”, I answered.

“That’s fine, I will call you again sometime. Tell her hello for me.”, Tessa asked.

“Will do.”, I replied.

I hung up the phone and placed it down on the sofa. It dawned on me that it was getting late and that Lexie needed to get home.

“Lex, if you want you can take my car home and then come back in the morning, it’s not a problem. Or I can call an Uber for you.”, I offered.

“I don’t want to Kartal Escort inconvenience you. I can call Uber for a ride.”, she offered.

“I don’t mind you taking my car if you feel more comfortable. Or, I do have a spare bedroom completely furnished. You could sleep there if you would like. I actually still have a small tote with some of your clothes in the bottom of the closet I believe. Never thought about the clothes until just now.”, I said, getting up.

Lexie followed me down the hallway and into the door across from Tai’s bedroom. I switched on the light and walked over to the closet.

“This is an amazing guest room Chris. I love the furniture.”, Lexie remarked.

I pulled the plastic tote bin from the closet and laid it on the bed. Lexie opened it and pulled a few things out, finding clean underwear and a white t-shirt. She placed the tote back in the bottom of the closet and I showed her where one of the guest bathrooms was. She went in to take a shower as I went into the kitchen and sat at the breakfast counter. About fifteen minutes later, Lexie walked into the kitchen wearing the white T-shirt and the pink panties underneath with her hair wrapped in a towel.

“Uh Thomas, don’t you think that’s a bit revealing?”, I asked.

“Williams, you have had your dick, tongue, and hands inside me many times. Nothing here you haven’t touched.”, she giggled.

“You have a point.”, I laughed.

Lexie called her mother and explained the situation and told her that I would bring her home in the morning. We both turned in and I slept until about seven thirty in the morning when Tai came in and jumped on my bed.

“Wake up, Chwis……… I want breakfast.’, she stated.

“Ok Tai Lynn, let me get dressed.”, I replied.

I dressed quickly and grabbed the bags for the gym. I informed Tai that Lexie was sleeping in the room across from her and to go wake her up. Tai ran down the hall and burst into Lexie’s room. Several minutes later, they both appeared in the kitchen fully dressed.

We left and went to a local diner to have breakfast then I dropped Lexie off at home. We then drove to the gym where I had my workout then got Tai ready for her Jiu Jitsu training. I had limited Tai’s training to a few things. Posturing with the closed guard and how to open and close the guard. We did three lower sweeps from the bottom and three basic submissions. I was also teaching escape from the low mount, side and back control.

I had already taught her the straight arm bar submission which she had gotten pretty good at. We were working on a straight ankle lock and a knee submission as well. The next step was a series of choke holds which were the most commonly used. There were a few Muy Tai strikes that could cross over for her. I had not yet begun to teach her Krav Maga because at her age it was too brutal.

The next year almost flew by with all the responsibilities with Tai and the gym. Tessa had become more and more distant and saw very little of Tai. Lexie did spend time with us, and Tai had grown to love her. Lexie even took Tai to the precinct and show her exactly what she did for a living.

Tai was now six years old and blossoming in school and at the gym. She completed kindergarten at the top of her class and made a smooth transition in the first grade. She had also made tremendous strides at the gym with her training. She had vastly increased her speed on the mat in all her guard positions and had worked hard on all her submission moves.

We were in the grocery store checking out where I saw a poster for a youth martial arts tournament. It stated that everyone ages seven and up would be eligible with several different disciplines being offered. Jiu Jitsu was one and it would be an open tournament. I took down the number and would call them later to see if Tai would be eligible. I was eager to see her spar with someone her own height and weight.

Several days later, I called the number and it belonged to a Jiu Jitsu Dojo across town called Tay Ryu. The owner was the tournament director and they told me I could drop by any time after four o’clock to talk to him about the event.

That evening after picking up Tai from Ms. Tran we drove over to the dojo. It was a large building with close to thirty students of all ages training with an instructor. The man seated at the desk pointed to an office where he said Mr. Tay would see me. Tai and I walked over to the office and knocked on the door. He summoned us in waving through the large window.

“How can I help you?”, he asked.

“I was wondering about the upcoming tournament you’re having. I would like to enter a contestant if possible.”, I asked.

“In what discipline?”, he asked.

“Jiu Jitsu.”, I replied.

“Who is your student?”, he asked.

“Tai Lynn Nguyen, my foster child.”, I replied.

“Sir, this is an open tournament for experienced students ranging from seven to eighteen years of age. I cannot allow someone so young to enter the tournament.”, he stated.

“She’s six and she has been training for close to a year and a half. Unfortunately, she has no one to train with but me so the practice is severely skewed.”, I replied.

“Perhaps if you enroll her here, I can evaluate her and perhaps down the road I could enter her in something.”, he stated, sarcastically.

“No, I’m the only one who is going to train her…… That’s not an option.”, I replied.

“So, you’re a competitor?”, he asked.

“No sir, not really. I have trained in Brazil with Master Garcia and Leonel Chacon but didn’t compete in tournaments. I fought on the MMA circuit for about a year.”, I answered.

“Are you Chris Williams?’, he asked.

“Yes sir, I am.”, I answered.

“I am very hesitant to take her application but out of respect for you, I will consider it. Understand you must sign a medical release and understand that my students will not take it easy on her. She will have to compete in the seven-year-old division.”, he offered.

“I understand, sir.”, I replied.

He handed me the packet and Tai and I walked out and back to the car. We drove home and we both talked about stepping up her training in the next few weeks. We were getting out of the car when Tessa drove up in her car alone. She got out but for the first time Tai did not run up and jump in her arms which I found strange.

“Hello Tai how are you?”, Tessa asked.

“I am great Dr. T, how are you?”, Tai responded.

“I’m good Tai, I just wanted to stop by and say hello.”, Tessa remarked.

I invited Tessa inside and she accepted, following us the to the large living area. Everyone sat down on the large sectional sofa and Tessa and Tai talked a lot trying to catch up on what was going on. Tessa was extremely pleased at how well Tai was doing in school when she was shown her recent progress report. Tai has straight A’s and a 4.01 GPA but of course it was only the first grade.

“Dr. T, I am going to fight in a tournament next month.”, Tai exclaimed.

“Wait, you’re going to fight who?’, Tessa asked, surprised.

“Whatever boys I have to fight.”, Tai remarked.

“Chris……. What is this about.?”, Tessa asked.

“She is going to be entered in the “North Texas Regional Tournament” at the end of next month.”, I stated.

“Chris, do you think that’s a good idea?”, Tessa asked.

“Doctor Woods has seen her twice and everything is fine. In fact, he will consult with you in about a year on doing follow-up surgery which may be the only one needed. Tai wants to compete so I’m going to let her. The state has already cleared it and has no problems with it.”, I answered.

“I don’t know about that but do what you think is best. Anyway Tai, what I wanted to know is would you like to spend the night with me tonight and I can bring you back in the morning.”, Tessa asked.

“Can I go, Chwis?”, Tai asked.

“Of course, you can go Tai.”, I answered.

“And just so you know Chris, he’s out of town on a medical seminar until Wednesday. Regardless, things are not that great anyway.”, she explained.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Tessa. Why don’t you go get your other backpack and get some jammies to take with you to Tessa’s. Bring your IPAD and take your phone if you need to call me.”, I suggested.

“Ok.”, she shouted running to the back.

“Should I go help her?”, Tessa asked.

“That child Kartal Escort Bayan is extremely organized and forgets nothing. Ms. Tran has been a god send and such a positive influence of her.”, I answered.

About five minutes later Tai appeared back in the room with her backpack on. She walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek then hugged me tightly.

“Anh yeu em”, I whispered.

“Anh yeu em”, Tai whispered turning and walking out of the door with Tessa.

I had planned to watch a movie with Tai but since she was going to be out, I decided to clean up a bit around the house. After about an hour or so my phone rang, it was Lexie.

“What are you doing?”, Lexie asked.

“Just finished cleaning the bathrooms.”, I replied.

“God, you’re a party animal.”, she giggled.

“You know it, Thomas.”, I replied.

“I’m off for the weekend, how about the three of us do something. Whatever Tai wants.”, Lexie offered.

“Tai’s not here…… she is spending the night with Tessa. They just left.”, I answered.

“Oh wow……. How do you feel about that?”, Lexie asked.

“I’m fine with it, Lex. After all Tessa was the one who put this whole thing in motion. I have her to thank for Tai.”, I replied.

“That’s true……… so why don’t you and I do something?”, Lexie asked.

“I’m not really up for going out but you can come over and we can watch a movie and eat if you would like.”, I offered.

“Sounds great, see you in a bit.”, Lexie said, hanging up.

About an hour and a half later the doorbell rang, and I opened the door to find Lexie standing there. She had on a black tight pair of yoga shorts and a white sports bra with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She looked incredibly hot as usual and it had been a while since Tessa and I had been together.

She followed me into the kitchen where I was brewing another jug of sweet tea. She sat down at the counter and put her backpack on the floor next to her.

“You ok, Chris……. You’re very quiet.”, Lexie asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. Just thinking about Tai.”, I replied.

“Aw, you miss her already.”, Lexie stated.

“It’s hard to explain Lexie. After all the shit that I have waded through in my life, Tai has become my reason for living. I’m not afraid of any man walking on this planet today. But I’m so afraid one day the state will come and take Tai away from me. I’m not sure why……. I guess it seems everyone I fall in love with leaves at some point. Anyway……. I’m sorry to dump all of this on you.”, I replied.

“It’s ok. You’re doing a great job with Tai. The state is not going to take her from you. All anyone has to do is spend five minutes in the room with the both of you to tell that little girl adores you. Chris, you are giving that child her life back and, in some ways, sacrificing yours. That is the most unselfish act someone can do for another. Sometimes, you must step back and look at your life from a different perspective. When I finally did that, I realized what I had thrown away.”, Lexie answered.

“Any news on the Cody horizon?’, I asked.

“No, I have not talked to him since the night we were both detained, and he was arrested. Even his mom won’t talk to my mom because I guess they believe his bullshit story. My mom and dad have been upset with me since I broke off the engagement with you. My dad basically told me that I deserved what happened because I never should have been in that car with him. Sad thing is my dad is right. Cody gave no thought to me, my career, and our relationship when he quickly told the officer the drugs were mine. Honestly at this point, I don’t wish him any harm, but I want nothing to do with him or his family. My parents feel the same way. How about you……. Anything from Tessa?”, Lexie asked.

“Nope, not a thing. I still cannot get the fact out of my head that she didn’t even attempt to possibly salvage the relationship. Then to just give up on Tai because this guy’s ego won’t allow him to raise a child that is not his. Tessa admitted that the fact Tai is Vietnamese bothered him. She is a five-year-old child for God’s sake how can anyone feel that way?”, I replied.

“Chris, I am just finally figuring myself out and cannot even begin to try and understand other people. You made a comment once when we were talking and said that people do horrible things to each other both physically and emotionally. You were one hundred percent correct with that quote.”, Lexie said.

I finished the tea and poured two glasses and handed one to Lexie. We went into the family room and sat down on the sectional facing the television.

“How’s work been going?”, I asked.

“I really like being an investigator. It’s challenging to interrogate people and look at evidence and try and figure out what happened. Plus, I’m home every night now and keep more or less regular hours.”, Lexie answered.

Lexie turned on the television and began to scroll through the guide looking for something to watch. Apparently, she found nothing that interested her, so she set the remote down and turned to face me.

“So, what are your future plans going forward?”, Lexie asked.

“Honestly, I have no plans at all Lexie. Until that little girl is grown and gone, she is the only plan I have.”, I admitted.

“Chris, what you are doing is wonderful, but you have to live part of your life for yourself.” Lexie urged.

“Lexie, I tried that for many years, and it blew up in my face every time. I have concluded that I’m not good with women. For some reason, I seem to always do the wrong thing. But regardless at this point in my life I have something to live for. She just left here with Tessa.”, I replied.

“You never know Chris. Tessa might come back.”, Lexie stated, softly.

“That’s the one thing I have never been able to figure out. If you truly love someone then why would you leave. You will never have to come back if you never leave in the first place.”, I replied.

“Maybe she will realize she made a mistake.”, Lexie offered.

“She did make a mistake. But it is one she will never be able to correct. I’m not taking Tessa back. And if she tries anything with Tai, I will fight her in court. She’s the one who left us……. Now she pays the price.”, I answered.

“I have never heard you talk this way, Chris. It seems you’re very bitter.”, Lexie admitted.

“I’m not bitter about anything Lexie. I tried, really tried to make everyone happy. It must be me that is the problem. I understand that and I’m not going to do the same thing again. It makes no sense.”, I stated.

“I think sometimes people stay in bad relationships because they are just comfortable with the routine. The thought of starting all over in life is scary to some people. They will accept a less than adequate relationship than take a chance on something new.”, Lexie admitted.

“You may be on to something there, Lexie.”, I answered.

“I think that’s why I stayed with Cody for so long. It seemed normal even though in reality I was wrong as fuck. I had the perfect man in front of me but couldn’t see the forest because of the trees.”, she admitted.

“Do I know the guy?”, I asked, smiling.

“Oh, shut the fuck up.”, she giggled.

“Do you kiss your parents with that mouth, Thomas?”, I asked.

“Uh Williams…… I kissed you with this mouth.’, she laughed.

“You have a point, Lexie. You were a pretty good kisser too if I remember right.”, I laughed.

“Pretty good …… you mean very good.”, she answered.

“Maybe I forgot.”, I claimed.

Don’t ask me how it happened but before Lexie left my house that night, I had agreed to take her to dinner. We had such a past together being on again and off again I really did know how to feel about it.

The following day, I received a phone call from Master Garcia letting me know he was coming into town to train two students. I mentioned that I was training Tai and in return for free use of the gym he agreed to train her one on one, which was great news. Tai and Master Garcia went to work right away. As he explained because she was small and not as strong as most opponents, he would use speed and quickness as her advantage. Also because of her smaller frame he would work on being able to escape different holds and then endurance.

In just two weeks it was clear Tai was making huge strides. She had become very quick Escort Kartal in going for take downs and then trying to get the right hold she was looking for. She had become decent with her rear naked choke hold, her straight armbar, wristlock and twister. Master Garcia felt it was better to master just a few holds than try to overload her with too much data.

Friday night came where I had agreed to take Lexie out to eat. However, I had to make Lexie understand that Tai would be going with us. We were a packaged deal and I included Tai in every aspect of my life.

We drove over to Lexie’s parents and walked up the long sidewalk to the front door. I rang the bell and about thirty seconds later, Jennifer Thomas answered the door. She was immediately emotional and very surprised.

“Oh my god Chris. What are you doing here?”, she asked, hugging me.

“We came to pick up Lexie and go to dinner.”, I answered.

“Please come in.”, Jennifer stated.

We walked into the living area and sat down with Jennifer who was still looking at Tai in disbelief. She finally looked back and me searching for the right words.

“Well…… Ok. Tai is Chris your father now?”, she asked smiling.

“Yes ma’am.”, Tai responded.

“Is Chris a good dad?”, Jennifer asked.

“He is the best daddy in the whole world. I’m even learning how to fight so I can compete in a tournament in a few months.” Tai explained.

Just about that time, Lexie walked into the room dressed and ready to go. She looked amazing but then again, she always did. There was no doubt in my mind that my life would be so different if Lexie and I could have worked things out earlier. But then if that had happened, I would not have Tai as my daughter.

“Hey guys, are you ready to go?”, Lexie asked.

“Yes, we are.”, Tai shouted, jumping up.

We all left together and went to the restaurant where Tai of course dominated the evening. In all honesty it was better that way because Lexie and I could not get personal with each other, which was a good thing at this time. We finished eating and dropped Lexie off back home and then went to our house. Tai took a bath and I read her one of her books before going to sleep.

Tai had been really progressing with Master Garcia far more than expected. He was confident that she would hold her own against the seven-year old’s simply because of her speed and agility. Before you even locked a hold on Tai, she was already working to get out of it. Her reflexes were lightning fast.

I had just finished my shower and had laid down in bed when Lexie called me on the phone. I leaned over and picked it up quickly.

“Hey, what are you doing?”, she asked.

“Just finished my shower. Tai is in bed, and I just got into my bed.”, I replied.

“Are you alone?”, Lexie giggled.

“Uh yea, who the fuck do you think is here.”, I asked.

“I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking.”, Lexie quickly replied.

“I think I mentioned to you about how I feel about relationships since all of my failures.”, I laughed.

“They were not all your failures. In fact, I would be willing to bet you had very little to do with them.”, she answered.

“I’m not throwing blame on anyone Lex, just not interested in all the drama anymore.”, I stated.

“So, what now. It’s going to be just you for the rest of your life?”, Lexie asked.

“Lex, you know how hard it is for me to trust anyone right now?”, I inquired.

“I can understand that but maybe you will miss that one chance.”, she offered.

“Maybe so……. Who knows?”, I responded.

We talked for maybe another ten minutes after which I laid back down. I was sure Lexie wanted to start our relationship over again, but I was not sure I wanted to. Lexie was beautiful, had a stable job and was fun to be around. I always got along well with her but I’m not sure Lexie could ever be completely trusted. Secondly, was I a second choice now that Cody was probably going to jail?

Several months passed and Lexie and I spent some time together casually although there was no sex involved. Tai had been training four times a week with Master Garcia and twice with me. The tournament was still a month and a half away, but I felt she was ready. But having no one her age to spar with made it difficult to see how she would handle a real match.

Lexie informed me that Cody had served his six months in jail and was now on house arrest for twenty-four months and then five years’ probation. He could basically leave his parents’ home for work and then go back again. He had to have special permission to leave for anything other than work.

I was at the gym around four o’clock one evening wrapping up my day, fixing to leave and pickup Tai looking forward to the weekend. My cell phone rang and I picked it up noticing it was Tessa.

“Hey Chris, how are you?”, Tessa asked.

“I’m ok Tessa, how about yourself.”, I inquired.

“Same here. Just got off from a ten-day shift. Have the next four days off.”, she stated.

“Good, you can rest up.”, I advised.

“Yes, I guess so. Look the reason I’m calling is I wanted to spend some time with Tai, if that’s ok.”, Tessa asked.

“Of course, what do you have in mind?”, I responded.

“Maybe take her tonight and keep her through the weekend. Bring her back Sunday?”, Tessa hinted.

“That’s ok with me if you can get her to the gym tomorrow at nine o’clock. She has a session with Master Garcia,” I advised.

“Sure, I can do that.”, Tessa replied.

“Ok, when she is ready to be picked up, I will call you.”, I answered.

I picked up Tai from Excel Academy at five and we drove straight home. Tai was happy to hear she was going to spend some time with Tessa, so she packed quickly. I called Tessa and she came right away and picked her up. I promised Tai to be at the gym the following morning for her workout.

I took my shower and was thinking about where to go and get something to eat when my phone rang again. I picked it up and saw that it was Lexie calling.

“Hey Williams, have you had dinner yet?”, Lexie asked.

“No, actually I was just trying to figure out what to do myself.”, I replied.

“How about I get a large pizza and meet you at your place?”, Lexie inquired.

“Ok, that sounds good. I really did not feel like going out anyway.”, I stated.

“What kind of pizza does Tai like. I’ll get her a small one.”, Lexie answered.

“Tai is with Tessa. They are spending the weekend together.”, I replied.

“Oh…… ok then. See you in a bit.”, Lexie promised.

I changed back into shorts and a t-shirt and picked up around the house a bit. I called the guard shack and told Kevin that Lexie Thomas was coming in her unit. He told me he would let her through. About an hour later the doorbell rang and I let Lexie in. She was dressed in her normal business suit for work and looked very professional. Lexie’s skirt was short and showed off her beautiful legs.

She walked into the kitchen and set the pizza down on the island countertop and grabbed some paper plates which I always kept handy. I poured two glasses of iced tea and met her at the kitchen table. I sat down across from her and she handed me a piece of pizza.

“This is much better than eating alone. My parents are out of town and it’s been quiet at the house.”, she admitted.

“Where did they go?”, I asked.

“They’re in Vegas for a week or so. Just a little get away.”, she answered.

“Sounds nice……”, I replied.

One thing that was obvious about Lexie since she had taken her new position at work was, she was must more relaxed. I guess not injecting yourself into dangerous situations day after day has a way of making you more relaxed. She seemed more confident, and she had developed a remarkable sense of humor.

“So, tell me Williams……. have you jerked off lately?”, she asked, smiling.

“Nope, it’s been a while. How about you?”, I asked, quickly.

“Actually, I rubbed a good one out last night.”, Lexie giggled.

“Glad everything came out ok.”, I replied.

“Oh, it came out ok.”, she laughed.

We sat there for close to an hour and talked, having a great time. We cleaned up quickly and went into the living area and sat down on the sectional sofa. Lexie sat down across from me giving me a clear view up her skirt. I could immediately tell she was wearing white panties when she across her legs and her skirt rode up her thighs. One thing I never had a single complaint with Lexie was about sex. Lexie had a high sex demand and knew how to tease a man.

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