Englishman’s Rose

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Northern Kentucky: I walked into the restaurant, it was a Sunday evening in mid-October and I had to carefully navigate past the baskets on the floor.

The restaurant chain had its diner across the road from my hotel, convenient as I had no need to drive. There were drawbacks to the restaurant, it had at the entrance a gift shop which was a commercial obstacle course. The crowds were making any movement difficult, the shop full of happy souls being tempted into buying the many shiny objects themed and being sold for Halloween and Christmas.

I was apprehensive, looking across the shop to the restaurant, then at the chaos I had to navigate, it seemed a trap designed to encourage expensive breakages. I believe it was the potential for touching anything and then causing a cascade or avalanche of gaudy bric-a-brac which irritated me the most. Being a larger man I had to move with care.

At the entrance to the restaurant which was about a third full, I explained I was going to be reading, I asked for a seat with good lighting. I was quickly shown to a table in a quiet area on the far side of the room.

I am used to eating alone and was soon into my regular routine, using the salt and pepper shakers to rest my Kindle to my left at the desired angle, then two phones and a tablet were neatly arranged to my right to make it easy to send messages. It may seem excessive but I had been discussing the activities of the day with my wife and children back in the UK, now was the time to update them.

Travelling is required with my work and I regularly stay in hotels and dine in restaurants. I don’t consider it to be fun, while I am used to it, there is no pleasure in eating alone, it is almost a chore. On this occasion I was not travelling for work but on vacation. I had travelled alone from Manchester, England, to Kentucky in the USA to participate in my favourite sport, Target shooting. Two weeks of chillaxing, including a major three day multi-gun shooting competition.

The children were still in school, and my wife was not well enough to travel transatlantic, thus this vacation had turned into a Man-cation; taking part in various shooting activities for the ten of the fourteen days as an early birthday present to myself to celebrate my upcoming 50th Birthday. A vacation without having to compromise to the wants and needs of others.

This may seem strange but a vacation on your own is not necessarily lonely but can be the most restful time. Everyone is different but for me quiet moments to think and observe can relaxing and enlightening. I have taken vacations with partners or friends, I have traveled with the military, for work or on training. To go on vacation alone you can do absolutely anything and not once have to consider what has to be done for others, it is a rare experience. It might be selfish but for me it was the first time and likely the last time I would ever take a vacation on my own. I was going to make the most of this.

I had taken part in an IPSIC pistol event and a major multigun competition shot over three days, and was enjoying a solitary journey made more interesting by the many friendly fellow shooters I met and the generous Kentucky folk.

I soon ordered my drink and food from a charming young lady called Madison, and was looking forward to eating slow pot roast beef and mash.

I was reading my Kindle, and answering a regular series of messages on my three different mobile devices. I had been sat at the table for thirty minutes, absorbed with my messages before I realised I had not had my drink, nor been served yet. Looking around I couldn’t see Madison but did manage to get the attention of another waitress and asked about my meal.

After a few more minutes had passed I looked across the room and could see three of the staff gathered around a touch screen computer display discussing something and I had the feeling something had been messed up and was guessing it was probably my order.

Resigned to thinking this evening was going to take a little longer I was comfortable at my table, not in any hurry to go back to an empty motel room, so was still relaxed.

I was typing a message on my tablet, when I sensed a waitress approach.

The waitress spoke softly and seemed nervous, “Excuse me sir, we have a problem with your order.”

Looking up from my tablet, it was the youngest of the waitresses, a petite young lady in an apron, in either her late teens or early twenties. Standing only about five foot tall, she had long chestnut blond hair tied back, a pretty face featuring a cute nose, but it was the eyes I noticed. Her eyes were light blue appearing almost grey as she turned slightly, they were captivating. I could have just looked at her face all day. There was a name badge on her chest, It Just had two letters HR.

The young lady was clearly feeling a little uncomfortable as she was facing me, I don’t think it was my looking at her, rather her burden of the bearing bad news.

“Hi good evening, I’m Rose. Madison had to Ankara travesti leave due a family emergency, it seems she didn’t process your order. I will be looking after your table now. We are very sorry, could you tell me what you have ordered.”

“Ok.” I hesitated as I remembered my selection, “Ok… I asked for hot tea, and slow roast pot beef, with mash and carrots.”

“Do you want biscuits or cornbread?”

“Can I have biscuits, with some apple butter please?”

Rose seemed a little relieved. “Thank you, I’ll be right back with your drink.”

I was watching discretely as Rose turned away, I wanted to know what was hidden behind the apron. I saw she was wearing a white blouse over black hipster trousers, she had long thin legs, and hips that flared to produce the hourglass profile. A very small almost flat bottom was tightly covered but, independent wobble and the way her trousers clung to her cheeks showed clearly she was wearing a thong. Then there was a gap at the top of her legs, very nice, then as she turned side on I could to see she was thin, belly to back looked to be only be five to six inches thick. From the side I could see she had small breasts, I like all sizes but small is my preference.

My tablet beeped, I resumed the text conversation with my wife. While I was busy on the three devices sending messages to three people Rose came back and was watching me, looking at my phone, the tablet and my work phone.

As Rose placed some cutlery on the table she beckoned towards the devices, she pointed to the first phone at the profile picture on the display and asked “Is that your daughter?”

“Sure is.” Was my reply. “That’s my daughter, and the lady on the tablet in the middle is my wife.” I didn’t mention the second phone which showed another young lady, but Rose did.

“Is that your daughter as well” pointing to the third device showing a picture of Maria.

I laughed “No.”

I paused a moment wondering if I should explain the nature of our relationship, it can get complicated.

“No, that is not my daughter, she is my special friend.”

“Ooh! A special needs friend, is that like a mentor program.”

This had me laughing now.

“No, not a special needs friend.”

Rose was looking at me, a little puzzled, I explained further…

“That is Maria, she’s my friend with benefits.”

“I don’t understand, what is a friend with benefits?”

This made me laugh gently again whilst thinking of another way to explain, do I try to be discrete, I was already enjoying the slight tease that was confusing this girl. I find as I get older I have more confidence to be a little naughtier, and loved the humour from delivering the unexpected sentence. I was never going to be in this restaurant again, if even in the state again, I decided to be a bad boy, and to be very clear.

Very quietly, in not more than a whisper I said “She is my fuck buddy.”

Rose absorbed what I had just said, then a moment later her eyes widened, her mouth opened, with an instant bright blush she turned and rushed off.

I was suddenly worried I might have seriously offended her with my rather coarse language and was wondering about my choice of words, sometimes I could be too forthright when discretion would be better.

Moments later I heard several squeals of laughter coming from the area near the kitchen, Rose must have been repeating what was said to her friends.

I was soon served my food and was eating.

Over the next 15 minute period, each of the other four waitresses had found a reason to visit my table with a question, offering iced tea, do I need a coffee refill? Each of them had looked at the picture of Maria. It was obvious to me what they were doing even if they thought they were being subtle.

The restaurant was empty now, soon there was only me finishing off my meal, Sunday evening in rural Kentucky is slow, a dry county is a little slower, no bars for me to visit. It is not a location for late night entertainment. The kitchen staff had already said goodnight and closed up, the shop staff were long gone. The two waitresses left were Rose and another girl called Sarah.

I had finished and was packing my gear back into the bag. The two girls had taken their aprons off and put on their coats to go home, Sarah was coming over to me.

Sarah held out the tab.

“There is no charge tonight, the manager has said the meal and drink are on us. We had to stop him coming in to work, he wanted to apologise in person for the mess Madison caused.”

“Thank you, it wasn’t a problem, no worries anyhow I wasn’t in a hurry, nothing but an empty hotel room”

“Thank you, it has been a long day”

Thinking about the menu I knew the meal should have somewhere around twenty dollars, I had kept the two ladies waiting and was feeling generous. I reached in my pocket and pulled out some notes, a twenty and a ten, including a tip I had expected to pay upto thirty dollars, I was chilled, Antalya travesti relaxed and so left the notes on the table and walked out wishing both the ladies a good night.

As I left the restaurant I looked back through the window and saw Sarah and Rose resetting my table. Rose had picked up the notes and skipped with delight before offering to split with Sarah, I watched as Sarah refused to take a share and then pulled Rose into a hug before kissing her forehead and shooing her away.

Outside, the clear sky which had been full of stars when I was walking to the restaurant was gone, the expected bad weather front had arrived, bringing the thunder.

I was stood on the dark porch of the now dark restaurant watching the rain and hail. I expect a heavy downpour then a lull, and was thus waiting for the lull.

Stood quietly the only illumination was from some street lighting on the nearby road and the illuminated hotel car parks on the other side of the wide road.

The wind had only picked up a little but the heavy rain was hitting the ground and bouncing and splashing to knee height. Good weather for Ducks, I was reluctant to step out into the rain.

A car drove out of the rear lot, I could see Sarah as she drove past.

I heard movement and looking to the right I could see a figure moving towards me.

Without thinking I automatically moved into a little more space on the dark porch and took my hands out of my pockets. Who was this, what is the threat?

“Hi. ” Said the figure

Instantly the threat level was reduced. I recognized the voice of Rose, as she stepped nearer I could see her face which had a friendly smile. Not dressed for walking in the rain, Rose was wearing a thin beige jacket which didn’t look very warm, also it didn’t look like it would be waterproof, not good for tonight.

My body instantly relaxed. The defensive thinking and instant preparation for the unexpected was a skill refined by military service many years ago, it had served me well, it was still a part of my everyday interaction with the world.

I replied with a “Good evening. Are you here to keep out of the rain as I am?”

She replied, “Yes.” Then paused. “You have a cute accent, every time you talk I love listening to your voice, where are you from?”

“I’m from England, the UK.”

“What’s your name?”


“Do you live here in the USA?”

“No, just a vacation.”

Rose was looking at me, chewing her bottom lip, she seemed hesitant as if she was almost going to speak. She lowered her eyes and turned slightly away as if shy.

Speaking quietly Rose asked. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure” was my reply.

“Your friend I was asking about earlier?” She paused, “Its been in my head all evening, are you just teasing me when you said she was your special friend?”

Turning to look at Rose, she was looking at me. “Nope, I was telling the truth earlier”

“But you showed me your wife, you are married, how can do that?”

“I love my wife, she has been ill, we have been unable to have sex for more than three years. I have no intention of leaving my wife, but I couldn’t live another thirty years without some intimacy, holding, hugging and loving at least occasionally”

There was a pause as Rose was thinking about my answer. It must have satisfied her, on her next question she was back on to the subject of Maria. “How old is she?”

“Twenty two.”

Rose was quiet before asking “For how long has she been your special friend?”

Thinking quickly to measure the months, I replied, “Nearly two years”

Rose’s face showed a couple of emotions as she was thinking about what I said, finishing with a puzzled look. “You were with her when she was twenty?” she asked.

“Yep, it has been two good years.”

“I’ll be twenty in a couple of months, but going out with an old guy, how does that happen?”

I laughed. “So I’m an old guy”

“Sorry, sorry, sorry!” She was flustered as she apologised, clearly not wanting to offend.

“To me every one is older, I’m nineteen, if you are in your late thirties, that is ancient to me, no offense”

I was laughing again, really enjoying talking to this pretty girl. “Thank you for that, I’m flattered, it has been a while since I saw the thirties.”


“Yeah, I am nearly fifty, currently forty nine. I will be fifty in a six months”

Rose was thinking again, she turned toward me then hesitated before saying “Twenty seven years.”

I knew instantly that she had just worked out the age difference between myself and Maria.

I nodded. “Yep.”

There was silence, not the uncomfortable type, more a stillness. We were both still watching the rain which thankfully was slowing down. Rose turned toward me again.

“I don’t want to be rude, but why would a twenty year old even be interested in, or want to have sex with someone nearly fifty years old? Are you really rich or something?”

I İstanbul travesti was amused by this question, but acted a little hurt. “You attack me!”

Hitting my hand to my chest I exclaimed. “Once more my battered heart takes a blow, I’m not FIFTY!”

I paused, “I was only forty seven when we got together, I’m forty-nine now. And NO, I am not really rich.”

There was silence, both again looking into the night.

Turning to look sideways at Rose I could see she had a smile on her face, I also noticed she was rubbing her hands together, cold. I reached out both my hands and said “Give me your hands, I will warm them.”

Rose seemed uncertain and made to step back, after a moment she moved a little closer and offered me her hands. I placed my big hands around her tiny hands. My hands were warm, almost hot when compared to the freezing fingers wrapped inside them.

Holding tight to her hands I continued, this time we were talking face to face and a lot closer.

Rose looked nervous again as she asked. “How did it start?”

“I knew Maria, she worked for me as a child minder, whilst I enjoyed watching her and admiring her body on the occasions I saw her, there was nothing intended on my part. One night I went to kiss her goodnight on her cheek as I usually do, she made the very first move, she kissed me on the lips first. At the time I was horrified.

I pulled back shocked. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to kiss your lips.”

She looked at me and said “I did.” Holding me tightly Maria started kissing again.”

I stopped at this point and was watching Rose, she had been looking at me now she staring into the night, clearly something was distracting her. She looked back at me.

“What then?”

“We were soon in each other’s arms, holding tightly, engaged in hot passionate kissing. The first time we made out, just kissing and touching, it was hot! As each other’s excitement was raised it wasn’t long before Maria’s hand had quickly reached into my trousers holding me, assuming a reciprocal agreement I had my hand in her panties.”

Rose was now watching me, her eyes didn’t leave mine.

I continued. “As we were both kissing and rubbing each other Maria kept asking me “How do you do that, how can you know?” , I was holding her upright, it wasn’t long before she reached her climax, screaming before almost collapsing into my arms, she was hugging me tight and asking over and over again. “How can you know? That’s so good””

I stopped at this point and closed my eyes, I was thinking back to that night. The memory of the night, combined with holding hands of this lovely girl had triggered an automatic response; I could feel myself growing in my pants. I moved my legs slightly to make room for the expansion which beginning to show.

Rose looked at me, noticed my movement, I saw her glance at my crotch, she licked her lips, I’m sure it was a subconscious action, but it looked so sexy.

“Know what? What did you know?”

“Maria later told me that she had been with three sexual partners including a long term boyfriend for several years, she had never been touched or rubbed as well as had just happened. She couldn’t believe it, how could someone make her feel this way.

How could someone know how she wanted to be touched? She said tonight was better than anything she had felt before, yet this was only the first time we had touched each other.”

Watching Rose I spoke I could see her listening to every word. She looked at me and smiled. “Nice.” Then she let out a gentle sigh. Thank you for warming my hands.”

I lifted her hands and just before releasing them I placed a small kiss to the back of each hand.

“The pleasure was mine m’lady, anytime” and gave a little bow. (Yeah I know…corny)

There was a moment of silence, Rose was looking at the ground, slowly looking up she was looking at me, and two amazing blue eyes were locked on mine. She shivered holding her arms tightly across her chest.

“It is getting cold.” I said

Rose was looking at me, she stepped forward till we were almost touching, she whispered “I’m cold, could I share some of your heat.”

I was confused for a moment, she wanted to share my heat, what did that mean? It may have taken a few seconds to determine the meaning of the request Faced with a lady telling me she was cold there was no hesitation. I would help anybody if I could, not sure I would invite another man to share my heat quite as quickly as I reacted when asked by a pretty young lady.

I opened my winter coat, not a quick thing to do, there were flaps and zips to keep the warmth inside and hostile weather out. As I opened my coat I was glad it was a little too big, bought several sizes larger for when I might be wearing a hunting or fishing vest.

Rose rushed forward with her jacket open and hugged me, wrapping her jacket around my sides and her arms behind my back. As Rose was hugging me I was able to fasten my coat with the press studs on the front.

I held Rose with my arms around her back, she was pushing gently, hugging me. Rose had her face against my chest, being shorter her stomach was now pushing against my erect penis, I knew this and she had to know this. I felt her actually push herself harder into my erection

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