Elsie the Cow Ch. 03

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I woke before him, as I always do. Waking early is part of a woman’s role in The Community. We need to train ourselves so we are ready when our man, whoever that might be on that morning, awakens.

I was watching him sleep, so beautiful, his 19-year-old body coming into the flower of manhood. The first sprinkling of pubic hair and a pimple on his chin signaled his readiness. I could see his eyes moving under his lids and wondered if I was part of his dream.

As I watched, still overwhelmed by the honor of being his First, I felt a sudden wave of pity for those outside of The Community. I understand that for them puberty strikes so terribly young. I suppose it’s no wonder that the news is filled with violence toward women. Those poor boys are not ready for the responsibility of sex, and in their twisted society, no woman is charged with teaching them.

When I’m feeling contemplative like that I have a fantasy of just building a wall around our community and locking outsiders out completely. The rational part of me recognizes that I’m being silly, but I just don’t see how that sick society can be saved.

I felt his first stirrings and returned my attention where it belonged, with my man.

I cursed myself for dawdling. I should have washed my face and brushed my hair so I would be presentable for him. I was ashamed but it was too late now.

I kissed him as his eyes fluttered open.

“Good morning, my love,” I said, snuggling against him.

His grin was still boyish as he reached for me but I rolled away, quickly.

“Bathroom first,” I said, “morning breath,” I added with a giggle and my palm covering my mouth.

His grin spread as he reached down to where he was hard. “I’ll have trouble aiming,” he said.

I giggled, my best girlish giggle, and held out my hand.

“I’ll help,” I said.

He took my hand and I led him to the shower rather than the toilet.

I kissed him as we waited for the water to run hot.

When we stepped into the shower I reached down and squeezed his erection.

“No need to aim in here,” I said and put my arms around his neck, and molded my body to his.

“Paulette,” he said, but stopped there.

I giggled and relaxed and started to pee. The scent of urine joined the steam.

“It’s okay, Benjamin,” I said, “we all pee in the shower.”

His eyes were on mine so I kissed him again, and held it until I felt him let go.

“There now,” I said, nuzzling his neck as he peed between us, “that wasn’t so bad.”

He said nothing but I felt the tension escort videoları leaving his body.

When he finished and softened, I picked up the soap and a washcloth and started bathing him. I washed his face and shampooed and rinsed his hair.

As I started on his body, the bar of soap in one hand as I soaped him thoroughly, I was surprised not at all to feel him come erect again when I started washing his cock and balls, working up a bit of lather in his fine pubic hair. He seemed surprised when I masturbated him quickly and then washed again.

I got to my knees, the water sluicing over us, and finished his legs and did his feet, making him jerk when I tickled them, almost slipping.

I used my hands on his hips and turned him so I could so his back.

Well, and his ass too which was right there so I kissed each cheek,

I stood as I finished, doing his upper back, and then handed him the soap.

“That’s three lessons, my dear,” I said, “first, sex, especially good sex is often messy but never dirty, second, how easy it is to finish a man, and third, now unfulfilling that is for him. Now a fourth – explore my body as you bathe me.”

He followed my example, doing my face first, making me giggle when bubbles made me sneeze and my nose started running.

My hair, uncut as with every woman in The Community, was still dark with only the first threads of grey. It takes a while to shampoo and then rinse.

But he managed and started on my body. My nipples, of course, started dripping as soon as they were touched, and he lifted each breast, washing it separately and, if we’re being honest here, more thoroughly than was strictly necessary.

When he started on my belly I said, “now be careful baby. Make sure you clean all the way to the bottom of each roll or I’ll get a rash. Rinse well too.”

So he did, very carefully, very thoroughly. Each fold was lifted and washed and rinsed independently. That final roll, low, my belly apron, a fat girl’s natural modestly, received extra attention I thought, but I wasn’t bitching.

He did my labia, the outside first, and then inside as well, his hands tentative, exploring.

Just as I had, he got to his knees and did my legs then, taking each foot in turn into his lap, making me almost fall when he did piggies on my toes.

He turned me with his hands and started up from my heels. At my ass, he spread my cheeks and washed VERY thoroughly back there. He did my back just as scrupulously, washing every gaziantep escort bayan videoları fold and crevice, rinsing them, then moving farther up.

Finally clean and rinsed, we giggled and laughed as we dried each other, both exploring the other, learning our special spots.

He was drying my hair, long and uncut, hanging a little past my ass, when he asked if he could comb it. I laughed and said, “of course, baby.”

I kissed him, handed him a comb, and added, “you can do pretty much anything you want with me.”

We spent a pleasant half-hour as he slowly ran the comb through my hair, each stroke a separate sweet pleasure for me and he seemed to be enjoying it as well.

I was surprised not at all to feel him getting hard against my back as he stroked my hair.

I took it as a good sign.

“Okay,” I said, turning to him, smiling.

“Ready for your next lesson?” I asked.

His grin was properly boyish.

I laughed, took his hand, and led him into the bedroom.

I took his hand and laid it on the roundness of my hip and then covered his fingers with mine and squeezed.

“The most important lesson, honey,” I said, smiling, “is I won’t break. If you hurt me I’ll let you know, but I’m not at ALL delicate.”

I covered his hand with mine again and guided it up to my breast where I used his fingers to squeeze and tug on my nipple until I had expressed some milk and my nipple started running under the hydraulic weight behind it. I smiled at him and went, “mooooooo.”

“Now,” I said, releasing his hand, not surprised that he kept playing with my nipple, “how about some kisses honey.”

He kissed my breast but it was more like the little pecks a bird might make than kisses.

I laughed and pushed him away, rolling quickly over to be on top.

My kisses were warm and soft, covering his face at first but then starting down.

I kissed his neck and then down.

His chest. I nipped at his nipples drawing little yelps from him.

His belly. He giggled and squirmed as I probe his belly button, a cute little innie, with my tongue.

That triangle of downy hair. I kissed and licked and took him into my mouth all the way, holding him while my tongue caressed his cock.

His balls. I kissed them softly then opened my mouth and took both in, sucking very gently.

He was moaning softly by then, and when I said “I love you” it was to his cock and balls as much as to him.

I crawled back up the bed until gaziantep escort videoları I lay beside him and said, softly, “like that baby.”

He was a very good learner.

He started, as I had, by covering my face with kisses.

“Women like the words too, honey,” I said.

“The words?” he asked.

I smiled and said, “I love you.”

He smiled and said, “I love you.”

He captured my wrists in his hand and pulled my arms over my head. Then he started kissing the thick, wiry hair of my armpits, the soft pads of fat at the back of my biceps, that very tender area inside my elbows.

“Oh honey, that’s nice,” I said, and I meant it.

He was getting to me. I could feel that wonderful pressure of womanneed deep in my belly, building quickly now.

I wrapped him up in a bear hug to break the pattern, drawing a deep breath.

“One more lesson for now,” I said, “okay?”

He was breathing hard too.

I watched as his eyes refocused.

He took a deep breath and said, “what’s that?”

“In The Community, honey,” I said, “a man doesn’t ask, a man takes what he wants from a woman. So don’t you start by asking, baby, just tell me what you want and you shall have it.”

He grinned then, probably his first true man-grin, and said, “enough talk, now spread your legs.”

I smiled and pulled my knees up until they touched my leaking nipples, holding my legs apart with my hands.

“Take what you want honey,” I said, “Fill me as only a man can fill a woman.”

This time still wasn’t very good. He had no technique and no control, but it was satisfying in an animal way far below the level of thought. Technique and skill could come later. As he panted on top of me I thought he was beautiful and when his mouth went open in a silent scream of release and his eyes squeezed shut, as he hissed his release I could feel the way he filled me to overflowing, his hot thick semen running down to puddle below my ass.

I held him, my fingers digging into his back feeling his pleasure, wanting to give him more.

He kissed me and said, “I love you.”

“I love you, baby,” I said.

He kissed me again and suddenly, with a little gasp, slipped out.

“Now relax honey,” I said, holding him, “let me have your weight.”

I felt him relaxing, slowly, settling onto me, into me actually, and I said, “I love you, baby,” again.

“Thank you,” he said and I giggled.

“No baby,” I said, “thank you for your beautiful gift.”

“My gift?” he said, nuzzling at my breast.

“Two gifts actually,” I said, stroking his hair, “the gift of making me your First, and this wonderful gift of your seed.”

He smiled and said, “well then, your welcome,” and I felt him relax completely, his weight settling onto me.

I was tickling his back very gently when I heard his first snores and I felt a wonderful sense of satisfaction that he would trust me so completely.

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