Ellie’s Messy Swim Ch. 02

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The first 2 chapters of this story have non-consent in them. If this isn’t for you then skip to chapter 3, which will have an intro and will work as a second chapter 1.


While sat waiting although there was no option but to wait, I had so many thoughts pop into my head I cannot even remember what most of them were but one that did keep showing itself was how in the hell I was going to get out of the mess. I tried to break the plastic chair but it was tougher than I was hoping it would be. I then tried to get either my hands or feet free but the ropes were tied with some skill, the sort of bondage knots me and Sam used to use. I then had one last thought before being interrupted. If Sam told Tom about my fantasies then did he also teach him everything he knew about them?

Just as that last thought was playing out in my head I heard the unmistakable sound of a door being unlocked and half of me hoped it was Tom as I didn’t want to be seen by anyone else in this state, and the other half hoped it was someone else so that they would help me out.

With that the door opened and closed again and as I tried to turn my head enough to see who it was the door closed and locked and I knew it was most certainly going to be Tom.

“Well hello there Ellie my you have been patient, sorry I was long but I had to make sure all the customers were gone and then the staff, so it looks like we are all alone.”

He then walked around me and stood in front and ripped the tape from my mouth and I spat out the cloth.


“I’m not 100% sure yet I thought I would just wing it, but I suppose I will start by seeing weather your pussy has decided to dry up yet.”

I felt a finger rub against my pussy lips, I wriggled but I couldn’t move enough and after a short while I had no more energy to wriggle.

“Finally you seem to have lost your fight.” He said as he pulled his fingers from my pussy. “Maybe now we can start our new relationship. I’m not going to give you two options which I will allow you to choose from, but if you don’t choose I will just take it that you want both, do you understand.”

I nodded my head “yes I understand.”

“OK then option one, you can be my slave and I will be your master, this will last till I decide it has run its course or your used up, this could be a week, month or year. Or option two I will not be your master but someone who used to be close to you will be, but after 4 weeks your duties are done you will be free, that’s if you want to be free at the end of it.”

He looked me straight in the eyes and I couldn’t even altyazı porno muster a sound.

“Either way I’m having my way with you but after that you have a choice, but do you want 4 weeks of Sam or an uncertain time with me.”

Again I couldn’t answer and I got a slap on my face.

“Give me an answer or I will have to just make it for you and we know which one I will pick but then I will have to punish you till I feel you have learned that when a slave gets asked a question its polite to answer straight away and truthfully.”

“I’m not going to answer that if I do I might as well give up.” I answered.

“Well then since this is all new to you I will give you 2 minutes to decide and if you haven’t by then your punishments start and the first one may be the worst, now I am going to go get a drink.”

He opened the door and left, but never closed the door I was just hoping that he was right and everyone had left for the day.

2 minutes later or what felt like 2 hours to me, Tom returned.

“Have you had a decision then Ellie?” You have 5 seconds to answer.

“Please let me go, I will leave and not look back, you will hear nothing from this I won’t tell anyone.”

“Well that didn’t sound like either of the options I gave you.” He said taking a sip of his drink which smelt like coffee. He then picked up something from behind me and told me to look up.

“Since you need your first punishment I’m going to make it one you will regret, here I have all your items from your locker. Firstly here are your clothes I will leave your bra and thong, but the rest I am going to have to burn in the sauna coals. When I get back make your decision or your underwear is next.”

“No please I’ve decided please don’t.” I pleaded.

“Sorry rules are rules but when I come back you can tell me.”

Again out the door went Tom and then back again after only about 30 seconds.

“I have decided option 1, I cannot deal with being slave to Sam.” I begged.

“Right ok now that we have that in order tile for your first slave lesson. If I tell you to do something I don’t want any hesitation, or I will punish you I want you to obey me and if you at any time stray from my wishes you will again be punished. Do you understand?”

I just nodded, after that I got a slap across my tits. “I hope this is not what I should expect from you, if I ask you a question I want words unless you cannot speak because there is something in your slut mouth. I will accept yes sir or master understood?”

“Yes master.” I replied.

“Good now for me to see how much you will obey I am going to untie amatör porno you but, if you try and run or get away I will stop you and well you know what.”

He went and locked the door back up and then untied my right hand and told me to do the rest of the knots telling me that he knew I knew how to tie and untie them. Then he told me to stand up straight with my hands behind my back, chest out and legs shoulder width apart.

“First things first, I want you to remember that this is your standing position, if I say stand this is how I want you to. Not I want you to take this key and open the door, I am going to test your obedience.”

I took the key from him and unlocked the door, then I returned the key to Tom knowing I had no way to get out of the building in sure he door would be locked.

“let’s go to the pool.” Was the request from my master.

“Yes sir.” I said as I walked to the pool once there I got told to stand and took up the position.

“Next I want you to get my dick out of these pants before it bursts its way out then get into the pool.”

“Yes sir” I begun to pull down his shorts and suddenly his dick flopped out and stood to attention is was a good size probably 7 inched and had a good girth. I then got into the pool as master sat on the side and ordered me to suck his dick.

I was going up and down the shaft and had a good rhythm when I felt a hand go onto my head and push down I was not taking most of his dick but I couldn’t take the full length I then got pushed off.

“That was a great start slave but I’m thinking it’s time for me to fuck your pussy up. Get out of the pool and lay on that towel and wait for me.” He pointed towards a towel just away from the pool.

I lay down and waited thinking how I got into this mess in the first place. Then master came back I looked up and he had a hose pipe.

“Time for me to make sure your clean enough for me fuck slut.” Then he turned the hose on and washed me down with the freezing water.

“NO NO NO PLEASE STOP THAT TOO COLD PLEASE MASTER!” I begged but nothing changed except master was laughing.

“Only one more place to wash not long now.” Then he pointed the pipe at my pussy and my senses went wild the cold hitting my pussy had a painful chill but the water hitting my pussy felt good. Then the water stopped and master came over to me.

“Right slave lets start with you doing some more work stand up and get yourself onto my dick.” Master laid himself down on the side and pulled me towards him. I straddled his dick and slowly squatted down allowing his dick to enter my pussy. I felt his arms on my tits amatör porno and he started to squeeze them softly at first but the more the time went on the rougher he became. Then he let go and pushed me off and told me he wanted me to wait there in the doggy style position.

He came back and I heard a camera slick I looked up and he had my phone taking pictures. “Smile slut” he said and took a picture of me. Then he went behind me and said countdown from 5 slave.

“5…4…3…2…1… OUCH PLEASE OWWWW!!”

He shoved his dick hard into my pussy showing no remorse and continued his assault of my pussy for a few minutes then he pulled out and told me to move into the sauna.

When we got to the sauna he told me to lay on the bench, and I did as I was told then he stuck his dick back into my mouth and I sucked on the head of his dick, not long after he pulled out and told me to close my mouth and eyes. I then felt warm liquid splash onto my face and I knew he was spunking onto my face it went onto my closed mouth and eyes and up my nose.

“There we go slave but I’m not quite done with you today, I want you to lay there till I come get you I’m going to get ready to go home but do not move a muscle.” Then “click.” Another picture was taken.

About 20 minutes later back came I was still there how he left me.

“Well done slave you did well I’m proud, but can you open your eyes or did the sauna dry the cum?”

I managed to open my eyes “I can open then master.”

“Well ok then here are your clothes.” He handed me my thong and bra. “it’s time for you to go home but I want you to return tomorrow at 19:00, that’s the last session of the day I will text you want to wear and bring. Oh and those pictures and videos I took I want you to look at them tonight and tell me what you thought when we meet tomorrow, oh and I have sent a copy to my phone. I want you to keep them on your phone till we are no longer master and slave, if you delete them I will send them out. Understood slave?”

“Yes master but what if someone looks at my phone and sees them?”

“Then that would be your own fault, now let’s get out of here.”

“This cannot be all I get to wear home master im basically naked?” I asked.

“Well that’s what your punishment was I told you, you wouldn’t like it oh and I want you to keep the cum on your face till you get home too.”

With that I was shoved out of the door still with my bra and thong in my hand and then master closed and locked the door behind us.

“Hurry up and get your clothes on you don’t want to get caught.” Master laughed.

I did as I was told and scurried to my car and drove home, luckily the drive was uneventful and I got home washed myself down and went straight to bed after the exhaustion of my days events. Not that I got much sleep.


Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it please leave any comments or feedback there very appreciated.

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