Ellie and Michelle

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[The girls get to “know” one another.]

[This story is about girl-girl sex.]

Ellie and Michelle met at the nude beach.

Ellie had been going to the nude beach since she had returned from France. Her folks had taken her there as a high school graduation gift. They had spent several days at a naturist resort on Cap d’Agde on the French Mediterranean. There her Mom with the help of her Dad introduced her to sex. What’s the expression: “Like a duck takes to water.”?

Michelle had started going to the nude beach to see women’s bodies. Since she had been awakened to girl-girl sex she had a growing appreciation of and fondness for the female body. Her awakening was at the hands and mouth of a woman who offered a service to women seeking their first girl-girl sexual experience. Michelle had worked on the ranch owned by the woman and had developed a serious crush on her. The woman acknowledged it with a girl-girl experience. Michelle had surrendered herself to the woman who in turn felt honored and gave of herself to Michelle. It was an extraordinary first time.

From the first time Michelle saw Ellie’s body, she liked it. She wanted to get to know Ellie “better”. An opportunity arose. There was a group which included Ellie seeking to start up a sand volleyball game. They were going about inviting people to play. When someone asked Michelle, she jumped at the opportunity. Several times during the rotation, she and Ellie were facing one another at the net. They exchanged comments. Ellie noticed that Michelle looked at her lustfully. It excited her.

After the game, Michelle searched out Ellie and struck up a conversation. During the conversation Ellie caught Michelle several times looking at her breasts and pussy. She felt that the direct approach would be best “Do you like what you see?” she asked Michelle, “It excites me when you look.”

Michelle initially started to turn away embarrassed but when she heard “it excites me” she stopped turning and looked into Ellie’s eyes and smiled. Ellie laughed. Michelle laughed.

“What’s up?” Ellie asked.

Michelle recounted her first girl-girl experience with Becca and her latest one with Diana, an older lesbian. Ellie recounted her introduction to recreational sex by her parents at the Cap d’Agde naturist resort and with Nia, a female who was born with a cock.

Ellie took note of Michelle’s body language and expressions when she described how Becca positioned her so that they had their hands free to explore one another’s bodies, to kiss and to suckle one another’s nipples. Becca had masturbated Michelle in that position. Because of their closeness, they came together in a soul searching kiss as Michelle orgasmed. Ellie could readily imagine herself in a similar situation. She felt stirrings below.

Michelle listened enviously as Ellie described being fucked by Nia in the Kuma Sutra “Riding the Elephant” position. Michelle’s pussy tingled at the thought of hugging onto another, having access to her partner’s teats and being able to caress and kiss them as they were fucking. She smiled when Ellie told her that she had acquired a feeldoe and was looking forward to trying the position with a girl. As Ellie told her that they looked into one another’s eyes. Ellie smiled. Michelle breathed heavily.

Both were impressed with the other’s experiences. There was to be no seduction here. They both sensed a mutual desire to be intimate, to enjoy some good girl-girl sex. Ellie held back a bit recognizing that Michelle was a few years older and would let her take the lead.

Michelle invited Ellie to join her at an upcoming open dance. Music of the 40s and 50s was featured. They would be dancing jitterbug, fox trot and slow dance. Sensing some hesitation in Ellie she quickly offered that there was basic instruction at the beginning and as an open dance, anyone could ask anyone else to dance. She assured her that she’d have a good time. Many of the more experienced dancers would ask her to dance affording her more opportunities to learn and practice. It really was selfish on their part. They wanted to develop potential partners. It was not uncommon to see two girls dancing. She was smiling Casibom when she told Ellie that she was looking forward to dancing with her.

Ellie smiled and happily accepted the invitation. Since Michelle had to pass by Ellie’s apartment on the way it was decided that Michelle would pick her up.

Ellie had a good time. She learned enough of the foot patterns in the basic instructions and the meaning of the different leads that she was able to dance to most of the songs except those that were very fast. She quickly learned how “hold a frame” and to “follow” her partner’s leads.

She enjoyed dancing with Michelle, especially to the slower tempo music in which they did a slow 8-count step. Michelle held her close such that their breasts would caress one another and Michelle’s thigh would brush against her mons as Michelle led her.

Ellie liked the feel of being in Michelle’s arms as did Michelle like having her in them. They were developing warm feelings for one another. They were developing a sexual hunger for one another.

Upon arriving at Ellie’s apartment, Ellie invited Michelle in. Ellie did not want the night to end. Her body was alive, yearning for intimacy. All that body contact while dancing, especially when she danced the slow numbers with Michelle, rubbing bodies including covered nipples together, had already made her wet. She could feel it between her labia when she walked.

Ellie showed Michelle around her apartment so that she would know where things were. They settled in the kitchen. It was one with a high counter and tall chairs. Michelle was sitting and Ellie was busy getting wine and snacks. They were chatting. Ellie sensed that Michelle was nervous, like she didn’t know how to break the ice. They both were aware of the “elephant” in the room. They both knew that they were going to have sex. It was just how to begin. Ellie took things in her own hands. When Michelle rose to get something, Ellie took Michelle into her arms and kissed her. It was an “I’m here for you” kiss. Michelle returned the kiss. It became one of mutual enjoyment, wide mouths, wet, lots of tongue, playful, toying with the others lips and tongue, nipping a chin and kissing the nose. When they were satiated for the moment, they stepped apart, Michelle continuing to get what she rose to get, laughing, saying “Well, I’m glad that’s been established.”

Ellie laughed and reached out and copped Michelle’s nearest breast.

“My, my, aren’t we brazen!” Michelle said smiling broadly.

They both chuckled.

They sat there, next to each other for a while. Chatting, sharing experiences and opinions, feeding one another a munchie, putting their fingers in the other’s mouth, copping a feel here, another there. They were enjoying themselves. They enjoyed what they were doing. They felt comfortable with one another. They knew where the night was going. There was no rush. They both accepted that Michelle would be there for breakfast.

When the tidbit plate was empty, Ellie asked: “Munchies are gone. What’s next?”

Michelle smiled broadly including her eyes and responded, “Have I not been patient enough waiting to munch on you?”

Ellie rose with a glee and started walking to her bedroom stripping as she went. “Don’t be too tardy,” she called back.

Michelle followed also stripping as she did.

She found Ellie lying flat on her bed, spread eagle, basically yelling “Here I am. Enjoy!”

Michelle lowered herself on top of her, intertwined her fingers into hers and pushed Ellie’s hands up over Ellie’s head and kissed her. Ellie captured Michelle with her legs and pulled her tightly into herself. One kiss led to another. The kisses got wetter. Their mouths widened to capture the others.

They rolled onto their side so that each could enjoy the other’s breast. They continued their kissing. They caressed everywhere that their hands could reach. They caressed and fondled each other’s breast, drawing the palm of their hand over the nipple. They were getting to “know” one another. They weren’t striving to arouse. They were appreciating. It was Ellie who moved to widen the gap between them. She wanted to feel Michelle’s Casibom Giriş pussy.

As they were exploring, getting to know one another, they were talking to one another: “Your breast is so firm.” “Your nipple is fun to play with.” Your skin is so soft.” “You like that, huh?” “Do that again. I like it.” “I’m so happy that you like my body.”

Ellie quickly moved her caressing to Michelle’s front, extending her hand until she was caressing Michele’s labia. Michelle bent her top leg placing her foot on the bed behind her other leg. She had opened her pussy to Ellie’s explorations.

“Thanks,” Ellie said as she did the same to her leg, opening herself to Michelle’s exploitations.

As they explored, they kissed. They talked. Like their caressing, the kissing wasn’t to arouse. It was mutual enjoyment: doing to the other, receiving from the other.

It was Michelle who ended their explorations. Her hunger was too great to ignore. She needed to have Ellie’s teats in her mouth and to bury her face in her pussy and taste her nectar.

Michelle pushed Ellie onto her back and scooting down a bit. She began lathing Ellie’s breasts with the flat of her wet tongue. She’d lap from the outward edge of Ellie’s areola to the nipple where she would tease and flip the nipple with the tip of her tongue. She did it from nipple to nipple until both nipples were full engorged. She then began to suck on them capturing the whole of the areola in her mouth and while maintaining a sucking vacuum, would withdraw her mouth pulling the nipple with her lips. It was Ellie who stopped her when her teats felt well used.

“I liked that. I like your teats,” Michelle said as she raised herself and scooted sideways to have her face over Ellie’s pussy. Her own pussy was within reach of Ellie’s hand.

Michelle swiped her tongue through Ellie’s labia. She reached as far as she could to reach nectar. She couldn’t get enough. With her fingers she parted Ellie’s lips and dragged the flat of her tongue through the valley collecting as much nectar as was there and brought it into her mouth to savoir. She did it again but this time brought her tongue to Ellie’s clit to arouse her and to encourage her body to produce more nectar. She would alternate, a swipe to collect and savoir then a swipe to create more nectar.

Ellie was enthralled. “Do it! Do it!” she encouraged Michelle.

Ellie reached her hand out, found Michelle’s pussy and insert a finger into Michelle’s vagina to excite her G-spot. Michelle had raised and bent her leg to encourage and facilitate Ellie’s access.

They got “lost” in what they were doing: Michelle with her face in Ellie’s pussy and Ellie enjoying the feelings. Ellie’s orgasm triggered Michelle’s. They rested in their position appreciating what they had just enjoyed. They were feeling alive. You know, like climbing a mountain to its ridge and just sitting on top enjoying the vista.

Ellie gathered herself up, squirmed down and kissed Michelle and got out of bed saying, “I’ll be right back. I have a nice surprise for you.”

When she returned she was preceded by her feeldoe. It was a bright purple. She was smiling.

Michelle watched as she got back onto the bed and sat cross legged. “Come here,” she told Michelle, “you’ll love this.”

Ellie had Michelle stand up and lower herself onto the feeldoe. Ellie had lubricated it when she had inserted it into herself. As Michelle lowered herself, Ellie had her bend her knees and place them along Ellie’s sides. Michelle’s butt was resting in the oval formed by Ellie’s crosses legs. She was fully impaled on the feeldoe. All her weight was on it. The feeldoe was sitting firmly against both their clits. With any movement they both felt it.

“You like?” Ellie asked.

“Yes, it feels good,” responded Michelle.

Ellie brought Michelle close and began to kiss her. They were light kisses, teasing kisses. As she was kissing her she was caressing her back and arms. Her caresses were equally light and teasing. Their breasts were pushing against one another. It all felt good.

As Ellie felt Michelle relax into the embrace she began kissing with wetter lips, Casibom Güncel Giriş some tongue and a wider mouth. She started caressing with her nails. She felt the hunger arising in Michelle. Michelle was kissing back in earnest. She had become an equal participant. She had begun caressing Ellie’s back and arms with her nails.

Ellie began rocking their bodies back and forth and sideways. They both felt the feeldoe massaging their clits. Michelle felt the out and in motion of the feeldoe in her vagina. She gripped it with her muscles. It felt good. It was subtle. Ellie felt the movement in her vagina also but the bulb at her end of the feeldoe didn’t allow it to move in and out. She, still, though grabbed it with her muscles. It felt good to her also.

Michelle started to manage their rocking motion to maximize the good feelings. She was getting into it and it only got better.

Ellie arched her chest back a bit to give her room to play with Michelle’s nipples. She pulled on them and pinched them.

Michelle whimpered. She arched slightly and she began doing the same to Ellie’s nipples.

And there they were in contact, body to body, from their lips to their pussies. Feeling pleasure and slight pain in their nipples, gently swaying this way and that. Feeling the feeldoe motions on their clits and in their vaginas. They lost themselves in their togetherness.

When Michelle orgasmed Ellie brought her arms around Michelle and held her tightly. Ellie felt Michelle’s shuddering through the feeldoe on her clit and in her vagina. She climaxed. Michelle held her tightly. They continued to kiss as they came down from their orgasms.

When they had, Michelle hugged Ellie and whispered in her ear, “That was awesome. Thank you.”

To which Ellie whispered back. “You’re welcome. It was indeed my pleasure. I hope you’ll join me riding the elephant again.”

They rotated and fell sideways onto the bed, straightening out their legs without disengaging the feeldoe. They separated a bit so that they could look into one another’s eyes and shared their feelings while gently caressing one another and occasional moving the feeldoe in and out. It just felt good.

As they began to doze off they separated with Ellie spooning Michelle and the feeldoe, between her legs, lying against her labia. Sometime during the night Ellie removed it.

When they awoke in the morning they did not want to put on clothes. They wanted to enjoy looking at the other’s body and to touch, caress and hug whenever the feeling arose. They especially liked to come up behind the other and pull them into a hug, reaching their arms around the other to gently play with their breasts or their pussy or both. They appreciated touching and caressing the other and being touched and caressed. It wasn’t about arousing.

They worked together to prepare breakfast and sat at the counter and ate. After they cleared and cleaned the dishes Ellie was sitting on a stool. Michelle came over and moved between Ellie’s knees and mons-to-mons, kissed Ellie and thanked her for a wonderful time. Ellie thanked Michelle for her participation for without it would not have been so wonderful. She also thanked her for inviting her to the dance. As they were doings this they were kissing and touching.

Michelle stopped. “Hold that thought for a minute, I’ll be right back,” she said.

Ellie heard her in the bathroom. When she came back into the kitchen she was preceded by a purple cock. She came immediately over to Ellie, pushed between her knees and inserted the feeldoe all the way into Ellie. Ellie was smiling.

“Now what were we talking about?” asked Michelle, smiling.

As they chatted and kissed, Michelle rocked back and forth, out and in went the feeldoe. It was a slow fuck. There was breast play. It was mutually enjoyable recreational girl-girl sex.

After Ellie orgasmed she pushed Michelle back disengaging the feeldoe, removed it from her vagina, turned her around and sat her on the stool, gave her the feeldoe telling her to lick it clean and kneeled between Michelle’s legs, “eating her out” to a grand orgasm.

They returned to the bedroom, lay on the bed and just chatted until it was time for Michelle to leave. They could not stop touching one another as they chatted.

Michelle remembered that she didn’t do with Ellie what she had done with Becca. It would have to wait until next time. It would be soon.

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