Ebony Seduction Ch. 08

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Honestly, neither one of us received much sleep that night. The excitement of what was about to happen kept creeping into my mind. A whole week in paradise with the love of my life! At last, Keisha and I fell into a fitful slumber. I awoke early, my arm around her body, holding her close to me. Glancing at the bedside clock and seeing that it was five thirty, I decided to start my day early. Our plane wasn’t scheduled to leave for another four hours but I knew that I was too excited to go back to sleep now. Gently disentangling myself from Keisha’s sleeping form, I went to the bathroom and began morning ritual.

By the time Keisha awoke, I’d already finished showering, had packed the car and made us a light breakfast. I was sitting on the couch, sipping my second cup of coffee while she finished getting herself prepared. She stumbled to the kitchen, wrapped in a towel, grabbed a bagel and a cup of java and sat next to me on the couch. We enjoyed each others company in silence as we finished drinking and eating. I began rubbing her leg, enjoying the smoothness of her skin. Keisha sighed and laid back on the couch, propping her feet on my lap. I finally broke the silence. “Nervous?”

“A little.” Keisha replied, looking at me through half lidded eyes.

“It will be fine.” I said, still stroking her leg. “You’ll see.” My hand roamed a little higher, dipping underneath the towel as I rubbed her thigh. Keisha sighed and adjusted her body which caused the towel to part just a bit, giving me a wonderful view of her treasures. My hand moved farther up her thigh and then I reversed my stroke as I caressed her whole leg, from her hip down to her foot. She closed her eyes and smiled at my touches. I knew we had to leave soon but I really wanted to taste her badly. So I gently maneuvered my body from under her and laid down with my head right at her pussy. I kissed her shaven mound and then each of the outer lips as she placed one leg on the floor, spreading her pussy open for me. Glancing up, I saw that Keisha had undone her towel and was playing with her nipples as I opened her vagina up further with my fingers before leaning in and kissing her right on her clitoris. Her breath caught when I did that so I did it again. A low moan emanated from her chest as I began to eat her out in earnest.

I gave Keisha two intense orgasms using my lips and fingers before I rose up, kneeling on the couch. “Better?” I asked, my face coated with her cum. She smiled and nodded, her hands still lingering on her breasts. “Good.” I said, getting up off of the couch and lightly smacking her on the hip. “Now get up and get dressed. We gotta go soon.” Keisha reached her arms out to me and I grasped her hands, helping her off the couch. I pulled her into an embrace and gave her a hard kiss on her mouth. “Come on gorgeous. Get moving.” I said as I broke the kiss. She sighed again and stuck her tongue out at me before running to the bedroom and getting dressed. I went to the bathroom and washed my face before touching up my make up.

By the time I was finished, Keisha had emerged from the bedroom. We had both decided to go for comfort instead of fashion with a shorts and tee shirt combo. It was going to be a long day of traveling and I knew from experience that it was better to be comfortable than looking our best. Giving the house the once over to make sure everything was secure and nothing was forgotten, I gave one last, longing look at my laptop sitting on the living room coffee table, then shut and locked the door. I’d promised myself that I wouldn’t take my precious computer, wanting to focus solely on Keisha and relaxing. When I’d told Keisha of my decision the night before, she told me that if I even brought up the subject of work, she would pull me across her knee and spank my ass. I was tempted to call her bluff, just to see if she would do it. For some reason, when she said that, a small shudder coursed through me. Even now, the image of me laying over my lover’s knees, her hand smacking hard against my ass caused my pussy to twitch as I walked to the car.


I was right. It was an incredibly long day. Keisha was incredibly nervous at first but, by the time we boarded the flight to Hawaii at LAX, she was even more excited than I was, grabbing my hand and practically dragging me down the gangplank to the awaiting plane. I actually enjoyed traveling and was getting anxiously excited myself about the prospects that were waiting for us upon our destination. We both slept pretty well on the way down, sharing a blanket and holding hands underneath it.

By the time we landed in Honolulu, the sun was just cresting on the horizon. By the time we drove to the hotel, parked the rental car and walked to the lobby to check in, it was nine o’clock local time. It was dizzying to think that back in Boston, we would be back in the office well after lunch. The opulence of the hotel took my breath away for a moment as I bursa otele gelen escort paused to gaze at the luxury before me. I glanced over to Keisha and noticed that she had the same stunned expression on her face. She turned and met my eyes. We both smiled at each other and began walking quickly up to the front desk. The clerk at the counter smiled most graciously as we approached. I gave him my information as Keisha just looked around, trying to take it all in. The huge bay windows at the back of the lobby gave a truly incredible view of the beach and ocean and I couldn’t help but be distracted a little at the sight as the clerk entered in the information on his computer. The sound of his voice saying my name brought me out of my reverie. “Thank you Miss Smith. Everything is in order. Please allow me to call someone to help you to your room.” I smiled and said my thanks as he summoned a bellhop from the back. “I hope you and your wife enjoy your stay with us.” I tried to hide my giggles when the clerk said that because that remark got Keisha’s attention.

She smiled and said “Oh, I’m sure we will, thank you. We’re not married, though. We just got engaged!” Again, I did my best not to react when she said that but couldn’t help but turn my head to her. Keisha flashed me her best smile and gave me a little wink.

“Oh, congratulations to you both!” said the clerk. “There are so many fun things for you to do here. I’m sure you will have a wonderful time.” At that moment, the bellhop arrived to load our luggage onto the dolly and he followed us the elevator. The room was on the 12th floor, giving us the same spectacular view of the beach. He helped us with our luggage and left after I’d tipped him.

“Engaged?” I asked, turning back to Keisha. She had begun removing her clothes as soon as the door closed behind the departing bellhop. She shrugged at me as she lowered her shorts down her legs.

“It just came out, Pam. I hope you’re not mad.” Keisha added at the end, a slightly concerned look on her face.

I tried to give her my sternest look. “Of course I’m mad. I take my lover to Hawaii for our engagement and I don’t even have the decency to buy her a ring.” My face broke out in a grin as relief swept over her.

“Oh…yeah. How dare you forget that.” Keisha replied in mock anger. I walked over to her, wrapped my arms around her waist and gave her the deepest, most soulful kiss I could.

After breaking the kiss, I brought my lips close to her ear and whispered “Well, maybe we need to remedy that, my love.” Pulling back, I giggled at the stunned expression on her face.

“Oh God! You don’t mean…” I winked at her as she struggled to comprehend what I had said. I flopped down onto the bed, spreading my arms and legs to take in the full measure of the mattress and soft down comforter. Keisha climbed on and snuggled next to me, her hand slipping under my shirt and resting on my stomach. We laid there for a while, just enjoying the closeness. I found myself slipping off to sleep when I heard Keisha ask “Are you asking?” I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling for a minute, trying to collect my thoughts.

“Would you say yes?” was the only thing that I could think of at that moment.

“My mother always said that it’s impolite to answer a question with a question, you know.”

“I know. I just don’t want to ask the most important question in our lives in some hotel suite, no matter how nice it is. I would want it to be special.”

“This is special, though. I just don’t want you to feel pressured into asking the most important question over some stupid comment I made in the heat of the moment.” I wrapped my arm around her and tilted her head up with my other hand. Lowering my lips to hers, we shared a soft, gentle kiss. Resting my head back on the pillow, I held her tightly against me.

“You never answered my question, you know. Would you say yes if I asked?”

“You haven’t asked yet.” was her reply. We both drifted off to sleep a refreshing nap.

I awoke to a breeze blowing through the room. The distant sound of the surf crashing upon the sandy beach was the only noise. I noticed that Keisha wasn’t in my arms and looked around until I spotted her. She was facing out, leaning against the rail on the balcony. The sun illuminated her naked form, outlining her body in a halo of light. Grabbing my phone, trying hard not to make a sound, I clicked a quick succession of pictures. After reviewing them to make sure that I was happy with capturing that moment in time, I rolled out of bed and walked onto the balcony to join her.

Keisha had her eyes closed. A look of rapture was etched onto her face as the heat radiating from the sun warmed her and the cooling breeze played over her body. I sat down on the deck chair, enjoying the view in front of me. After a few silent moments, she turned around to face me. “Okay, I’m convinced. We need to move escort bayan here.” I laughed at that and rose up, smacking her lightly on the hip as I walked passed her.

“Come on, lady. Get dressed. I’m starved.” I walked to the bathroom to freshen up and by the time I was finished, Keisha had thrown on a sundress and a pair of sandals. It was very obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Should I even ask if you are wearing any panties under that?” I asked as I looked approvingly at her outfit. It was my favorite dress that she’d picked out. An off white number with spaghetti straps. It was also translucent, showing off the outline of her beautiful body whenever light illuminated her.

Keisha smiled at the question but instead of answering, bent over and opened my luggage, pulling out a sundress of my own. She walked over to me, kissed me briefly and began lifting the hem of my shirt. I let her undress me, standing there passively as she removed first the shirt, then my bra, pausing to give each of my nipples a quick peck. Kneeling in front of me, Keisha lowered my shorts down my legs and then raised each of my feet in turn so that she could toss them onto the pile of my clothes laying on the floor. She ran her hands up my legs slowly and I closed my eyes at her touch, a full body shiver coursing through me as she made her way up to my panties. Keisha slipped her fingers under the band and, ever so slowly, lowered them down. I stepped out of them and was about to reach for the dress lying on the bed when I felt her hands pushing my knees apart.

My breathing quickened as Keisha, still kneeling on the floor, brought her face to my crotch. I watched as her delicate tongued poked out and licked the outer lips of my pussy. Her eyes opened and, for a second that lasted an eternity, our gazes locked as her lips made contact with my vagina. I threw my head back and let out a long moan as Keisha gripped my ass cheeks, pulling her face tightly against my body. My legs began to shake from my lover’s talented tongue quickly pushing me to the brink of orgasm. My fingers flew to my breasts and I alternated kneading them and rolling my nipples between my index fingers and thumbs. I could feel the pressure in my loins building when Keisha pursed her lips and sucked my clit into her mouth, gently biting down and whipping her tongue back and forth. I let out a scream and coated her face with my cream as she dug her fingers into my ass and drank my nectar down. My body was still trembling when Keisha stood up, grabbed my face in her hands and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. We swapped saliva and my cum for a minute before she backed away and ran to the bathroom to clean up. I inhaled deeply, then slowly exhaled to gather my nerves before reaching for the dress and slipping it over my head. Retrieving a pair of sandals and putting them on, I grabbed our purses and walked to the door. Keisha emerged from the bathroom just as I passed and, after handing her her purse, we walked, hand in hand, to the elevator.

Keisha and I decided to eat at the hotel restaurant. Even though it was early, there were still plenty of patrons so I took it as a good sign that the food would be delicious. Our waitress, who introduced herself as Lani, was incredibly cute, dressed in a Hawaiian print dress with long, black hair. After she left with our orders, we started discussing what our plans were going to be for the day. Keisha wanted to just walk on the beach and I was pushing for a tour of the city. That’s when I noticed Lani returning, smiling and carrying a bottle of white wine. I was a bit surprised as we’d each ordered just a glass. “Compliments of the staff on your engagement.” she said as she presented the bottle. I caught Keisha’s eyes who blushed furiously at that. Giggling, I graciously accepted for us.

“Please tell them thank you for us, Lani. That is incredibly sweet of them.” Lani placed the bottle on the table and turned to leave. “Wait, please.” I said, stopping her before she walked away. “Perhaps you could help us. We’re trying to decide on what to do next. Keisha here is wanting to explore your beach and I was thinking of touring the city. Which would you recommend.”

“Well,” Lani said, pausing for effect. “Personally, I’m a city girl, myself. But, our beach here is amazing. Why not tour the beach this afternoon and tonight, drive around the city. If you like a little nightlife, my girlfriends and I love this bar downtown.” Lani wrote the name “Tiki’s at Scarlet” on a napkin, handed it to me with a wink and left to check on our food. I took the bottle and poured a glass for myself and Keisha, who was looking down at her plate, trying not to meet my gaze. I could see tears glistening on her face.

“To our engagement.” I said softly, holding the glass aloft in a toast. Keisha picked up her glass, half-heartedly repeated the words and touched my glass with hers. “Oh, come on, Keish.” I said, trying to lighten mudanya escort the mood. “I’m not angry, seriously. In fact, I love it. Look, why don’t we do what Lani suggests. It sounds like fun. I haven’t been to an actual night club in quite sometime.” At that, Keisha looked up, wiped her eyes, and gave me a little smile. I reached out and took her hand in mine.

“Thanks, Pam.” I held her hand until our food arrived. With one taste of the grilled Mahi Mahi, I knew why this place was busy. After lunch, I told Keisha that I would join her on the beach shortly.

“Got an errand to run. I’ll give you a call when I’m done, okay?” She nodded, gave me a quick kiss and went back to her room to don her bikini. I went to the car and, after getting in, googled the location for a jewelry store. After getting the location for Kay’s, I made my way through the daily traffic to the store. There were butterflies in my stomach as I parked and walked to the entrance. This was a momentous decision I was about to make. I hesitated for a moment, my hand on the knob. Was this what Keisha wanted? Was this what I wanted? It seemed so clear to me back in the restaurant on what I had to do but now, standing at the entrance of the store, I found myself questioning it. I didn’t want to ruin our time here by being impulsive. Well, there would be no harm in just looking, I thought to myself. Opening the door, I crossed the threshold and entered.

The gentleman at the counter smiled as I entered and asked if there was anything that he could help me with. I nervously smiled back and asked to see the selection of engagement rings. There were so many beautiful choices that my mind reeled. The gentleman, who introduced himself as Michael, was very helpful, taking out each ring I asked about and describing in great detail on what the diamonds were and how they were cut. Each one was beautiful in their own way but nothing seemed, well, perfect. Then I saw it. I paused for a moment, just looking at the diamond ring that was sitting in the display case. I could picture, in my minds eye, how it would look on Keisha’s finger. Perfect. It would look perfect.

Michael pulled it out of the case and handed it to me. I took it from his fingers almost reverently. A large chocolate diamond was set in the center surrounded by a ring of white diamonds. Each one sparkled with the slightest movement of my trembling fingers. This was the one I was looking for. I tore my gaze away and handed him back the ring. Michael smiled and simply asked what size I was looking for. Luckily, I knew Keisha’s size from a previous time that we were looking at a brochure from her college on class rings that she was thinking of getting. He went to the backroom after locking up the display case and, a few minutes later, returned with a small box. Again, I hesitated for a moment before handing him my credit card. After leaving the store, I sat in the car, just holding the opened ring box in my hand. The butterflies had returned as the realization of what I’d just done set in. I almost ran back in to get my money back but instead, started the car and drove back to the hotel.

Luckily, Keisha wasn’t in the room when I entered. A quick phone call confirmed that she was still on the beach, sunning herself. After hiding the ring box in my suitcase, I stripped off my dress and donned my bathing suit. I put my dress back on for modesty’s sake, grabbed my sunglasses, a towel and a bottle of water and headed out to where she was sunbathing.

I noticed that the beach wasn’t that crowed as I made my way down path. Admiring the view of several other women worshiping the sun, I could here children playing in the distance as the smell of the ocean filled my nostrils. It had been a while since I’d been to the beach. It’d been a while since I’d done anything fun, I ruefully thought to myself. I noticed a couple of young guys watching me as I made my way to my lover. If they only knew, I thought, chuckling quietly. I decided to give them a little show when I finally arrived where Keisha was lying. She was listening to music on her phone and I could see that her eyes were closed even though she was wearing sunglasses. Setting down my stuff, I grabbed the hem of my dress and slowly pulled it over my head. Then I knelt down and kissed Keisha hello. Her reaction was priceless as she gasped and then smiled when she opened her eyes and saw me looking down on her. “God, if we were alone, I’d take you right here, right now.” I said as she removed the buds from her ears. Laughing, Keisha let out a low moan.

“Want to go back to the room, then?”

“Nah, I can wait.” I answered as I spread my towel next to her. I grabbed the sunscreen from Keisha’s beach bag and squirted a dollop onto my palm.

“Hey, beautiful, do you mind doing my back?” Keisha asked as she rolled over, undoing the strap to her top?

“You are a cruel woman. You know that, right?” I laughing said as I started to rub the sunscreen into her shoulders.

“So, are you going to inform me of what your little ‘errand’ was or are you going to keep me in the dark?” I squirted more sunscreen onto the small of her back, causing her to gasp.

“You’ll find out.” I replied as my fingers spread the white goo all over her back.

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