Dumb Jocks Ch. 06.5

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I have made some edits to all the stories so if you’re seeing this you might want to read the others to make sense. Though if you’re here for a fuckfest, continue reading!


Sleeping heavily, I woke up on Thursday ready for another fuck session. Realising that I hadn’t had Callum in a while, I sent him a message.

‘You know the test is tomorrow right?’

Dropping my phone, I got ready for a meeting with some students from my course. We had to write an essay and a presentation on banks financial practices. It wasn’t as fun as fucking a musclebound hunk but college wasn’t meant to be all fun and games, I actually had a degree to get.

Locking my door, my phone rang. Seeing that it was Callum calling, I picked it up.

“Hey, sorry I didn’t talk to you yesterday. Kinda got carried away with the match against the freshers. We had to sit through Rocky’s long meeting on how we were gonna win.”

“Hey, it doesn’t bother me,” I bluffed, “it’s not my education on the line.”

“Um yeah, point taken. Look can you fit me in today? You know for a test?”

“I suppose I can but you need another shot of cum too. What are you up to tonight?”

“Ah, I’m out tonight.”

“Dude, are you actually going to take this seriously? If you fail, you’re out of college! Not only that, you got to pay back all your fees, which for you is a fuck ton of money!”

“I know, I know. Look, I’m free now?”

“No can do, I’ve got a presentation to work on.” I said, and there was a brief silence before I continued, “what are you doing tonight that is so important that you can’t make time for your future?”

“I’m working.”

“Great well I can meet you before. All you need is a shot and then a paper and you’ll be fine though make sure you bring your butt plug.” I had to whisper the last part while I walked past a knot of students.

“It’s like an all-day thing… you know where Lakeridge is?”

“Yeah, where Jonas’s lives right?”

“That’s it. I’m working in a house there from three. Text me when you’re here and I’ll take my break to meet you.”

This would be my second trip to the swankiest neighbourhood in town in two days. I wondered what Callum’s job was. I couldn’t see him working as a cleaner and the only thing that sprung to mind was that he was an escort. My mind raced at the thought and I had to sit down in the library to hide my growing erection.

“Fine, see you at sixish.”

Having to sit through an inane chat with five other nerds about the ins and outs of bank regulations, I was the first to leave when we finally decided that we had enough. With the time edging towards three, I had a chance to pick up a late lunch before heading home and writing up some notes.

Slowly the clock ticked towards six and knowing it was a good half-hour walk to Lakeridge, I shut down my computer and began walking.

I was outside Jonas’s house when I sent Callum a message. I already had a good idea which house he would be in. Two doors down from Jonas parents house there were over two dozen cars in the driveway and along the road.

Heading towards it, I could hear the sound of women laughing and a party taking place in the gardens outside. Hanging around the driveway, I saw Callum’s handsome face peek out of the door. Quickly, I made my way towards him and he let me in.

“Wow, what a house!” I whistled.

There was a giant staircase in the middle of the hallway with doors on either side leading to what I assumed were kitchens guessing on the smell wafting from them. Immediately, left and right of me were giant doors, these were shut and before I could take a closer look, Callum was pulling me up the stairs.

“Hurry up man, before we get caught!”

Stumbling after him, I saw he was wearing an overlarge coat but didn’t seem to be wearing anything under it judging from the glimpse of smooth black skin I caught with each step he took. On the landing, there were numerous doors and without hesitation, Callum led me through one.

“Alright, I’ve got twenty minutes before my break is over and I’m needed,” he said.

At that moment, he could have told me he was an alien and I wouldn’t have noticed because I had just seen why he was wearing a long coat. Underneath it, all he wore was a bow tie and short apron. He was a topless waiter.

“You hear me? I haven’t got long!” Callum repeated.

“Um… yeah! Sorry, I was miles away.” I answered.

I had planned on getting him to do a test before fucking him but seeing his muscled body, I knew plans had to change.

“Right, I got the test you did the other day here. You got twelve of the questions wrong. So before I correct them for you, I think you need an injection of cleverness.”

“Really? Can’t you just tell me where I went wrong and I can go.” Callum shot back, clearly unsure about my wandering eyes.

Feeling his intense gaze, I looked away and for the first time, I noticed that we were inside a bathroom. It was huge, with a jacuzzi in the corner. Seeing there was water in it, I dropped my hand in and olgun porno was surprised that it was warm. Obviously, one of the rich old ladies was hoping to get lucky tonight, I thought. Shame I was going to get there first.

Deciding that being blunt was the best way, I pulled out my ace card, “look, Callum, I have the test paper that you’re going to sit tomorrow. If you want it, then your ass is going to get fucked.”

He looked at me in stunned silence, there was a moment when I thought he was going to punch me but he held himself together.

“How do I know you’re telling the truth?”

Pulling out my phone, I found the screenshots I had taken of the paper and handed it over.

“It was easy to hack into the site. I was hoping that you would be clever enough to pass it without cheating but clearly, you won’t, then again you don’t need brains when you have a body like that!”

Giving me back the phone, I saw Callum thinking it over. Seconds turned to a minute before he made up his mind and shrugged off his coat revealing his perfectly sculpted body. Seeing that he was going to submit to me, I pulled off my clothes and stepped into the jacuzzi.

Sitting on the elevated seat in the corner, my cock poked just above the water.

“Come in, the waters warm!” I smiled.

Callum paused again. He bit his bottom lip, which only made him look cuter and then his eyes widened as he realised something. Diving for his coat, he fired off a message before untying his apron. His cock was semi-hard which made me grin and it swayed gently as he eased himself into the pool.

“Now if I’m going to get back inside that fine ass, I need to be lubed up!”

Knowing what I wanted, Callum knelt on the platform between my legs. Leaning forward, he opened his mouth and swallowed the tip of my shaft. Forming a tight seal with his plump lips, he began to suck hard.

“Fuck! That’s good!” I groaned before putting my hand on his french braid and forcing him to take more.

With my balls submerged in the warm water and my cock deep inside his warm mouth, I sighed heavily. Spotting the controls to the jacuzzi to the side, I reached over and turned it on. Instantly the jets blew air underneath and bubbles formed.

“Holy shit!” Callum exclaimed, his head shooting off my cock.

Looking down, I briefly wondered what was going on until I saw the reason. There was a jet on the lower footstep which so happened to be located where Callum’s cock was. The air was pumping water straight at his sensitive head and the waves massaged his balls. His hands, which were on my knees, gripped them harder as he tried to control himself.

Grinning, I put my hand back on his head and pushed him down. With his mouth already open, he took in my cock. Sucking it hard to try and distract him from the feelings of the powerful jet.

“That’s it, take that cock.”

His bowtie was soaking wet as he bobbed up and down my shaft. Taking a firmer hold of his braid, I lifted his head higher giving me a better angle to get into his throat.

“Now relax…” I said as I pushed forward.

The tip of my cock reached the entrance to his throat. Fumbling to the side, I turned the jets higher making Callum gasp as they forcibly washed over his shaft. Taking the opportunity, I thrust forward and found myself push past the tight opening.

“Fuck,” I groaned, gripping his head harder I forced more of my tip inside.

Beneath me, Callum was struggling. Gagging and choking around my cock as I held him down. Finally, I let him up and he fell back into the water coughing.

Standing up, I stepped into the middle of the jacuzzi. Though it was the deepest part, my cock was still out of the water.

“Kneel here,” I commanded while directing Callum to where I wanted him, which just so happened to be in a position that his asshole was in the direct line of another jet.

The warm water shot out, hitting his ring. Turning to his side, I slipped my hand along his back revelling in the soft skin. While his hole was in the water and getting violated, the twin cheeks of his ass were so pert that they stuck out of the water.

“Damn, these things are amazing. Like mountains in the water.” I muttered to myself while squeezing each muscular cheek.

Moving my hand between his crack, I felt the water shooting against him. Blocking the jet, I heard him moan in disappointment.

Smirking, I moved my hand leaving just a finger there. Pressing against his hole, I added pressure but he was too tight.

“Suck my cock.” I demanded and Callum hurried to obey.

With my prick deep in his mouth, the running back was focused on that and his body relaxed. Taking advantage, I teased his asshole open, until it eventually allowed me past his tight muscle causing him to moan loudly.

Even though my finger was lodged inside, I couldn’t get it any further. He was just too tight. Mentally kicking myself that I had left the lube in my clothes, my eye was drawn to what looked like a loose tile to porno the side of the tub.

Pulling my finger from his ass, Calum gasped but didn’t stop sucking me off. Reaching over, I pressed the tile and it popped open revealing an assortment of vibrators, lubes and dildos.

“Damn, these women must be into some kinky stuff!” I chuckled as I grabbed the lube.

“Time to get fucked.” I said but Callum just took more of my cock and sucked harder.

Gripping his head, I thrust into his mouth hard forcing my cock into his throat. Looking down, I saw his plump dark lips squashed against my groin and then his dark brown eyes flicked up to meet mine.

“Holy fuck, that’s hot… but I want your ass.”

Throwing him off me, I let him get to his feet before I turned him around and bent him over. Getting behind him, I had to rearrange his body so that his pert bubble butt came out of the water.

“Damn! Not that’s a perfect view!” I grinned as I emptied half the bottle of lube on his asshole.

Using my fingers to spread it around the slightly open ring, I then pushed two fingers inside making the athletic black man groan.

“Ready for my cock?”

He turned his head, fixed his eyes on me and nodded slightly.

“What was that? I didn’t hear you!” I teased.

“I’m ready for your cock…” he said softly.

“My cock where?”

“In my ass,” he replied looking away.

“I think you mean your pussy! Now tell me what you want.” I demanded as I placed my cock at his entrance.

“Please fuck my pussy… I want to feel your thick cock deep inside me, fucking me hard,” he gasped, the dirty words making his prick grow and his asshole twitch around my tip.

“That’s my slutty jock!” I smiled, “now push back.”

I watched as he forced his ass back and slowly accepted my cock. The amount of lube made penetrating his ring easier but he was still incredibly tight. Moving my hands to his hips, I drove forward.

“Oh fuck… it’s so thick!” he huffed between breaths, “fuck! Slower!”

I had shoved forward nearly getting all of my shaft inside him. I was an inch away from having his perfectly pert butt cheeks nested against me but hearing him cry out, I stopped.

At that moment, I saw the door handle turn. With both Callum and me facing the door, there was nowhere for us to hide, besides with my cock deep in his ass, it would have been impossible anyway.

The door clicked open and someone came in quickly. With their face away from me as they made sure the door was shut and locked, I couldn’t see who it was but that ass was unmistakable.

“Demarcus! I preferred you in the maid’s outfit.” I laughed.

The Latino turned around and raised a middle finger before his mouth dropped as he took in the scene in front of him.

I had used the distraction to ram home the final inch of my prick inside and Callum was still taking deep breaths while clenching the side of the jacuzzi to stop from crying out.

“Take off that apron and come join us,” I said then twitched my prick, making Callum moan loudly.

“Callum told me that you have the answers, I want them too.”

“Course, same deal as this black beauty. You spread your ass cheeks and I’ll fuck you for them.” I replied with a big grin on my face.

Demarcus flicked his eyes to Callum who just nodded in return before going back to trying to relax around my length.

“Why don’t you give your teammate something to do while I fuck his perfect ass.”

Without pausing to think about it, Demarcus threw off his apron and sat down between Callum’s arms. Grabbing his friend’s hair braid, he forced him down and groaned as his prick was swallowed between those thick lips.

Picking up my pace, I slammed into the toned ass. There was a slight wobble of his muscles as my hips came slapping against them but it was the tightness that got me closer to cumming.

The noise of me fucking Callum competed with the sound of Demarcus trying to get inside his friend’s throat. Over and over we double-teamed the muscular black man making him moan and gasp at the rough use of his body.

Deciding it would be hot to cum at the same time, I grabbed a small vibrator. Leaning forward, burying my cock deep inside Callum, I turned on the vibrator and pressed it under Demarcus’s balls to that sensitive spot that all men have. Immediately he groaned and gripped his teammate’s hair and forced him to take more.

“You going to cum Demarcus? How does it feel to have a teammate suck you off? Someone you’ve played with, celebrated with, hugged and kissed when you’ve won! Now you’re going to cum in his mouth!”

Demarcus looked at me with an intensity I hadn’t seen from him before. As he stared, his hips came off the side and started to slam into Callum’s gagging mouth.

“That’s it, fuck his mouth! The next time you see him, all you will see is his lips around your cock, sucking as you feed him cum!”

“Shit… I’m cumming!” Demarcus groaned.

Quickly, I pulled Callum back and watched Porno 64 as the Latino shot his cum all over the gasping face of his teammate. The thick white spunk flew and splattered over Callum’s face contrasting perfectly with his flawless black skin.

Dragging my dick from his ass, I hurried to stand over Callum and, with seconds to spare, I erupted, firing heavy wads of spunk to join Demarcus’s cum already trickling down the running backs face.

Stumbling back, I sat down heavily in the jacuzzi. I had to laugh when I saw spunk floating on top of the water which made Callum look at me, cum dripping from his chin. There was a mix of shock and disbelief there which made me chuckle again but when he tentatively licked his lips, my prick twitched.

I had another round in my balls left and I knew just who was going to get it.

“Demarcus! Lick his face clean. You both need that cum in your bodies not on your face.”

“What? We both know that’s bullshit!” Demarcus shot back.

“Yeah? Well, who has the test paper?” I asked rhetorically, “exactly! Now get cleaning, I want Callum spotless for the rest of his shift!”

Shooting me daggers, Demarcus hesitated before standing up next to his fellow running back. Callum had to slightly bend down to allow the shorter Latino to get to face. With cum all over him, he had closed his eyes to stop himself from getting blinded.

Sticking out his tongue, the big assed fresher slowly licked clean the cum covered face of Callum making the black man shudder and moan. Over and over he did this until the only bit left was on those plump lips.

“Good job, but you’ve missed a bit,” I said when Demarcus pulled back, “now kiss him properly and share the cum. No one likes a greedy footballer!”

With his fists clenched by his side, Demarcus leaned in again and pressed his light pink lips against the full dark brown ones of Callum.

While they kissed, I stood and took the Latino’s hand. Opening it, I moved it towards the black man’s cock and forced it to grip the hard shaft. After a guiding tug, the younger man took over and soon Callum was groaning inside his teammate’s mouth.

“Look at you two sluts kissing each other,” I said while moving my fingers behind Callum and pressing it inside his gaping asshole.

The running back groaned and I hooked my finger pressing against a sensitive spot making him grip his teammates head and kiss him harder. Seconds later, his cock jerked violently and erupted.

Cum splattered over Demarcus’s body and into the jacuzzi before Callum wobbled and fell back, only just managing to sit down before his legs gave way beneath him.

“That’s one way to get some team bonding,” I joked, making both men groan weakly.

Moving so that my feet were the only part of me in the jacuzzi, I beckoned Demarcus over to me.

“You need to get me hard if you want to get that answer paper,” I told him.

He tried to look disgusted but his eyes shone and he subconsciously licked his lips. Feigning reluctance, he leaned down and took my soft cock in his mouth.

Swirling his tongue around my shaft, his hands came up to cup my balls, slowly caressing them as my tired prick started to show signs of life.

Running my fingers through his soft brown hair, I guided his face lower so that he took my balls in his mouth. The warm tongue flicking each one made me groan and my cock hardened more.

“Get over here, you’ve got time to make me hard before you leave,” I ordered Callum when I saw him standing up.

The running back sighed but after a quick check of his phone, he obeyed. Taking his head in my hand, I forced him down to suck my cock while his teammate continued bathing my balls.

Confident that they knew what they were doing, I rested on my back and let them take over. Pretty soon, my cock was fully erect and ready for more but I wanted to see how much further I could go with the two running backs.

Lifting my legs, I spread them exposing my asshole to Demarcus.

“Lick,” I said simply.

The golden eyes of the Latino briefly looked up at me before lowering. Moments later I felt a warm tongue press against my perineum. Licking the sensitive spot, it then slowly moved down to circle my asshole.

“Fuck yes!” I groaned as he pushed against my hole.

With Callum noisily slurping on my cock and Demarcus tonguing my ass, I was in heaven.

“Swap,” I gasped when I felt the Latino move back to my balls.

Sighing with disappointment as my body felt suddenly cool, I groaned happily seconds later as the two tongues returned.

Even though I couldn’t see who was eating out my ass, I could tell who was who. While Demarcus had the thicker tongue that was able to cover more surface, Callum’s was longer.

Seconds after he started, I knew that the black man was better at rimming. With my body feeling more relaxed, when he pressed against my hole he managed to force his tongue inside.

“Oh shit!” I cried and my hand shot down to keep his head against my ass.

The hot, thick slippery tongue wiggled and thrust around my sensitive hole while Demarcus continued to suck my cock. These two were fucking sluts and I loved it. They had definitely found their true calling, I thought as I luxuriated in the feelings that they gave me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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