Dreaming of a white Christmas Ch. 06

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I knew I had to leave before the urge to fuck the arse off her took hold. “How long?” I asked, kissing the top of Freddy’s head and Angie’s lips as I passed on the way to the bathroom for the 3 P’s.

“Ten minutes, He’ll be done soon.”

I was soon on my way soon stairs and started getting breakfast on the go.

Three weeks seemed such a long time ago, when Angie arrived here Christmas still seemed half a year away and the thought of waking up on Christmas day beside a gorgeous young lady wasn’t even a pipe dream, in fact it wasn’t any sort of dream. The only dream at the time was one of survival and protection. A line from a George Formby song slipped into my head: “Turned out nice again.”


Eggs and milk in the bowl whipped to death and zapped in the microwave, loads of grated cheese added and zapped again. Served it on brown toast with baked beans and tomatoes. I had to agree the addition of cheese made it a whole different dish. We started with Freddy sitting on Angies lap but he kept trying to put his hands in her mouth so I took him for the remainder of our breakfast.

“So what are the plans for later Terry?”

“Oh it’s very simple, roast lamb dinner about two or three o’clock. They will be here about eleven and we’ll do presents, play a few games and drink. After dinner more games and drink. Simple really.”

“How do you know them?”

“I worked with the older kid’s dad and they stayed with me for a few days when their tank burst on Christmas Day, they were Freddy’s age. Been standard for Boxing Day ever since.”

“That’s nice.”

“Got an extra one this year, about Freddy’s age.”

“Right, could be fun.”

“Just to warn you their dad, George, died from a heart attack ten years ago and Annie, short for Annabelle, remarried so the youngsters are Dick’s girls.”

“What are their names again?”

“Annie and Dick, Twins Andrew and Melanie your age and twins Cindy and Vera six and Mel’s baby Nigel.”

“Right. I’m sure I’ll get that better when they’re here and I can put faces to names.”

“Good luck with the girls.”

I spent the morning preparing dinner and the dining room until the invasion happened about 11:40.

The shout of: “Merry Christmas Uncle Terry.” from every mouth before me filled the cold air.

“Merry Boxing Day.” Was my usual reply and the girls laughed. “Come in, come in… go on through.”

Each of them was carrying something; the girls in the lead kicked their shoes off and headed for the lounge but stopped dead when they saw Angie. Mel, carrying Nigel went to the dining room then Annie followed the girls; “Go on girls.” Then she saw Angie; “Hello, it’s OK girls, keep going.”

Andrew was caring a big box of presents and Dick was getting something heavy from the car. “OK there Dick?”

“Just getting the portable cot for Nigel.”

“Oh don’t bother, you won’t need that.”

“He’s asleep at the moment.”

“That’s fine, don’t struggle.”

He grabbed the last bag and headed in. I took the bag at the door and put it on the floor beside Mel in the dining room and shook Dick’s hand.

“Merry Christmas Terry, are you sure you can cope with this tribe now?”

“Of course, I look forward to it.”

“All come through… whose got a hug for me?” I knelt down and got squeezed almost to death by two over energetic six year olds. I stood when they released me. “Err my friend Angie.” Gesturing towards her. “This is Cindy and Vera. Is that right girls” I touched each head in turn.

They giggled, “No Uncle Terry I’m Cindy.” “And I’m Vera Uncle Terry.”

“Ah Vera and Cindy. Annabelle…”

“Annie please.”


“Angie is it?” the smile was very obvious.

“Yes I’m Angie, hello Andrew.”

I smiled at Angie, “Melanie with Nigel.” They nodded, “And Dick.”

“Hello everyone, Terry has told me all about you. I hope I remember your names and you gorgeous pair how will I ever tell you apart?”

“I’ve got a violet hair elastic.” “And I’ve got cerise.”

“Oh that’s clever violet Vera and cerise Cindy.”

They laughed

The hugs continued with the rest of the family finished with a reassuring slap on the back from Dick.

“So let’s get Nigel settled before he wakes. OK to put him down Angie?”

“Yes of course, I’ll go with you Melanie.”

They left the room and I heard chatter on the stairs.

“So can I get a drink for anyone? Let me see, lager Andrew, coke Dick, Pinot Annie, Ribena Cindy and cherryade Vera?”

“No Uncle Terry she has Ribena.” “And she has cherryade.”

“Silly me how could I get that wrong?”

Annie came to the kitchen to help with drinks. “Erm Angie?”

“What about Angie Annie?”

“Well? I need all the gory details.”

“Remember that fire up the road?”

“Fire? Mmmmm no.”

“Block of flats Newton Aycliffe.”

“Last month? yes. Oh my God was she in it?”

“Out at the time.”

“So is there any… y’ know?”

“Are we dating?”


“No. Just staying here until she can get sorted out…”

“Just like us twenty-three years Ankara travesti ago.”

“I remember it well. Anyway there’s forty years between us.”

“So? Thirty-three years between me ‘n Derek.”

“She even looked at a flat in Greenbank Road the other day.”

“Must be joking… up there with all those drug problems.”

Intake of breath. “Yeah. That’s Dick’s coke, Andrews lager, Vera’s Ribena, your wine, my wine, cherryade. What about Mel?”

“Probably water for now, best wait. Have you done one for Angie?”

“Best wait.”

“Oh Mum.” We both turned to look at Melanie. “He is to cute.”

“Who’s that darling?”

“Freddy, in the cot with Nigel… Angies baby.”

Annie looked at me with that ‘what have you been doing?’ look, I simply shook my head gently. Annie was up the stairs like a jack in the box.

“Drink Mel?”

“Better be water.”

“Sure?” I opened the fridge to show her the stash of breast milk.

“All that? God it’s tempting but no, water please.”

Annies elephant steps clomped back down the stairs. “Aahhwe, they look so cute together.”

Angie followed her. “Drink Angie?”

“Oh take those through, I’ll make a tea.”

We settled down and I seemed to be a climbing frame and seat for two six year olds.

We chatted and the main topics being Angies presence and babies, it turns out they are only two weeks apart in age, haven’t seen each other yet and all of a sudden they have been promoted to best friends.

I did another round of drinks before opening presents, low and behold there were two presents each for Angie and Freddy and the confession Danni had been in contact with Dick, he did well with a sweater and bag for Angie and a couple of soft toys for Freddy without telling anyone else.

I left the mayhem of games and noise to go do dinner. I know self praise is no praise but I have to say dinner was good, beautifully cooked apart from some of the Yorkshire puddings which I forgot to turn and some were overdone. Apple cake, chocolate sponge and bakewell pie all turned out perfectly too.

After dinner the girls delighted in bottle feeding both boys as both mums had wine with dinner and then more rowdy games and drinks and some supper about eight pm and it went very quiet after we waved them all goodnight with Happy New Year wishes and kisses.

“That was Fun Terry.”

“Ha huh, yes they are, Andrew and Mel were like the girls, if anything louder.” I checked the time. “Go get cosy, you might as well watch the film that’s about to start rather than later.”

“No, I’ll clear this…”

“I’ll see to all this, go relax Angie. I’ll be with you shortly.”


“If nothing.”

“I was going to say; if you insist.”

“I do. Go.” I turned her by the shoulders, pushed gently and flicked her bottom with the back of my fingers.

Angie stopped, turned back to face me and gave a daggers look. Wow I really thought I’d crossed the line and then she burst out laughing; “Terry, your face.” She stepped back to me and holding my jaw in both hands pulled us together and kissed me, no snogged me before turning and disappearing.

The detritus didn’t take long, I crammed the dishwasher and started it, dealt with the food dumping some and putting the rest where they should be then washed the bits and pieces that didn’t go in the dishwasher. A wipe around the dining table and kitchen tops, not forgetting to Hob Bright the cooker and taps and finally the door and handles. I looked around and satisfied turned off the lights to join Angie.

The TV was showing an advert for summer holidays. “I’ve got a bet to make with you.”

“Oh yes?”

“Andrew will be here tomorrow.”

“Andrew, why?”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t notice the way he was eyeing you up all day.”

“First thing yes but all day?”

“When you were down on the floor his eyes were glued to your boobs.”

“Really?” she sat up a little, jacked her breasts, twiddled her hair behind her ear and lifted her chin with the other thumb. “Mmm. But why come back tomorrow?”

“Annie left a bag in the dining room.”

“Oh.” Angie stared at the TV for a minute or so. “So… if…” More staring at the TV.

“He’ll be here.”

The advert break was over and Angies eyes were again glued to the TV, casually and almost absent minded she removed her jumper and bra and placed a cushion on her lap then tapped it.

I closed my eyes and silently wished a ‘thank you God’ before laying along the sofa and placing my head on the cushion to latch on to one of those beautiful dark brown breasts and almost black gorgeous nipples. Oh yes I was getting good at this now, I’d learnt to shield my teeth with my lips and almost instantly taste the milk as it squirts into my mouth, again I quickly found the different taste created by the alcohol and wondered how drunk I’ll be.

It was heaven, laying there I felt contented and safe as the sounds of Love Actually played in the background behind me and the glittering spots of lights and shadows played on the wall behind my, ever so tasty, source of comfort and alcoholic food. The hand Antalya travesti gently against the back of my head and the other gently stroking my torso helped to put me into a slow decline towards a sleepy state.

I truly wondered how long this privilege was going to last, Angie had been with me for three weeks and my feelings right there and then wished she would stay forever. Well that was until the rudely loud music introduced the next advert break.

“Hey sleepy boy,” the hands movements roughened up just a little to help rouse me from the almost hypnotic state. Fingers appeared between breast and face and my latch on the breast failed to hold against the manipulation of the fingers. “I need to leave you for a minute.”

I drowsily lifted my head and shoulders and the chunky legs slid out from under the cushion, I dropped back down, turned my head and watched the red mini skirt walk away.

I heard the catchy tune playing and waited for the strokes lyrics…

‘In many ways, they’ll miss the good old days



Yeah, it hurts to say, but I want you to stay



When we was young, oh man, did we have fun



Promises, they break before they’re made



I joined in with the lines I’d been able to catch and remember from a few years back…

‘TUI we’ll cross the T, dot the I and put you in the middle’. I pondered the lyrics as I understood them and wound the PVR back several times to catch the second phrase

…’Yeah, it hurts to say, but I want you to stay’…

…’Yeah, it hurts to say, but I want you to stay’…

…’Yeah, it hurts to say, but I want you to stay’…

…’Yeah, it hurts to say, but I want you to stay’…

…’Yeah, it hurts to say, but I want you to stay’…

…’Yeah, it hurts to say, but I want you to stay’… to make sure I heard it correctly.

“What’s up babe?”

I looked at her with what I can only imagine were big puppy dog eyes and pressed OK again and the TV played… ‘Yeah, it hurts to say, but I want you to stay’…

“Don’t be daft Terry… Oh my goodness is that a tear?”

“I’ve… I love having you and Freddy here… Stay.”

“OMG… it’s a… are you serious?”

I patted my tummy and a topless Angie knelt astride me, sitting on my crown jewels. From that position the difference in shape between the full and empty breasts was very obvious. “I think I’m jealous of Andrew.”


“He’ll be here tomorrow flirting with you and… it’s going to hurt.”

“Hey come on let’s get this sorted.” Angie gently laid a hand on her breast. “This one needs a good suckling.”

Angie took a position at the other end of the sofa with the cushion on her lap and I turned round to feast on the full breast. Instantly I felt the comforting milk filing my mouth and throat as I sucked and slowly falling back into the dreamlike state was aided by the warm hands on my head and waist.

Somewhere in the distance I heard the …’Yeah, it hurts to say, but I want you to stay’… and my head changed the ‘Sometimes, Sometimes’ to the next lines of ‘Always. Always.’. The hand on my waist kept time with the music and strangely the music turned into ‘All I want for Christmas is you.” And there wasn’t a nipple in my mouth.

“Oh I think I er… must have dropped off or something.” And that was when I saw the tears and woke PDQ. “Angie, what’s up?”

She shook her head.

“What’s the matter Angie?”

A hand gestured to the screen; “That’s so sweet.”

“Ahh, OK.” I knew the rest of the film, if she was crying at this I knew there were more tears to come and just at the end of the song there was a squeak from upstairs. I was up off the sofa and by the stairs before Angie could move. “I’ll go.” I clicked the kettle on to warm a bottle before ascending the stairs.

“Pfffwore Freddy I think we need to do something about that.” His big bright eyes followed me as I moved round the cot and lifted him out. “Let’s get this bottie changed shall we?” The deed was soon done and we met Angie in the kitchen swirling the bottle in a bowl of hot water, she had put the jumper back on otherwise he wouldn’t take a bottle. Personally I don’t blame him.

“Your phone beeped. Hello Freddy Mummy’s got a bottle for you.” He grabbed a hold on Angies nipple as I handed him over.

“Remember that bet?”


I read the text; ” ‘Mum 4got a bag have you found it ok 4 me to cum 2moz.’ Guess who?”

“Start with ‘A’ end with ‘W’ by any chance?”

We laughed.

“Angie… you do know you are… how shall I say this?… free to do as you wish.”

“Hmm but…” I could see the cogs whirring I the grey matter.

“But nothing. This arrangement, us, is one of convenience for your safety.

“But I actually quite like being single although I have to admit it’s lovely being here with you.” Angie snuggled up to me the best she could whilst still feeding Freddy. “Talking of that I really need to give you some rent.”

“Where did that come from?”

“I’ve been İstanbul travesti here nearly a month and it’s not fair on you to use all your heat and food and things.”

“And how much food shopping have you done recently?… Hmm? And won’t let me pay for?”

“That’s not the point.”

“Hey babes.” I tried to cuddle her and Freddy. “You have a whole life to put back together this humble offering.” I gestured to the other side of the room, “is costing me nothing. Well perhaps the washing machine goes on a few more times and a bit more heating but that’s all.”


I stopped her short. “Peace on earth and goodwill to all men.” I pointed to the string of cards on the wall, “See it says so there, so let’s have no more.”

Angie turned her head to kiss me. “Thanks Tommy. Oops sorry Terry.”

“So what shall I reply to Andrew?”

“Oh heck are you trying to set me up with him?”

“No, no no no. that’s the last thing I’m trying to do. But as I said you are free to do whatever you wish to do and if Andrew, or anyone else, asks you out. You don’t let me stand in your way.”

“I understand Terry.”

“So tomorrow, don’t forget I’m out in the afternoon, and you can still come with me, when shall I suggest Andrew comes. Or would you prefer if I take the bag to Annie, I can easily go that way?”

“Let him come here but when you are here please.”

‘its here. b4 noon or fter 6’. I read out as I typed.

“Thanks. So tell me again about the walk.”

“Just an old tradition, left over from when the prisoners of war were here. Hot food and wine, 3 mile walk and now the proceeds go to the homeless charity at the church.”

“I could do with the walk.”

Freddy burped and rejected the rest of the bottle.

My phone pinged; ‘Tnks t cu moz am.’ I interpreted to Angie; “Thanks Terry see you tomorrow morning.”

I took the cloth from Angie and placed it over my shoulder then Freddy and held him in place while rubbing his back in case there was more wind. Angie left the room with the bottle. I whispered “I’m going to miss you and Mummy when you go.” And kissed the side of his head.

Freddy’s response?… he turned to look at me, a big burp and a dollop of white splodge which went nowhere near the cloth but now there appeared to be a pile of snow on top of the snowman’s hat on my jumper. I scooped it up and dabbed the jumper with a couple of tissues. “Good boy.” He was doing that arm pumping thing and thumped my chin. “Don’t you go beating up Uncle Terry.”

Freddy smiled and yawned.

“Oh yes I’ll miss you.” I whispered.

“You look so sweet together.”

“That’s your Mummy saying what a handsome little man you are.”

“No Terry, you are so good with him.”

“There’s six been here, no make that ten, before this little fellow.”

“It shows when I saw how good you are with nappies and baths.”

“Hmm yeah.”

“Let’s get you bathed and ready for bed shall we.” Angie took him from me and left the room.

I checked my phone ‘cu10’. “Andrew will be here about 10 tomorrow.” I called after Angie.

“OK.” She called back.

I went round and switched everything off, locked up and went upstairs. Angie was bending over the cot and her skirt had ridden up to just expose the bottom of her buttocks, I couldn’t resist the temptation to stand behind her and rub my hard cock against her bum. “And that’ll be your Uncle Terry sexually molesting Mummy. Yes it is.”

“I’ll jump in the shower while you finish off here.”

Angie joined me in the bathroom, cleaned her teeth and for the first time stripped and sat on the toilet in my presence, she started her shower as soon as I finished. I dried and cleaned my teeth, checked Freddy was asleep and we arrived at the bed at pretty much the same time, I gestured to it.

“Why thank you sir.” I pulled the duvet open, “Oh my, red sheets are they silk?” she ran her hand across the mattress, “Oh yes, yes!” she sat and lifted her feet in, “Ye’es.” Then laid down and wriggled against the shiny fabric. “Oooooooo.”

The contract between the bright red and her brown skin was lovely, every bit as good as I’d hoped and the way her long black curly hair formed a halo completed the picture.

“Fuck me.”


“Fuck me. Get these new sheets dirty.”

The moment was destroyed by a squeak from the office and I turned away to see to him. “I’ll be a few minutes here.” I called out.

Angie appeared at the door and leant against the frame with her arms loosely folded across her belly, “Shall I do that?”

“No I’ve started now.”

She watched as I cleaned Freddy and fitted a new nappy then she took over to dress him so I could clean up in the bathroom.

I beat her back to bed and laid there on my side with my head propped on one hand.

Angie returned and adopted the same position facing me and we kissed, I used my free hand to stroke her hair and across her shoulder and down her arm.

“Fuck me.”

I guessed she wanted it rough and pushed her hip really hard to get her on her back, grabbed the nearest leg and pulled her towards me, threw my leg between hers and rolled over on top and in the same action my other leg followed. Angie grabbed my erection and directed as I thrust. Wow hole in one, straight in, all the way then still pushing hard I bent down to resume the kiss but now it was fast and furious as were her actions with mouth and hands.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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