Dove’s Birthday Evening

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It was Dove’s birthday, so I decided to do something special for her….

We met for drinks downtown after work at a quaint little bar called the Mango Grove. It was an intimate underground speakeasy with cozy booths, low lighting, and a pumping electronic beat that the hip local crowd was grooving to. After we were cosily tucked into a comfy corner booth by the maître’d, Dove asked for something sweet, so the server brought a key lime martini along with a tall and tasty Belgian ale for me. She looked more ravishing than usual today, and I couldn’t take my eyes from her. Dove was wearing a very stylish suit jacket, which opened to hint at a sexy lace camisole underneath, and short matching skirt – very business-like for the office, but also exuding immense sexual power.

After a quick toast to her birthday, we sipped our drinks and then Dove leaned in closer for a quick kiss, and thanked me for planning the evening – even though she was a bit cautious about the events of the night, as I hadn’t actually told her much.

“Don’t worry”, I reassured her, “It’ll be fun and relaxing”, then I leaned in for a second kiss – this time lingering and playing my tongue softly against her lips and teasing the tip of her tongue. Dove’s hands ran up the length of my inner thigh to express her approval, but stopped just prior to making contact with my bulging groin – such a tease, I thought – but her coy looks betrayed that she must have know she was in for some good loving later in the evening.

After some light banter and playful caresses below the table, we finished our drinks and I hailed a cab on the street to take us to our next destination, opting to avoid the cold November rain for the 8 or more blocks to our destination. On the way we chatted some more, loosened a bit from the drinks, “Thanks for the story you sent me this morning, Mr. Sexy”, she whispered into my ear in the back of the taxi, “I had to save it for lunchtime, and it got me so wet.” Of course this delighted me, to imagine her squirming in her office chair unable to take care of her sexual needs amidst the open office area with her co-workers, and the idea that I had caused her such sexual distress with just a simple story. As she kissed me again with increasing depth and passion, Dove tucked something into my hand – It was her moist panties from the day, providing me with proof of the affect that my story had on her. The thought that she was now not wearing anything beneath her skirt brought my already erect member to a new level of firmness, and I was glad of the extra room the front of my causal work slacks afforded me to grow in.

Soon enough we arrived in front of our destination, a brick heritage building in the older but still happening area of Hastings Street. The business was unmarked except for the street address, but local business men have used this facility for close to a hundred years – and guarded its secret well against becoming over popular. By the time I paid the cab and ushered her into the reception area of the grand building, Dove was decidedly pleased with the opulence of this strange place, yet still confused by the lack of any signage indicating its function.

Several men, and perhaps a few of the women, passing through the foyer caught Dove’s eye, and returned lewd and admiring glances, feasting upon her with their eyes and wishing to change places with me. This made my partner a bit self aware, but caused me to swell with pride for having this delicious vixen on my arm. My reservations were in order and so we were assigned a room number and I proceeded to lead Dove down a sweeping set of stairs leading into a catacomb of hallways to the private area set aside for us. Locating the door to our assigned room, I began to finally explain the history of this place to satisfy Dove’s curiosities.

“This is the oldest private bathhouse in Vancouver, originally set up by Greek businessmen”, I began to explain. “It’s a bit of a well kept secret,” I expanded, “and we are not allowed on the lower levels – those are off-limits Escort bayan to hetero couples,” which raised Dove’s curiosities, but I cut the explanation short as I explained that we had the steam room booked for 60 minutes, then some time for relaxation afterwards.

As we entered the antechamber of the private boudoir, Dove could see that the front of the room held exquisite lounge sofas which perfectly matched the lush carpet, while the walls were hung with one of a kind imported tapestries depicting ancient Greek spa scenes. Beyond this a series of archways separated the three areas of the room; through the first arch was a tiled area with open showers; beyond that lay a glass wall and door accessing to the steam room, which was lined with benches for relaxing.

As I turned to look deeply into Dove’s eyes, I could see that she was pleased, so I pressed her into my arms and gave her another deep, wet kiss – our lips and tongues enfolding into each other. Then I stepped back, and began to undress – slowly so that she could watch, and proceeded to the shower area. As the water splashed around my lithe body, I let the warm liquid wash the workday away down the drain, and after a little while, I could sense another body nearby. Dove had followed suit, and was now enjoying the second shower across from mine – her delicious body lathered in soap foam. I stopped to watch her caress her own body, glistening beneath the heat lights in the shower room, and making me yearn for her even more.

My erection began to rise again as I gazed upon her body, pointed directly at Dove, and showing itself to be an amazingly intuitive homing beacon. I turned my shower off and crossed the room slowly as she lathered her breasts and stomach with her back turned to me. As I softly drew her into my arms, she leaned back into my embrace, and I could feel my chest warm against her skin while the hardened shaft of my erect cock cradled itself vertically between the cheeks of her luscious buttocks. As my arms encircled her, her own hands reached back to feel my firm thighs and buttocks, and she let out a gasp to signal her pleasure as I nibbled at her ear. My own hands caressed her body with the soap, skilfully and playfully exploring the features of her stomach, thighs, arms, and breasts. Once she was fully lathered, I allowed the water to rinse her thoroughly before I turned off the wall faucets and retrieved some towels and bottles of cool water for us, then lead her into the steam room, but not before one last embrace and deep kiss, my firm cock again pressed between our wet and glistening bodies.

Drying then wrapping ourselves in the soft white towels, Dove took my hand as I led her into the steam room – closing the door behind us to keep the heat in, we made our way to the benches. As we lay out Dove began to tell me about her own fantasy that she had this afternoon, after she finished reading my story. As she spoke, she closed her eyes and I watched her begin to caress herself – perhaps not even knowing that she was doing it. Her fantasy began with waking up in bonds; blindfolded, tied up with bolts of silken sheets, and roughly manhandled into position and being commanded to obey. As her story unfolded, I became extremely aroused – both by her story, and also by watching her hands slowly play across her skin and allowing her towel to fall open to reveal her nakedness, one inch at a time.

I was so hungry for her now, as she kept telling of her dream of being forced down to the ground and taken from behind. As we sweated in this hot room, I kneeled on the lower bench, and encouraged her to part her thighs to make way for me, and begged her to keep talking. As she described the feeling of a fantasy cock penetrating the depths of her pussy, I softly nudged her fingers away from her swollen clit and replaced them with the soft caress of my tongue. Dove continued with her story of being fucked from behind by a dark and mysterious lover, as I began to make love to her wet pussy, drinking in her sweet juices with my Bayan escort mouth. My tongue slowly grazing the long edges of her pink lips, up and back and up again on both sides. Locking her clit between my lips and alternately sucking and flickering my tongue across her tiny nub Dove began to moan softly, and wove her hands through my hair, encouraging me to quicken the tempo.

I led Dove down from the benches in the humid hotness of the room, and pressed her up against the cool tiled wall, facing her and gazing into her eyes. As we kissed her hands sought out my swollen cock, slowly caressing its length, yearning for it inside her, and threatening to make me spurt my milky seed all over her stomach and breasts as we stood there embracing. At long, I pushed her back hard against the wall and began planting kisses down her beautiful body, longing to taste her delicious pussy again on my lips. As I reached the delta of Dove’s fertile pussy again, she arched her back and threw one leg over my shoulder to give me better access to her tight little cunt, and resumed telling me her fantasy as I recommenced licking her towards ecstasy.

As the intensity of her story increased, we became enwrapped in the hot hot steam, and my tongue began to probe the depths of her pussy, I could tell that Dove’s story was getting her to her destination just as much as my own skills were, as she recounted the tale of her mystery lover roughly fucking her and pulling her hair and head back in a hot fury. As her moans increasingly replaced the words of her story so that she was barely even speaking, I began to work a finger gently around her hot little pink fuck hole as my tongue worked at her clit, soon to be joined by a second digit once she was ready to receive it. Eventually I could feel her body beginning to convulse and yield alternately as she strained to tell me about being fucked hard and violated from behind, and in her story she began to cum just as her assailant let loose his own thick juices deep into her, and I knew these words were bringing her to the brink of her own, real, orgasm, so I kept up my pressure on her swollen clit until I could feel every muscle in her body constrict simultaneously as she moaned out her first wave of orgasm and her pussy tightened around my finger, flooding my waiting mouth with her sweet liquor. Fully three waves rocked her body before she crashed down from her pink cloud, and I had to hold her up in my arms to prevent this sweet, sweet bird from collapsing onto the cold wet floor tiles.

Once she had sufficient recovered, Dove wrapped her arms around me in a lovingly embrace and thanked me for making her cum so hard by planting yet another deep kiss on my mouth and tasting her own juices there. As we gained our composure, she took control by grabbing my still hard cock and leading me out into the shower where we lovingly wiped the sweat and her cum juice from our bodies.

Towelling off again, we now noticed that the room had been rearranged somewhat to include a new massage bench which was not there before, and our sudden realization that the servants who brought it into the room must have had ample view to our lovemaking – but rather than make us feel awkward, it only aroused me more to know that we had been observed – something that is probably commonplace in this establishment, but erotically heightening to its patrons nonetheless.

With renewed arousal, I helped Dove to arrange herself on the narrow bench, laying face up, then I located the array of oils which had been delivered with the bench and I set to work on her newly relaxed body. Beginning at her feet, I oiled up her body and began to work my way slowly upwards on a journey past her thighs to her glistening midriff and luscious breasts. As I caressed her nipples, Dove asked for some oil and I soon realized that she wanted to stroke my cock as I caressed her. I stood beside her amazing body while she oiled my entire shaft and pumped away at it lovingly, giving me ample view of her glistening and lovely body – how Escort I would love to paint that fine canvass with ribbons of my milky white cum; watching as spurt after spurt landed across those amazing bare breasts and nipples, and fill her belly button to the brim with my musky seed. But I knew that Dove would be disappointed if I didn’t cum inside of her tonight, and I had yet to impale her with my engorged member and hear her squeal as I pumped that wanting cock in and out of her like a ravenous fuck machine.

Releasing my cock from Dove’s grip, I directed her to turn over on the bench, having to swat her hand playfully away from my cock several times – she needed it so bad by this point. Now I stood in front of her and began to work on her shoulders, which provided a perfect angle for her to take me into her mouth. Dove’s lips lovingly enveloped the head of my cock as she stroked it and caressed my shaven scrotum with her free hand. After a few minutes experiencing her expert mouth, I again felt my cum welling up ready to spurt forth – but not yet – I needed to gain control again, and I the desire to fuck Dove’s sweet pussy in a real bad way was overwhelming.

Disappointing her as I drew my swollen shaft away from between her moist lips, I moved around the table and rearranged Dove so that her feet were planted on the floor and spread wide to give me ample access to her wanting wet pussy, then I got behind and began rubbing my oiled cock against her slick firm buttocks and began teasing her pussy and clit with its tip. I held Dove’s hips firmly in my hands, pinning her down to the massage bench to keep her from backing up onto my cock as she begged me to slide my cock into her. Reaching forward, I grabbed a fistful of hair and forced her head back to look at me, and as we gazed into each other’s eyes I eased my cock into her tight little twat, watching her eyes flutter with pleasure as I glided all the way into her, making her gasp and moan again. Keeping her roughly pinned to the bench I slowly fucked Dove’s wet cunt, in and out, watching my cock as it rammed into her sweet, warm moist hole.

As I fucked her from behind like that, I began to use the thumb of my free hand to rub around her anus. Gently at first, then more firmly, getting the oils penetrated into the skin around her rim and making her moan anew. I could feel her body push back against my hand as she yearned for me to penetrate her twice over, but I kept teasing her puckering asshole with my thumb until she squirmed, and it became a game for both of us and she laughed sinisterly each time I pulled away when she wanted me to run my thumb full length into her ass.

Eventually I caved in and eased my thick thumb slowly into Dove’s waiting anus, simultaneously running my cock from tip to base, driving it into her pussy – making her call out simultaneously in pleasure and pain. I worked her ass slowly like that for a while, adding more oil to ready it for more, then I eased my cock out of her pussy and slowly but firmly pressed it against the rim of her anus until she moaned and begged me to fuck her ass. As I press it firmly, Dove let out a loud moan as her asshole yielded to let me ease inside. Her approval was openly displayed by now, and she begged me to keep fucking her ass as she reached down and began to play with her clit. As I thrust into her again and again, Dove’s inner animal was taking over and unleashing her own personal orgy. After a about minute, but what seemed like eternity at the time, Dove ‘s body began to rock again and she brought herself to another climax – my cock buried deep into her ass I thrust into her harder, and felt my own orgasm coming brought on by her body spasms. I pulled her hair back again, just as Dove started to cum in waves, holding off my own orgasm with much difficulty until she was well into the throes of her own – by this time the whole room was filled with the sounds of our animalistic lovemaking.

When I finally collapsed on top of her we were both spent, and had likely exceeded our allotted time for the room, but we quickly recovered and showered up and then hit the town – searching the city’s seedy underbelly for a postcoital drink or two before making love again in my big cozy bed and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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