Doctor Catherine Pt. 01

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This story, and all my stories, contain real and fictional characters from long ago memories and from recent events in my life.

My stories are memoirs spiced with a kinky imagination. I am submissive by nature in most relationships, sometimes extremely submissive in sex. If you like kinky mature bi women I hope you will like my stories and please comment to help me improve.


She had been my Gynecologist for five years. I found her when I first moved to Florida from North Carolina. I trusted her completely and so did my wife Beth. Catherine Saul was not only our doctor but very a trusted advisor and confidant. We had no secrets from her and to the best of my knowledge she never betrayed our trust.

Not long into our doctor patient relationship, I think my second visit, I noticed that she wore a gold ankle bracelet on her right ankle. It had an odd script emblem mid way along the length of the chain also in gold. I remember thinking the ankle bracelet looked very sexy on her suntanned leg and I remember thinking that one like it would look great against my skin. At one point I asked her about it and she just said it was a gift from a good friend.

Doctor Catherine saw to our health as women and my emotional needs as Beth’s time here came to an end. She knew everything! Doctor Catherine was a god send to me personally as Beth learned of her illness and over time lost her battle to overcome it.

Catherine always, it seemed, gave me a late in the day appointment and our conversations often drifted into the early evening. I always felt, from day one, that there was some hidden link between us, some unspoken truth. That truth would eventually surface after Beth died.

Catherine helped me with hospice care near the end, she helped me arrange cremation and even chartered the sail boat I needed to go offshore and grant Beth’s wish to be buried at sea. Not long after the burial Catherine asked if I was going to be ok without Beth to see to my needs. I told her I would be fine, after all sex is not all that it is cracked up to be. She smiled and brought up the ankle bracelet. She told me it was worn by members of a local group of lesbians.

She told me it was a way to get needs met without unnecessary complications. She left it that she would never bring it up again. If I wanted to explore it further she would make the necessary introductions.

Time went by. I saw her every six months and it never came up again. Then I realized I would be 64 this year. I was alone and I had not had but a self inflicted orgasm in almost a year. I telephoned Doctor Cathrine’s office and made an appointment. She returned my call herself that evening. I explained what I had decided. She assured me I would not be sorry and we set a date and time to meet.

Again, last appointment of the day. Doctor Catherine came out into the waiting room smiled and said hello. She had a few quiet words with her admin / receptionist and invited me into her office. I heard her receptionist announce she was locking up and leaving.

Doctor Catherine motioned me into a chair opposite her desk. She told me that Beth had confessed some of our sexual activities. Doctor Catherine just came right out and asked me if I enjoyed what she called “Rough Sex?”

I explained that if she meant spanking the answer was yes. I confessed the thing I did not want to say out loud. After an orgasm, when I can’t stand to be touched direct, spanking of my most sensitive parts gives me further indescribable pleasure.

She smiled and said she understood. She had experienced the same pleasure numerous times, the same way. I was so relieved. She understood. I was not a freak.

Doctor Catherine told me that outside the office I should call her Cat or Katie, never Cathy.

As we talked I learned that Katie was 56 and thinking of semi retirement. She had been offered a teaching position and saw it as an opportunity to spend more time at her first love, writing fiction.

Cat explained that the “Bracelet Club” was a social group of mature lesbians, a group of women who meet now and then by invitation only in one of their homes. The group is supportive of all members socially, in business and other ways. If you happen to meet someone and a sexual relationship or affair results that is your business. The bracelet itself was a sign of membership, of personal availability, in a larger national group.

She told me she was never married or long term partnered but had found a number of local exciting vibrant mature sex partners through the group.

Cat handed me a box. In the box was a bracelet and a rather formal invitation to her home for cocktails a week in the future. She warned me that dress at the meeting was not casual. Guests dressed as though they were headed for dinner in a very nice restaurant.

“Robin, I want to encourage you to attend. The women in our little group range in age from 30 to one nice woman who is 70. They all know the ground bursa otele gelen escort rules. Whatever happens outside of the meeting is nobody’s business but yours but that membership and attendance signals your willingness to engage in sexual activities with the right person.”

She closed by telling me that she personally found me very sexually attractive but her own personal rule is to not “date” patients.

I drove home wondering if doing this was the right decision. No need to worry. I had a week to decide.

My phone chirped. A message from Doctor Cat. “Robin, I just wanted to remind you about this evening. I hope you have decided to come. No worries, I’ll introduce you to everyone. Hope to see you at 7:00.”

Oh Damn, I have to decide. I’m not going. Ok, I’m going! What will I wear?

Ok I’m going. Just keep repeating that. Ok I’m going, I will wear my “little white dress with tall heels and all silver jewelry except for that gold ankle bracelet on my right foot.

At my salon that after noon my hair goes silver gray, almost white and a bit shorter.

My dress has been modified since I last wore it and now has a slit up the right front from the hem to just below the waist. I could not take a step without showing a lot of thigh.

When I arrive just shortly after 7:00 Cat meets me at the door with a warm hug and in my ear so others would not hear “Robin, I’m so glad you came. You look wonderful.” She is dressed in a beautiful floor length long sleeve high collar navy dress. The slit in the right side opens the dress to well above her waist. As she walks toward me I catch a flash of red. When she walks her hip and thigh is completely revealed. She puts her hand on her hip to open the slit revealing her hip bone naked underneath. Her blond hair is long, shoulder length. I’ve never seen it down. She is barefoot.

Cat brings me to a bar she has set up. I settle on white wine.

She next brings me to the first group of three women chatting and introduces me. One is a woman I know from yoga classes, she winks. I never would have guessed. The other two are attractive white perhaps 45 or 50 year old women. All three are friendly and welcoming.

There was a knock at the door and Cat took my hand and we answered the door. A black woman who although she was beautiful, tall and elegant appeared older. She was in fact the woman Doctor Cat mentioned in her office. Her name is Alice. There was something about the laugh lines on her face and around her eyes that said age but she did not look to be 70. Hell I would be 64 in just a few weeks. After a brief introduction the three of us joined the three women I had not met in the living room. I had a distinct feeling that Cat was uncomfortable introducing me to another black woman. Just my imagination I’m sure. I did notice that as we chatted as a group Alice took my hand and held it briefly at our side.

Over the next 15 or 20 minutes four more women joined the party. One woman was oriental, I would later learn Japanese, one was Hispanic, the other two were white.

Cat made a very brief statement welcoming everyone. She pointed out that my name and contact information had been added to the membership list and that copies were on the bar. She asked everyone to take a copy as other members contact information had also changed.

I laughed silently when I realized she sounded a little like an answering system announcement “please listen carefully as our options have changed.”

The evening was nice. Subdued but fun in that I had a chance to meet women I might have otherwise never known.

As things wound down at about 8:45 I thanked Doctor Cat and left. As I was walking out to my car I was chatting with Anne, a woman I had just met. She again welcomed me to the group and said how nice it was to meet me. I smiled and thanked her. I then added “Now if I just knew how all this works.” She returned my smile and said “I know how you feel, I was you a year ago. Tell you what, Robin call me, we’ll have lunch and I’ll explain all I can. No obligation, just lunch and conversation.”

I didn’t say I would call I just said “thank you Anne.”

A week went by. I thought about the meeting and the women I met. I was tempted to just call one and see where it went but I remembered the brief conversation with Anne and though she might be a good coach.

Another week went by. I was within hours of calling Anne and taking her up on her offer when my phone rang. Anne.

At lunch with Anne the next day I asked how she knew to call me. She said, “Robin, I told you that a little more than a year ago I was also new to the group. At about the end of week two I was feeling terrible that I was being rejected. I wish that someone had taken the time to fill me in so I decided to do it for you.”

I answered her. “Thank you. I was feeling awful. Thank you.”

Anne started “Ok so first let me give you some background. Our little bursa eve gelen eskort group was started by Doctor Katie. Every person in the group she brought into the group. It’s simple. She wants you in her bed.” She continued. “Every woman in the group is her woman and you will be, as I am, unless you chose otherwise soon.” “I’m trusting you because if you tell her I told you this I’m out.”

I looked at her and said “Thanks Anne, I can live with that. I won’t say a word.”

Anne continued, “Don’t get me wrong, Katie is not a Dominant. She is wonderful in every way but her style of sex in a relationship is just not mine. She loves group sex with her in very much a lead role.” Anne continued, “The only time I was with her we were with two other women. It’s just not me. I cannot make love to three women at the same time. It takes a beautiful thing, making love, and reduces it to simply having sex.” She ended by saying, “It’s just not what I’m looking for.”

I think I like this woman Anne.

She continued…”There are groups like ours all over the Southeast. There is a group in Orlando, one in Jacksonville and one in Tampa that I know of, could be more.”

She added, “Contacts are usually made by phone call and an invitation to Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Tea or just a chat. Robin, you have not been called because you are an unknown. Most of us do not want drama in our lives so everyone is understandably cautious. I liked you from when we first met so I took a chance. You will have to initiate the first contacts. Once you are known, things will flow.”

Anne told me “Robin, I have been ‘beyond conversation’ with six women in our group and one in Orlando. Now I’m not counting the Doctor Katie fiasco. I just want to forget that.” Anne added, “A few were great lovers, some were not, but all were loving, caring, clean STD free women. I have never repeated. I’m not looking for a relationship.”

Almost as though she were trying to get it all out she said, “If I were to make a recommendation and I AM NOT, I would tell a new woman, if I knew one, and she laughed… if I were to go back a second time it would be with Alice, don’t let her age fool you, or Nishi. Alice is a very experienced and totally uninhibited lover. Nishi is a very very shy reserved oriental woman. Two very different people with very different approach’s to making love.” “Nishi is a master at oral sex. From your toes to your ears she will please you.”

Anne continued “Robin, as a woman of color (I hate that phrase but did not say anything) you will be very attractive to some crazy people looking to prove they are not racist so be careful about that. I think many of us could care less if a person were green, well maybe not green but you get the idea right.” I knew exactly what she meant.

Let me tell you about Anne. She appeared to be about 50 but turned out to be 55. She like me had built a business, hers in retail, and sold it prior to early retirement. She had dirty blond very short hair and with clothes on, appeared to have an average in every way body. Her laugh was contagious. When she laughed she was loud and laughed with her whole body, I liked that. I like her.

As we continued our lunch she had a never ending list of questions. Everything from where was I born to where I went to school. It seemed that as I answered a question she used the opportunity to fill in her side of the story. I was learning as much about her as she was learning about me without even asking a question of my own. Anne was easy to talk to and in every way a very likable person. As we talked, I mentioned Beth and Anne had a whole new list of questions. She was quick to tell me how sorry she was and all that but what she really wanted to know was what I thought made Beth and I work as a couple.

She somehow managed by using Beth to get me to tell her about my tastes in sex. Somehow it never even crossed my mind to embellish the story or lead her to believe something that wasn’t true. I know full well that my “tastes” can be viewed by many as kinky but what did I really have to lose by telling her the truth?

I also found myself using my relationship with Beth to explain what most interested me. I think I never lost sight of the fact that if Anne and I ended up in bed it would most likely be a one time thing so I was careful. I remembered what I thought could be a real connection with Anne and I told her my feelings about not needing to be “in love” to “make love.”

Anne smiled and explained her feelings as best she could. She started by telling me again how group sex and emotionless sex was not what she looked for. Making love requires emotion and very often takes longer that just a few hours. It requires the time for talk, bathing together, massage, and completely uninhibited sex.

Anne somehow managed to use all the right words that matched how I felt.

As lunch ended I got brave and told Anne I thought we “fit.” Then I felt stupid and bayan escort bursa quickly asked if she was interested in taking this further. Then I felt even more stupid and she saved me.

“Robin, why don’t you think over what we have talked about and remember I told you I love to swim, hint hint.” As we left the restaurant she kissed me very gently on the lips. “I had a great time. It was very nice getting to know you.”

It was Wednesday and on the way home I hatched a plan. I think Anne was expecting me to call her so I didn’t.

Instead I decided to wait to call Anne for a reason I will tell you , dear reader, in a while. Keep reading.

I called Nishi. She invited me to her home for tea and a swim in the ocean.

Friday came and I drove to Nishi’s. Now just so you understand, I am not poor. God has been good to me, I have worked hard and my home is two streets back from the beach. I consider myself blessed.

Nishi’s house a few miles away was on the beach. A beautiful contemporary cottage sitting on the middle lot of a three lot section of the beachfront she owned. I would later learn that Nishi owned a restaurant here but also other restaurants in Orlando and other parts of Florida. The was the self made multi millionaire I would never be.

Nishi met me at the door and welcomed me to her home. I begged a tour and was surprised at how modest it really was. All the necessities were there but there was nothing boastful about her décor. The whole house screamed “sit down, relax, enjoy life.” We sat on the deck overlooking the ocean and she made tea. Watching her was almost like participating in a tea ceremony I had been to years ago in Taipei.

As we talked, we almost immediately found a common love, the ocean. After a while she invited me to walk with her on the beach. It was a beautiful day and I had worn my bathing suit under my clothing so we were off. We walked perhaps for a mile and talked about our lives past and present.

We came to a place where she took my hand and asked if she could share something very special. I nodded yes and she led me deep into the dunes to a place where the dunes created a bowl we could stand or sit in with sand and grass all around us. She looked and me and said please sit. I sat and crossed my legs under me. I noticed that all I could see was sand and all I could hear was the ocean nearby.

Nishi sat opposite me with her knees touching mine. She took my hands and put them on her thighs just above her knees put her hands on my legs the same way. Nishi said “Robin, just listen.” I sat in the sand looking at her and today I can not tell you if it was hot or cold, sunny or overcast. After only a moment she said “close your eyes and just listen.”

The sound of a shore bird in the distance, the faint sound of a child on the beach, the rhythmic sound of the waves washing ashore. Then my heart, I could hear or feel my heart beating. Then there were two, two hearts beating. I opened my eyes and Nishi was looking at me. She asked, “What did you hear?”

I looked at her and said “At first just a bird, a child and the waves then I heard nothing, nothing at all. Nishi, then I could hear my heart beat, not just feel it but hear it. Then I heard another heartbeat not mine but another heartbeat beating with mine. Was it yours?”

She squeezed my hands stood and said “We should leave now. We can talk more on the way back.”

As we walked she explained that she had many times heard the same thing sitting there alone, two hearts beating. She told me that she had taken several people there and only a few had the same experience. She asked me what I thought. We walked and I thought about it but had no answer.

When we got back to the house she led me into a fenced outdoor shower enclosure under the house. She looked at me and said “We will shower here to leave the beach sand here.” She put her hands on my shoulders and began yo remove my bathing suit. When she finished she smiled and said “you are a very beautiful woman.” She turned and asked me to take her suit off and I did. There was something very erotic but at the same time very caring about gently removing another person clothing that I had never noticed before. She very quickly put our suits on a nearby bench. She pulled two beach size towels from a cabinet and placed them on a bench just outside the shower. I followed as she entered the shower. As we stood in the water she asked “Robin, may I wash you?”

Nishi’s hands were magic, washing me in ways I didn’t even take the time for myself. For example, she had me sit on a bench and picked my feet up and washed and massaged each one as though it were a treasure. She then changed places with me and showed me how to do the same for her. Every part of my body received her lavish attention and then she received the same from me.

Nishi was amazingly gentle but firm in what needed to be washed. She did not just wash the outside folds of my vagina but explored and found and washed everything. She even pushed back the hood of my clit and washed my exposed clit commenting on how beautiful “my pearl” was against my dark skin. She turned a simple shower into an erotic art form and taught me to do the same for her.

When we finished she took down her hair and washed it. Nishi had beautiful black hair that went down beyond her waist.

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