Dirty Gurlie Strikes Again

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I am stalking, yet again. I am dressed in a short black leather skirt, tall boots with my black thigh high stockings, a tight black tank top, showing the upper half of my breasts as they nearly spill over and a thin black choker. My hair is drawn back a little, but mostly the red curls fall down around my shoulders and back. I am wearing the dark make-up tonight, intensifying my eyes, including mascara, which elongates and thickens the look of my lashes. There is the hint of vanilla on my skin, intoxicating me. Yup, gonna find me some prey tonight. I head out into the dark night in search of what I crave.

I wind up at a bar that is primarily for people looking to fuck. The décor is dark and almost evil, much like my appearance on this evening. The music is loud and hard, much like the way I like to fuck. Could it be any more perfect?

I head to the bar and order a shot of tequila. The bartender puts it on the bar and I start a tab. I take my shot and order another, which I drink down as well. The burn begins and I can sense the excitement rise within. Mmm, yes, this is going to be a good night. I walk along the bar, looking at the people. A mixture of ‘goth’ types, a crowd I do not generally find myself around often for no reason other than I just don’t know many that fit the category, seem to permeate the place.

There is a very handsome man at the end of the bar sitting alone. He has dark hair and eyes, my favorite. He looks up from his drink and a smile comes to his lips, showing a perfect dimple in his right cheek and a pair of natural fangs. “All the better to bite you with, my dear,” I think to myself as I make my way towards him. I take a seat on the stool next to him and lean in close so that he can hear me.

“What is an amazingly wondrous creature such as yourself doing alone?” I ask, showing my own dimple as I grin at him.

“Just came in for a few drinks to wind down after work,” he responds, taking a gulp of his beer.

“Would you like to take a shot with me?” I say coyly. “I’ve had two tequilas already, but I am more than ready for a third.”

He calls the bartender over, ordering two shots of tequila. They are set before us, and before he can reach for his, I grab it. I push it between my breasts and say, “Here, take it from here, I double dog dare ya.”

He leans his head into my cleavage, rescuing the glass and downing the booze in one amazing movement. “Impressive,” I say as he moves to take my glass. “Oh, now is it my turn?”

“Well, I had something a little different in mind,” he says. “Are you ready?”

I nod as he takes the shot into his mouth, then presses his lips against mine and forces the tequila out into my awaiting mouth. I swallow quickly, but do not allow him to pull away yet. I thrust my tongue into his mouth and play with his tongue. I run my piercing along the warm, soft flesh inside his mouth.

We pull apart and I say, “Mmmm, now that has to be the best shot I have ever had.”

He smiles at me, again showing the dimple and I feel as my lust steps up a notch. “So tell me something,” I say with a wink. “What are you REALLY here for tonight? Are you looking for some fun? If so, are you quite naughty and do you know how to handle a little naughty gurlie like me?”

He looks at me almost as if I have pinched him hard on the arm, a look of shock, perhaps at my frankness, crossing his face. “Well,” he stammers, “I guess I wasn’t really looking for something other than a drink, but then again, I did not expect to find as evil and alluring a creature as yourself. I think I could manage to treat you the way you need to be treated.”

“I like it rough,” I say as I graze my nails along his thigh, letting the nails sink in a bit. “Can you handle that?”

“I think I should be more Escort bayan concerned if YOU can handle it,” he says.

He pulls me up off my stool, we clear our bar tabs and then head for the door. He takes me to his car and lets me in. He then gets in on the other side and he drives to his apartment. No sooner are we inside the door, he grabs the back of my hair and pulls hard. He pushes me up against a wall, smashing my face against it. “Now I am going to show you what men do to dirty, fucking whores like you,” he growls into my ear as he slips a hand up under my skirt.

I can feel two fingers slide into my cunt as a third slides into my asshole. He starts to push them into me hard and fast, grunting against my neck. His hand is constantly applying pressure against my skull, and his fingers violating me again and again below. He rams them into me as my wetness makes his penetration easier. He pulls them out and then pulls me away from the wall, dragging me by the hair to the kitchen.

He opens the fridge, still keeping a firm grip on my hair as he seeks to find what he is looking for. He pulls out a beer bottle and turns to face me, bringing my face so close to his using the hand in my hair to do so. “I’m going to shove this up your nasty little cunt, bitch,” he says. “Do you like the sound of that you foul little girl?”

“Yes,” I say, “ I want you to stick that bottle into my fucking, dripping cunt, but you better do it with the fat end first.”

He pulls me along to the living room, where he bends me over the couch. He rams the bottle, fat end first into my soaked cunt. I feel the wave of pain as it starts to slip in, meeting resistance because of the size. “Fuck me with that damn thing already,” I shout at him.

He crams it in harder and the pain is excruciating and maddening at the same time. He starts to fuck me with the bottle as the lubrication makes the resistance lessen. The cold chill of the bottle aids in the excitement for me. The sensation of this object stretching my hole along with the cold of it makes me cry out for more.

“Yea, you like getting fucked, don’t you?” he asks as he continues to slam it into me.

“Fuck yea I do,” I say between breaths. “I want you to fuck me until I can’t stand anymore. I want you to fucking use me and abuse me, you fucking bastard.”

He twists the bottle inside of me and then I feel it slide out of me and hear it drop to the floor. I make to move upright, but the hand at the back of my head holds me down. “I didn’t fucking say you could get up, bitch.”

I can hear as he undoes his belt and the zipper of his jeans. They slide down his thighs and his cock fills the emptiness of my cunt. He fucks hard and deep, pulling at my hair each time he pushes forward. “Yea, you’re gonna fucking take it all until I have my satisfaction,” he grunts as he fucks me from behind.

“Gonna make me your dirty, little bitch, are ya?” I ask as he continues to plow.

“You’re fucking right, I am,” he says almost angrily. “You’re gonna wish you never met me when I’m done fucking using you for my pleasure, you twisted little fuck.”

I think to myself, “I could not have picked someone better had I paid him and given him a fucking script to read and act out.”

He quickens his strokes as and then pulls out suddenly, spraying his come all over my ass and the backs of my thighs. I can feel him rub the tip of his cock against my ass as he finishes and then he pulls me up by my hair again. He turns me to face him and then forces me to my knees. “Now I want you to eat my cock, you slut,” he says as he crams it into my mouth.

He uses the hand at the back of my head to force my mouth onto him as he thrusts forward. I can taste the come in my throat as he fucks my mouth. I start Bayan escort to moan against it as he fucks it rough. Each inward stroke forces the tip into my throat and I tighten my lips around him.

“God, you suck cock like a fucking pro,” he moans. “Play with my balls while I fuck your dirty wench mouth.”

I bring my hands up, squeezing and massaging his nuts as his cock pulls in and out of my mouth. I tug at them a bit as I feel him getting close to orgasm. His thrusts intensify and then he pulls out of my mouth, covering my face in his spray. I lick around my mouth, tasting him as he spurts. “Yea, dirty bitches like that shit, don’t they?” he asks as I move my hand up to continue the pressure on his cock as he finishes his orgasm.

Once he’s done, he pushes me onto my hands and knees. He comes behind me and starts to play with my asshole again. He runs his finger around my little pucker and then sticks two fingers in. He wiggles them around a bit and then pulls them out. Now I can feel the head of his cock as it starts to slide into my ass.

Again he starts to fuck me hard and fast, as the carpet friction tears my stockings and starts to leave its burns on my knees. His cock slips through me and then he yanks my head back. “I like fucking you in every hole possible,” he says. “It’s what you like, right? Getting fucked every place you can.”

“Yes,” I say through clenched teeth. “Fuck me hard and fuck me fast until your sick fuck urges pass.” Anal sex is not my favorite, but he has been so good so far, I am enjoying it regardless.

“Oh, we have a while yet for that,” he says as he grinds his cock into my ass harder. I can feel his balls smacking into me with each forward thrust. He crams his cock in until I can feel his wet pubes against my ass. He sinks it in as deep as his body will allow until he finds his release again. Come squirts into my ass and as he pulls out, I can feel it leaking a little. His breathing is hard and slightly labored.

“Have you worn your self out already?” I ask. “I thought you were gonna give it to me good and make me your bitch. Seems to me that you’re the bitch now because I can still take more from you.”

These words seem to agitate him a bit, which was exactly what I was going for. He stands and then lifts me to my feet by my hair. He pushes me in front of him and shoves me into the bathroom, where I fall to the floor. “You need to get clean before I will touch you anymore,” he says to me through a scowl. “I can’t touch a filthy piece of shit like you anymore until you’ve cleaned yourself up.

He moves around me and turns on the shower. He undresses fully, showing a strong back and several tattoos. He steps inside the steaming water as I stand to get undressed. I step in and he moves to the side to allow me access to the water. I let the water run over my face and then turn around, letting it run down my back and ass.

No sooner has the water begun washing the filth away than he grabs me and pushes me against the shower door. He pushes my thighs apart and shoves his cock into my pussy again. “Now I’m gonna fucking show you not to talk shit to me, you lousy little twat. I’m gonna fuck your cunt hard until you beg for me to fucking stop.”

He pushes in and although I have begun to get raw from all the friction of the evening, I manage to say, “Yea? Come on and bring it. I don’t think you can exhaust my drive before the night is out.” With that he fucks me with the aggression of a crazy man. He runs it into my cunt, growling obscenities into my ear as he pushes me against the shower door.

“You like it rough, I’ll give it to you rough, you dirty cunt,” he seethes as his aggressions are increased and he moves a hand over my breast. He tugs at the nipple hard, twisting and Escort pinching it in his fingers as the violation between my legs continues. He bites into my neck hard and almost immediately I can feel the bruise that will remain there in the morning. This only excites me further and I start to buck against him as his cock drives in. I can feel this time as I get close to my orgasm. I may actually hit it as his cock continues on its course.

He grabs hard at my breast as another bite is taken and again, the waves of pain wash over me. He fucks me faster still and soon, my legs begin to weaken as my climax comes. Explosions go off in my head and I feel myself starting to slide downward when I hear him say, “Oh no, you are going to finish this now. You’re telling me that I am not going to be able to drain your resources and I am going to show you differently.”

His cock continues to slip and slide into me as I attempt to keep my footing. The water of the shower is starting to go cold and soon he is grunting loud into my ear. He pushes hard, entering me completely and then soon he is done, his warm wetness expelling from him, against my interior walls. He pulls out and turns off the running water. He pulls me away from the glass doors and slides them open. I step out of the shower and he follows behind me.

“I think I have one more go in me, if you would like to make another attempt,” I say, knowing that much more is likely to leave me unable to do much of anything for a few days.

“Mmmm, yes I think I would like another piece of you before retiring for the night,” he replies. “You are turning out to be quite the naughty little bitch I had hoped you would be and I am quite enjoying taking you as I see fit.”

He then pulls me by the arm into his room. The bed is laid out in black and he pushes me onto it. He moves to a drawer next to the bed and pulls out some bindings. He turns me onto my stomach and pulls my arms behind my back. He attaches the restraints to my ankles and brings them up to my wrists, fastening them together at my sides. I can feel the strain on the backs of my thighs in this position, but I believe I can handle it for a while, especially if he handles it all well.

He returns to the drawer and then comes onto the bed. I can feel as he inserts anal beads into my asshole, one by one, the retrieval string hanging out of my tight, pinched hole. “We’ll just keep these here a moment,” he says as he lies against my back and pushes his cock into my pussy again. He starts to fuck me and I can feel the pressure of the anal beads as his cock thrusts hard. He is putting most of his weight onto me as he sticks me.

I can feel his breathing on my ear as it quickens with his motions. He is almost panting into my ear and I can feel a second orgasm coming for me. “I want you to fuck me like you MEAN it,” I scream at him. “Fuck me, fuck me until I fucking EXPLODE!”

He ravages my cunt with his probing cock. In and out he moves, never missing a beat. He has his arms looped through the space between my body and my bound arms and legs. He brings his hands onto my shoulders and I can feel them dig in as he fucks harder. He bites into my shoulder and my climax is reached. I start to wail as he pushes himself up and slowly draws out the anal beads. This only intensifies the situation and I begin to buck before him. Once they are out, he lies against me again and continues pumping. Soon he reaches his own orgasm and soon my cunt is filled with his warm juices.

He lies there a moment after completion then pulls out and undoes my bindings. I roll over onto my back and he says, “I want you to stay the night tonight because I want to have my way with you in the morning.”

All I can think is that I am grateful for this since I doubt much that I am in any condition to walk, much less drive home. “Thank you for a wild night,” I say. “Now I think I must rest to prepare for the mornings endurances.” With that he lies down and I curl up with a pillow in my arms and fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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