Desperate Measures Lead To Pleasure

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Mac could feel his muscles ache at the end of another hard day. He looked forward to an ice cold beer and a hot shower. And then…then what. Shit, he was so damn horny and there was no way to satisfy that urge. He could feel his cock twitch and thicken in his sweaty underpants as he bounced along on the rutted dirt road through the forest.

And then he remembered the new guy in the accounts office up at the mill. There was something about the way he was always looking at Mac. At first it had made Mac feel uncomfortable but in the absence of any other attention he decided it was welcome. Perhaps he could help out with a blowjob, Mac decided. Now all he had to do was think up a plan to get him down on his knees.

Mac felt a slight twinge of guilt when he thought about Heather, his girl friend in the city. But, she wasn’t here and he knew he would explode if he didn’t get some sex soon. So after a good clean scrub up in the shower Mac dressed himself in his tightest, most faded pair of jeans and a snug fitting T shirt. When he looked at himself in the mirror he was shocked at how much of his heavy package was on display. But desperate situations called for desperate measures.

Mac fished out his payslip and went off to see Allen. That would be his excuse, he’d pretend there was something on the payslip he couldn’t understand. When he knocked on Allen’s door he hoped that everything would go according to plan.

He need not have worried. You should have seen Allen’s eyes when he saw that hot stud on his doorstep. Allen simply could not believe it. How many times hadn’t he wanked himself to sleep, thinking about Mac. And now here he stood on his doorstep with his massive package bulging in all directions. Allen knew he was staring, but he couldn’t help it.

‘Hi.’ Mac said. ‘I was wondering if I could ask you something about my payslip.’

‘Sure. Come in.’ Allen replied.

As Mac walked in to the room he knew that Allen’s eyes were taking in the sight of his firm butt moving about in his tight jeans.

‘Can I get you something to drink?’ Allen asked.

‘Please. Whatever you have.’

‘I’ve got some cold beer. altyazı porno Or…I don’t know if you would, but I was about to fix some supper. If you like, you could have some with me and I’ll open a bottle of wine.’ Allen seemed nervous.

‘Wow. That sounds really good.’ Mac replied.

If there was one thing that Mac liked it was food. Living on his own he hardly ever ate as well as wanted to. He would gladly accept any invitation to dine. And the idea of getting a blowjob thrown in at the end made it even better.

‘So what was your query?’ Allen said.

Mac pulled out his payslip and asked Allen some dumb question that was easily answered. Then he took the beer that Allen offered him and watched as the younger man pottered around the kitchen. They chatted easily, like they were old friends and Mac decided that he quite liked Allen. He wondered what it would be like to make love to a man, like really make love to him, not just get sucked off. And then he decided that tonight would be the night to find out.

The food was incredibly delicious and the wine was good too. By the end of the meal Mac was feeling very relaxed and happy and horny. He looked across at Allen and smiled at him.

‘What?’ Allen asked, aware that Mac was hatching a plan.

‘I was just thinking…’


‘I…I dunno if I could ask you this.’ Mac said.

‘Ask me anything you like.’

‘Would you dance with me?’ Mac said.

‘Sure…if you like.’ Allen replied, trying to sound nonchalant. Inside his was trembling with excitement.

Allen went in to the living room and asked Mac what music he should put on.

‘Something real slow.’ Mac said with a wink.

Allen’s heart thumped in his chest. He couldn’t believe that this was happening to him. He dearly hoped that it wasn’t some sort of wind up that Mac would be telling all of his macho buddies about in the morning. But no, it was no wind up. As soon as Allen put the music on Mac pulled him close and held on tight.

As they danced around and around the same spot Allen could feel Mac’s thick cock crushed between them. His own amatör porno cock was at full mast too. Allen felt almost weak with desire and waited patiently for Mac to give the sign. Mac cupped his hands around Allen’s neat, shapely ass. Allen’s sigh was cut short by Mac’s tongue as it forced its way into his mouth. This was way better than anything he had ever dreamed about.

‘I want to fuck you.’ Mac whispered in Allen’s ear.

Allen was more than ready for what was on offer. He reached for Mac’s fly and undid his buttons. He slid Mac’s jeans down his strong, hairy thighs. The feel of a warm hand sliding up his sensitive thighs turned Mac on enormously and his big, hard cock bobbed about. Allen could no longer ignore it. Getting down on his knees he took that warm, thick truncheon on man meat into his mouth. Mac sighed as Allen worked his magic on his sensitive cock head before swallowing his shaft.

Allen’s nose was pressed into Mac’s fragrant pubic bush as he worked the monster dick into the back of his throat. Mac pinched his nipples and thrust his hips out further, trying to get even more of his cock down Allen’s throat. And then he felt Allen’s hands slide up his thighs and on to his hairy butt. Allen fondled the mound of man meat and slid his hand into that warm crack, his finger seeking out that hot, tight hole. Mac yelped as Allen’s finger popped into his virgin hole.

He pulled his cock out of Allen’s mouth and pulled him to his feet. He turned him around and bent him over the settee. Mac parted his tight blushing cheeks and found himself eye to eye with Allen’s brown eye. He touched a finger tip to the wrinkled pucker and pushed against it. To Mac’s surprise his finger slid in real easy, all the way to his second knuckle. It felt so incredibly warm and slick and he thought it more than a fine substitute for pussy. He suddenly felt incredibly turned on and buried his face in Allen’s crack and ate his little man pussy.

Allen moaned softly as Mac pulled his cheeks apart. Mac’s tongue felt so incredibly good and he couldn’t wait for the real thing. The thought of that hard rod sliding animasyon porno into his ass chute had him all aquiver. And then it happened. Mac got up and pressed his precum slicked cock against Allen’s love slit and began to push. Allen gritted his teeth as the fat hog forced his ass lips apart and slid past the sentry of his ass knot.

Mac shuddered as the warmth of Allen’s ass guts enveloped his cock. It felt like his cock had a life of its own as he started to thrust in and out of that tight, hot hole. Allen was in the throes of ecstasy as his ass took the pounding of his life; the big macho man behind the cock in his ass was giving him what for, and he loved it. By now his ass had adjusted to Mac’s girth and for Mac it felt as if he was gliding through butter.

The feel of Mac’s warm, hairy chest against his back was really getting Allen turned on. He grabbed hold of his hard cock and started fisting it. The secretion slick foreskin rode easily back and forth over his sensitive, red knob. He could feel the soles of his feet tingling as all his senses went into overdrive. Mac’s large hand slid round his belly and began stroking up and down, adding to Allen’s pleasure.

Mac’s eyes were closed and he bit his bottom lip as he thrust. This was simply the hottest fuck he had ever had. He grabbed hold of Allen’s hips and started really cock stabbing him. The harder and deeper he fucked, the more Allen cried out his delight and begged for Mac’s cock. Mac’s big balls were drawn up tight now and the skin of his thighs and butt felt incredibly sensitive.

Allen’s cock was close to explosion. Each stroke took him closer and closer to the edge. The cock buried deep in his ass intensified the sensation and seemed to be pressing a button that controlled his floodgates. Allen bucked against the shaft of steel, trying to milk the stuff of life out of it. His cock hurt now, it was so hard, and his cock tube was beginning to protest. ‘Just cum, and be done with it.’ And then it happened, all at once.

Allen heard Mac groan, loud and long. At the same time he took one stroke too many. A thick rope of clotted cream burned its way through his cock tube and shot of him with force. And then another, and another. Allen’s knees buckled from the sheer savage intensity of his orgasm. He was supported by Mac, giving him one last cock stab as his balls blasted off, bathing Allen’s well used insides with healing cream.

Copyright Daniel Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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