Demon’s Slave Ch. 01

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The night air was cool on my skin after a scorching hot day, giving me the chills. At least it was a clear night, though, and not as humid as it had been lately. I peered thoughtfully up at the half-moon.

I yawned and stretched, wondering if tonight was worth it or not. I could be at the bar, having a few shots of whisky and getting frisky with some men. Instead I was out in the cold wondering the streets known to inhabit my prey.

‘I’d love a shot of rum or vodka right about now, to drive out that chill.’

Instead I kept my feet plodding and my eyes searching for signs. Most of my kind hated their prey. I noticed a man with amber eyes watching the moon hungrily. His female companion had the same wolfish gaze, but seemed to refuse to look at it. I paused to consider them, wondering what the transformation was like. It’d always looked painful.

The woman slugged the man’s shoulder and indicated me nervously. I casually moved my jacket aside to show them the gun on my waist was coated in silver. The two talked a moment. It surprised me to see the woman led the man away; she was higher in rank, possibly his Maker and likely to be an alpha.

‘Fascinating. I’d love to arrange to talk to them. Maybe ask them about their transformations, and that fabled tug of the moon I’ve heard werewolf hunters talk about.’

With a wistful sigh I moved onward. I wasn’t going to stand there and wait for a vampire to spot me. I wasn’t exactly packing the exploding bolts my counterparts carried, and I’d left all of my warding trinkets at home in case a coworker at the Deli noticed them.

‘I’m already considered strange there. I don’t want to be fired again for supposedly doing satanic rites.’

A soft moan brought my attention to just inside an ally, where a woman was leaning against the brick wall to let somebody suck at her neck. Disgust washed over me at the sight of a stream of blood coursing down the neck.

‘Blood whores. And they call me a freak.’

Well, at least there was one less unwilling victim to be preyed on by the undead blood suckers. Still, I marked the location in my journal, and wrote a basic description of the whore and vamp. The vampire turned to see me and just stared in confusion.

“Aren’t you hunter?”

“Don’t hunt vampires. Or werewolves.”

She blinked at me. “There’s a demon in the bar across the street. Why are you watching?”

“Just jotting down your information. I wouldn’t want a vampire hunter thinking you’re taking blood from the unwilling.”

“You don’t care that I’m taking her blood?”

“She very clearly isn’t. To each their own. Oh, this is werewolf territory. Saw an alpha walking it. I would avoid that if I were you. It’s already half-moon.”

“Fucking wolves think they own this city. Common, bitch. We’re taking this to my place.” She wrapped around the blood whore and vaulted to the roof tops.

So I turned my eyes to the bar across the street. It was booming with loud hip hop music.

‘Wonderful. I get to go to the bar and can’t drink much or flirt with men.’

As I headed inside to show my ID, a couple of girls made out behind me. I hurried inside, not really wanting to see that. By the time I got to the bar I’d already noticed something; there were no men. Moreover…none of the women in here cared. Since they were all with another woman, or watching other women.

‘Please nobody hit on me. Oh god, I’m a prime target, aren’t I? Sitting at the bar alone.’

I ordered a bloody marry in an attempt to scare most of them off, and to look normal. If I didn’t drink I was too obvious. Unfortunately within ten minutes a woman sat down next to me. I felt myself fidget, hoping she wouldn’t hit on me.

“Are you waiting for somebody?” She spoke to me. Wonderful.

I can’t say I’m not into women. I don’t know where the demon is yet. Oh great stars, why does this shit always happen to me?

“For me.” A very smooth voice from behind sent shivers down my spine.

I turned around to see a very strong girl in tattered jeans and a leather biker jacket with cut-off sleeves. Her short hair was styled messy on purpose. I noticed her black eyes had no pupils.

‘Damn. I bet she noticed what I was right away too. I hate it when they play with me.’

“Oh, I, uh – I’ll be going then.” The woman trying to flirt with me hurried away before this tough new comer could hurt her.

The stranger took her place. “You’re too obvious.”

“Whatever are you talking about?” I purred in false innocence.

“You didn’t check out a single girl.”

“How about you choose a normal bar and we can do a play over?”

“Who told a hunter I was here?”

“A very hungry vampire with a pretty whore.”

“Loyalty, huh? I found that whore for her.”

“Not my problem.” I finished my drink. “Are we going to do this or not?”

The demon laughed cruelly. “What are you talking about? I’ve already won.”

I blinked at her confusion. Then I blinked again. My vision was…fuzzy.


“That’s just plain escort bayan dirty.” I went to stand, but whatever she’d laced the drink with was quick. I stumbled.

“Whoa. Don’t start drinking at home first,” She told me loudly as people laughed. The demon steadied me, then pulled me close as if we were lovers. I reached for my gun, but it wasn’t there. “Now, now, did you think I’d let you keep that?”


My vision doubled. I blinked back the stars in my eyes. Before we’d left the bar I’d drifted into darkness.

I woke up very slowly to utter darkness, lying on something soft and comfortable. My head felt as if it were trying to split open. I went to grab it – and felt chains bite at my wrists. I began to thrash. The very slightest movement caused waves of dizzying nausea, forcing me to stop.

“I see you’re awake.” A voice laughed from somewhere in the room.

My heart raced at the idea of being this creature’s prisoner in the dark. I was chained and alone, wherever my captor had decided to put me. Swallowing hard, I held very, very still in an attempt to locate the sound of any movement. I heard glass shuffling around to my left. A drawer opened from behind me. A few heartbeats later it closed quietly.

“I suspect you have quite the headache after last night.”

“So just stop talking.” I groaned; sound was painful right now.

“If you’re going to be rude I could turn on a light.” The angry hiss in her voice made me recoil.

‘Wonderful. I pissed a demon off while chained up in the dark. Any more genius ideas Cen?’

Something cold and wet against my skin made me jerk away. “Easy there, you big baby. It’s just alcohol.” It was eerie as hell to realize she was nowhere near me. She was using magic to do this, so I couldn’t find a way to reach her.

“Why are you putting alcohol on my arm?”

She didn’t answer. Instead she simply carried on. I gave a yelp of surprise when a needle went in my arm. I felt liquid flow through. A moment of burning in the veins passed quickly. She gave me two more of these.

“What are you doing?”

“Now after that headache of yours is gone we’ll proceed.”

“Proceed with what?”

No answer. Focusing hard, I held my breath and listened. Then I swore.

‘She left me in the dark! God damn it!’

All I could do was wait for my head to ease. Before it had, I’d drifted off again. My eyes opened again to that same darkness and a crawling hunger I didn’t need right now.

‘How does one wake up horny after being kidnapped by a creature of powerful, ancient evil? Damn. Maybe I am a freak after all.’

The room flooded with a dark, foreboding feeling. The hair rose on the nape of my neck.

I wasn’t at all surprised to hear a familiar voice purr out “Good evening my little human. You slept well, I take it?”

“Wonderfully. Now, if you don’t mind I’d like a bath. Mind helping a girl out? Turning on a light, or perhaps releasing me from these chains. Both would be marvelous.”

“You certainly kept your head and whit. That’s just fine. Now, you just lay right there. I’ll finish what we started and let you out of those chains.”

‘Seriously? She’s going to let me go? Wow. I should ask more often.’

No sooner did the thought pass through my mind and a strange feeling started to edge its way into corners of my awareness. My head began first to spin.

Then a slow, strange…fullness filled it. There was no other way to explain it – it felt like something was filling in the corners of my brain like water through the cracks. It seeped through me, this feeling. Overflowing. Words and images I didn’t understand poured into my thoughts too quickly for me to even fully comprehend their presence.


“STOP!!” I shouted – a little unnerved at how hard it was to speak. In fact, I wanted to thrash, to struggle, to hurt the demon. But the rest of me refused to move – it wouldn’t even blink. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD!!”

A jolt of shock and surprise filtered through me, but I didn’t understand where it came from. It wasn’t me but it…was?

“You know I’m in your head?”

“No fucking shit. Why else would I tell you to stop?!”

“Hunters feel our magic, but never this. Stop fighting it! It’ll be easier for both of us in the end.”

It took me a moment to realize I could fight her, but once I found the epicenter of where she was, I locked onto it and imagined a huge brick dome around my mind.

“Damn it.”

Silk soft hands ran from my knee, up my thigh and to my center. I abruptly realized I was completely nude. “D-don’t.”

“Why not? It’s not like you can stop me. Let’s see how well you can focus with me…distracting you.” She began to play at my clit, sparking such sudden wonderful pleasure I lost all train of thought. The demon laughed heartily, returning to her task in my mind as she lightly stroked the soft flesh.

I imagined the demon lying dead on the ground.

“Bad girl.” She snapped, pinching the clit hard. altıparmak escort bayan I suppressed the sound that wanted to come from my mouth, surprised at myself. I’d never enjoyed something like that before. “Mmmmm. You’re kinky. We’re almost done, so just relax and enjoy yourself. It’s not like you can help wanting me now.”

‘I don’t even like women.’

“You won’t have to worry about that; demons don’t have gender.”

‘You can read my thoughts?’

“Only when we’re like this. Why? Do you like me in your head human?”

‘It’s Cen. Call me Cen. If you’re going to touch me and be in my mind, you can at least be respectful and call me by my name. Speaking of…why do I know yours is Arel?’

“…I don’t know. That’s never happened before. Stop getting into my memories.”

‘I’m getting into your memories?’

“…okay. Not on purpose – but you are, so stop.” Arel stated defensively.

The feeling of being overfull began to fade slowly, gradually allowing me movement again. I gave a sigh of relief as Arel stopped playing with me. “We’ll try this again later.” She sounded…tired. “We need food and you need light.”

Light flooded the entire room. I was on a bed in the center of a room bare of furniture. Whips hung on the wall. There were drawers on a counter in the corner with a sink, where alcohol, syringes and other medical objects sat.

“Are we done then? These chains are chafing.”

She peered thoughtfully at me. “Fine. It’s not like you can get out or defeat me unarmed anyway.”

There was a surge of that same evil feeling – black magic. My chains vanished. I stretched luxuriously, rubbing my wrists and ankles. Much better. The demon vanished. I looked around wildly for a way out – then sighed. There wasn’t even a damn door.

‘Only a demon could do this. Am I even in the human realm anymore?’

She appeared again with a bowl of soup in her hands.

“And how do I know it isn’t poisoned?”

“Why in Lucifer’s name would I go through all that trouble just to poison or kill you? If I wanted to do that, I would have poisoned your drink instead of spiking it. Now shut up and stuff your face already. I’m in a hurry.”

‘The fuck did I do to piss her off? I asked a question!’

“Fuck you too, bitch. Damn. All I did was ask a question.”

“A stupid one.” She snapped back, thrusting the soup in my face.

Rolling my eyes, I nibbled at it without real interest. To be honest, as hungry as I was, I was more interested in getting a moment alone to take care of my more primal urges. Not to mention Arel was leering at me while I ate, making me shift uncomfortably. “Do you have to watch me eat?”

She licked her lips lustfully. “I’m enjoying it. Especially the way you wrap the noodles around your tongue.”

I flushed at the realization of what I’d been doing, then set down the half-eaten food. “I’m full.”

A twisted sneer came on her face. “Done eating, huh? Fine. My turn.”


Before I could ask black magic surrounded me. I was suddenly on her lap, arms wrapped around me to trap me in her grasp. She began to fondle my bust and smother my neck in a deep, sucking kiss broken only by small nips and tiny moans.

I fought her as hard as could, bending every which way. She simply laughed as she ran her nails gently down my arms. I bit my lip in an attempt to hold in the moan that wanted to escape. Something wrapped around my ankles to pull my thighs slightly open.

“You’re going to love this.” She purred into my ear.

It caused a mixed shiver to roll down my spine. I looked down and squealed in disgusted horror as a long, slender organ with tiny barbs came toward me. It was tapered instead of bulbous like a human’s. When it pressed inside, instead of pain an onslaught of pleasure nearly overwhelmed me.

“Stop. Please stop.”

“Ohhhh, you feel so good.” Arel moaned happily. “Just relax, Cen; you’ll enjoy it so much more if you don’t fight it.”

“No, no. Stop.” The thing was moving back and forth on its own, to a rhythm that drove me insane. I bent my head back, squeezing my eyes and biting my tongue in an attempt to not want this; I wanted to stop liking it.

“You need it rougher. Is that what this is, huh? You like it rough, do you?”

“No. I’ve never liked rough sex.”

“You’re a demon slayer. Of course you like it rough.” Her nails became slightly pointed as she pinched at my tits.

Honestly, it just felt so good. I didn’t know why – it didn’t make any sense, and it was so very hard to think right now. I heard myself moan; felt my hips start to move to keep up with her. Something latched onto my clit. It felt like it was sucking; then, to my disbelief, to vibrate. It was then that I unraveled, relaxing and tensing at once with a scream of delight. Arel didn’t even pause. I was pushed straight into a second, bigger and harder orgasm.

A dizzying rush of euphoria pulsed through me as a hot, thick fluid squirted into me. The organ slowed nilüfer eskort to a stop before withdrawing. I didn’t even know where it went. Whatever had held my ankles was gone too. For a moment Arel simply kissed along my neck and gently stroked my tits, bringing us down from our sex high.

“That was…amazing…” I whispered, hating how good I felt.

Arel chuckled. “I love how you fought right until the end. You’re going to fetch a nice price when I’m done with you.”

Alarm replaced that good feeling instantly. “You’re going to sell me? First you practically rape me, now you’re selling me?”

“I didn’t just rape you, Cen. I changed you.”

“Demons are born, not changed like werewolves and vampires.”

Giving a charming chuckle, the demon corrected me. “Those shots I gave you affected you in a way medicine cannot. I gave you a very special blood that makes you fertile for only demons. See, you can’t help getting so aroused with me. Try to want another human, and it’ll feel more like real rape. See, I’m a Slaver. I trap demon hunters, turn them into breeding slaves and sell them. To…help with the populous. Nothing wrong with making a little money on the side.”

“…So it was a trap.”

“Oh yes. I got the little whore for her to point the next demon slayer my way. She was very convincing, wasn’t she? All Master vampires are.”

“Wonderful. Take me home. Now.”

The demon became very still and quiet. I felt her investigate my mind. Arel gasped. She started that over-filling thing she’d begun earlier; this time I immediately imagined a brick wall around everything, followed by an image of her lying bloody on the floor. I fought Arel in this mental battle for about a half hour before simply yielding. My head felt as if it would implode.

Then the energy poured into me unhindered, swelling into me again. After the struggle, it didn’t seem so bad, actually. I felt…different, but…how?

“Fascinating. You deterred me for so long.” She gave me a slow kiss I simply responded to, too exhausted to care at this point. She had this arrogant smile I wanted to wipe off her face, but honestly, I doubted I could lift my arm. “Why don’t I show you the rest of the house? I highly doubt you’re comfortable in here, and there’s no escape.”

A door appeared in the wall opposite the bed. Getting to my feet, I followed Arel out. With the demon’s magic, I was surprised to see we stepped into what looked like a normal house in the suburbs. I peered around carefully for flaws that would point to an illusion.

It was a large, spacious house. The living room and dining room were separated by a carpet in the living room and wood in the dining room. In the living room we’d stepped into was a leather couch, a recliner and a big screen TV sat on an entertainment center. To my astonishment, it had the Xbox 360, PS4 and Wii. A PSP, 3DS and laptop sat on the end tables with a lamp by the couch. The living room had huge, beautiful windows letting in streams of natural light.

The dining room linked the living room and kitchen. It had a small table and a big window that showed outside. I peered into the kitchen. It was spacious with a basic set up. Nothing seemed unusual about it.

“Look around and explore if you want. The front door won’t open no matter how hard you try; it’s sealed with magic. I’ve got business to attend.”

“You’re leaving me alone?”

“Look, you can’t get out. There aren’t any weapons here. I’ve placed a spell on the knives and glass so they won’t cut human flesh.” Then her eyes gleamed with understanding. “If you need to sate those urges again, there’s a special demonic game on the Wii. It’s got a controller just for that game. It won’t be as good as the real thing, but hey. It’ll get you where you want to go.”

You’ve got to be kidding me. She spelled glass and knives so people can’t take their lives? What is wrong with people?

“I’ve been asking myself that for centuries. I read somewhere that the Japanese would do it if their honor was irrevocably ruined. But most demons don’t like Japanese. So…yeah, I don’t get it.”

“Just leave if you’re leaving.” I growled. “And stay out of my private thoughts. I’d tell you to stay out of my head, but I doubt that would change.”

“…well, I understand wanting privacy. Just don’t get used to it. Your other masters won’t tolerate being spoken to like this.” She gave me a hard, demanding kiss that sparked desire through me and vanished.

‘Master my ass.’

The first thing I did was check the door and windows. When I was sure they weren’t the way out, I decided there was no point in wasting my energy trying to leave when she was so determined to keep me here.

So I got on the computer. Though the internet worked, anything to communicate with the outside world was blocked, from social websites and things like Skype to email providers. I couldn’t unblock them without a password I didn’t know and knew wouldn’t find lying around. Putting that up, I looked at the games. I was only partially surprised to find all of my favorites; Okami, Skyrim, Thief, Limbo and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. Then there were games I’d never heard of. I chose one with a very sexy woman on the cover in an interesting pose. From the name of the game, I had a feeling I’d regret it, but I was curious so I put it in.

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