Dave and Sugar ch3

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A sexy phone call is one way Dave and I satisfied our primal needs, since he lived a long distance from me. Right now, he’s in another state on business. On this particular night, he called me, and this is how we satisfied our hunger for each other.

Its 9:40pm at night and I am lying on my bed reading a magazine. The phone rings and for a brief moment I wonder who would be calling me this late at night.

I pick it up and say, “Hello.”

“Hi baby, I miss you, do you know who this is?”

My eyes got big and my body started to tingle from my lips towards the center of my pussy.

“Dave, darling, where are you? I miss you so much,” I uttered with a noticeable quiver in my voice. I love talking to you; your phone calls are so arousing. Your sexy voice turns me on tonight just as it did the first time we spoke. “

“I’m in Washington , DC , and all alone in my motel room. Thinking about a sassy, sexy, redhead I know. So, I thought I’d call you and find out what are doing.”

“I’m alone, lying here on the bed and reading, but couldn’t get into it, my mind and body was focused on you. Oh my gawd, what shall we do?” I giggled, I know I can think of a few things to do, but we have to be naked first.”

“Well darling, I am already naked and wished you were lying right next to me, now. I know exactly what I would be doing. For starters, I’d be slowly kissing you from head to toe leaving a wet tingle trail all over your beautiful body. These big hand would be exploring every crevice you have.”

“Oh-my-god, I squealed as I slid off my night shirt. Honey, you know how much fun we‘d have if Sex hikayeleri you were watching me right now via a video chat.”

My cunt and nipples tingled as I envisioned myself doing a strip tease for him. I put the phone near my breast letting him hear me sucking my hard nipple into my mouth as I moaned. I returned the phone to my lips speaking in a soft sexy tone.

“Oh Dave, I just wanted you to hear how much your voice makes my nipple swell and harden.'”

“Oh-my-god, baby! I wished those were my lips on your nipples! I bet your cunt is sopping wet! Fuck, I wish I was there right now; my tongue would be encircling your clit and then sliding deep inside you lapping up your sweet honey! “

“Oh yessssss, keep going baby, I am doing everything you tell me with my fingers and lips, pretending they are yours.”

As I listen to his voice my body quivered so hard I almost dropped the phone.

I purred into the phone, “Do you want to hear my fingers sloshing in and out of my drenched cunt, god, this feels so fucking good! Ooooh fuck Dave, make me cum!”

I laid the receiver between my legs about an inch from my hot box. Then insert two digits into my hot hole and begin moving then in and out. Slowly finger-fucking myself letting the wet sounds go into his ear and straight to his swollen member. I shoved three fingers inside as I the digits of my other hand encircled and rolled my swollen clit. I know the lewd sounds I made would make you blow your load soon After a minute I picked up the phone so I could hear his reaction.

He exclaimed, “Ooooh Fuck, Kandy I love the way your cunt Sikiş hikayeleri sounds. Damn, I wish I was there! I am slowly stroking my cock and reaching down and squeezing my balls. Play with yourself honey; let me hear how excited your body becomes. Kandy , make me cum!”

“Oh Dave, why can’t we do this for real….my clit is so fucking hard!! Did you hear me ok lover? Now put your phone next to your cock I want to hear you sliding you hand up and down your shaft. Ooooooh I am going to cum soon!!”

He let me hear the sound of his hand jacking up and down his shaft for awhile. Following that he brought the phone up to his mouth so I could hear him speak.

“Oh sweet Kandy your sexy voice drives me crazy. Oh fuck I wish you lips were sucking my cock! Oh-my-god baby, I’m going to cum!”

I envisioned my lips were wrapped around his cock, as my lips, tongue and teeth tantalized it.

“Do you feel me sucking you hard, flicking my tongue up and down the shaft, then sliding across the tip, savoring the sweetness of your pre-cum? I won’t do that for long because I do not want you to cum in my mouth. Following that, I’d straddle you and slide my cunt down hard on your throbbing cock. Dave, fuck me–ooooh–yessss, ram your cock deep into me! Oooooooh gawd baby, I’m rubbing my clit hard oh don’t stop talking baby….I’m about to cum!”

“Oooh Kandy I am so fucking hard, so close to cumming! Fuck me honey, ride my cock hard, as I reach up and roll those hard nips, that’s it sugar grind that cunt down hard on this pole.”

All the sudden he screamed, “Fuck, aaaaaaah, yyeeesss, baby I can’t hold it Erotik hikaye back any longer, I’m cumming!”

His actions fueled my hunger, and I was lost in a trance rubbing my clit harder as I listen to him blow his load. That did it, I gaps and breathed heavily into the phone.

“Oh my darling I’m cumming! Baby I wish we were really fucking.”

“I do too, my darling! My dick is still hard; I want to fuck you again. Kandy , rub that clit some more for me as I stroke my shaft. I love your sexy voice, baby, it makes me so fucking hot! I wished I was between your legs rubbing your clit with my fingers, ramming this cock in and out of you deep and hard. Oh darling I want you…need you….I love you!”

His voice electrified my senses, and I knew it would not be long until I climaxed again.

“Oh my clit is throbbing, you make me so hot, make me cum again darling, I gasped. I continued to speak and listened to his heavy breathing. Dave I want you to slide your cock between my breasts, and titty-fuck me. As you do that I’ll flick and suck the head of your cock as it comes close to my lips. When you get ready to cum, please smear it all over these hard nipples”

“ Kandy , I wish my cock was fucking your tits too. Yes, feel it baby, ahhh, oh shit, I’m cumming again! “

I heard him yell and the thought of him covering my breast and hard nipples with his cum sent me over the edge.

“OOOOH fuck, I am cumming!”

When I regained my voice I said, “Dave, you make me so damn horny. I wish you lived closer to me. We could talk, cuddle, fuck, and play more often……..and not on the phone. I honey, I love you.“

He continued to serenade me with his sexy voice. “Oh, I do too, my sweet delicious Kandy . I love the way you cum! I cannot wait until I am in your arms once more……I love you Kandy .”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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