Date Night Is Full of Surprises 01

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All of these characters are completely fictional and this story is a figment of my fantasies.

It was five o’clock on Friday night and I hit the door running. All I could think about was getting home and punishing my sexy submissive girl for teasing me all day long.

It had started that morning as I was sitting in my first meeting of the day. My phone had buzzed and soon I was looking at a picture of Jessi’s sexy naked body, water pouring over her as she stood in the shower giving the camera a sexy pout. Underneath were the words “Showers are so lonely without you Daddy.”

Over the next few minutes another dozen pictures came through to my phone. After the first three I was smart enough to put my phone on complete silent to stop the vibration from drawing attention. As I looked through the pictures I felt my mouth go dry and my shaft growing thick and hard in my slacks under the conference table. Pictures of her covered in soap, then rinsing it off with the removable shower head, then her head thrown back in pleasure with the shower head held against her pussy, her hard nipples sticking out of her plump C cup breasts, begging for my teeth. I had to cough to cover my growl of lust as another picture appeared showing her as she sucked her fingers into her mouth, obviously cleaning them of her cum. My coworker shot me a look across the table and grinned a little, he’d caught me looking at her teasing pictures once and had to assume it was happening again.

The pictures continued throughout the day, always coming at unexpected times, and each time succeeding in making me hard as steel, no matter where I was at the time. Judging by the various locations I could see in the backgrounds she had taken the day off of work. Despite my rule of not playing with herself without permission I received pictures of her fingers stretching open her pussy in a changing room at the mall, pinching her nipples in the car as she drove topless, as well as a picture of her fingers teasing her clit under a skirt. This last picture appeared to be taken from under a table and she added a caption that she was out at lunch with her sister Brianne.

Obviously Jessi was feeling especially bratty and needed a good hard spanking when I got home. And I would gladly oblige her. My cock throbbed in need every time I thought of my hand coming down on her luscious ass. After lunch it had seemed like she was done for the day, no more pictures came. But that didn’t stop me from staring at the ones I had every chance I could. Fuck I needed her!

At a quarter to five my phone had buzzed again in my pocket, reminding me that I had put it back on vibrate. I smiled as I reached for it, already assuming that it was her. Luckily I was alone in my office and didn’t bother hiding my groan. She lay back on our bed, wearing a brand new set of lingerie that made my mouth water. Deep blue, with white lace designs, thigh high stockings and a garter belt, and sexy high heels. Under the picture said “Can’t wait for tonight!”

The next fifteen minutes seemed to drag on forever as I hurriedly finished everything I needed to do. I could have just left then but I’d made a deal with my hourly employees that I would follow the exact same attendance guidelines I held them to. Needless to say by the time that clock hit 5 I was already locking up my office and on my way out the door. As I drove home I had to open my slacks to give my cock some breathing room, as well as a couple of strokes every minute to keep myself under control.

My thoughts and fantasies accompanied me the whole 45 minute drive, but as I pulled onto my street they all came crashing down around me and the growl that came from my chest was one of frustration and anger, rather than arousal. Sitting in front of my house was a black Audi that I recognized. Apparently lunch wasn’t all she’d done with her sister that day. The car belonged to her sister’s husband Dave.

I shook my head as I parked my Lexus in the driveway. It wasn’t that I minded when Dave and Bri came to visit, I actually enjoyed talking sports with Dave, and Bri was almost as sexy as her little sister, and zorla sex had a filthy mouth that kept us all laughing constantly. But I had really hoped to have Jess to myself tonight. As I tucked my cock back in my slacks I made a conscious effort to get the swelling under control before I walked inside.

Jess was sitting on one couch, wearing an incredibly sexy black dress that barely met the top of her thigh highs and showed a generous amount of cleavage. When I finally tore my eyes away from her I saw Dave and Bri sitting on the other couch, also dressed like they were going to the opera or some fine restaurant. Bri’s dress was even more revealing than Jessi’s but was red instead of black, and Dave wore a black suit with a tie that matched her dress. Smiling I greeted them, Dave getting a handshake and Bri getting a kiss on the cheek. As usual I felt her large D cups pressed into my arm as she returned the kiss. I swear she did it on purpose every time she saw me.

“Looks like it’s that time again?” I asked with a chuckle and Dave laughed back as he stood up. Maybe I should explain. Once every couple of months we all got together and dressed up all fancy then went out to dinner. But rather than going to a really nice restaurant we always went somewhere completely casual, enjoying the stares of the other patrons wondering why we were so out of place.

After telling them I’d be right back I hurried upstairs to change. I could have just left my work suit on, but I wanted to better match Jessi. Before too long I came back downstairs in a tailored black three piece suit, complete with cuff-links and pocket watch. I’d decided that if I didn’t get to stay home and punish Jessi for being such a tease, I was at least going to enjoy our evening out. I knew how much she loved this suit, and sure enough the look she gave me the moment she saw it confirmed it. She shivered as she saw me and we shared a look of understanding. When I wore this suit she knew not to question anything I did or said, and I knew that she wouldn’t. The mere sight of this suit put her into her sub space more completely than anything besides my hand around her neck.

We decided to take separate cars and meet at the restaurant. As I opened Jessi’s door I saw her share a peculiar glance with her sister and made a mental note to ask her about it later. Right then I had something else that I wanted her to do with her mouth. Before I climbed into the driver’s seat I opened my pants enough that my cock could escape and as soon as the doors were closed and we were driving away I looked at her and pointed at my cock.

“Get your slutty mouth on my cock right now you sexy little minx.” I said in a low voice, watching her eyes twinkle as she instantly moved to obey. I pulled her hair out of her face as she fished out my rapidly expanding shaft and licked up one side of it. “Did you think I’d let you get away with all of your teasing and the rules you broke just because we are going out with your sister?” I asked.

Before she could answer I placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed her down onto my cock, forcing the thick head into her throat. She moaned around my cock as I held her there, feeling her throat constricting sexily around my cock head. Finally I let her back up but as soon as she caught a breath she was back on the thick pole, sucking it as if her life depended on it. “Mmmmm that’s better little one,” I praised her, my hand sliding down her back and pulling up her dress.

The restaurant we had chosen wasn’t far away but her teasing and the incredible suction she was applying to my cock had me ready to pop like a cork in no time. “Ready for your pre-meal snack little whore?” I asked and gave her a light smack on the ass through her panties, which I had uncovered by pulling up the dress. She moaned in response and sucked harder, her hand massaging my balls, one of her fingers reaching down even lower. Just as we stopped at a red light I began to cum. With a groan I arched back in the seat and thrust up into her mouth, letting my cock shoot rope after rope of cum straight into her throat. As my cock gave one porno indir final pulse and Jessi lifted her head away from my lap I looked over and saw the black Audi next to us, and Bri looking straight at me with a mischievous little smile, like she knew exactly what had just happened.

Jessi continued to play with my cock as we finished the drive, gently moving my foreskin back and forth over the sensitive head. As she did we talked about our days, sharing stories of what we’d been up to, besides her teasing me all day of course. Finally we arrived and she reluctantly tucked her favorite toy back into its hiding place, which I then adjusted as I climbed out and walked around to open her door. The slutty little minx didn’t bother adjusting her dress until she was out of the car though, and I know that at least one passing car would have gotten a clear look of her panties and garter had anyone been glancing in her direction. With a soft growl I smacked her ass then pulled her to me as we walked towards the restaurant. “No showing off without permission little one,” I said in her ear just as we met up with Dave and Bri outside the doors.

Normally we chose somewhere even more casual than Chili’s for our “Fine Dining Dates” but I was really in the mood for a good restaurant cheeseburger, and there was a game on that I wouldn’t mind catching glimpses of. We were seated and ordered our meals, before anything else exciting happened. Dave was telling us about something that happened at work the day before and we were enjoying our drinks and an entrée of chips and salsa while waiting for our food to arrive.

My hand had been on Jessi’s thigh the entire time, lightly caressing, and as Dave finished his story I began to move my fingers higher, soon slipping under the dress and curling to find her smooth panty-covered mound. She gave a slight gasp as my fingertips pressed her clit but otherwise succeeded in keeping a straight face as she gossiped with Bri about some celebrity or other.

Just before the food arrived I leaned over to Jessi and said, “Go take those panties off and bring them back to me. My slut doesn’t deserve to wear panties, does she?” A shiver of pleasure went through her body and she got up to complete the task I had given her. Of course Bri followed her and I smirked, wondering how Jessi was going to get her panties off and return them to me without Bri noticing. Dave and I enjoyed the football game on one of the big screens while we waited but soon our food was being set in front of us and the girls were returning to our booth. As Jessi slid in next to me she handed me a bundle of wadded up lace that felt warm and damp. As I looked down I noticed a flash of red mixed in with the blue and white of Jessi’s panties. I looked at Jessi for an explanation but she kept her gaze locked on her food, a red blush darkening her cheeks.

I looked up at Bri and saw an identical blush, but she also met my eyes and gave me an extremely sexy smirk. My thoughts raced for an explanation as we ate, and I forgot to check the game for scores, forgot to tell Dave about a poker night I was planning with my buddies, and I even forgot to take advantage of the easily accessible cunt sitting inches to my right. At one point I felt a foot reach across the table and press against my groin, feeling my hard shaft before pulling away. Bri tried to act like it was an accident but again her blush gave her away. “What the fuck?” I asked myself.

After the meal was done and we were back in the car headed to a movie theater I asked Jessi, “Mind explaining what I’m doing with your sister’s wet panties in my pocket?”

She just shrugged and answered, “When I told her you wanted my panties she decided that you could have hers too.” I pressed for more information but she refused to answer just saying, “You’ll have to ask her.”

My thoughts continued to race in circles as we picked a movie, bought tickets, and entered the theater. We headed towards the back as usual, but rather than sitting in the middle next to her sister like she normally would, Jessi walked down the row first, taking a middle seat ensest porno and I took the seat next to her. Bri sat on my left and finally Dave sat next to her. I started to ask myself why but decided that I would get answers out of her eventually and put them from my mind.

As the movie started I reached over and grabbed the hem of Jessi’s dress. Like a good little slut she immediately raised off the seat enough for me to pull her dress up around her hips, then sat back down and spread her legs. Before the opening trailers were done her wet pussy was clenching around my fingers and she was fighting to keep back her moans and whimpers of pleasure. I felt Bri fidget to my left but when I glanced over, her and Dave both had their eyes glued to the giant screen.

As the movie progressed I continued to manipulate my little whore’s pussy, keeping her right on the edge of orgasm but never letting her cum. I was sure that she had no idea what was going on in the movie, her eyes seemed completely glazed over every time she looked at me, begging for release. “Shouldn’t have teased me so much little minx,” I whispered. “You had your own orgasm this morning in the shower remember? Well this time I will decide when you get to cum.” She moaned again and spread her legs wide, trying to push her clit against my palm as I probed her soaking pussy.

Suddenly I felt something pressing into my left arm. Looking over I saw Bri leaning over, her eyes locked on the spot where my fingers met her sister’s slit, and her own hand was buried deep in her own dripping pussy. I could feel her nipple rubbing against my arm with her frantic movements. When her eyes finally met mine I gave her a questioning look but just received a look of pleading in response.

Looking back to my right I noticed that Jessi had also noticed the actions of her older sister. When my eyes met hers she gave me a smile and a look that basically said, “just go with it.” Maybe she knew how sexy I found her older sister after all.

With a shrug I looked back at Bri and pressed my arm against the hard nipple that she was rubbing against me. Apparently she took this as an “All clear” because the next thing I knew, her hand was grabbing at my belt trying to rip it off and get at the throbbing member under my slacks. In no time my girlfriend’s sisters hand was wrapped around my shaft sliding up and down as she frigged her own pussy and I fingered her little sister on my other side.

I groaned, unable to believe what was happening. Bri could definitely work a cock! Using my foreskin to tease and please my cock in ways I’d never felt from a hand before. My already throbbing cock seemed to grow even harder as she worked me and my hands soon lost their consistency in Jessi’s pussy. As I lost myself in the feel of Bri’s hand I felt Jess lean over and the head of my cock was suddenly enveloped by her incredible mouth.

“FUCK!” I thought in disbelief. Bri was jacking me and Jessi was sucking me at the same time! Suddenly I looked over at Dave, wondering if he’d noticed his wife’s hand wrapped around my shaft. Expecting to see hate and anger in his eyes as he stared at the activity in my lap, I was surprised to see him licking his lips and suddenly noticed that his arm wasn’t exactly idle. He was jacking off while watching his wife stroke me!

Suddenly it was all too much for me and my cock exploded, Jessi catching most of it, her second load of the night, the remainder falling onto Bri’s hand. I expected her to wipe it off with a napkin but instead she looked at her husband and very obviously licked my cum off of the back of her hand. Dave looked on hungrily then pulled her head into his lap, obviously giving her a load of her own. I looked on in shock as she swallowed his cum, then leaned back and furiously rubbed her clit until she came, sexy little squeaks forcing their way through her clenched teeth.

Just as she finished and we began to put ourselves back together the lights in the theater came back on. I hadn’t even noticed the movie ending or the final credits scrolling up the screen. But the movie was over and the audience was heading for the exits, more than one giving us very curious glances on their way out.

I had some curious glances of my own for my girlfriend and her sister but before I could demand an explanation Jessi kissed me and said, “I’ll explain on the way home.”

To be continued…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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