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Ah, the 80’s: leg warmers, too much hair spray, MTV playing actual music, and kids doing stupid things because they were bored (the Internet wasn’t a thing yet). Here’s a story from that time, so long ago…

“Let’s play Truth or Dare!”

There was a collective groan. Missy spoke up, “Chantal! We’re not 13 anymore.”

Indeed not…Chantal, Missy, and their friend Gloria were 18 now, graduated from high school (Missy with honors), and ready to move on to college or university. Except they were all accepted to different schools…this summer sleepover was a “last hurrah” for their little friend group.

Chantal retorted, “Yeah, but we’re practically adults now…I’m sure we can come up with some interesting questions and dares.”

Gloria perked up at that. “Hmm…okay, let’s give it a try. Come on, Missy!” she added, catching Missy’s sour face.

“Okay, fiinnne…” whined Missy.

In the hallway outside Chantal’s bedroom, her twin brother Johnny had been passing by when he heard them mention Truth or Dare. He had played the game when he was younger (didn’t everyone?), but only with his guy friends. Girls played it too? He could see his sister and her hot friends through the slightly open doorway but they couldn’t see him because the hallway was dark. They were all wearing nighties that showed off their bodies, especially their legs! He remained very quiet, only adjusting his position to get a better view of whoever was moving or talking.

There was his sister, of course, blonde like him, with an hourglass figure that he wished didn’t belong to someone he was related to. There was slim brunette Missy, a bit of a brain but kinda cute in a nerdy way. Then there was the voluptuous and outgoing auburn-haired Gloria, who was friendly with him every time she came over…he didn’t know if that meant that she liked him, as she acted the same way around his dad, or if that was just the way she was.

“I’ll go first,” Chantal said, sitting down on the carpet and adjusting her nightie. Johnny’s eyes widened at the brief view of her panties this afforded him. “Truth.”

Missy and Gloria were already sitting down. Missy spoke up, “Umm…have you had sex yet?”

Johnny leaned forward, eyes still wide.

Chantal sighed. “Straight to it, huh? Nope. Okay, Missy, your turn, since you asked the question.”

Missy thought for a moment. “Truth.”

“Same question to you, Missy,” said Gloria with an evil smile.

Missy’s pale decolletage turned red. “Um, no…sheesh, Glo, I’ve never even been on a date. Who would I have done that with?”

Gloria sat up. “My turn, huh? How about…dare.” She looked defiantly at the other two girls.

“I…dare you to answer the same question…?” Chantal said lamely.

“You know it doesn’t work that way, Chantal. Gimme a dare.”

Chantal thought for a moment. “Okay, do ten jumping jacks.”

Gloria clambered to her feet. “Hope I don’t give myself two black eyes,” she said, looking down at her large breasts, barely contained by her nightie. She then proceeded to jump up and down, her arms and legs pumping.

Johnny’s cock, which had been slightly hard from peeping at the nightie-clad young women, suddenly grew to full size and poked out of his boxers. He had only put on a t-shirt and underwear for his trip to the bathroom. He reached down and started to stroke it at the sight of Gloria’s glorious bouncing boobs.

Gloria, huffing, grabbed a pad of paper and a pen from Chantal’s desk as she finished and settled back down to the carpet. Johnny got a flash of her sheer underwear, too, as she did so. Then she wrote something and handed it to Chantal. “I think you should choose dare and do this.”

Chantal took the note and read it. She looked up at her friend. “Really?” Gloria nodded. “Okayyy…” Chantal got up (giving Johnny another flash of panties) and headed to the left, out of Johnny’s sight. He tried to adjust his viewing angle but the gap in the doorway didn’t allow it. He waited.

Suddenly the door flew open and he was blinded by a flash of light! “Augh!” he yelled, stumbling back.

He heard the telltale whir of a Polaroid picture being ejected. “Little perv! Mom’s gonna fuckin’ kill you when she sees this!”

Shit shit shit! Johnny’s eyes were returning to normal and he found all three young women in the doorway, staring daggers at him, the other two with arms crossed over their chests. Chantal was fanning a Polaroid picture back and forth, because everyone knew that doing that made them develop faster.

Then he realized that Missy and Gloria’s eyes had moved down to his crotch. He gasped and pushed his rapidly deflating cock back into the confines of his boxers.

“Hey, um, girls, I’m really sorry I was peeping. The door was open and I just couldn’t help it, y’know?” He gave them what he hoped was a winning smile. “Can you please forgive me?”

Gloria whispered in Chantal’s ear. Chantal got an evil look on her face.

“Okay, loser, get on the bed.”

The girls made way and Johnny just kind of stood there, ataşehir escort not understanding what was happening.


He rushed forward. “Okay, on the bed, okay…” He hopped onto his sister’s bedspread and sat there, looking at them.

Gloria plugged a pair of headphones into Chantal’s hi-fi system and put a tape on. Johnny could faintly hear Flock of Seagulls’ ‘I Ran’, and then he lost his eyesight again as one of the other girls pulled a cloth over his eyes and nose from behind.

“Hey!” he tried to pull it off but several arms grabbed his and held them as they were tied together behind his back. He stopped fighting, as he remembered the Polaroid his sister had of him with his dick out, and he really wasn’t sure just what the fuck they were going to do with him on his sister’s bed. He was hopeful, but this was weird. Then whatever had been pulled over his head was tightened.

He heard his sister’s voice: “You wanted to watch and listen to us, you perv, but now you get to sit there and do neither. Keep quiet or we’ll gag you, too, and don’t move.” Then her headphones were placed over his ears and synth pop blasted into them.

“Can you fucking believe that?” Missy raged. “Pulling out his dick while peeping on us?” But both she and Gloria took a last look at Johnny’s crotch before they all sat back down on the carpet.

“Okay, whose turn?” Chantal asked.

“Well, I faked giving you a dare to let you know I saw Johnny outside your door, but it is your turn, Chantal,” Gloria said.

Chantal thought about it for a moment. “Hm…okay, why not? Dare.” She was feeling adventurous after that flurry of activity.

Gloria looked over at the trussed up Johnny. She was also feeling adventurous. “Hmm…I dare you to plant a kiss on his lips.”

Chantal looked horried. “Jeez, Gloria, he’s my brother!”

“He won’t know it’s you,” replied Gloria. “You chicken?”

Chantal looked over at Johnny, sitting there, completely oblivious to their discussion. She was all hepped up from the excitement of catching Johnny, and the naughtiness of the dare gave her a little thrill. “Okay…” She got up and moved so her face was only a few inches away from her brother’s. He had no idea she was there.

She moved forward and gave him a peck on the mouth. He reflexively pulled back, startled, but kept quiet as per her earlier command. She smiled and sat back down. “Your turn again, Gloria.”


“Finally!” Missy cried out. “Have you ever had sex?”

Gloria looked hesitant. “Oh…um, yeah, a few weeks ago. Just the once.”

“Who was it?” Missy asked, intrigued.

“Asked and answered, stringbean,” Gloria replied. “You need another question if you want more info. And now it’s your turn.”

Missy looked over at Johnny. She was also feeling a bit excited and figured she wouldn’t mind having to give him a kiss. “Dare.”

Gloria leaned forward. “Go and give Johnny…” Missy jumped to her feet.

“…a 10 second tongue bath on his nipples.”

Missy stopped, horrified. “But…but…”

“You chicken? What do you think we’ll make you do as a forfeit?” Gloria waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Missy remembered forfeits. When they were younger they usually involved the other two girls holding her down and tickling her for 2 minutes, but it was whatever the others agreed on, and it would be worse than the dare she was assigned. She tentatively moved over to the bed. She bent her head toward Johnny’s chest…

“Lift his shirt first.”

“Ergh…” Missy groaned. She quickly did as told and dived in, pushing the boy back as her tongue found his nipples.

“What the fuck?!” yelled Johnny. Suddenly someone tore the headphones off his head.

“You’re ours for the night, perv, to do whatever we want to you,” his sister growled. “I told you to keep quiet.” A sock was shoved into his mouth as one of the other girls kept licking his nipples. Given her light weight on him he figured it was Missy. His cock started to get hard again. The headphones were returned to his ears…Devo’s ‘Whip It’ was playing now.

Missy completed her dare and returned to the carpet. She had seen Johnny’s cock tenting out his boxers as she finished up and felt a strange sense of pride, as well as an odd itchy feeling between her legs.

“Good job,” said Gloria. “I’ll take dare too.”

Missy looked back at Johnny. He was still tenting out his underwear. “Pull his dick out and whack him off for 10 seconds.”

Both Chantal and Gloria stared at her. “Damn, girl,” Gloria said, impressed, “Who’da thought you’d come up with that?”

Missy crossed her arms. “You chicken, Glo?”

Gloria got up and sat on the bed next to Johnny. He noticed how much the bed moved and realized it couldn’t be Missy this time. Gloria, or his sister?

Then he felt whoever it was fishing his cock out through his underwear’s pee hole. He couldn’t believe it! And then they were stroking it! He lay back, freaked out but excited as hell.

After 10 seconds they let go of his dick ataşehir escort but stayed on the bed. He wondered what else would happen.

Gloria waved the others over. “How about we all come up onto the bed, since this seems to be where the dares happen?”

The others joined her, each taking one end of the bed, Chantal the farthest from her brother.

“Dare!” said Missy, looking down at Johnny’s hard cock.

Chantal figured she should wind this craziness down, so decided she’d assign the dare and pick truth next. “Um…French kiss my brother for 30 seconds.”

Missy leaned over, took the sock out of Johnny’s mouth, and started to kiss him. He returned the kiss as the girl’s tongue snaked into his mouth. He wanted to reach for whoever was doing this but couldn’t because his arms were still tied behind his back.

After about 20 seconds, Missy leaned closer and started to rub her nightie-covered nipples against Johnny’s chest. When she was done, both teenagers’ nipples were hard and pointing out through their tops.

Gloria interrupted before Chantal could speak. “Hey, how about we just go for all dares now? All in favor?” She and Missy raised their hands.

Chantal kept her hand down. “But I was going to go for truth…”

“Nope, majority rules. Your dare is to sit on his face for 30 seconds.”

Chantal stared at Gloria. “What?! No…but…he’s my brother…”

“He won’t know it’s you, remember?” Gloria replied matter-of-factly.

“I’m not doing that, Gloria!”

Gloria looked smug. “Then I guess it’s forfeit time, and we get to do whatever we want to you for 2 minutes, which will probably involve holding you down and untying him. Guess what happens next?”

Chantal’s blood ran cold. Her friends were acting crazy! “Please, Glo…?”

“Ten seconds to act…10…9…” Gloria counted down.

“Oh God…” Chantal whined. She thought about just running out the door, but they were the only ones in the house! At 5 seconds she moved toward her brother. At 2 she straddled his face. She paused for a moment and heard him sniff.

“Down you go…” Gloria said, and pushed on Chantal’s shoulders.

Her panty covered pussy pressed right into her brother’s lips. She gasped at the warmth of his face through the sheer material.

Johnny smelled something earthy, sort of musky, and then something pressed against his lips. At first he thought someone was kissing him again but it was some lacy material covering something that definitely wasn’t a mouth. He didn’t know what to do, so just remained perfectly still.

Chantal was happy that her brother wasn’t moving…this was mortifying!

After about 10 seconds Johnny sniffed again…the smell was very strong now. He tentatively licked the material.

“Oh!” Chantal felt that.

Johnny moved his head up a bit to get better access to whatever it was that was pressed against his mouth. Was it a belly button?

“Ooh!” That movement had caused some friction on her clit, which had extended from its hiding spot. 20 seconds had passed.

Johnny was pretty sure that this wasn’t a belly button; it was too puffy, but not puffy enough to be a breast. Wait, he considered…it couldn’t be…he lifted his head up a bit more and pressed his tongue against the material.

Chantal gasped as she felt Johnny’s warm tongue press against her pussy lips through her underwear. “Oh God…” she moaned.

“Time!” Gloria called out. Relieved, Chantal pulled away.

Gloria looked down at Johnny’s cock. He was as hard as a rock now. “My dare?” she asked her friends.

Chantal was furious. “Take off your nightie and let him suck your nipples for 30 seconds,” she commanded. Then she covered her mouth…by declaring the dare she had opened herself up to being the next player! Why had she done that?

Gloria slipped out of her nightie, leaving her underwear on, and brought one of her massive breasts to Johnny’s mouth. He quickly realized what it was and started to suckle. Gloria gasped in pleasure. After 15 seconds she switched boobs.

“I want a turn…” Missy whined, keeping her eyes on Johnny’s hard cock bobbing up and down as Gloria shifted to the side, her turn over.

“You can take mine,” offered Chantal.

“No tradesies,” said Gloria.

“Fine,” said Missy. “Chantal, take off your nightie and rub your panties on his cock for 30 seconds.”

Chantal was horrified again. “Look, guys, this is ridiculous. I’m not doing that! Game over.”

“Forfeit then,” Gloria repeated, rising to her feet and towering over her.

Chantal was torn. Again, it was 30 seconds of known activity versus a 2 minute forfeit where anything could happen, and she wouldn’t bet on her chances if she tried escaping from or fighting Gloria the amazon! She had to go with the lesser of two evils.

She pulled her nightie off and straddled her brother’s hips. She lowered her pelvis and felt the warm hardness of his bare shaft settle into place between her pussy lips through the fabric of her panties. She paused.

“Timer anadolu yakası escort starts when you start moving,” Gloria reminded her.

“Oh, damn…” Chantal moaned, and started to move forward and back, sliding her pussy lips along his shaft, only the thin, sheer material of her underwear protecting her from direct contact.

Both Missy and Gloria bent down to take a closer look. Johnny’s cock shaft was definitely splitting his sister’s pussy lips through the lacy material of the panties, pushing it up into the entrance of her vagina.

The feeling Johnny was experiencing was incredible! The lace of what he was sure was someone’s panties was scratching at the skin of his penis, but even that discomfort was pleasurable.


Chantal fell to the side, shaking. She had almost cum rubbing her pussy on her brother’s dick! She felt ashamed but that feeling warred with the excitement of such a naughty pleasure.

Gloria spoke: “Missy, suck his cock for 30 seconds.”

Missy hadn’t expected that command. She wanted relief! Her pussy was throbbing! Then she had an idea. She removed her underwear and moved her mouth to Johnny’s cock, as instructed, but she also moved her pussy over his face in a sixty-nine position. As she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth she also lowered her pussy onto his.

Johnny felt the head of his cock enter something warm as a bare vagina pressed itself onto his mouth. This time he wasted no time and extended his tongue between those pussy lips. Missy gasped and pulled more of Johnny’s shaft into her mouth. The movements of his tongue distracted her from her dare, while the blowjob distracted him from his cunnilingus. After 30 seconds of their attention swinging back-and-forth, Gloria called time.

Missy dared Gloria, “Fuck him for 30 seconds!”

“Gladly!” Gloria said, retrieving a small packet from her overnight bag. As her friends watched, she unpackaged the condom and rolled it down Johnny’s 6″ cock. Then she removed her panties, straddled him, and lined it up with her very wet pussy. “Mm, yeah…” she moaned as she sank down on it.

Chantal and Missy stared, wide eyed, as their friend started to ride Chantal’s brother’s cock. She started slowly but built up speed and force as she went. Johnny groaned. Finally, Gloria asked, “Has it been 30 seconds?”

They looked at each other. Nobody had been timing!

“It must be…” Gloria said, and she dismounted. She had felt that Johnny’s cock was getting thicker, so he must have been really close to cumming. Thinking about that, she had a sudden naughty thought.

Turning her back to her friends, she used her sharp nails to make a small, nearly invisible incision in the tip of the condom. Then she turned back to Missy. “Same dare to you, but 60 seconds.”

The slim girl went white. “I’ve…I’ve never…”

Gloria took Missy by the shoulders, pushing her astride Johnny. “It’s easy…you just saw me do it. Come on, or you get 2 minutes of much worse.”

Missy was horny as hell from her sixty-nine earlier. She could feel Johnny’s hard cock between her legs. Sighing, she reached down and angled the tip between her vaginal lips. She had trouble getting everything lined up.

Gloria spoke, her breath husky, “60 seconds begins when it’s in and you start moving.”

Missy managed to get the head inside. The feeling of something so bulbous entering her body was strange! She had used her fingers, of course, but didn’t have any sort of sex toys. “Oh!” she exclaimed, and then she pushed herself down onto him.

Johnny was sure that someone had just been fucking him and now his cock was inside someone else’s pussy, this one tighter, and hot! He had almost cum the first time but this second person was going slow. He wanted to cum!

Missy felt Johnny’s hips thrust and a couple more inches of him entered her virginal passage. She gasped again but pushed down harder. Despite her tightness she was very wet, so soon he was all the way inside her. There was discomfort but no pain!

“You gotta start moving, Missy!” Gloria urged.

Missy pulled up a bit and then back down. “Oh…” she moaned. It felt good!

Johnny thought so too. He kept thrusting from below. This spurred Missy to increase her movements, and soon they were fucking each other. Neither was experienced, and soon they were both approaching their release.

“Unnh! Uaahh!” Johnny cried out as he finally came.

“Oh…oh!” Missy gasped as she felt a pulsing deep within her. This set off her own orgasm and she reared up and went rigid, shaking, her mouth open as she bottomed out on Johnny’s spurting cock.

Gloria felt a thrill at the trick she was playing on her friend, and when both lovers had finished she reached down and held the base of the condom. “Don’t move,” she urged as she pulled down on the rubber, picturing its spermy contents squishing out through the incision she had made in the tip as she did so. “Okay, now get off.”

Missy rose up and Gloria covered the evidence with her other hand as she pulled the condom off. Sure enough, some saw some sperm had escaped through the makeshift hole and Gloria was thrilled at the thought that her friend now had some of that dangerous seed unknowingly inside her. She wrapped the rubber up in some tissues and then tossed it into the trash bin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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