Danielle’s Holiday Ch. 01

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Danielle entered the room quietly, switching on the light as she walked in. She was naked, and still slightly damp from the shower she had recently taken.

Across the room she caught sight of herself in the large mirror. As she drew closer, she examined her reflected image, and trembled slightly. Her blond hair fell in damp strings over her shoulders. Her breasts swayed, and her nipples stood erect. She realised she was excited at the unknown looming before her. She looked down at where her pubic hair would have been normally, except she had cleared the whole of her mound. The lips of her vagina were perfectly visible, and she was aroused at the sight of her complete nudity. The ring in her navel heaved slightly in time with her breathing. She had always felt that she had a good body for someone in her early twenties. She took care of it.

Danielle thought about the time, two days before, when she had returned home from her job in the insurance office, and waiting in her mail was a letter from her friend Adelle, which she had read with a growing sense of alarm and excitement. It was a letter inviting Danielle to travel on a week’s holiday with Adelle and Adelle’s husband, Ryan. Adelle was older than Danielle, and much more experienced in the ways of love. Danielle had taken an instant liking to Adelle when they first met, and she always felt a stirring between her legs at the thought of being with her. The letter had come out of the blue, and at first she had gone to throw it away as a practical joke. However, the more she thought about the letter, the more excited she became at the contents, until she told herself that she would accept the invitation. She picked up the letter again, and read through it once more. It read:

“Dear Danielle,

I am writing to you with a proposition. My husband and I are going away to Spain on a week’s holiday on Friday, and we have decided to ask if you would wish to accompany us. However, whilst the tickets and accommodation have been purchased for all of us, I would quite understand if you decline the offer. You see, I have nursed a private fantasy in which I am completely in command of you for the duration of the holiday. If you accept the offer, you must accept every command and instruction given to you. This must be without question or hesitation. You will dress according to my wishes. You will allow me to use and penetrate your body whenever and wherever I desire. You will avail yourself at all times and in whatever manner I shall decide upon that you are to be used. There must be no balking at any command I give you, as I shall be looking for instant total obedience.

If you decide to accept my offer, it will be for the duration of the holiday. I shall require you to telephone acceptance at 10pm at my home, by calling me with the few words ‘I accept unconditionally your offer, my body shall be yours to do with as you wish’. I shall then require that, on the day of departure, you clean and shave your body completely, in order that you are as naked as you can possibly be for me. You shall wear your ring in your stomach, but this shall be the only item of your own that you may come on holiday with us with, with the exception of your passport, which you will give to me at the airport. You will drive to the airport, wearing bursa escort bayan only a short dress and shoes, which will be discarded once I give you your suitcase. In it shall be all the items you will require whilst being away on holiday with us. You will need no money. You should be waiting at the airport lounge from 4pm, exactly one hour before we are due to arrive. This is because I want you to think continually about the nakedness under your dress, and why you are in that condition. I shall give you your suitcase, and you shall then change in the Ladies, leaving behind your dress and shoes in the public waste bin. At this point you shall not be free from my wishes until our return from holiday.

I hope that you will accept this offer, but if it is declined, there will be no similar offer in the future.

With best regards,


Danielle put down the letter slowly, feeling light headed with anticipation. She slowly got up off the bed, looking at the watch on the cabinet beside her. A quarter of an hour to go before departure. She drew one hand down her body, over her breasts, down to her baldness below. She touched the skin, which was now exposed, feeling it to be that much more sensitive. Her fingers travelled lower, until they touched the crease of her sex. Parting the lips gently, she slid her fingers along the slit, wetting them in the process. A finger slid into her, and she realised just how excited she had become. She placed the other hand on her buttocks, and slid the fingers between the humps of the buttocks, pushing further until she felt them at the entrance to the anus. What did Adelle mean when she said she could penetrate whenever and wherever she wished? Shivering, she gently pushed the tip of the finger into the ring of muscle, feeling it grip around the end. Willing herself, she forced it to relax, and slid the finger in until it reached the first joint. She looked again at the mirror, seeing the erotic sight she was presenting. It was a pity that no one was around to witness her.

Withdrawing her fingers, she reached for the hairdryer, and switched it on. The warm air felt good on her skin, and as she dried her hair, the blond waves started returning. When her hair was quite dry, she crossed to the wardrobe, and took out the dress she had decided the day before she would travel to the airport in. It was a light cotton material, not quite translucent, but nevertheless if fell onto her body, and would cause others to wonder if she was wearing a bra under it. The red material had a small flower pattern throughout . As she drew it over her head, she took one last look into the mirror at her nakedness, before letting the material drop, covering her. The hem line fell to just above her knees, and it was intensely sensual, feeling the material caressing against her body. She still felt naked, and had to reassure herself that she was covered. Reaching to the bottom of the wardrobe, she took out the black shoes, stepped into and buckled them, and then stood up.

It was time to go. She felt a trembling start in her body, and a lump in her throat. She felt very exposed and vulnerable. She was on her own, and longed for the comfort of delivering herself to Adelle.

Leaving the house, she turned the key in the görükle escort door, and looked up and down the street. Were any of the passers by aware of her condition? She knew they were not, but it was a strange feeling being clothed, and yet so naked. Walking to her car she settled into the seat. This was going to be a most unusual journey.

Arriving at the airport, Danielle parked the car, and walked to the terminal. The warm late afternoon breeze pushed the fabric of her dress against her body, and she knew that her breasts were jiggling as she walked. There was nothing she could do to hide that fact, and she again wondered how many passers by would become aware of her condition. Once she reached the lounge, she found a nest of empty seats in the corner, and sat down to wait. Fortunately, there were not many passengers milling around, and she soon settled down.

Danielle thought back to when she had last been with Adelle. There was something about her that she found compelling. She had always felt a sense of attraction to her, but had never dared mention it. She had no idea, before the letter arrived, that Adelle would find her attractive, much less be dominant. Danielle had always felt that she had a submissive streak in her. Even in school she fantasised about having to stay behind for the strict teachers. However, they had never been anything other than schoolgirl fantasies.

She looked up as an older man approached her. The feeling of her nudity became stronger, and for an instant she thought about leaving quickly, and forgetting the whole episode. Was the man looking at her in a strange way? The man stood near to her, studying a notice board. Danielle wondered what his reaction would be if he were to realise how little she was wearing. She felt so alone. Eventually, the man left, leaving Danielle’s emotions in a turmoil.

It seemed an eternity of waiting, during which time she was fully aware of her nudity under her dress. When would Adelle come to get her? Eventually, she heard a voice behind her.

“Danielle, hello, how are you?”

Turning around, she greeted Adelle with a warm smile. “Very well, and very pleased to see you” Danielle looked at Ryan standing next to her. Ryan was in his early forties, and for his age still carried a good body, although perhaps slightly overweight. She wondered if Ryan knew of the letter, but then realised that he had to, as Adelle could not hide from him what may happen during the holiday. She wondered what he was thinking. Ryan appeared nonchalant. “Hi Danielle” was all he said.

Danielle turned her attention to Adelle, remembering her as a figure of authority, a mother figure. Adelle was in her late thirties, and her brown wavy hair fell in trusses around her ears, emphasising the strong features of her face. She was smiling, and Danielle realised how attractive Adelle was, standing there in a pair of tight faded jeans, red sweater and sneakers. All emphasised Adelle’s figure.

Adelle smiled in a knowing way “Have you prepared yourself?”

Danielle blushed slightly, replying “I’ve carried out your exact instructions. I hope you’re pleased with me”

“Good, here is your suitcase. I want you to return here once you have completed your final preparations. The dress I want you to bursa escort bayan wear is the yellow one. Oh, and use the low heel sandals. Ryan will get some drinks while we are waiting for the flight.”

Danielle stood up, and sensed Adelle looking over her body. She reached for the suitcase, and carried it to the Ladies. Finding an empty cubicle, she locked the door behind her. Placing the suitcase on the floor, she opened it, wondering what was going to be inside. She stared down at the contents. She could see the yellow dress to wear, and next to it were three pairs of light sandals, two with high heels, and the pair she had to put on now. Also included in the suitcase were other short dresses, scarves and wraps. She could see no underwear at all. But what was taking her notice were various implements, all of which she knew were going to be used on her. There were dildos of all shapes and sizes, clamps, thin chains, leather straps, cuffs and a couple of leather harnesses. There were jars of cream. There were strange rubber shapes similar to dildos, but ranging from long thin ones to short fatter ones. There were two leather paddles, a short hawse and a dozen or so leather braids. Danielle took out the dress and sandals, and drew the dress she was wearing over her head. Stooping down, she unbuckled her shoes, and stepped out of them. Standing up, now totally naked, she reached above herself, drawing the dress over her head, and let it settle around her body. It was shorter than the previous dress, and reached half way between her sex and her knees. Taking the sandals, she lifted one foot, and then the other, slipping them on, before lacing them up. Closing and locking the case, she then left the cubicle, throwing away her red dress and shoes in the bin, as she passed.

Upon her return to Adelle, she sat down opposite.

Adelle cast an approving eye over her “Yes, you look sensational. Now, further rules which I am afraid you will have to comply with, for my pleasure. Firstly, I do not want you to be sitting at any time without your body being in direct contact with the seat. This means that you shall raise your dress as you sit down. It will be difficult to do this without others seeing you, but you will have to be as careful as possible. Please adjust yourself now, to comply with this”

Danielle’s eyes had widened at this latest instruction. She reached down to her hem, and lifted it behind her as she shuffled in her seat. The material of the seat felt strange against her skin. She again felt vulnerable, but it was reassuring to know she was with Adelle.

Adelle looked into her eyes “Good, that is much better. You are also forbidden from closing your knees together, and I shall expect them to be held about nine inches apart whilst sitting. I am aware that this will mean that, if anyone is looking at you from in front, your sex may well be on show to them. However, you must not hide the fact from anyone. Open your knees at once”

Danielle did as instructed, feeling slightly flushed. She felt that familiar lump in her throat.

Adelle went on “The final instruction whilst sitting down is that you must keep your buttock cheeks apart. I wish to know that your private area is firmly in contact with the seat, at all times”

Danielle rocked in her seat, separating the bottom cheeks, as Adelle had directed. She looked up at the other passengers around, but the lounge was still relatively empty, and no one was paying any attention. She felt more settled. Danielle looked into Adelle’s eyes for approval, got it, and , with Adelle’s permission, reached for her drink.

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