Daddy’s Friends

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Brenda rushed up the drive, opening the door, and flinging her bag in the corner as she kicked off her shoes, she was in a rush, her friends were all meeting on MSN for a chat and she didnt want to be late

She stopped in her tracks as she saw her Daddy sat in the room with 2 other men who she hadnt seen before, they were all watching her and she suddenly felt uncomfortable.

‘AAhh here is my little princess now, come and say hello to my friends Brenda’ he said, his voice brooking no argument and she reluctantly walked into the room, looking at her watch in a hope her Daddy would get the message she was in a rush.

‘Say hello Brenda’ he prompted and she did so, shuffling and looking at her feet, why were they staring at her like that

‘Wow, she will be a beauty, she will keep you on your toes eh?’ one of the men laughed and her Daddy laughed too, although he shook his head

‘She is a good girl, I dont predict any problems, she is just starting to flourish, turn from a girl to a woman, but I believe she knows her Daddy knows best’ Turning to her he asked ‘Isnt that so Brenda’

‘Yes Daddy’ she said looking at her watch again and missing her Daddy’s frown. She would be punished for that insolence later.

‘Now you are here, you can be our waitress, serve our drinks Brenda’ he ordered noting with satifaction the look of resignation with a fleeting glint of ammpyance in her eye’

‘Yes Daddy’ she said, going into the kitchen to put on the kettle, returning a few minutes later with a tray that she set down on the low coffee table, unaware that as she bent, the tops of her thighs were clearly visible to one man, her budding breasts and cleavage giving the second Sex hikayeleri man an eyeful.

‘Now stand in the corner, your hands behind your back, legs slightly open until we need you further’ her Daddy ordered dismissing her but not giving her the freedom she so desperately wanted, her friends would wonder where she was, but she did as she was told.

All 3 men watched, seeing the look of anger and rebellion that flitted across her face before she managed to mask it.

‘She is feisty my friend’ said one of the men picking up his cup ‘She wont obey you like that for much longer’

Brenda’s daddy looked at her before turning to his friend ‘She will always obey me’ he said quietly ‘Whether she lives here or not, whether she goes to uni, whether she gets married, I will click my fingers, issue my orders and she will obey. Let me demonstrate’

Turning towards her he beckoned with his finger ‘Brenda, get down on your hands and knees and crawl to your daddy’ he ordered and loving the look of humiliation on her face, he watched her do as he asked

‘Now I want you to show Daddy’s friends what a big girl you really are,stand up and take off your uniform for me Brenda’ his voice was low and she knew from experience that if she didn’t obey him now, the consequences would be severe, but she looked at him in shock, surely he didnt really want her to strip in front of strangers

He raised an eyebrow, and she struggled to her feet, her legs suddenly shaking and her fingers barely able to undo the buttons on her blouse, she kept glancing at her Daddy, expecting him to stop her, but instead he sat back watching her,

As she looked at the other men, they leant forward, Sikiş hikayeleri licking their lips and one of them was rubbing at his groin, and she groaned, mortified, her eyes filling with tears, unaware that this made her look even more vulnerable.

Eventually her skirt and blouse were in a heap at her feet and she stood self consciously trying to cover herself

‘Come and sit on Daddy’s knee’ he said patting his lap and she did so, horrified when he unclipped her bra and it slipped from her shoulders, he had no intention of letting anyone else touch her, she was HIS little girl, but his friends comments had irritated him and he wanted them to see what a beautiful arrangement he and Brenda held.

He knew that one of his friends had the same ethics in his family, and the other, his oldest school friend had always believed women should know their place and ruled his wife with a rod of iron.

‘Show Daddy’s friends how big your titties are getting Brenda’ he said, loving how she cupped them and played with them, before burying her head in his neck, shamed making it flame bright red, and he grinned, he loved embarrassing her. he loved the power it made him have over her.

Hugging her close and kissing the top of her head, he rested his hand on her inner thigh, forcing her legs apart, she resisted slightly, his nails digging into her flesh telling her he wasnt happy, and with a sigh she opened them. He stroked up her leg to the very top, just resting his fingers there, before hooking them under her panties and rubbing her mound.

He touched her clit and she jumped, moaning as he pushed his fingers into her pussy. Looking at her he said

‘Brenda, you Erotik hikaye arent wet, arent you having a nice time, dont you like Daddy loving you?’

What did she say to that, she was ashamed, mortified, upset, of course she wasnt wet but she looked at him

‘I m just a bit embarrasssed Daddy’ she whispered hoping he would understand

He nodded, but continued to push his fingers inside you ‘I WANT you wet’ he said nipping her tender clit between finger and thumb and sucking hard on her nipples, before lifting his head and ramming his tongue in her mouth, he tasted of cigarettes and coffee and she gipped, struggling to escape and as she squirmed, his cock got harder and his fingers slipped deeper inside her.

Wanking her off in front of his friends as she desperately tried to evade his probing fingers, turned him on and he frigged her hard, his mates both now rubbing their own cocks. He could feel her juices starting to flow, not because she was enjoying it, but because her body was trying to protect itself, and he pulled out, now playing with her over her knickers, pushing the white cotton deep inside her.

Forcing her to stand up he could see the wet patch on her panties and he pointed it out

‘See she is a good girl, but a dirty girl, look at that’, he touched the wet patch with his finger before holding out his hand, watching Brenda stick out her tongue and lick his hand

He pulled her knickers up further, the material now burying deep in her slit, the only thing she was wearing, and her degradation was complete when he ordered to stay where she was, her hands behind her back, tits out, legs open.

Tears fell from her eyes, but the men ignored her now as they continued with their conversation, although she was aware of her Daddy stroking her arse occassionally. squeezing her cheeks, and she closed her eyes.

What would her next lesson be.

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