Cynthia’s Submission Ch. 20

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Thank you for reading my stories, and I am sorry if the wait between chapters is longer than you would like. I am doing my best, and promise to keep writing them as long as the response to them is positive. As always, rating and commenting on the stories are greatly appreciated, and if you would like to make suggestions as to possible scenarios you like to see my characters attempt, please fire them at me.


I got back home, and upon pulling into the driveway, I pulled off the coat. My nude form would show Sage my eagerness to continue submitting to her. Sage was inside my bedroom, and to my surprise was also nude. She was laying on her on my bed with her legs open. and as I entered she smiled before speaking.

“There you are my slut, come over her and show me how much you love performing my tasks.”

There was no sign of hesitation in my body as I quickly made my way over to her and positioned myself on the bed between her legs. My head dipped down, and I eagerly began to lap up her lovely sex. Unlike a lot of our past experiences, this was more loving and passionate. Sage was allowing me to show my devotion to her, and at the same time allowing herself to let her guard down some to enjoy the moment. There were no roles, other than licker and lickee, we were simply experience moment of sexual energy together.

I spent a long time between her legs, and was able to give her a countless number of orgasms before she finally became too weak to take it anymore and had me crawl up beside her. She kissed me lovingly, and thanked me for all the pleasure I provided to her. Nothing else was said, as we both then drifted off to sleep brought on from an exhaustive evening.

We both awoke the next morning early, and feeling bubbly. Sage, had me update my blog detailing the adventure I had the night before, and of course including some pictures as well. She was very caring and sweet to me, even packing my bag for our trip. I was happy that she was happy with me, and in fact I was pleasantly surprised when our trip turned out to be less about being Mistress and submissive, and more about compassion. Of course there were times when she put me into awkward and uncomfortable positions during our trip, but those were overshadow be the others moments when she was taking care of my needs, and making me feel special.

Unfortunately, that trip ended quicker than I wanted, and we were soon back to our regular routine of Mistress and submissive. Upon returning to town, Sage made it very clear, that I wanted to enjoy another trip like that, I would need to earn it by showing her my complete obedience to her. She gave me the second week of the winter break off to allow me to think about my role in her life, as well as make me desire to serve her more. For the entire week she did not make contact, and I was a ball of excitement and energy for her the whole time. The Sunday before school was to begin once again, she finally called me; it was two thirty in the morning.

“Hello slut, did I wake you up?”

“Hello Mistress. Yes you woke me up, but it is okay. I am eager to serve you.”

“That’s good to hear slut, and serve me you will. In fact you will be starting now. I want you to put on one of your sluttiest dresses with heels, and then drive over to park by your house. I’ll meet you there in twenty minutes.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I hurried myself to wash up, and get ready as I was so eager to see and serve Sage once again. The dress I chose was one in which Sage actually had me buy while we were on our getaway. It was a black mesh dress. The entire garment was a sheer mesh, except for two square panels that covered my breasts, and a rectangular panel that wrapped around the right side of my hip to cover my pussy and ass; the left hip was left exposed. In a dress like this one, I would not be able to wear underwear, and I would certainly look very slutty. Pairing it with a pair of black patent leather heels, I was soon out the door and on my way to the park.

I arrived just ten minutes after Sage called, and waited in my car until she showed up. As I sat parked, I thought about what I was doing. I was out in public dressed like a streetwalker at two forty five on a morning before I was to be teaching a few hours later. The only reason I was there like I was, was at the request of my mistress who also happened to be one of my students. The thought made me shake my head in a bit of bewilderment, but also smile at the idea that I would soon be serving my mistress. At that exact moment, the cab of my car illuminated from the headlights of Sage’s car as she arrived and parked next to me. We both got out and met in front of our cars. Sage was dressed a typical T-shirt and jeans look for a high school student.

“I knew you would look good in that dress slut, and it is the perfect dress for what we will be doing. You see, I have a surprise for you, and thought it would be to present it to you in public. Whatever happens, you are to along with it as Eskort Kız if it was your own idea. Go ahead and walk us over to the picnic area so you can find out the surprise.”

At Sage’s directive, I led the way to the small picnic area in the park. It was located just off of the parking lot, and didn’t take very long to get to at all. I hadn’t noticed any other cars in the parking lot, so I wasn’t expecting to see anyone else, but as we reached the picnic area I saw that a man was sitting at one of the tables. His back was away from us so I wasn’t able to tell if he knew we were there or not. I looked to Sage for reassurance, but she simply nodded for me to continue walking. As we drew closer to the tables, and the man, he turned to face us. The moment I saw his face I recognized him.

It was Gerald, the man who used me like a cheap slut in my own home, and left me tied up afterwards. Sage had set up that meeting as me, to allow him to use me and humiliate me. I was beginning to understand what Sage’s surprise was going to be. He had a devilish grin on his face as we approached, and then began to speak.

“It’s lovely to see you again Cynthia. I’m glad that we were able to set this up. So this is your friend you brought to film everything? It’s a shame she won’t be partaking in the fun, but then again there is plenty to enjoy with just you Cynthia. I was a little surprised that you wanted to meet up tonight. Isn’t it a school night?”

I replied, “yes, is that a problem for you?”

“Not at all. In fact I kind of enjoy knowing I will be corrupting a teacher just prior to her having to teach the youth of this country. That’s enough chit chat, get your slutty ass over here and remind me how much your mouth resembles a cunt.”

He began unfastening his pants as I instinctively followed his command and walked over to stand in front of him. Reaching him, I dropped to my knees and was presented with his throbbing slab being plopped down onto my face with a noticeable thud. It was almost a repeat of the previous meeting I had with him in which he began slapping his cock into my face while verbally belittling me.

“Look at you slut…thud…at the drop of…thud… a hat you are on…thud…your knees for dick. Open up now, and show how badly you want your face fucked.”

I opened my mouth wide, not only because he said to, but to also show Sage how well I could behave. Gerald proceeded to slide his raging cock into my mouth, and quickly began to fuck my face with earnest. I could see Sage out of the corner of my eye as she moved to film the whole debacle. Soon his shaft was battering its way into my throat, and I was beginning to cough and gag at his assault.

“I have plenty of time with you now slut. Not like last time where I had to leave right away. If you thought it was rough then, you have another thing coming.”

Gerald then forced his stiff rod deep into my throat, and held it there. It again was a repeat of our last meeting in which he made me nearly pass out on his cock. His hands gripped and pulled the back of my head, holding me in place as his thick shaft cut off my air supply. My nose was pushed firmly into his pubic patch, and my eyes bugged out as they watered from my straining to breathe. He did nothing but held me tight and smiled. Sage also did and said nothing, as she continued to capture the scene on camera; even coming in for a close up look. As my world began to blacken, and I neared the point in which I would pass out, Gerald let go off my head and gave me a forceful push to dislodge his member. I was caught off guard by the unexpected shove, and fell backwards onto my butt as I gasped to regain my breath. Gerald laughed at my misfortune, and then spoke.

“What a silly little slut you are. Can’t even handle a good throat fucking. I guess I will have to see how well you can take to an actual fucking. Go bend over that table slut.”

I staggered to my feet and moved to the table he pointed at. The way he spoke to me was so disgraceful, but I couldn’t help but notice that I was turned on by his treatment of me. I actually enjoyed being treated like a worthless slut. It was quite a revelation, as I knew I enjoyed the treatment when it came from Sage, but I wouldn’t have thought the same would be the case if it came from a near stranger. I took my place bent over the table, and pondered the realization as Gerald sauntered up behind me. He gave me no warning, except for pulling up the hem of dress over my ass, before thrusting himself into my nearly embarrassingly wet pussy. I let out a long drawn out moan as he bottomed out in one forceful stroke. He held himself deep inside of me, and leaned over to speak gruffly into my ear.

“I am going to fuck you like the dirty slag you are. It will be rough and unrelenting. I will not care if you are getting any pleasure from it, as I am only going to focus on brutally stuffing your holes. But before I do, I want to hear you beg me to do it. Beg me to fuck you senseless.”

I thought about his command momentarily, and thought about how he described what he was going to do. It sounded so demeaning and degrading, but also so erotically freeing. The idea that I would allow this man to just use me a vessel to fuck and use was dirty, but arousing.

“Please sir, fuck me like a dirty slut. Show me how worthless I am, by fucking me brutally. I have no right to receive pleasure from you, and am only here to allow use to my fuckholes.”

“Very well said slut.”

He then pulled back before slamming himself back into me hard. His thrusts started out as long and forceful, as if he was trying to push me through the table. I felt the pain of the table edge on my thighs, and the slamming bashing of his pelvis into my rear end. He was relentless though, and kept a steady rhythm. Each thrust caused a guttural groan to escape my lips. His fingers dug into my hips as he gripped me harder each time his rod slammed its way into my battered hole. The ache of a good hard fucking was giving way to the pain a brutal fucking, but I never tried to stop him and continued groaning and moaning my appreciation.

Suddenly, he ripped his cock out of my sore pussy entirely, and began to press it into my asshole. He had not taken any time to prepare me, so the only lubrication that was present was my own wetness left on his cock. He didn’t seem to mind as he forced his way past my tight hole, and proceeded to return to the brutal pounding he had just previously been dulling out to my cunt. Without the help of lubrication, the fucking was nearly more than I could handle. Each thrust now elicited a desperate cry of agony. He either didn’t notice or didn’t care, because he continued his battering ram approach without caution. I though still did not plead for him to stop, or make any attempt to pull away; I just took the punishing fucking as a proper worthless slut should. Eventually, I think his stamina wore down because he began to slow his pace and soon removed his tool completely from my abused ass. I was granted reprieve for only a moment, before he grabbed my neck and violently spun me around. My mouth flew open from the suddenness of it, and it only allowed him to slam his cock into my mouth once I was on my knees again. He then began to fuck my face again while throwing out vulgar and demeaning comments.

“Nothing but a three hole fuck toy. Taste your ass on my cock you stupid whore, and love every second of it. This is what a slut like you deserves, and exactly how she should be treated. You are nothing, and only hold value when you are taking cock. The soreness from this fucking will be a constant reminder of what you really are slut. Now take my load on your dumb worthless face cunt.”

He pulled his fleshy pole from my face, and proceeded to jerk out his eruption of cum onto me. It splattered all over me, and coated me with a thick layer of sperm. The warm viscous fluid weighed heavy on my skin, and I’m sure I looked like a proper tramp. With his loaded sufficiently emptied, he then took to slapping his slowly deflating cock back into my now slimy face. Each slap was a wet smack and thud that caused Gerald to chuckle a little. I simply stared up at him through the blur of the facial I had received and allowed him to get his jollies off. He eventually tired of the silly cock slapping, and stood in front of me with his cock hanging limply just above my face. He said nothing as he caught his breath, but soon I noticed hand move to take ahold of his deflated dick once again. I thought he might begin to slap me once again, and prepared myself for the humiliating assault. However, I received an entirely different form of humiliation as a stream of liquid began to flow from the opening at the head of his cock. The heavy stream cascaded down onto my cum covered face, and I instantly knew that he was now pissing on me. This was the cherry on top of my degrading night; being used as a toilet. As his urine flowed over me, he still remained silent the only change in his demeanor was when he would redirect the stream to splash onto different portions of my face. During the whole demeaning event, I realized I had not moved once. I had not tried to avoid it, or struggle to have him stop. I didn’t speak or instruct him to not piss on me. I instead remained still like a statue, and accepted the humiliation of it.

When his piss finally dribbled to a finish, he said nothing and decided to put his flaccid prick back into his pants. I remained stationary on my knees waiting for what he may have planned next. However, he didn’t seem to pay me any mind as he buttoned up and turned to leave. He just walked away without saying another word, leaving me kneeling in a puddle of his urine, and face now streaked with cum. I was a bit dumbfounded by his exit, and didn’t really know what to do next. Thankfully, Sage stepped forward and provided me with further instruction.

“Well that seemed pretty hot. I hoped you enjoyed yourself slut, because you look pretty wrecked. I wasn’t expecting him to leave so suddenly, but that’s fine; you go ahead and head home like you are, and get yourself cleaned up. We will meet at our usual time for school, and you will be naked.”

It was an awkward situation, and I’m not quite sure, but I could sense that Sage may not have been really sure what to do after Gerald left so abruptly. I thanked Sage as I stood, and then walked to my car. My dress was still hiked up around my hips, though it was thoroughly saturated with Gerald’s urine. There was a dull aching remainder in both my pussy and ass from the thoroughly punishing fucking I received as I drove home. Returning back to my house, I hurried inside and showered to remove the remnants of the night; to wash away the piss and sperm from my body, and attempt to wash away the general dirty feeling the experience gave me. I was almost in a zombie like state as I cleaned myself up and got ready to leave again to meet Sage at school. My mind was fogged with the confusion of what had just occurred, and how it ended. One moment I was being used and abused like a back alley hooker, and the next I am just left and told by my mistress to go home. It was certainly an uncharacteristic play by Sage, and I was curious as to how she would act when we would meet soon. It wasn’t long until I did in fact have to leave for our meet up, but right before I was about to leave, naked as requested, she texted me.

“Make sure to wear your highest heels slut.”

I had to return to my bedroom to change my shoes. The ones I was going to wear were only two inch high heels, but my highest were a six inch stiletto pair, that was black patent leather with a high ankle strap. They were the pair that Sage said really made me look like a sassy slut. With my new foot wear on, I went out to my car and drove to school. My naked car rides to school were no longer a big deal, and very much made me feel free. I arrived before Sage as usual, and exited my car to await her arrival by the teacher’s entrance. She arrived moments later, and was dressed differently than she had been earlier. Sage was now wearing a grey maxi-dress that flowed around her legs as she walked. She only stopped momentarily to speak to me before leading us inside the vacant school.

“Follow me slut.”

Doing as order, I eagerly walked behind her as she led us through the halls. I watched as her ass swayed beneath her dress as she walked in her somewhat hurried manner. It seemed as though she had an agenda and was determined to see it accomplished. The idea both excited, and scared me. As I knew that whatever she had in mind, I would be in some way apart of it. We eventually reached the student cafeteria and entered to head over to the simple elevated stage area in which the administration often spoke to the staff from at meetings. It was only a few steps higher than the main eating area, but was certainly front and center of the room. Once on the stage, Sage indicated I bend over and grab my ankles. I complied, and as I stood bent in have hands gripping my ankles, I peered through my legs Sage removing her dress. She was naked underneath except for a strap-on harness and a very large fake cock jutting out from it. It was strapped down to her thigh by a piece of leather, but once her dress was off, she also removed the strap.

I watched as she now moved around the stage with her large rubber cock swaying in front as she did. From her book bag she pulled out a digital camcorder, and a mini tripod. Stepping down from the stage, Sage set the device up onto the tripod in front of me on the main floor to capture a side view of me as I stood bent over. When she seemed satisfied with the setup, she return to the stage and stepped up behind me. I felt the thick tip of the dildo tap into my exposed cunt. I slipped inside of my easily, and momentarily began to slide back and forth bringing me closer and closer to a climax. However, as soon as it had started, it was stopped and the lengthy intruder was pulled from my sex. I then felt the sensation of a wetness dripping onto the top of my butt crack, and the motion of Sage’s fingers pushing the liquid towards my recently battered asshole. She massaged what I assumed was her own spit into my tender opening, and then presented it with her rubber member. Just as Gerald had earlier, Sage began to feed her cock to my less than prepared ass. The strain from stretching to accommodate her girth was an instant reminder that I had just been brutally fucked in the same hole only hours earlier. With only slight lubrication from her spit, and my own juices, Sage struggled to slowly push herself deeper inside of me. With some effort however, she managed to begin feeding my ass her length, and that was when she finally spoke to me.

“That’s it my little teacher slut, take my cock in you slutty ass. I know you love get a raw ass fucking; you showed me earlier just how much you enjoy getting your rear fuckhole stuffed with fat cock. He fucked you just like I am fucking you now. He stuffed his fat dick in your eager ass, and you just loved every second of it didn’t you?”

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