Cute Couple

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All characters in this story are over the age of 18 and consenting. This is a work of fiction.


Alicia and Jodie walked around with their arms linked. Alicia had long, brown hair and was a petite hispanic girl with cute little A-cup boobs and was the younger of the pair, aged 20. Jodie had long, dyed-black hair. She was a little chubbier than Alicia but she was quite slim nonetheless she was 22. She had a pair of round, pert, D-cup boobs. Alicia and Jodie went about their day together, always together. They had been together for just over a year. They had met each other at their college, they both had interests in video games, rock music and, most importantly, girls. Jodie made the first move. She went over to Alicia and introduced herself. They quickly hit it off and after a couple of months of friendship they officially announced that they were together. Their friends were happy for them when they found out. Whenever they saw the pair they would think how cute the couple were – they were perfect for one another, like two of the same person.

It was Friday. Alicia and Jodie were with their two groups of friends, united by the couple’s love for one another. Alicia was talking to her friend, Suzanne while Jodie was talking to her friend, Matt.

“So, Friday night,” said Matt, smiling at Jodie.

“Yeah…?” Replied Jodie, confused by his analysis.

“You going to be doing anything fun?” He asked “any wild parties?”

“You know Alicia and I don’t go to parties,” Jodie replied “we always stay in at weekends and spend quality time together.”

“Hmm…” Said Matt.

“Oh god, Matt,” Jodie giggled “not like that. I know you totally fantasize about it.”

Jodie and Matt teased one another on a regular basis. Matt was a regular, sexually-minded, heterosexual male. He loved thinking of Jodie and Alicia together.

“What about you?” Asked Jodie.

“Oh, not alot,” Matt replied “maybe stay in… I don’t know yet.”

Matt had a rough cough that he had not been able to shake from the winter. He barked his cough and continued to talk. Meanwhile Alicia was talking to Suzanne.

“So, my friend is having a party tonight,” said Suzanne “you two should totally come along, everyone loves seeing you guys – you’re like the stereotypical, sweet, innocent couple.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Alicia replied “we always stay in at weekends and spend quality time.”

“Too much information, babe,” Suzanne laughed.

“No, normally just like pizza and a movie,” Alicia replied “we normally fall asleep cuddling on the couch because we’re exhausted from studying all day.”

“That’s so cute,” replied Suzanne “so maybe another time.”

Suzanne hugged Alicia as she turned to leave. The two girls regrouped and began walking off. They had separate classes so they had to leave each other’s company. They exchanged a long, passionate Eskort kiss as they parted ways.

Jodie took her table and set up her laptop. She loaded her messaging client, so that she could stay in contact with her love. She had no messages yet but she knew that Alicia couldn’t have got to her class yet – it was on the far side of the campus. The teacher entered the class and began to talk. Jodie had her headphones in so she could hear when she got a message. Her girlfriend didn’t disappoint. A windchime sounded in Jodie’s ears. She looked down at the laptop and read her message.

“Hi,” Alicia sent to Jodie.

“Hi, baby,” Jodie replied “have you had any creative ideas for tonight?”

There was no reply, a message appeared on screen “Alicia is typing a message”. Jodie waited. Five minutes passed when finally, the windchime.

“Just you wait, I have the hottest night planned out.” Alicia replied

“Yes, Miss,” replied Jodie.

The class continued with Jodie exchanging messages with Alicia until it was the end. Jodie left and met up with Alicia. The kissed, held hands and walked back to their apartment. Jodie unlocked the door and entered. She locked the door behind her and her girlfriend. Alicia slapped the keys from her girlfriend’s hand.

“Go and wear my favorite outfit, puta,” she ordered.

“Yes, Miss,” Jodie whispered, her voice quivvering.

Jodie went to the bedroom to prepare for the night.

Jodie returned through the bedroom door, into the living room. Alicia was wearing a tight leather corset, a leather skirt and large stilettos. Jodie wore a tight corset around her stomach, her large breasts exposed. She wore stockings, high heels and nothing else – her natural, hairy pussy exposed also. Around her neck was a thick, leather collar with a long lead attached. Alicia dressed her girlfriend in a coat and blindfold and lead her out of the apartment by the lead. Alicia pushed Jodie into the back seat of her car and drove off, the sky pitch black. They drove for what felt like hours, Jodie was scared and excited for her and Alicia shared one other interest.

“Where are we going, Miss?” Asked Jodie in an innocent, quivvering voice.

“It’s none of your business, Puta,” replied Alicia.

After a long drive the car came to a halt. A loud bang as the driver side door opened and closed, then the feeling of the cold, night breeze on Jodie’s naked form as the back passenger door opened. Alicia lead Jodie out by her lead. They walked ten paces before Jodie was in the warm. They were inside. A few more paces. Then Jodie’s blindfold was removed. She looked around. She was in a room with black paint covering the walls. The only detail was a locked door on one wall and on the wall to the right of it, a hole.

“You ever been to a gloryhole, Puta?” Asked Alicia.

“No, Miss,” Jodie replied “I’m a lesbian, Miss.”

“Well,” Alicia told her partner “tonight it’s time to experiment.”

This was Jodie’s naughtiest fantasy. She was exclusively a lesbian, she was only attracted to women, except she had a fantasy about her girlfriend making her have sex with men.

Alicia placed an old potato sack over Jodie’s head, a hole for her mouth only. She then pushed Jodie’s head up against the wall with the hole. Her lips were through the large hole. Jodie hear a tape unrolling noise. Alicia had heavy duty duct tape. Over the course of ten minutes Alicia unrolled tape, cut and stuck, again and again. When she was done she patted her partner on the head. Jodie attempted to move her head, it was completely stuck in place – no chance of movement. Then she heard the door to the right of her unlock and close. She heard the door the other side open. Her lips were being pulled through.

“Open your mouth, Puta,” yelled Alicia from the other cubicle.

Jodie opened her mouth. Alicia duct taped Jodie’s mouth to the hole so that her lips were exposed and her mouth was always open. She could just move her lips, but not enough to close her mouth. Alicia left the cubicle and rejoined Jodie.

“Ok,” said Alicia “I want you to suck everything that comes through that hole, and I understood?”

“Mmmm,” replied her girlfriend, emotions flowing through her. She was excited.

Alicia had the key to the cubicles, she had just opened the other side. They were in the middle of a small woodland area. The room was a converted bird-watching box, now reclaimed. The door opened.

Jodie and Alicia both heard boots on the wooden floor the opposite side. The creak of the floorboards. Jodie was scared and excited at the same time. Alicia knelt next to Jodie’s ear.

“Remember, you are doing this for me,” whispered Alicia “make him happy.”

Jodie attempted a small nod, which Alicia saw.

“Good girl,” Alicia said, standing “beckon him over.”

“Ahhhhh,” Jodie let out, attempting to call him over.

They then both heard the unzipping of pants. Jodie then felt it. The mysterious man slipped his thick, fat cock through Jodie’s big, puffed-up lips. He continued pushing until his erection bounced off the back of Jodie’s throat. Jodie gagged on his big, engorged head. Alicia inserted something into Jodie’s ear and left the room at that point. Jodie was worried but couldn’t stop the man from taking her blowjob virginity. She gagged more and more as he slipped in and out of her gaping mouth.

“Good little puta,” Jodie heard. It was Alicia in her earpiece “Keep sucking.”

Jodie started to suck on his pulsing head. He began to moan as his orgasm built. She was gagging more and more as he thrust. Then he pulled back. She tasted it. His salty, thick cream sprayed into her mouth and down her throat.

“Swallow,” Alicia commanded.

Jodie closed her mouth as best she could and gulped back the sticky load. She shuddered and cringed at the taste.

“Thank him,” Alicia ordered.

“Aaaah Ooooo,” was all Jodie managed to say, he got what she was trying to say.

“He’s waiting for you to lick him clean, dumbass,” Alicia tutted.

Jodie licked his hot, creamy cock and sucked him clean. She zipped his pants and left. Jodie was still there. The door sounded again.

The pants were unzipped immediately. A long, thin cock was shoved down Jodie’s hungry mouth. The throbbing, head brushed against her big, puffy lips making him moan. He began to pound her mouth ferociously. She was gagging with every thrust, her eyes watering. Alicia returned to Jodie’s cubicle. She grabbed on to Jodie’s naked nipples and began to tug, squeeze and twist on them. Jodie moaned and squealed as she sucked on the erect cock while her nipples were being manipulated. Alicia soon got bored and stopped. She moved behind her girlfriend. She stroked Jodie’s naked ass with her open palm. Alicia pulled her hand back and slapped her girlfriend’s ass with an immense force. Jodie moaned. Alicia continued.

“You like a spanking, puta?” Alicia asked.

“Mmmmmm,” Jodie moaned.

An audible grunt was heard from the other side of the cubicle. The man pulled out of Jodie’s hungry mouth and shot his hot load all over her big, plump lips. He inserted his penis into her mouth once more and let Jodie clean him off. The man left. Jodie’s ass was stinging and sore. Alicia left Jodie and went into the other cubicle. She unzipped her tight, leather skirt and lowered it, followed by her black lace panties. She revealed her sweet, dripping wet pussy. She had a strip of dark pubic hair from the bottom of her stomach running down to her engorged clit.

“Stick that tongue out,” She yelled, smacking the wall furiously.

Jodie’s tounge shot out of her mouth. Alicia lowered her soggy clit onto the waiting tongue.

“LICK ME OUT! NOW!” Alicia yelled at the wall, commanding her girlfriend.

“Mmmm,” Jodie whimpered while flicking her small, red tongue over Alicia’s delicious, warm clit. Alicia moaned and sighed in pleasure. Jodie continued to lick. Alicia thrusted her hips into the wall, further onto Jodie’s tongue. She thrusted forwards and backwards over and over. Alicia squealed as her orgasm peaked. She shuddered on Jodie’s tongue as her pussy began to dribble. Alicia let out a final moan before standing and getting dressed. She untaped Jodie’s mouth. Jodie pulled her lips back through and stretched her mouth back to normal, swallowing the rest of the cum and pussy juice in her mouth. Alicia went back around and untaped Jodie from the other side, followed by removing the sack that covered her eyes.

“What have you got to say for yourself?” Alicia whispered at her girlfriend.

“Thank you, Miss,” Jodie spoke with a hoarse voice “I love serving you, Miss.”

“Good puta,” said Alicia.

Alicia grabbed the leash and lead Jodie out of the cubicle into the cold night to continue the fun. The cute innocent couple were not as innocent as they appeared.

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