Curiosity Satisfied

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I’d never been to a strip club before. Not by myself anyway. I’d gone to a few with my guy friends while I was in college. Just to hang out and have a few drinks with the boys, but never by myself. Let me tell you, I’m not a lesbian. I’m not even bi; at least not yet. I’m guess I’m sort of curious. The thought of fucking another woman turns me on. But I’ve never seen or met a woman who turns me on so I think I’m just not attracted to them. Besides that, I absolutely LOVE dick. The thought of a nice thick dick makes my mouth water. My fiancé Omar’s dick is the right size, shape, and thickness and keeps me more than satisfied at home. Lastly, I’m not in college anymore; I’m a successful executive. So taking all this into account, I had to wonder what I was doing at Strokers by myself on a Saturday night.

Omar had gone out of town on a business trip and wouldn’t be back for another two days and my kitty was crying to be fed. I was at home smoking a little herb and trying to get some satisfaction from my favorite dildo, Junior but it wasn’t working and the weed only made me hornier. I decided I needed to be entertained a little and somehow I ended up at this strip club. I walked in and looked around for a seat. I found a table next to the stage and ordered a vodka and cranberry. Strokers is what I call a ghetto strip club. There are no G-string divas up in this spot. Ghetto rap music about hoes, pimpin, and ass is what blasts over the speakers and girls don’t do much more besides bending over and making their ass cheeks clap.

A half an hour and 5 drinks later, I was just convincing myself that chicks really didn’t turn me on when the DJ called Sinnamon to the stage. She was a beautiful, petite, caramel skinned sister with shoulder length hair that was pulled in a ponytail. She had on this black and white prison striped bra-top, matching boy shorts and, get this, matching socks paired with 5” black stiletto sandals! She just knew she was a ghetto queen.

The DJ put on UGK-Let Me See It and she started winding and shaking her ass. Watching her, I felt my pussy begin to tingle. I tried not to look at her but I couldn’t help it. Something about her was so sexxi. A couple of guys walked up and threw some money on the stage for her to take the clothes off and as she bent down to get the money our eyes met. She winked at me and stared at me while she danced and took her clothes off. Now, every guy in there wasn’t just watching her, they were watching me too. She turned around, bent over right in front of me, grabbed her ankles and shook her ass. I could see her clit poking out between her shaved pussy lips. I’d felt my pussy get wet as soon as she bent over and seeing her clit I couldn’t help but lick my lips. She slid down to the floor and rolled over to face me. She stared right in my eyes and spread her legs so I had bursa otele gelen escort a full view of her pussy. I felt another gush of moisture between my legs. I had to look away. I couldn’t have all those men see me staring so I looked down at my drink until the song ended and she was off stage.

Even after she was offstage I felt like every eye in the place was still on me. I called the waitress over and ordered another drink. I needed a shot of something strong to calm my nerves. As soon as the waitress left the table this short ugly mothafucker walked towards me.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked.

“I just ordered one but thanks,” I said.

“So,” he started. “You like pussy huh? I’ve got my girl at home. We can do something.”

I looked that little bastard up and down and rolled my eyes.

“I’ll pass,” I said dryly.

I told myself that this next drink was my last because between the weed and the alcohol I was obviously not myself. My pussy was still throbbing and I couldn’t stop picturing Sinnamon’s body in my mind. I was staring at the table when I heard the waitress say, “Here’s your Tequila shot.” I looked up but instead of the waitress it was Sinnamon.

“Thanks,” I said. “It’s $3.25 right?”

“How about I get your drink, and you get a private dance,” she said.

She looked almost arrogant when she said it. Like she just knew that she’d turned me on. I had to set her straight.

“I don’t think so,” I responded. “I’m not into chicks.”

She rolled her eyes and laughed at me.

“If you’re not into chicks,” she said in my ear. “Then why are you here by yourself and why did I make your pussy wet?”

I couldn’t say anything. It was true. My pussy was soaking wet and my clit was throbbing.

“You know you came here wanting something,” she said. “Why don’t you come to the back and let me give it to you.”

I drank my Tequila. Maybe she was right. I was turned on. There was no denying that. And with Omar out of town my pussy was aching to be touched. She took my silence as agreement and grabbed my hand as she led me to a back room. The room had dim lighting and a fake leather couch. She told me to sit down as she closed the door. I sat down and suddenly I felt really guilty. I didn’t know what I was about to do but I didn’t want to regret it. Omar knew I was curious but we’d always said that if I ever found a girl I liked we’d explore it together. I stood up from the couch.

“This is a mistake,” I said.

She turned around and walked towards me as she took off her clothes.

“You know, you’re sexxi as hell,” she said. “Nice and thick with those big juicy titties and big hips. Did you ever dance?”

Now she was standing right in front of me. At 5’9” I was taller than her. She couldn’t escort bayan have been more than 5’6”, even with those heels on. She put her hand under my skirt and rubbed my pussy. My clit throbbed even harder and I felt dizzy with lust. Everything else faded from my mind.

“I told you your pussy was wet,” she said. “Sit down.”

I sat on the couch and let her lift my blouse over my head. She cupped my tits in her hands and licked one of my nipples through the bra before sliding the straps down my shoulders and pulling it down. My tits popped out and she dove for my left nipple.

“Mmmm.” I moaned as I felt the hot wetness of her tongue then something cold that made me jump. She stuck her tongue out at me.

“You like my tongue ring?” She asked. “You’ll like it on your clit even more.”

She pulled my skirt up, spread my legs and buried her face in my pussy. I moaned as she licked and sucked my clit through my panties. I couldn’t take it. I wanted to feel the wetness of her tongue on my clit.

“Take them off.” I begged.

She pulled my thongs to the side and blew on my shaved pussy. I moaned in agony. She was teasing me.

“Tell me to eat it,” she said.

“Eat my pussy. Please.” I whined.

She smirked at me then wrapped her lips around my clit and started flicking her tongue over it. I almost came right then. She flicked her tongue faster and I felt my pussy get even wetter and moaned and squirmed with pleasure.

“Oh yes!” I yelled. “That feels so good.”

She stuck her tongue in my pussy and licked up my juices, telling me how good my pussy tasted, then stuck two fingers in my pussy and rubbed them across my lips. I licked my lips and sucked her fingers into my mouth. She moaned and sucked my clit hard. I could tell I was turning her on. Consumed by my lust, I decided that if I was going to live out this fantasy I was going to do it all the way.

“I want to eat your pussy,” I told her.

She got up and kneeled on the sofa next to me, poking her ass in the air. I knelt behind her, wrapped my arms around her legs and pulled her ass cheeks apart so I had a clear view of her pussy then stuck my tongue in her hole. Her pussy was so wet and I tasted pussy juice that wasn’t my own for the first time. Maybe it was the weed, maybe it was the liquor, but it tasted a better than I’d imagined and I loved it. I rubbed my lips in her juices before running my tongue between her pussy lips and finding her clit. When my tongue found her clit she made a loud groan. Finding the right spot, I flicked my tongue back and forth over her clit while she shook her hips.

“Yeah bitch!” She growled. “Eat that pussy. You know you like this shyt.”

I couldn’t believe how much licking her pussy was turning me on. My own pussy juices were running down mudanya escort my leg. I slapped her ass and licked her clit even faster.

“Lay on the floor, hoe.” She commanded. “I’ma sit on your face.”

I did as I was told and lay on the floor. She straddled my face and spread her pussy lips as she lowered onto my lips. Her pussy looked so juicy, my mouth was watering. I sucked her clit while she grinded her pussy on my face then I started flicking my tongue over her clit at the same time. Moaning and screaming wildly, she grabbed my head and pulled it towards her pussy and grinded on my mouth even harder.

“Oh, shyt!” She yelled. “I’m cumin! Don’t stop. Suck my clit. Oh, shyt!”

Her legs started shaking and I felt her juices running down my chin to my neck as she came all over my face.

“Damn girl, you’ve done that shyt before,” she said.

“Nah,” I said. “That was my first time eating pussy.”

“Well you sure as hell must be a natural then,” she replied. “I never came so hard before. I need to return the favor.”

She slid her body down mine and stopped when we were face to face. I thought she was going to try to kiss me but instead she stuck her tongue out and slowly licked every drop of her pussy juice from my face and throat.

“Make me cum,” I begged. “I need to cum.”

Her pussy was just above mine and feeling the wetness dripping from it had my pussy aching. She slid down, threw one of my legs over hers and started grinding her pussy against mine. You could hear the wetness of our pussies slapping together.

“Oh yes,” I moaned, grabbing her legs pulling her closer. “That feels so good.”

We both sat up on our elbows and watched our pussies rubbing against each other. My clit started throbbing.

“Oh God, I’m cumming!” I yelled. “Oh God!”

“Come on baby,” she told me. “Grind that pussy! Cum all over my clit!”

My body stated shaking and quivering as I had my orgasm. Sinnamon grabbed my thigh and rubbed her clit in my pussy juice then moaned as she had another orgasm. Both of us collapsed on the floor breathing heavily.

We composed ourselves and got dressed, smiles on both of our faces.

“So what’s your name?” She asked.

“Nikki,” I replied, walking out the door.

As I headed towards the bar I knew all eyes were on me but I didn’t care. I asked the bartender for a glass of water so I could sober up a little for the ride home. I thought of Omar and the guilt immediately set in. I had to tell him. We didn’t keep secrets from each other. I wondered how he’d react. Would he feel betrayed?

Just as I was getting up from the bar Sinnamon walked up and put a napkin in my hand. I looked at it and saw that she’d written her phone number on it.

“Give me a call if you ever wanna hook up again,” she winked.

I put the napkin in my purse and smiled.

She leaned over and whispered, “Next time it’s free,” in my ear then strutted away.

As I walked out of the club I looked at the napkin and decided that I would have a nice surprise by the name of Sinnamon waiting for Omar when he got back from his trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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