Curiosity Didn’t Kill This Cat

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Big Tits

My First bisexual encounter happened just like this…

I was working late at my job and some of my co workers decided that they were going to go out afterwards and invited me to go along with them. I knew that they were gay and they all knew I was straight. However we all had worked with each other many years and respected each others preferences.

So after work me all met up at this bar called “The Other Bar.” We walked in and the place wasn’t very crowded, maybe eight people there and the three of us. My friends knew everyone there and said there hello’s and introduced me to there friends they knew at the bar. I approached the bar to order me a drink when I noticed the bar tender. He was my height, 5’10.

Weighed around 170 pounds, blonde hair, sensual blue-green eyes. Very attractive, he reminded me of a California volleyball player…Well Built!!! I admit, I wondered at times what it would be like with another man, yet I knew I would only be attracted to one who was as attractive as me and was manly. My friends were definitely not manly, in fact they were drama queens. I loved them as friends because of this fact. They were a blast to hang around and amusing to watch together. But this guy scared me I found myself whispering to myself maybe he’s the one.

I went and ordered my drink and he smiled in that flirtation, seductive way, I thought to myself he’s looking for a tip. I was nervous the whole time I was up there, my heart pounding. I caught myself eyeing him up and down, and him doing Casibom the same to me. He said to me “I have never seen you in here before.” I told him I had never been in there before, I was with my friends and pointed them out at the pool table. He then stated “Well I hope you come around more often,” and smiled. I asked how much for the drink and he said “It’s on the house,” and then winked at me.

I was then summoned by my friends to shoot a game of pool. While I was playing I found myself drawn to this cute bar tender, I would look up to see him smiling back at me. My friend went up to the bar, while my other friend and I finished our game. When our friend came back he handed us drinks and said they were from Bob, the bar tender. We all smiled at him. My friend from work told me Bob had liked what he saw, meaning me and told me that Bob was hot for me but he told Bob he was barking up the wrong tree, that I was straight. I felt a little disappointed but thanked my gay friend for helping me out. We played pool until the bar closed. I didn’t pay for a drink all night, they all were compliments of Bob.

So at the closing of the night Bob asked if I would like to stay and help him clean the place up for a free beer. I said yes, however I wanted to leave when everyone else did so there wouldn’t be any problems. Bob smiled and said “Just what he was going to suggest.” I left when everyone else did. When they all drove away I got out of my car and headed back into the bar. Bob smiled when he seen me. Casibom Giriş He was back behind the bar. He poured two beers from the tap and carried one to me, along with the broom. He walked over and handed me both.

I took a sip of the beer and thanked him. I then began to sweep as Bob locked up and was turning the sign to closed and turning the juke box down. I was sweeping when he walked up to me and removed the broom from my hand and kissed me passionately, my tongue had followed. It was taboo and yet so erotic. He said you’re very attractive and a great kisser. We kissed again. He slid his hand under my shirt rubbing my chest as we kissed. Then he removed my shirt and his shirt so our chest would touch one another’s as we kissed. He then kissed his way down my chest and stomach as he rubbed my cock through my jeans. He then removed my jeans and underwear.

My 8 inch cock was fully erect I was so horny and excited. He looked up at me and smiled again, and with that he took my cock in his mouth. He was sucking me like a true professional. Some one who loved the feel of cock in there mouth. He was working my balls in his hand and stroking my shaft perfectly, not to hard nor to soft. I was in heaven, as I watched this man suck me with such perfection, like only very few women have had mastered, although many have tried. He then turned me around and began to kiss my ass, then he started licking my ass and ass hole.

I had never had that done to me before. It felt great as he did this Casibom Güncel Giriş he would reach around and stroke my cock. After my ass was saturated with his saliva he turned me around again. He worked my cock faster with a suction that Hoover vacuums couldn’t compete with. He then rubbed my ass hole with a finger as he rubbed my balls and shaft. I felt my balls tightening up, he could to because with that he moaned and looked up at me and started fucking his face with my cock. As I rubbed his hair and grabbed him by the ears, he said mmmmmhhhmm yeah, without ever removing my cock from his face.

With that I began to fuck his face as well, and as I was about to cum he inserted his finger in my prostrate. I had came like never before. He tried to swallow it all but he couldn’t. It was all over his face, cheeks and chest. He gulped down a lot of it and rubbed some of it into his skin. He then moved up to kiss me and I could taste my cum on his lips and tongue. As we kissed I undid his jeans to find his 8 inch cock erect, without any underwear. He had precum on the tip of his cock. I picked him up and laid him on the pool table and sucked my very first cock, when I felt him about to explode I jerked him off until he came all over my hand, his chest and neck.

I licked his cum from my hands and enjoyed the salty taste of cum. We had many erotic encounters together, camping, fishing even here with my girlfriend asleep. No one never knew. I miss him now that he has found him a full time lover, but I hear there both happy, I must admit I have been with two other friends since then. However they weren’t gay there were straight like me, but they two have found out what it is like to suck and be sucked by another man. But My friends, that’s another story!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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