Cultivating Lilly Ch. 12

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IN THIS CHAPTER: Famished after her exhausting and revelatory trip to the gynecologist, Lilly asks Momma if they can have lunch. Momma expresses her displeasure and embarrassment regarding Lilly’s behavior at the doctor’s office. Momma inspects Lilly’s pussy in public. Ashamed and eager to obey, Lilly shares the viewing of her breasts with a complete stranger and is shocked when Momma makes a startling request. Momma tells Lilly about her first time. A young Anna Vatspalt is jealous to learn of her cousins’ muse. Anna is introduced to the ecstacy of being swewered. Not yet done with her, Lennart and Gustov claim their younger cousin’s virginity in both places, using their overly large cocks to cleave her pussy and bottom at the same time. Lilly opens her special place to Momma’s delving fingers and asks a bold question.

The Swedish slang words for pussy (fitta, snippa and slidan) and cock (kuk) are used intentionally. Additionally, the Swedish words for clit (klitoris), asshole (stanga), God (Gud), fuck (javla, knulla), slut (slampa) are also used. They are not missellings.


Lilly returned from the bathroom and stood next to the examination table. She had her hands down, her arms covering her breasts and her palms hiding her special place. She felt shameful for masturbating to the pamphlet. It seemed she couldn’t stop thinking about sex and was in a constant state of arousal, despite all she had been through this morning.

The doctor asked, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Lilly stayed silent.

“Please uncover yourself,” he said, “And stand with your feet apart. I need a final set of images.”

“Yes, sir.” Exposing herself, she looked at the thick, rounded contours the doctor’s kuk created in his medical scrubs while he took more photos with his handheld camera. His cum and Momma’s saliva had created a large wet stain on his scrubs. The saturated material exposed every contour of his manhood and now she wished she had sucked his beautiful cock when she had the chance. But it was too late; Momma had drained him.

As before, he began with full body images and then took closer shots of her face, tits and feminine petals. The images popped up on the screen instantly and Lilly felt more shame as he got down on his knees and zoomed in on her pussy.

Her special place resembled a glistening, raw wound. Her mons was puffed, her labia bright pink, engorged, and they gaped loosely. Her snippa – a part of her body she finally felt looked cute – now looked unnatural. The speculum had done exactly what the doctor claimed: opened and stretched her pussy far beyond what she had previously dared try with her wine bottle. The clitoral stimulator had also been effective; her rosebud still stood erect and it tingled. Yet, somehow, she found the desire to pleasure herself overwhelming. It was difficult to understand.

She didn’t feel or look pretty. Her hair was lank and her mascara had run down her cheeks. The lubricant Dr. Malstrom used continued oozing from both places. But she did feel mature. She had gone through what countless women had undergone so that she could be placed on birth control. She had taken another step, and it was worth it. This improved her spirits somewhat.

“The swelling and separation of your labia will subside,” he said. “In a couple hours your vagina will look and feel normal.” His fingers danced over her lower lips, plumping them between his fingers while appraising. One part of her wanted to pull away while another relished his hands upon her most intimate place. So she stood still, hitching when he unapologetically pushed two fingers inside her pussy and began to slowly thrust. With his free hand, he moved the lens in close and snapped more pictures. “Don’t be embarrassed that you masturbated,” he said as the mechanical clicks continued.

Lilly’s cheeks bloomed. How could he know? Were there cameras in the bathroom? Then Momma answered her question. “We watched you on a few of the screens in here.” Humiliated and embarrassed, Lilly crossed her arms over her breasts again. Momma said, “It’s okay, honey, you’re a good girl and there is nothing to be ashamed of. We enjoyed watching you.”

Knowing she had pleased them made her feel a little better. She liked being a good girl and relished the praise when it was acknowledged. “Okay,” came out timidly.

The doctor withdrew his fingers, stood, and asked her to turn around. “Bend over the table, please,” he said. Lilly obeyed, the cold vinyl of the cushion a relief against her tortured nipples. The doctor said, “Please spread your legs and pull the cheeks of your bottom apart.”

“Yes, sir.” She grunted when two of his fingers pushed into her butthole. The thrusting came and so did the clicks of his camera. Then he slipped his thumb inside her special place and took more pictures. Finally satisfied, he pulled out and asked her to turn around. He tossed his surgical glove into a trash receptacle and set the camera aside. Laying a warm hand on şahinbey escort her shoulder, the doctor said, “You may mastrubate or penetrate yourself, if you like, although most of my patients prefer to wait until the swelling and tenderness subside.”

Rubbing the tiny round bandage under her arm, she recalled the doctor’s comments after inserting a small rod in her armpit before releasing her from the stirrups. It felt like a big shot and she whimpered.

“I’ve prescribed a form of birth control that will ease your menstrual flow but doesn’t need to be monitored. I know you were concerned about your parents knowing you were on it, which is why I inserted it where I did. You don’t have to worry about a prescription pill bottle in your medicine cabinet and I doubt anyone will be looking in your armpit. In a few days, the injection site will disappear. It will take a couple days until it’s effective and will provide protection for up to two years, even in the event of multiple partner occurrences.” Lilly looked to Momma quizzically.

“Doctor Malstrom,” she said, “You should explain that to Lilly.”

Chuckling, he apologized and said, “You won’t become pregnant even if multiple male partners ejaculate inside your vagina during a single sexual encounter or even multiple encounters. It really provides you peace-of-mind and the ability to experiment and experience different things. Do you understand?”

Lilly nodded. She recalled the video Louise had taken of her weekend with the four boys; saw her older “sister” on the hotel bed, her arms and legs spread and tied to the four posts. The camera recording a close-up of Louise’s rivened sex as one after the other, the cute boys mounted their muse, depositing their essense into her special place until it overflowed and the creamy substance leaked on to the bedsheet. The thought of this happening to her seemed remote, but the scenario was interesting to consider.

“Birth control doesn’t mean you should practice unprotected sex,” he continued. “If you don’t know your partners well, you should only have sex with them if they are wearing a condom. Does that make sense?”

“Yes, doctor.” There was no way her first lover was going to wear a condom, but it was an easy lie to the doctor.

“Good. Now that you’ve seen a gynecologist, you should see one annually. It doesn’t have to be me, although I would prefer you remain my patient, especially if you become sexually active. Next year around this time I will send a reminder to the email you provided. If you see someone else, be sure to let the doctor know about your implant as it will need to be replaced every two years.”

“Yes, sir.” She hobbled carefully to a hook on the wall. Momma helped her with her dress.

“It was a pleasure meeting you Lilly.” He held out his hand and she shook it. Below their clasped hands, she saw the doctor’s dick still stood rock-stiff against his scrubs. It looked delicious and her special place stirred.

“Doctor, I’m going to help Lilly get cleaned up, if you don’t mind.”

He smiled at them. “Of course. Please take your time, Lilly. I enjoyed meeting you.”

“It was nice to meet you, too, doctor.”

He exited the room and Momma began brushing her hair. It would be another half hour before she was presentable. Mrs. Vatspalt used tissue to dab the lubricant from her special place and bottom and soap and water to remove what remained of Lilly’s ruined makeup.


They were sitting at an outdoor patio cafe in Old Town Menlo Park, the tall walls of the booth created a protective box around them, although they could look out onto the street as traffic moved by at a leisurely pace. After leaving the doctor’s office, Lilly was starving and asked if they could get something to eat.

The visit to the gynecologist had been exciting, exhausting, uncomfortable, pleasurable and instructional. Thinking about his monstrous cock pressed to her lips as she lay strapped to the table, Lilly’s special place stirred. She knew she was leaving a wet stain on the cushion.

The waiter, whose name tag read “RICK” came and placed menus and water glasses at their table. Lilly caught him eyeing her and looked away. He was cute, but she looked and felt awful. Maybe being seen in public wasn’t such a good idea. Suddenly, all she wanted was to be at home in bed, but she was stuck and the very skimpy shirt dress Momma had made her wear left almost nothing to the imagination. When he left, Momma echoed Dr. Malstrom’s thoughts on Lilly’s exam, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Lilly said, “It wasn’t like I thought it would be.”

Momma waved her off. “Yes, sometimes it’s not the most pleasant experience, especially the first visit, but it’s a necessity. Your health is important, especially when it comes to your sexual health.”

Lilly nodded and sipped. “I know. It’s just that…”

Momma leaned forward and unhooked the top three buttons of Lilly’s şahinbey escort bayan dress, which was already low-cut. She didn’t protest – it loosened the tight-fitting fabric around her aching breasts. Looking down, she saw the deep valley of her cleavage and a large portion of her mounded flesh revealed to the point of exposing the strawberry coronas of her areolas. Her nipples, which were still thick and raw from the doctor’s examination, presented as two firm bumps beneath the gauzy garment. She tried to pull the garment across her flesh but it was sized for Louise’s smaller frame and the cotton scratching against her nipples was uncomfortable. Finally she sat up and leaned against the table in an effort to hide herself.

“…I didn’t realize I would have an orgasm.”

Momma laughed. “You had several, dear. I am very proud of you.”

Lilly smiled; it was always nice to receive any praise from her second family. But then she pouted. “And I didn’t know it would involve my bottom so much.”

Momma furrowed her brow. “Honey, sexual pleasure doesn’t simply revolve around your breasts and vagina. It’s about your entire body, both emotionally and physically. Your bottom is also a very important part of the equation.” She took a sip. “Daddy regularly penetrates my anus with his tongue and his penis, or even toys, and I always enjoy the sensation, particularly when he chooses to ejaculate there. He enjoys it as well because of the tightness.”

She had spied Daddy butt-fuck his wife several times, and there was the video Louise had shared, but Lilly wasn’t so sure. When Louise had inserted her thumb down there it had been surprising and the tiny opening strained to accept the intrusion. Dr. Malstrom’s fingers and his anoscope had been even more invasive, although the lubrication and breathing techniques he suggested made the initial entry experience tolerable and, ultimately, very pleasant. Even so, her bottom didn’t seem to stretch as much as her special place, even when she tried to relax. “But it’s where I poop.”

Momma giggled. “Yes, it is. And I believe you urinate from your vagina. But based on what you just went through to get on birth control, you are still very interested in a penis being inside it, aren’t you?”

Lilly smiled and twirled her straw in her glass. “I see what you mean.” The Vatspalts always made things so simple.

“You aren’t going to complain about your vagina being used for urination when someone performs oral sex on you, correct?”

Lilly blushed. “No.” After her experiences with pleasuring the Vatspalt men, along with swallowing Josh’s extract, she was anxious to know what it would feel like when someone eventually explored her special place with their mouth.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, Lilly composing her thoughts. “Momma, you and Dr. Malstrom…”

“Yes, honey.”

“It’s just that you surprised me when you asked him to pull his pants down.”

Momma said, “Sweetheart, it was obvious you were curious. You couldn’t take your eyes from it. And can you really blame him for being aroused? He has a beautiful young woman helplessly strapped down to his exam table. She’s nude, her legs are spread and he’d spent more than an hour photographing, massaging and…penetrating…her body in the most intimate ways. He gets aroused when he sees me and the girls and my guess is he’s like that with most of his patients. I’ve seen his penis before and thought you would enjoy looking at it as well. And let’s be honest with each other; he is…abnormally…large. It’s quite special, in my opinion.” Momma’s tone changed then. “Frankly, sweetheart, I was very disappointed in you. We’ve been over this so many times, that it’s growing tiresome.”

Lilly’s heart sank. “I’m sorry.” Why didn’t she just part her lips and allow the doctor to push his cock in her mouth?

Momma dismissed her. “Little lady, I’m afraid sorry doesn’t make it better. Doctor Malstrom is my doctor and I wouldn’t have taken you to see him if I didn’t think you were ready. You not only embarrassed yourself, you embarrassed me.”

Lilly felt the swell of tears brim behind her sunglasses. Momma had never spoken to her like this. She suddenly discovered her new-found confidence fragile and was shaken by the sterness in Momma’s voice. She had clearly made a mistake. A tear rolled down her cheek and she swiped at it with a napkin. Sniffling, she looked away. “I’m…I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it, Momma. It was just…” Why couldn’t she do anything right?

“Lilly, stop stammering. What’s done is done. It can’t be taken back but I just hope you learned something this morning.”

Lilly sobbed quietly. Dabbing another tear away, she said, “I just didn’t expect it, Momma. I didn’t know what to do.”

Instead of compassion, Momma’s tone got quiet and even more tense. “I feel like I’m dealing with a broken record. You have to listen to me, Lilly. You have to listen escort bayan şahinbey to all of us if you’re going to become the person you’re supposed to be. There is so much potential in you, but you refuse to see it. It’s aggravating. Don’t get me wrong. You’ve truly blossomed from the shy, stunted, girl Cassy met in the shower all those months ago. But if you aren’t able to pick up on even the most obvious cues, I seriously doubt you can achieve what we all know you’re capable of. Let me be blunt, honey, because it looks like I have to be. When a man places his penis to your lips you take it into your mouth. You pleasure him until he ejaculates and then you swallow his sperm. You never protest, question his intent or second-guess yourself. It’s as simple as that.”

Still crying, Lilly looked inside herself and saw the girl who Shelly had forced to wipe her pussy and ass; the shut-in virgin who was afraid of her own shadow because of her oversized tits. She still didn’t know anything and seemed incapable of learning what her second family had worked so hard for. She wasn’t obedient and open minded; she was stupid and pathetic. “I…I…understand, Momma. I was just scared.”

“Afraid of what, exactly?”

“When he pressed it to my lips…” she looked away, thinking what to say. “I wanted it.”

Momma looked skeptical but her tone changed. “That’s wonderful hon…”

Shaking her head, Lilly said, “No, that’s not it. I felt as though I really needed it.” Placing a hand on her tummy. “I was actually…hungry….for it.”

Momma then leaned across the table and placed a soft kiss on her lips. In the same instant, Lilly felt her special place stir. “I’m proud of you, Lilly. There is nothing to be ashamed of for feeling like that. That’s exactly what we have all been working towards. But if that was true, why didn’t you take him in your mouth? I asked him to show you because I thought you were ready.”

“He was…he was my doctor. It isn’t right to think that way about him, is it?”

Momma shrugged. “I’m not sure I understand why that mattered. As I just said, you do what you’re told to do. No questions. If this is something you truly need, you should be incapable of resisting. You should never feel conflicted over a need.”

“Is that why you…got on your knees for him, Momma? Because you needed him?”

Momma looked at her for a moment; the anger rippled beneath her smooth and beautiful face. “I did that because the alternative was too shameful to admit; that you weren’t ready. I asked him to lower his pants because my expectation was that you were smart enough to know what to do. But I was wrong and I had to make it up to him; to save him the humiliation you had created.”

Lilly felt terrible that she had forced Momma to do something in an effort to cover her misstep. New tears emerged. “I…I didn’t mean to embarrass him…or you. Momma, I’m so, so sorry.”

Momma paused and took a deep breath. Her tone was back to normal. “Sweetheart, let me ask you the same question. Is that why you got down on your knees and took Uncle Lars into your mouth, and then Daddy not long after? And what about Erik in the shower last Sunday.”

Lilly was momentarily surprised to learn that Momma knew about Erik. Then she let it go. Thinking back to Sunday, Louise hadn’t asked so much as commanded she suck Erik’s cock. And, after shaving him smooth, she eagerly did what she’d been told; the Vatspalt sisters kneeling at her side and offering words of encouragment as her head bobbed.

Wasn’t it Momma who suggested she suck Uncle Lars’ cock? And it wasn’t really a suggestion when Momma took her to see Daddy. The older woman told Lilly to get down on her knees and open her mouth; Daddy did the rest. And in every instance, Lilly was more than eager to accommodate her second family’s wishes. It was exactly what she wanted. Needed? After a moment, she said, “Yes. I wanted that.”

Momma arched an eyebrow. “Or maybe you needed it.”

Lilly had loved every drop of sperm she’d consumed. She found the presence of a cock in her mouth extremely gratifying. She enjoyed the fullness and rigidity, the pliable resistance when she gently bit down. The plump, rounded, head and thick veins running beneath her lips as she bobbed her head, the feeling of it jammed between her cheek and gums or snaking down her throat. The moment of release when a hot jet of sperm spurted into her mouth was exquisite. Still, she said nothing. The admission would be too brazen. What would it mean if the…need…was true? A word popped into her mind: addict. Her special place stirred and the compulsion to play with herself was so strong she actually moved a hand up her thigh before forcing it to pull away.

Momma continued, “Then is it so hard to understand why I asked the doctor to place his beautiful penis to your lips?” Lilly was nodding. It was beautiful; although she had yet to see one she didn’t find attractive. “And I saw you pleasuring yourself on the exam table, honey,” Momma said, “while I was on my knees. You climaxed at the same moment the doctor…filled…my mouth.”

Lilly blushed at that. Even as she’d dipped her fingers inside her flayed pussy, she’d been ashamed. But she couldn’t stop herself. Watching Doctor Malstrom fuck Momma’s face was intoxicating. She remained silent, but nodded slightly.

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