Crossing the Line with Sam Ch. 02

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Sam caught cheating with his step brother’s friend and Sam needs to explain everything happened, in detail! Chapter 2:4, Playing with tool

“That, rascal!” Geo erupted in anger.

I lean back in fear. I had no choice but to accept his anger.

“I told you to watch out! It’s my fault. I keep on bringing him home. I should have anticipated this,” Geo keep on cursing him and blamed himself for all the fuzz.

“He broke my trust,” Geo hummed in agony.

“I remember him leaving in a hurry, in spite I told him to stay for a while” Geo recovered his memories.

The situation was so tense I decided not to tell him that we were so scared when Geo rushed in all of a sudden like that. We both didn’t talked for some time.

The next time we were all together at our home in a weekend, our parents were not home. There was a lot of food and wine on the table. Geo was already dozed in wine. He took a lot of wine, more than me and Jonny had together. He slept there on the couch itself like a baby. I took a blanket from our room and covered it over him.

“He is really boozed.” Jonny said siting on the settee near to the tea table.

“He is. Can’t drink a lot and stay up” I replied kneeling down, against my thighs closer to Geo’s feet, lacing the blanket properly. I giggled caressing his knees.

“I don’t think, he is goanna wake soon” Jonny stood up looking at me.

Jonny and slowly walked close behind me and stood there. I nodded my head. His body softly pressed above my shoulder and his left hand crawled through my hands. Sitting behind me on his knees, he gently hugged me.

“What is this?” I whispered gently.

Jonny sneaked his hands beneath my hands and hugged me tight.

“Stop it now!” I gently mumbled fumbling on his grasp.

“You look lovely today.” he praised.

“Don’t bluff now.” I whispered softly and chuckled pushing his arms away from me.

“I already gave you what you asked,” I reminded him twisting back looking at him.

Jonny chuckled gently.

“Come here!” saying that Jonny pulled me up, holding my hand.

Jonny lifted me up on my foot. He pulled me with him as he took a few steps back from the couch. I took a quick peek at Geo. Jonny took me close to the edge of his settee and made me stood right in front of him. He was an inch taller than me. He was standing, facing away from Geo and I was able to see him square. We were holding our hands together. We both took another peep on Geo. He was dead sleep.

“Where were we…?” Jonny hustled.

“What?” I nervously replied.

“Let’s KISS!” he suggested as I was gaining my composure.

Looking around nervously, I gently stroked my hands over his trunk. I was a bit tensed.

“Here?” I nervously expressed my concern, peeping left and right of his shoulders.

“What do you really want from me, Jonny?” I asked him curiously, tapping my feet on the floor, looking anxiously on his face.

Jonny chuckled as I took another peep behind him.

“Come here!” he dragged me back to face him again.

“He is right here!” I told him nervously swaying my looks.

“Aren’t you afraid?” I asked, looking at him calmly.

I looked back again.

“Sam,” he whispered my name.

“hmm?” I responded swiftly.

“Let’s kiss now,” he whispered.

“Kiss…? You kissed me already” I whimpered gently.

“More, I need more” he demanded, gently caressing my hands.

“Geo! I can’t do it here with him in this house” I expressed my dilemma panting deep helplessly.

“Just once more. It will be quick, I promise!” he assured rolling his fingers around my wrists.

I shook my head gently accepting his proposal.

“Please be quick, okay?” I suggested looked around his shoulders once again.

“Okay!” he was jumpy to reply.

I slowly bowed my face towards Jonny and kissed him on his trembling lips. He gently smacked his lips to me. I parted my lips further and let him kiss me once again. Our lips smacked loud. Within seconds his tongue licked my lips and started to get thru my mouth. He licked my tender cherries with his wet tongue and sucked them. His tongue swayed in and out of my gob sweeping his drool all over my lips. It was really absorbing as I felt him growing on me. My nerves were catching fire. My body was trembling in delight. We were going on and on until I felt his hands gently gripped my hips and moved down. His right hand softly pressed over my right bum cheek. I gently pulled back as we were twitching our bodies nervously. I pushed his hand away as he tried to crawl his fingers up towards my right bosom.

“Stop now!” I tried to calm him down, whispering and trembling in fear.

I tried hard to push way Jonny’s hand from my heaving mound, but his starving fingers spread around my left melon and softly felt its projection. I trembled in his hands. Our lips were still an inch away from each other blowing hot warm breath.

“Please dear. Your brother is sleeping almanbahis peacefully.” he plead and bussed his lips hard against my lips again.

Jonny’s right hand started to squeeze down my melon gently holding his left hand firmly on my waist. I tried to release his grip from me. then suddenly caught my waist and turned me opposite to him. Pressing me against his body, he grasped my melons from behind. I strained to slip from his grasp, giggling gently. He was breathing hard back on my neck. I tried to push down his forearm from my melons. His fingers tightly wrapped around my heaves and squeezed them over my white t-shirt. I was getting titillated and find it really cheeky of him.

“Stop it…!” I giggled and plead gently.

Suddenly Jonny stretched his arm in front of me and gently squeezed my thigh. His left and kept on jerking my boob. I clasped my fingers over his hands to slow him down.

“What are you doing?” I whined in anguish as he rubbed his hands against my itching crotch.

I was pulling Jonny’s hand back from my private, but before I do anything he dragged my shorts and put his hand inside my brief. I tried to stop him, but I had to admit the truth that my dick was hard and erected as his hand rubbed on it. His left hand once again squeezed over my left boob. I quivered my whole body in his clasp and whined gently. My bum pressed hard against his thighs as I bent forward trying get free from him clench.

“Please don’t…!” I plead again.

I tried to force Jonny to stop, but then again, I turned my head towards him and begged for some pity.

“You are so excited,” he whispered on my face.

I tried to deny but the proof was dangling in his hand. Jonny freed his hand from my chest giving me some slack of relief.

“This is so bad,” I whispered looking down at his hand rubbing my cock inside my brief.

Once again, his left hand started teasing my bust. I felt powerless in his arms.

“Can you suck me, Sam?!” he murmured gentle on my ear.

I was shocked in disbelief. I could not imagine another dick in my mouth other than Geo. I was never thought of it any recent time. I quickly shake my head in rejection. I twined my fingers with Jonny’s holding my boob. I strained to pull back his hand from my brief.

“I can’t!” I hissed sighing hard.

“Please, let me go now,” I begged grunting, suppressed.

I felt it uncontrollable to hold my serenity getting provoked like this.

“Listen, he will wake up now,” I twisted my head. We both looked back at Geo.

I tried to warn Jonny twitching my body getting treatments from both above and below. I begged leaning on to his face.

“No! he won’t!” saying that he kissed me once again.

Our lips smacked hard again. I fumbled my hips agent his crotch. I weakly held on to his forearm which rubbed my cock, hard and fast. My left hand trembled holding on to his left wrist, feeling his hand groping my melons ruthlessly. I moved forward from his hungry lips, gaging for some air.

“Please stop now…!” I murmured in agony.

Jonny’s hand kept on rubbing my erection drawing me wild.

It was freighting to imagine jacking off in his hand.

“Come on dear, please, I beg,” he slowed down gently.

“SUCK MY DICK!” he murmured.

I stood paused for a second as Jonny cooled down his anxiety level. I twisted my head in confusion. I could not take a rational decision. I was panicking. I was not able to see Geo for some time now. His hand was still inside my brief but stopped joshing. I panted hard. I turned back towards him and confirmed Geo’s state of slumber. He was still in deep sleep slanting his head on to his folded elbow like doll.

Jonny quickly lifted his grey t-shirt and started unbuttoning his jeans. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was so scary. I yelled and tried to stop him from doing it. But I don’t know how. My hands tumbled on to his waist, trying to hold his moves.

“NO.. NO.. NO.., Listen,” I tried to stop him bashing on to his face with suppressed noise and an eerie smile.

Then I felt my hands touching his erection couple of time, as I flocked my hand in disarray. I looked down and saw his jeans down to his thighs together with his black underwear. He was gripping on to his dick erected and hoisted up. I don’t know what the hell happened for the last few seconds. Before regaining my conscious again, I was on my knees holding his beautiful straight hard on in my hand. Its head trembled inches before my head. Before I get a good look at his meat, he pushed my head forward on to his erection. My confused mouth opened wide parting my juicy lips and received his throbbing erection in.

I was in disbelieve. I looked up and watched Jonny squeaking in high pitched gasps. His face was turning red. He gently relaxed his grip from my head and let me unwind a bit. My hands were mildly holding on to his thighs. His cock head was inside my mouth. It took moment for me to feel him inside my almanbahis yeni giriş mouth. Then slowly he nudged my head towards his cock and let it slide in my mouth, deeper. He let go of his hand, held on to his cock and let me do the job. Before I knew I was blowing his cock moving slowly inside my hungry mouth. There was no turning back now.

Jonny leaned back on to the head rest of the settee and poised flawlessly for me to suck his dick. Moving my lips rolling over his juicy robust dick I stared straight on to the couch where I see Geo napping dead. He was in my view now. I don’t have to peep or move an inch to look for him. Leaving Jonny to grunt in thrill, I sucked his cock hard and deep. I switched my view between Geo and Jonny as I swallowed his dick licking thru its curvy veins.

Jonny’s dick was straighter than of Geo. It looks like his cock gets thicken as I moved my lips from its head to its base. I yet had to explore his cock head properly. His cock head was not that thick. I can say it by feeling it inside my mouth. It was totally different from that on Geo. I smelled different, tasted different and felt different. It’s been months me and Geo been doing sexual stuffs together. Since then I never had a cock in me, other than his. I never actually believed that I will be able to do it someone else. That’s been our topic and fetish, few months back. I was entirely satisfied with Geo then. We had great time together explored all the opportunities to do kinky weird stuff. Once we passed the barrier of hard-core sex it’s been a fun ride. By the time we realized the gravity of the things we did together, fear surpassed us.

Then came the phase of recurrence. We were force to reduce the sexual frenzy time in order to keep the spark alive. From daily to weekly and weekly to occasionally, it changed within a year. We were changing too, as each season progress. For the past couple of months until now, we had very limited intimate times together. I gradually began understanding the fact that he loved girls and he is budding with me, because he loves me and he can’t see me sad or hurt or dejected. So suddenly a new face in to our life shaken us both in different way. For me it was time to enjoy some dick.

I kept on sucking Jonny, keeping half of his dick out of my mouth. I felt it easy as I liked licking his cock tip and swiping all the juice leaking thru the pee hole. I swung my head in and out shifting my looks between the boys. I slurped his juice and rocked my head faster as I sense his screeching getting deep. He seemed way too restless as my mouth started making the glugging sound of his cock, digging between my lips tongue and drool. I was certain that he hasn’t received a blow job like this ever in his life. I felt confident and proud of myself as I delivered blowjob in a way he never experienced before. I learned and perfected my acts and now delivered my experience.

“Sam!” he whispered.

“hmm?” I responded keeping my mouth joking.

“Slow down dear,” he whimpered.

Slowly I pulled Jonny’s cock out of my mouth sweeping tightly through my lips. I held his cock released from me and slanted right to see Geo.

“Do you want to cum?” looked up to his face and asked him quietly gently kissing his cock tip.

I looked back at Geo once again confirming his sleep.

“Cum in my mouth!” I said calmly looking up on to his restless face.

I saw Jonny panting deep as I licked his reddish cock head once more. Looking down at his throbbing dick I opened my mouth and sucked its head. Slowly releasing my hand from his dick, I pushed down my mouth further. Gently nudging his exposed ball sack, I once again sucked his juice dunked warm meat. The slurping sound once again started to spread the hallway. I moved my head a bit down bending his cock down on me. I glared on to Geo’s face sleeping on the couch. Holding my hands on to Jonny’s bare hips, I sucked him harder and harder.

“So great…!” Jonny admired as I looked up at him.

Moving my eyes between Geo and Jonny I sucked his rock-hard cock in and out of my juicy wet mouth. It felt so different. The horror of getting caught was always burning in my mind. If Geo open his eyes even for a second, he will be looking at his brother swallowing his friend’s meat. Maybe it was the unpredictability of fear which actually drove my inner emotions. Looking at Geo made me go deeper on Jonny. He grunted hard as the clucking sound became loud and consistent. His cock rammed deep in my mouth hitting the roof of my mouth. I folded my tongue back resisting his cock going deep in my throat and chock me for air. His grunted started to heat up. I sucked his cock like a pro not gaged for breath even once. Bouncing my head up and down I sucked him faster. With just mild distressing grunt I felt his cock blasting his warm milk in my mouth.

I gently hissed, pulling back my head keeping half of his cock inside me. I had no clue, he was so close to ejaculation. almanbahis giriş I looked at Geo my eyes wide open and then stared back at Jonny. He twitched his hips a couple of times, thrusting his cock in to my mouth. It just took me a minute to make him cum. I then slowly leaned down on the floor swaying my eyes among the boys, I slowly released his cock from my mouth. With a loud grunt his cock flipped in the air. He panted like a dog looking down on me. He twitched his cock in front of my eyes. Without further delay I opened my mouth. I let all the warm love juice from me drip down on to my hand. There was a lot of cum in my mouth. I might have swallowed some during his initial blast off too. I sat there holding my hand waiting for the last drop of drool fall of from my lips.

“Wait there…” suddenly Jonny walk up and swiftly moved towards the table.

On the way Jonny pulled up his jeans. Pulling out one after the other he gave me tissues to wipe his cum from my hand.

“Here, wipe it” he said softly.

I gently swept his cum from my palm. He went back again to take a few more. I rechecked the couch in between.

“This is enough!” I murmured wiping my hand, face and lips.

Jonny brought more tissues and placed on to my hand. I couldn’t understand his sudden response. I was okay for him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste new cum even though I didn’t say it. He looked nervous climaxing in my mouth. I felt it silly of him. Suddenly he turned around and looked Geo. His sudden move made me recheck once again.

“Give it to me?” he gently whispered bending down and took the tissues from me.

Jonny grabbed onto my waist and lifted me up suddenly. Taking me by utter shock he once again turned me against him and gently squeezed my melons from behind.

“Stop it now!” I grunted gently.

My melons got jabbed in Jonny’s lean strong hands once again. Lifting my t-shirt again he quickly put his hand inside my brief. I was rock hard down there. I was aching for my cock to pull out and jack off right there.

“Please Jonny, don’t tease me there,” I whimpered.

I leaned back at him twitching my bum hard against his crotch again. I panted hard.

“You are hard too,” he whispered on my face.

I tried to push his hand away from my brief.

“Don’t do it, please.” I twitched my body in refusal.

“I can make you cum.” he whispered again gently stroking my erection.

“Not here Jonny,” I plead again.

I was exploding from inside. But I didn’t want Jonny to jack me off. Especially not near Geo even if he is sleeping.

“Hear me….,” I tried to slow him down, panting deep.

“Somewhere, else” I expressed.

Jonny suddenly stopped and attended locking eyes on me. His right hand still teased my erection and his left fondled my bum. He gulped looking anxiously at me. I turned towards facing him pushing his hands away from me. He breathed deep.

“Let’s go to a room.” he suddenly suggested.

“No no.. Not here!” I replied quickly.

“Okay!” he seemed keen.

“Come to my apartment, one near the railway station, rental one,” he explained.

His eyes were starving for more. I could sense his tension smacking his lips in hurry.

“When?” I queried quietly.

“Tomorrow, any time,” he clarified.

Suddenly I started getting a sense of fear growing in me. With someone alone some strange place were only fantasies and fables for me. I was not sure about my readiness.

“Tomorrow? “my tangled mind failed processing the day.

“If I come…,” I looked at him and stopped nervously.

“What are you expecting, if I come…?” I queried nervously.

“SEX” he replied bluntly.

I was not surprised as it was obvious. He didn’t try to twist it so that I lure in to his apartment unknowing what to expect.

“Maybe it’s a bad idea, I don’t know,” I find extremely difficult to make up my mind.

I didn’t want to give him false promises or expectations. I swung my heads in confusion and reclamation.

“Don’t worry, it will be okay,” He said reacting to my sudden negativity.

“It’s perfectly safe there, I promise.” His words poured down.

I was not sure about his promises. A single kiss ended up in cream pie. But I just had a hunch to go ahead with his approach.

“We will have a great time!” he assured again.

“Sam, just once” he begged.

I bowed my head tilted my neck looked back rolling my head at Geo and then again faced him.

“Please!” he whispered pleading again.

I know it may be a bad idea. But this was the best chance I got so far for me to explore my world beyond Geo. Maybe I was not fully ready but I replied anyway after enough concerning thoughts.

“Let me think about it!” I responded gently heaving my head bowing down.

I looked back at Jonny just to see his face glittering with smile and gratification. He caressed my hands pleasantly expressing his joy on my acceptance, which I didn’t, yet.

“Okay, let me think.” I replied again.

There was a tense silence for a few seconds. Our eyes were locked on in excitement. A smooch was written all over it.


Chapter 3:4, Breaking the barriers

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