Couples Retreat Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: Couples Retreat

The Church Lady was looking forward to the coming weekend. It was ‘Couples Retreat’ weekend. There would be 12 couples from her church, all in their campers and tents. There would be sharing and camaraderie. Good food. Good drinking. Fun. Games. Lots of talking. Lots of sharing. What she didn’t know was there would be LOTS of sharing.

He and his pretty wife would be there. He was much younger than the Church Lady but always complemented the Church Lady on her appearance at the Wednesday night dinners. She wore skirts and hose to every church function. She always dressed up. He noticed. He flirted. He ogled her. She caught him looking most every Sunday. He would stare at her legs and her ample bosom. Sometimes she wore a tight short skirt, sometimes just a jeans skirt but she always showed a lot of hose encased legs. Very few ladies wear hose now-a-days. He noticed how sexy it made her appear. That was the desired effect she was dressing up for and it was definitely working on him. In fact he was getting bolder in his complements lately. At first it was just “Hi, howyadoin?” Now it was things like “You’re looking very hott today,” as he gazed from her head down to her high heals. Following this most recent Wednesday night taco dinner he had said, “I bet those legs like the feeling of your burgundy hose. I know I would!” And then the next Sunday, “If you ever need those legs massaged, I will volunteer.” She smiled and accepted the flirtatious compliments as she knew she looked good. Even if she was over 10 years his senior, she felt that she still had ‘IT’ and to have this good looking young man’s attention just validated the fact. Maybe she should dress more conservatively especially at church as she was usually accompanied by her husband. Since she recently had lost 47 pounds, she loved exhibiting a little more skin. She loved the attention, even craved it. She felt a bit self conscious about the shrinkage of her boobs and now dared to show even more cleavage to compensate. Mostly to get stares and ‘accidental’ bumps which he did most every church function that they both attended. Must be a curse to have such awkward long arms and uncoordinated elbows, or was that on purpose? Hummmmmm?

She was pleased that he was joining the retreat even if he was with his pretty young wife. Maybe up in the secluded mountains she could dress even a bit more provocatively and see what kind of reaction she could elicit. She had packed nice spring clothes that would get his attention if the weather permitted. The trip up there Friday was warm so she chose tight shorts that highlighted her new downsized booty. It was a pair that she had not been able to get into since she moved down here from Philly. ‘The dieting is paying off finally’ she thought to herself. Her shirt, while not nearly as tight, was a tube top that was exposing the tops of her very well endowed breasts. Even her husband was looking down her blouse during the camp setup. ‘This could be fun.’ She thought. She might have bent over more than was really necessary while setting up camp especially if other males were nearby.

Hubby hiked down to the camp office to get assistance with the nonfunctional water line just as Tom drove his big shinny F-350 Turbo-diesel with a large fifth wheel camper up and started to anchor it down right adjacent to her little camper. Coincidence? I don’t think so! He was out and gazing in her direction as she bent down to adjust the lounge chairs and got a fine view right down her blouse. She looked up. He blushed crimson. “Like what you see?” She blurted out without thinking.

“Would love to see more!” He quickly retorted.

“Maybe you will.” She flirted right back.

He purposely dropped his sledge hammer onto the ground that he was using to drive the tent poles into the ground. He looked down at her waiting to see if she would take the bait. She paused to contemplate her next move, bit her lower lip and slowly walked over directly in front of him slowly bending down to retrieve the hammer. She paused a very long time knowing full well that he could see down her gaping shirt. “Much better,” he whispered. She smiled as she rose and looked directly into his eyes. He did not stop looking down at her partially exposed chest. She inhaled deeply as this small action started her juices flowing. She could not believe how turned on she was getting already.

She loved to tease, to titillate, to flirt. How far she would go this time she was unsure. Without much thought she turned the sledge hammer around in her hand holding the heavy metal end and pointed the handle directly at his legs. As she rose back up, she dragged the handle against his inner leg. Very slowly and deliberately, up his calf then his thigh. She got bold when she reached the junction of his thigh and torso. He was enjoying the bold advances of the Church Lady and did not stop her. What normal man would? She traced the outline of his aroused manhood with the handle. görükle escort He gulped a large breath of air and bit his lower lip. He grabbed the handle from her before she could do any more damage out in the open. She did not let go easily and let her hand brush his bulge. She paused there a moment longer than was appropriate as she looked directly into his eyes and smiled. “Uhhhhh,” she heard him respond. She loved getting verbal reaction from her flirtatious actions.

“Did I cause that?” As if she didn’t know. He just nodded speechless and growing more under her control by the second. She turned her small hand around and palmed it adding, “I would love to see it sometime.” She then stroked it twice before wrapping her fingers around it. All of his spare blood was now rushing down to that organ like a rampaging river after a rain storm. “Oh my. It’s getting even bigger.” She added after squeezing and letting it go three more times. “Pretty soon it won’t fit in my mouth.”

“We could always t-t-try.” He stammered.

“But your wife?”

“She goes to bed early and plays games on her smartphone.”

“That’s a shame. I was thinking maybe she could watch.” Now she was pushing the envelope. “What if I want her to watch?” She dared to put it out there.

“You’re thinking she would want to watch you suck me off? That’s very kinky.”

“Oh you don’t know just how kinky I can get!” She whispered right into his ear while starting to stroke him again but this time actually putting her hand up the leg opening in his shorts and finding skin. “Are you liking this?” He nodded. She wrapped her fingers around the head and found the crown, circling it and pulling it, making it twitch right in her fingers. “Now you want her to watch don’t you?” He nodded quickly. “Say it to me!”

“I-I-I want her t-to w-w-watch you suck me off.” He stammered losing control.

“If she is a good girl, I might teach her a thing or two or maybe let her join in. Would you like that?” He nodded his approval once again. “Because I’m really good at sucking cock and I love the taste of cum. Did you know I love the taste of cum?” She said driving him ever closer to exploding. She had him and she knew it. ‘Men are so easy’ she smiled to herself.

She stepped back as she heard hubby approaching up the long trail and sat back down in her recliner. The two men exchanged pleasantries as Tom offered her husband and herself a cold Twisted Tea from inside his fifth wheel. My, but he did not know that could get her very loose. The three were just relaxing, sipping and talking about nothing in particular when he blurted out how lucky her husband was to have such a sexy wife. “I love the way she dresses. She knows how to catch all of the attention at church.”

“I know what you mean. It all started about five years ago while she was still working. She was very active in my girl’s scouting and some church activities. She was traveling up to GSO a lot of times. Our sex life was getting kind of boring until she started traveling. Our sex was often enough but she had to be quiet with three kids at home so we kind of cooled it. Now that we are not at home, she can let loose.”

“Does she get noisy?” he inquired of the husband as if she wasn’t sitting right there between them.

“More so recently now that I think about it. I must say all of a sudden yes, very noisy and very vocal. And she knows what she wants and is not afraid to let me know.” He paused to finish his drink. “She is like a totally new woman in bed who just discovered her new found sexuality. I keep wondering how this happened. I don’t know how she found it, but I am really happy that she did.” He reached over and stroked her cheek as she smiled knowing full well who had helped her discover it, made her sexually experiment and learn how to let totally go and enjoy each and every sexual act. She still had a very fond place for ‘Him’ in her heart but that is another very long and involved story. Drew stroked her cheek a few times with the back of his fingers, then her shoulder then her chest right out in the open. She did not mind. He was showing her off and reminding Tom who she belonged too. He traveled inside of her loose fitting blouse under the influence of the Twisted Tea and inside her bra cup. She moaned out loud as he touched her nipple.

“I should retire and let you love birds have your privacy,” he remarked while staring at the husbands illicit sexual and overt actions inside of her blouse.

“Well I don’t mind if you don’t,” she said to her husband looking into her friend’s eyes to see him smiling appreciatively. He could tell that her husband was moving his buried fingers left and right across her nipple making it hard and perturbing against the thin material. Was he showing off or was he really into this exhibitionism? “Oh, oh, oh. That feels so good honey. Don’t forget I have another one.” she reminded him as she started to squirm in her recliner from both the stimulation and the excitement bursa escort bayan of having someone else watch his nipple play.

“I was leaving that one for you honey. Why don’t you show us how you like to stroke and fondle your left one while I work on the right one?”

She blushed a little, “But we are not alone. Tom will see.” She added as she reached up and circled her left nipple outside of her blouse. She did not stop. She looked at him as she circled the large breast drawing concentric circles inching ever closer to her hard nipple. He was spellbound as he watched transfixed.

“I’ll bet she would actually pull it out if you got us another drink,” hubby half joked to Tom. In a flash he was up, into his camper and returned with 3 cold ones. She took a long swig as she was nervous and sweating a little as now there was a commitment, an implied promise even. He sat down right close to her after scooting his lounge chair right next to hers. He looked up at her then lowered his eyes to her left one. She reached up and very slowly lowered her blouse down off her left shoulder. She actually shuddered as it reached the top of her strapless ‘C cup’. He smiled at her and waited to see more anxiously. “Go ahead honey. He brought us drinks. You owe him a little show,” hubby said to her as she had paused to reconsider exposing herself out in public to someone other than her husband. While very sexually exciting, she was halfway reconsidering this whole show. She liked to flirt and tease but now that it was ‘put up or shut up’ time, she did not know if she could sorta cheat on her husband even tho hubby was sitting to her right egging her on, to tease him some more, to expose her left breast and play with herself for his pleasure. She drew another long swig to get some liquid courage, reached up and slowly lowered her bra exposing a very large and excited breast.

“Wow! That is totally awesome. It’s so large, so excited, so very suckable.” He admired as Tom licked his lips.

She now wanted to cover it back up as this was going too far if he thought he would get to suck it. This was only for her husband. Just as she was getting second thoughts, hubby lowered the right side of her shirt and bra. Now both were exposed to the cool late afternoon air. She gasped a lung full of air from the surprise action of her hubby.

“OMG. Wow! What a beautiful matched set!” He was enthralled. She liked hearing the compliments. She smiled as she reached up and caressed the left one while hubby was doing the same to the right one. She was getting over her brief run in with the guilts as she circled the wide puckered areola slowly traveling towards her extended 3/4 inch long nipple. She finally arrived there to circle it, twist it and pull on it. She extended it away from her body directly towards his mouth. He licked his lips in anticipation but she let go of it just before he made contact. What a Prick Tease. She was so good at it. Over 25 years of practice. Again she would twist and turn her distended nipple and pull it towards his parted lips only to pull away at the very last moment. Closer and closer she came each time. She was enjoying tormenting him. His excitement was again very noticeable in his shorts. She finally let his lips touch the very point of her nipple. She gasped another breath. It was not her husband’s lips but rather an acquaintance from church. This was so wrong. But yet it felt so good, so naughty. He wasted no time at all and lowered his head sucking in the entire nipple and most of her darkened areola. He licked and sucked and tongued her left one while her hubby was pinching and twisting her right one. She looked down and thought that she had died and gone to heaven to have two men playing with her at the same time. She had dreamed about this scenario many times while servicing herself in the quiet of her ‘alone time’ during the week days.

“Ouch!” He was getting carried away with passion and biting her nipple a bit too hard but making her wetter by the minute. “Easy there cowboy. Been a long time huh?”

“My wife has very small ones and so does not care to have me play with them too much. I so miss big tits. Your husband is such a lucky man.” He mumbled between sucks and kisses and bites.

“Yes, yes I am. But she really likes it rougher. Bite them harder and twist them all the way around.” It was not really true but she was too far gone to contradict. He responded by twisting the right one like an old fashioned radio dial until she moaned out loud then hubby twisted it back the other direction almost 180 degrees until she moaned again. He took hubby’s lead and did the same thing to the left one.

“Oh, oh, oh! You g-guys are k-killing me. I’m getting sooooo w-wet, I’m dripping. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!”

“Show him. Show him how wet you are.” I couldn’t believe my husband was saying that. He is really getting into this. I wonder just how far he will let this go? She wondered how far SHE would go. She bursa escort still maintained a modicum of logical control but was quickly losing it to the wants and cravings of her supercharged body, especially in one rather damp region.

“I really don’t think I should.” She playing the demure, respectable house wife and church retreat organizer. “We need to stop this.” But they didn’t. Instead hubby leaned down and bit her right one real hard. “Jesus that hurt! Ouch. Damn.” He did it again. “Ok I’ll show him. But I’m half naked here and you two are still fully clothed. I want to see him first.” She put out the challenge and the negotiation. Tom quickly backed away from the wet tit he had been devouring and stood up to remove his shorts. He lowered them in one quick motion exposing a rock hard member. She reciprocated by reaching between her legs and pulled out two very wet fingers. She held them up to his face and spread them apart showing him just how wet she was by the amount of sex juices that covered her two fingers and still had a bridge of liquid between her spread apart fingers. He did not hesitate to lower his head to clean her two coated fingers and taste her essence in his mouth. ‘I hope he likes how I taste. I hope I’m still clean smelling.’ She thought, always the worrier.

“More, I want more. Show me more.” He begged. Well I guess he liked the taste plenty. She repeated the underskirt finger action again but this time rubbed it all over his mouth and lips getting him very wet. He licked his lips to get more of her taste. She pushed him back into his chair rather roughly. She then started stroking her nylon covered thighs driving him nuts. Up and down her hands would travel as he watched intently. Down the outsides then up the insides, inching her hemline up each iteration.

“You want to see more don’t you?” She now had control as she kept stroking. “Tell me. Beg me!”

“Yes, yes I want more.” He was like putty in the master sculptures hands. Once again she thought, ‘Men are so easy’ as she smiled to herself. “Please, please I need to see more. You are so sexy and so so hott!” He begged.

“We’ll if I do…” Long pause, “I’ll want to see you stroke yourself. Will you do that for me?” She raised her skirt almost to the promised land.

“You want me to stroke myself in front of you and your husband? I don’t know.”

“If you do a really good job, I might let you cum on my hose.” As she raised her skirt the last bit necessary to enable him to gaze upon the closely trimmed outer lips and her crotchless pantyhose. That did it. He slowly grabbed his elongated manhood and started a slow and long stroke. “Good boy. Now aim it here, right here.” As she spread her legs wider and using her same two fingers, she started rubbing her wet slit stroking from the top of her clit all the way down to her ass. “Oh My God! This is so hott!”

Up and down her juicy wet slit her fingers traveled exposing herself to him. Her two fingers were getting wetter with each stroke. He too was stroking his rock hard manhood. He was pointing it directly at her ‘V’ now in case it erupted prematurely. She would stroke her slit then spread her outer lips wide open as if inviting him in. Hubby was mauling both of her breasts rather roughly from behind her recliner. She scooted further down in the chair making his tip only inches from her wet opening. She was moaning and groaning. “You really want to shoot it right here don’t ya?” She teased him once again opening herself wide. Was she going to actually let him enter a spot previously reserved only for her husband? Was she too far gone for any logical thoughts other than sexual satisfaction? She reached for his stick with her other hand and pulled him forward. He held his breath as she rubbed just the head of it up and down her very well lubricated lips. Up and down, up and down the entire length. When it got back up to her clit, she would spread her lips wide with her fingers and tease her hard nubbin with the head of his dick. This was getting hotter then he ever imagined as he thought she was just a PT with no follow thru. She placed the head directly on her sensitive clit and commenced to stroke the length of it for him. “R-r-right there baby. Shoot it right there for m-m-me.”

“Oh Goddddddddd, here it comes!” And did it ever. Pulse after hot pulse directly on her clit. Hubby saw this and pinched and twisted both of her nipples just as hard as he could.

“Oh my, oh my, oh my! You, you guys are are gonna make me c-c-cum!” She screamed out loud. She turned her head and looked up just in time to take hubby’s impressive cock down her throat to catch another load. “Ummmmmmmm, ughhhhhh, ackkkkkkk, ohhhhhhh” she was gagging from the amount that hubby was forcing down her throat. “Ohhhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmmmm!” As her legs began to quiver and shake uncontrollably. The intensity of her explosion was muffled only by her mouth being full. Having two loads deposited by two different men back-to-back was something she had only dreamt about. The reality of the experience was mind boggling. It was something she had never felt before. It was way over the top. She could not catch her breath. She was still quaking a full two minutes later. Would the tingling sensation inside her vagina ever stop?

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