Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 06

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Chapter Six – Painting a Memory

Finally, we got to work and started painting her walls. Sexually exciting standing so close to her, even when painting, we worked side by side. I painted the walls, while she painted the trim. With her place being so small and with not much to paint, the painting went really fas. Besides, with her bending over, I spent as much time as I could on the ladder because that gave me a clear down overall view of her tits, especially when she leaned forward and reached for the paint can. On flashing overload, every time she moved, I saw some part of her naked breast or her panties, as her oversized overalls were open down the side and were loose on her in the back, too. Even when she was standing, especially, when I was poised on the ladder looking down, I could see the side of her panty clad ass. She made me so horny while watching her. As if I was watching a personal peep show, seeing bits and pieces of her panties and breasts was so erotic.

I imagined reaching my hand down her overall top and cupping her big tit, while fingering her nipples. I imagined my hand reaching down the back of her overalls and feeling her round, firm ass through her panty. I imagined my hand reaching down the front of her loose overall and feeling her between her legs, before pushing her panty aside and feeling and fingering her furry pussy. I imagined taking her in my arms and kissing her, French kissing her, while I felt her everywhere. I imagined her kissing me back, the feeling her warm, wet tongue in my mouth, as she reached her hand down my underwear and…


“What?” She startled me and I nearly fell from the ladder.

“You’re dripping paint everywhere.”

“Oh, sorry.”

Embarrassed that I was so careless, after my friend, Stephen, vouched that I was such a good painter, I quickly climbed down the ladder to clean up the mess. I had been so preoccupied and so horny, while imagining touching her and kissing her that I wasn’t paying attention to my roller. Good thing she had put down a drop cloth under the ladder where I was painting, otherwise, we’d be painting the floor the same color as the walls. I needed to focus on her walls, instead of on her ass, pussy, and tits.

She had taken down all her shades to paint. As if she had just moved in or was moving out, her apartment was wide open and everything we did echoed the emptiness through her small apartment. With anyone able to look in to see, it was a good thing we were on the second floor. Only with her apartment on the bottom of a hill, the park and the cemetery were situated higher and even though she was on the second floor, her windows were still at eye level to the park. It was late afternoon and we needed to put on some lights to see what we were painting.

When I reached for the overhead light switch is when I saw my four friends, Stephen, Anthony, Joey, and Ralph duck down behind the fence in the park. Holding onto one another, they were squeezed together on the ledge. How they all fit on that little ledge without falling off, I’ll never know? They must have been watching the whole time, no doubt. From where they were positioned and with her facing their way, when she was slowly unbuttoning her blouse and unzipping her skirt, seductively removing her bra, and changing in her overalls, they must have seen her tits and had a full view of her panty.

After what Anthony said about her stripping in front of her window with the light on at night and in front of him, it was then that I wondered if she knew she was being watched. After she flashed her panties that first time, she was on our radar and we were always watching her. Nah, how could she know we were watching her? We were always so discreet. Besides, now that my friends are making perverted asses of themselves, my horny friends had to stand precariously on the ledge behind the fence to see her and had to hold onto one another not to fall. The only reason I saw them was because I knew where to look. Surely, unless she was peering out her window in the dark, not knowing where to look, she’d never see them. Guys will do just about anything xslot to see a naked or even a semi-naked woman. She’d never figured they’d do that, stand on that little ledge, just to see her tits.

Still, when I thought about her undressing, while standing with her back to me, and facing the window, as if purposely giving my friends a free striptease show, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and seductively removed her bra, much like Mandy Pepperidge, played by Mary Louise Weller, did in Animal House. Mindlessly thinking of the events of her day, she removed her bra, as John Bluto Blutarsk, played by John Belushi, climbed the ladder and stood in front of her bedroom window to watch her undress and to see her tits. Guys will go to extreme measures to see whatever they can see.

Now, I wondered if she knew they were there and if she was stripping, as much for them, as she was for me. Suddenly, I had a huge erection again, while thinking of her exposing her tits to my four friends. Lucky bastards, I wished I was them suddenly, that is, until I realized that I was getting a better view of her boobs up close and personal. No doubt, they were all wishing they were me.

I was so naive. It wasn’t until years later that I figured this woman was driving us all crazy on purpose by flashing us. No doubt, her way of grooming us to make us all do what she so wanted and needed us to do. Just as we hoped she didn’t know we were watching her, obviously, she knew we were always watching her. Just as she flashed us her panties on purpose every day, now she was giving me and my boys a great show of the rest of her body.

“I have to pee,” she said suddenly.

Okay, I thought. Thanks for sharing, but that’s really more information than I need to know. Am I supposed to announce to her, whenever I need to pee. too? Then, I remembered that there was no bathroom door. The realization of her lowering her overalls and sitting on the toilet topless, while peeing with her tits fully exposed was all consuming. This ought to be good, I thought.

Then, with the thought of her sitting so exposed on the toilet, the sexual excitement took over me in the way of a fever. Maybe, she’d grab a towel to cover herself. Maybe, she’d cover her tits with her hands and her forearm. Consumed by sexual excitement, afraid to turn my head to look and watch her undress, I felt, as if I’d be the one violating her, if I looked. Only, truth be told, obviously, she was the one hoping to violate me by flashing me her big tits.

Unable to convince myself otherwise, unable to stop myself from looking, with that, I turned my head slightly to watch her, as she slid out of her overall straps and headed for the bathroom. As soon as her overall straps fell from her shoulders, the side of her bouncing breast was exposed to me, as she walked past me. Full, firm, and shapely, oh, my God, she had such a beautiful breast.

Hoping she didn’t grab a towel to cover herself, hoping she didn’t preserve her modesty by covering her tits with her hands, when I thought of the lack of the bathroom door, when I saw the flash of the bathroom light, I couldn’t help myself from turning my head to look, especially when I heard tinkling. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends, all that I saw. There she was mindlessly looking down, while sitting on the toilet topless and with the overalls around her ankles. A sexual fantasy come true, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Seeing my first woman sitting on a toilet peeing, other than those topless women that I saw in Playboy, I was seeing my first topless woman, too.

Oh, my God. Get the fuck out of here. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just couldn’t believe it. I was embarrassed for her but excited for me. My mouth was dry and my cock was getting hard again. Her tits were right there. Her tits were amazing. Forget about seeing a flash of Kathleen’s panties, every time she climbed the fence to walk her dog in the cemetery, I just saw Kathleen’s tits. If I died right now, so long as I went to Heaven, I’d be happy. No wait! Don’t take me just, yet, dear God. I have a feeling that I’ll be seeing xslot Giriş more of her naked body, when she stands to pull up her panties to cover her pussy and pulls up her overalls to cover her tits.

Quickly, I looked away, before she caught me looking and refocused my attention on painting her wall. Only, when I looked down and to the left, I saw her reflection in the dresser mirror that rested against the dresser that she had moved a couple feet from the wall and had angled towards the bathroom. Now becoming a little suspicious of her intentions, had she repositioned the mirror purposely, so that I’d see her and should I need to use the bathroom, so that she’d see me?

I caught movement in the mirror out of the corner of my eye and when I looked down at the mirror, again, I watched her wiping herself, stand, flush the toilet, and bend forward to pull up her panties. Oh, my God. When she leaned forward to pull up her panties, her breasts hung forward and down in the way that I imagined her breasts doing, when leaning over me to suck my cock. Then, when she leaned forward again to pull up her overalls, the vision of her leaning over me with her big breasts hanging over my face for me to suck them, filled my horny mind with lust for her. Even though the show was over, what a show it was.

From her big tits to her red pussy, I saw everything. I saw her tits, her bushy, red pussy, and most of her round naked ass, as she turned to flush the toilet, before pulling up her panties. Except for quick, furtive glimpses of my mother’s and sister’s pussies, her pussy was the first pussy I had ever seen. Now that I think of it so many years later, she must have placed that mirror there on purpose knowing that she’d flash me. She must have orchestrated this whole thing, even with the placement of the ladder and the removal of all the doors. This whole scenario was a setup, her asking me to help her paint, the too small overalls, and now with the mirror angled to view the bathroom. No doubt, in my horny mind, the mirror was strategically placed to give me an accidental, yet, no doubt, an on purpose view of her naked body.

Suspicious now of her intentions, yet not truly believing that she’d purposely flash me, instead thinking myself perverted for looking, I discounted my own suspicions back then. Now, that I’m older, no doubt, hoping to seduce me, I know she was purposely exposing herself to me. Only why would she do that? Women aren’t like that, are they? Just as Stephen had said to Anthony when Anthony suspected that she was flashing him on purpose, women aren’t sex fiends, only guys are. Or are women just as horny as men are, too?

Then, when I turned my head in the other direction, there through the living room window, I could make out the silhouettes of my friends’ heads. They were precariously standing on the ledge and peeking up from behind the fence watching, laughing, and giving me the thumbs up sign. From where they were standing they were in the direct line of sight with the bathroom. They must have seen everything, too, her tits, her pussy, and her ass, when she turned to flush the toilet. Oh, my God, just in the way she had given us all daily flashes of her panties for so many weeks, she just gave us all a show of her naked body.

I wondered if she knew that I had seen her naked. I wondered if she knew that my friends had seen her naked. With the bathroom light on and the shades off the windows, she must have known that they could see her standing there with her panties and overalls bunched around her ankles. Just as how could she not know that I was watching her, how could she not know my four horny friends were watching her, too? Just as I saw her tits, her pussy, and her ass, how could she not know they saw her tits, her pussy, and her ass, too?

Yet, in her innocent defense, why would a woman, a beautiful, albeit older woman, flash me and my four horny friends her naked body. Further, in her innocent defense, why she’d think that someone was standing precariously on the ledge and squatting down behind the fence, just to see her naked is ridiculous. Especially after having seen Kathleen xslot Güncel Giriş naked, my horniness is making my imagination run wild.

My mind was racing. My pulse was beating. My heart was pumping more blood than I needed, especially to my cock. I was so excited. I was so horny. I saw Kathleen’s tits, her pussy, and her ass. This was too much. We worked for the next few hours without interruption and accomplished all of the painting. Only, I couldn’t wait to go home to masturbate over all that I saw of her. She stood by the bathroom sink to clean the paint brushes and to wash her hands.

“Do you want something to eat?”

“Sure,” I said wondering if she was going to ask me to eat her pussy, now that I saw her naked.

She opened the fridge and I stepped down from the ladder to peer inside, only, with her leaning to look in the fridge with me, even though I just saw her naked breasts, I was more interested in looking down her overall top at her tits. Oblivious to my stare, I stared down her overall top lusting over her tits, while she bent at the waist and leaned in to peer in the refrigerator. I couldn’t get enough of looking at her tits. She really had a nice rack. I’d give anything to reach my hand down her overall top to feel her big tits. I wish I could caress her breasts and fingered and suck her nipples. Only, something like that only happens in a porn film. Something like that would never happen to me, especially with someone who looks like her.

“I can make you a cold cut sandwich,” she said looking up at me and catching me looking down her overall. Only, she did a peculiar thing. As if she was looking to see what I could see of her, she looked down her overall top, too, before removing the cold cuts from the fridge. Damn. She caught me looking. Only, if I wasn’t embarrassed before seeing her standing naked in the bathroom, surely I wasn’t embarrassed now.

“Okay,” I said. “What do you have to drink?”

“Coke or orange soda.”

“Orange, please,” I said using the bathroom sink to wash my hands.

We sat on the floor in the corner of living room, away from the freshly painted wall, the only place my friends couldn’t see us.

“How old are you, anyway?” She looked at me with a curious stare.

“How old do you think I am?”

“By the way that you act or by the way that you look?”

“What do you mean?

“By the way that you look, I’d say you were twenty-two-years-old, but by the immature way you and your friends act, I’d say you were 15-years-old,” she said with seriousness.

“Eighteen,” I said taking a sip of my soda to wash down the gooey white Wonder bread. “We’re all 18-years-old, but I’ll be nineteen next week, July 26th.” “You look older,” she said. “Are you a virgin?”

“No, I’m a Leo.”

“I didn’t say Virgo,” she said laughing. “I asked if you’re a virgin.”

I nearly choked on my orange soda.

“Yeah,” I said wanting to say no and turning bright red with my reluctant answer.

“I figured as much, by the way you’ve been staring at my breasts and by the huge boner you can’t seem to hide.”

“I’m sorry,” I said looking down at the bulge in my tight overalls and covering it with my hand. “I’ve never seen a woman before.”

“You’ve never seen a woman before?” She laughed. “Don’t you mean you’ve never seen a naked woman before? I’m sure you’ve seen lots of women before. Your mother is a woman,” she said laughing. No doubt, because of the writer and editor in her, she was always correcting me.

“I’m sorry for staring at you, Kathleen, but I was shocked when you were undressing in front of me. I nearly died when you took off your bra. Then, when I saw you sitting on the toilet topless, I was so horny. I couldn’t believe it, when you stood to pull up your panties. You’re the first naked woman I’ve ever seen. Then, when you leaned down to pull up your overalls and your breasts hung down like that, well I don’t dare even tell you what I imagined,” I said debating if I should tell her or not. “I couldn’t help but think of you blowing me, while I played with your big tits and fingered your nipples.”

I couldn’t believe I said what I did. Never have I talked like that to a woman before and here I was talking so disrespectfully dirty to Kathleen. Only, I knew that if I didn’t say what I did, I’d regret not saying it.

To be continued…

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