Coming Of Age Ch. 03

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Evan clawed his way through the sticky webs of sleep as he reluctantly climbed back to consciousness. His eyes not yet open as he rubbed his cheek back and forth over the soft comforter beneath him. He smiled contentedly as he captured the sweet subtle scent of perfume. Perfume?

Evan’s eyes flicked open. Disoriented, he struggled to sort through the sights presented to him. He certainly wasn’t in his room and he certainly wasn’t dreaming. Evan slid up onto his elbow, rubbed his face and took a closer look around. He found himself lying on a flowery blanket spread across a large bed. A multi-colored afghan covered his naked flesh. His own face stared almost mockingly back at him from the full-length mirror in the corner.

At last his mind cleared and he remembered he was at Catherine’s. He’d been sleeping in her bed. He vaguely recalled slipping into a deep slumber as he cuddled her warm body next to his. She’d held him and gently stroked his hair and softly cooed and he’d become so blissfully relaxed. He’d felt so warm and comfortable and safe.

The wonderful experience they’d shared together swirled in his mind and Evan took a long deep breath of the cool fall air. He looked to the window and found the sun shinning brightly. He felt great! He’d experienced his first complete sex with a beautiful knowing woman. While he had no basis of comparison, he was sure that losing his virginity to Catherine was infinitely better than it would have been had he lost it to a girl his own age. A girl like his friends had lost theirs too. Yes, he was sure he’d experienced something truly special.

Evan swung his legs off the bed, pulled on his boxers and contemplated his pants. With a little smile he decided not to wear them. He hoped Catherine wouldn’t think he was rude walking around her home in his underwear. It was chilly in the house though so he searched for his T-shirt. Not finding it, he recalled how he’d used the shirt to clean himself. He reflected on how Catherine had given it to him to dry his chest after she’d had him masturbate for her. How she’d explained to him that the release would make him last longer when she finally took him inside of her. How she’d straddled his leg then bucked and ground against his knee as her fingers plunged into her crotch. How she’d thrashed and moaned as he watched her and how she wouldn’t allow him to touch himself. Forced to grip the bed rails until she gave him permission. How he feared he would explode just from the sensations of her above him like that. How she’d wetted his leg and demanded him to cum right away and how with a few strokes of his own hand he’d exploded.

Evan shook his head clear and again smiled broadly. He rose and went in search of this wondrous woman.

It wasn’t hard for him to find her. He simply followed his nose. The stomach-tugging aroma of frying bacon pulled him through the house. Before departing the bedroom, Evan had drawn the warm afghan over his shoulders and he now held it tight to his chest as he eased against the archway at the edge of the kitchen.

Catherine stood before the stove, her back to him. Her long wavy hair cascaded down her back. She’d donned a three-quarter sleeved pajama top styled like a sport jersey. The tail of which ended about halfway down her rounded bottom. Evan smiled at the sight of her fleshy cheeks as they clenched and jiggled with her movements. Well, she wasn’t wearing panties so Evan felt better about his choice to wear only his boxers.

As Catherine moved about with the tasks of cooking, the corner of her eye caught a glimpse of him leaning there, silently watching.

“Evan!” Catherine turned fully to face him, her tone and warm smile revealing her genuine happiness at seeing him.

Evan returned her smile, “Smells good. Sorry if I slept too long.”

“Nonsense. A growing boy needs his rest. Especially when he worked as hard as you did.” Catherine smiled slyly and watched his face redden. “Well, I hope you don’t mind breakfast in the afternoon. I was actually just coming to wake you. I washed your T-shirt but I’m afraid it just went into the dryer so it will be a while.”

“No, no, that’s cool. I’m not in a hurry to go anywhere.” Evan looked up, capturing her gaze. “Thank you Catherine.”

She stared back, studying his face. The look he had told her it wasn’t food or the laundry he thanked her for. She strode over to him and let her warm palm cup his soft cheek. “You’re welcome Evan.”

His eyes cast down slightly, an awkward feeling rolling deep in his belly. Catherine raised his chin and smiled mischievously, “I had a good time too you know?”

Evan chuckled, “Did you really?”

“Uh huh. Besides, I have some ideas on how you can thank me even more.” Her upper lip snarled slightly and she appeared wonderfully sexy.

“I’d like that.”

Catherine playfully patted his cheek, “Come eat.”

They sat at the breakfast table in the kitchen. Catherine tore pieces from her toast and bacon as she watched Evan eat. She so enjoyed seeing his hunger being fed. So enjoyed being the one to feed that hunger.

“No bonus veren siteler hurry to get anywhere huh?”

Evan stopped with his fork midway between plate and mouth, “No. I mean if that’s okay. I didn’t mean to come across like I expected to stay here or anything.” He chuckled nervously.

Catherine furrowed her brow and looked sternly at him. She allowed a pause of silent tension to creep over them, intentionally making him squirm. Unable to torment him any longer she at last burst into laughter and squeezed his hand tightly. “You’d have felt pretty weird if I’d have said you had to go huh?”

Evan let out a pent up breath and he too laughed, realizing she’d been teasing him, “Well, yeah…”

Catherine still chuckling said, “So you want to hang out here with me for a while?”

“Yeah. I really do. I’d really like to.”

“Hummm…And just exactly how long did you plan on hanging out with me?”

“Well…uh hum…I told my folks I might be staying out all night. You know, that I might not be home until tomorrow. I mean I’m free to come and go. They don’t tell me what to do or anything. It’s just that, you know, I don’t like to worry them.” Evan’s cheeks flushed as he tried to rustle up some manly dignity.

Catherine squeezed his hand a little harder and looked straight into his eyes. “You can spend the rest of the day and the night Evan.”

Evan’s heart nearly burst from his chest at the excitement those words brought.

“I have a lot more I want to show and teach you, remember?”

“Yes.” His head bobbed up and down causing Catherine to giggle at his boyhood eagerness.

“And I think it’ll be good for you to stay. I think it’s time we got more serious with your studies. Oh yes, I have plans for you Evan. Are you sure you’re ready for all of what I have in store?”

“I think so.” He half lied. He had no idea what she had in store.

Catherine smiled, “I think so too but you have a lot to learn. So that means you have to listen to me very carefully and do exactly what I tell you. Understand?”

Evan nodded.

“Will you do exactly what I tell you? Everything I tell you?”



Evan was confused at her urging for more, his mind raced to solve the puzzle, desperate to not disappoint, “Yes…Catherine.”

Catherine smiled broadly, “Good boy. We’re going to have a great day Evan. A really, really great day!” Again she patted his cheek.

As they did the dishes and cleaned up, Evan silently replayed every scrap of porn he’d viewed over the years. Scenes, images, pictures flashed through his mind as he attempted to recall exactly what the participants did in each of them. He was desperate to arm himself with as much knowledge as possible in hopes of pleasing Catherine. She so deserved to be pleased he thought to himself. Not just because he felt indebted to her for all she’d already done for him but just because of who she was. Such a wonderful woman that Evan felt compelled to make her happy, to please her.

They stood side by side, Evan washed and Catherine dried, and she couldn’t help the thoughts that slipped into her conscious mind. Watching this youthful naïve lover who was oblivious to the decadent experiences she had yet to reveal to him. It was strange, a part of her wondered if she should stop right now. She was not just playing with fire but perhaps this boy’s young heart. Not too mention the age difference. Here she was creeping up on her fifth decade and this boy had only months earlier turned eighteen. And she knew that in his heart he was still so young, so much more innocent than other boys his age were.

But the rest of her didn’t care about any of that. She wanted this boy. Wanted to seize the opportunity that she had as much stumbled into as well as created. She’d awakened something deep inside of her that she herself wasn’t even sure she understood yet. She remembered how aggressive she’d become during their morning lovemaking. How directive and forward and demanding she’d been. More, she remembered how much she’d enjoyed it, how excited it made her.

She decided that she would indeed have to be careful with this boy, as she honestly did not want to hurt him. Was she using him? Maybe she was. But, she knew that with a little discussion and if she worked the relationship properly, Evan would understand and wouldn’t get hurt. And along the way, they would both learn more about themselves and each other. And oh the pleasure they would bring to one another.

Catherine wiped the last of the countertops, “Thanks for the help.”

“Sure, I’m glad to help. Like you said, ‘A good boy always cleans up his mess’ right?”

She stopped and turned to Evan. Her hand cupped his chin as her fingers and thumb squeezed his cheeks. “Bath time little boy.”

Earlier when he’d awakened, Evan briefly wished that Catherine would see him as a man. But he figured she was wise enough to know that having sex for the first time didn’t automatically qualify him as a man. And, oddly that idea pleased him. The way Catherine called him “boy” wasn’t demeaning. bedava bahis In fact, it was actually reassuring and comforting. It was if by being her “little boy” it freed him to be inexperienced. Evan realized it was okay if he didn’t know what to do or exactly how to do it. Realized that somehow that very fact was at the least exciting and more likely pleasing to Catherine. So Evan resigned himself to being what he was, the boyish, inexperienced, naïve lover that he knew Catherine enjoyed and wanted him to be.

Evan found himself following obediently as she led him by the hand to the bathroom. He was a little embarrassed having this considerably older woman leading him along for his bath time. He felt very much the boy she saw him as. He couldn’t believe how warm and safe he felt with her. Safe. The word kept surfacing when he thought about how Catherine made him feel. How he felt when he’d been curled up against her full voluptuous body, wrapped in her arms as she cradled him into sleep. She was so…so…

“Okay you. Are you ready?”

“Yes Catherine.”

She smiled, “Well, we’ve got something we have to take care of before your bath.”

“We do?” Evan’s mind perked up as it immediately conjured an explicit thought.

Catherine looked at him, smiling slightly and slowly shaking her head. “Such a hungry little boy you are Evan. No not that. Not yet anyway.”

“Oh. Sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“Ssshhh. Hush.” Catherine began to fill the sink with hot water, the steam rose and stuck to the mirror above. She moved about gathering up items that Evan didn’t really get a look at since she held a towel in one hand that obscured his view of the other. She came back to stand before him, leaned over and turned off the sink.

“Before I clean you up, I want to tidy you up.”

“Okay.” Evan didn’t have a clue what she meant by that.

“Do you trust me Evan?”

“Yes. Of course I do Catherine.”

“Hmmmm…Good boy. Because I need you to trust me right now.” Catherine bent and squatted, setting her items on the floor beside his foot, the towel covering them.

“Okay Catherine. I trust you.”

Catherine rose and gently rubbed Evan’s soft cheek, her eyes warm and full.

Then she again bent deep in the knees before him. Evan looked down at her. Her hands rose and she gripped the legs of his boxers. “First thing we need to do is get you out of these.” Catherine tugged and wiggled his underwear until they at last slipped to his ankles.

“C’mon. Take your feet out.” Evan stepped out of his boxers, now fully naked. Suddenly his eyes snapped straight ahead. He realized immediately that he was growing hard and he fixated on a tiny imperfection in the wall. He tried to clear his mind. He so didn’t want to get an erection and have Catherine think that he had no control whatsoever. But the more he struggled the harder he grew. The more he tried not to think about it, the more he thought about it and his cock responded accordingly. Being a boy was fine but he wanted to feel like he had at least some control.

Catherine tossed his underwear aside and turned back to find Evan’s swelling cock bobbing before her nose. She smiled slightly and watched it grow even more. She loved the sight of his cock. It was beautifully shaped with its prominent veins and well-defined head. Not huge but nice and full. She looked up at Evan and saw how intently he was focusing. His eyes squeezed shut, his fists clenched. That made her smile even more as she thought how hard he was trying to make his growing erection go away.

“Some one is happy to see me.” Catherine teased and slipped onto her knees. Her hand fell onto Evan’s hip and she urged him sideways, close to the sink full of hot water. Evan shuffled over. His mind desperately tried to will his cock soft again.

“Well, I’d say we could wait until Mr. Happy here calmed down but I don’t think either of us want to wait that long,” Catherine chuckled devilishly.

Oh man Evan thought to himself, she’s even making fun of me. Oh man, oh man, oh man. Please go away, he kept reciting in his head.

He heard Catherine’s hand dip into the water. He’d completely forgot about whatever it was Catherine wanted to do as his mind worked to control his cock. He felt the warm water run around the base of his swelling shaft, down onto his balls and drip to the floor as Catherine poured it over him.

One handful at a time, Catherine ladled the hot water onto Evan’s cock, balls, belly, and thighs.

“Oh now Evan. Stop trying so hard. It isn’t any use. He’ll go down when he wants to and that won’t be until you relax. Besides, why are you getting so embarrassed? It’s not like you’ve never gotten a hard on when you didn’t want to, right?” Catherine simply started what she’d planned without bothering to further explain it to Evan. She figured he had plenty on his mind as it was. And having him focused on something else would make it easier for her anyway she thought.

“Right Evan? You’re cock’s gotten hard lots of times when you didn’t want it to hasn’t it? Like that day deneme bonus in front of my sink.” Evan didn’t speak.

Catherine had his entire groin area nice and wet now. She reached for the can and shook it a few times. Opening one hand while the other worked the can until she had a nice dollop of the bluish-green jell on her fingers. She considered warming it in her palms but decided the stark cold might help him out a little.

“I bet your cock used to get hard in class when you were looking at all those cute girls. Hated that didn’t you?” Catherine giggled as she quickly rubbed her thumb through the gel and over the tips of her fingers, starting the foaming process.

She was just reaching for him when she paused and looked up at his face, “Or maybe you felt yourself getting hard in the boys locker room?” Evan’s face shot straight to the ceiling and his clenched knuckles whitened. “Oh, you naughty boy.”

Catherine began to smear and spread the shaving gel all over Evan’s balls and crotch. Fearing he would burst right there, she was sure to be very ginger when lathering his shaft.

“Okay, okay Evan, I’ll stop teasing you now.” Evan was breathing slow and deep, the way she had taught him to, to try and gain some control. Thank goodness he thought. Damn she made him feel so embarrassed sometimes. And she liked doing it too!

“Now, I need you to hold very, very still.”

“O…uh hum…Okay.” Evan managed to croak. He’d yet to look down but whatever it she was doing to him felt so good. He felt so slick and her hands were running all over him. He knew if he hadn’t cum twice already today, he would have unloaded right there in Catherine’s hand. But she was being very careful, especially around the head so Evan at last began to feel like he was going to make it through this ordeal. He held very still and waited, not yet trusting himself to open his eyes.

“I’m going to shave you Evan. Not all girls like their boys shaved, but most women do. Not all, but most. I like it when you’re nice and smooth down here so I’m going to shave you. So you have to be still.”

Evan could hardly believe what Catherine had just said. She was going to shave his balls and stuff? Hell he barely had to shave his face twice a week. Evan heard the water ripple as Catherine swished the razor through it. He dared to flutter his eyes open. He found himself still staring at the ceiling. Well that went okay he thought. Slowly, he lowered his head and watched her raise the razor up out of the water. His breath caught and again his eyes closed as he felt the razor make it’s first slow stroke over him.

Catherine slowly guided the razor over his balls. She held them tight in the other hand, stretching the skin so as not to nick him. Reaching up after every two or three strokes to rinse the hair from the blades and then returning to her task. As she worked Evan eventually found himself in control enough to chance a look down at her, at his crotch. At first he got a little excited at the sight of himself all lathered up with his shiny smooth skin showing through the white cream where the razor had already traveled. But soon he began to watch more out of fascination than excitement.

He watched Catherine’s face as she ever so skillfully shaved his most sensitive region. Her face occasionally scrunched up and her eyes narrowed when she was faced with a particularly challenging spot that required her full attention. But between those moments her face was soft and light, almost serene as he watched her. His cock had at some point relaxed and while he certainly wasn’t soft, he also wasn’t rigidly hard. Evan’s head tilted from side to side as Catherine’s gentle knowing fingers guided the razor into and around and over every fraction of him. He began to loose himself in the entire experience. It made him feel…somehow…made him feel somehow closer to her. He didn’t know exactly why he just knew that it did. He felt very vulnerable and exposed yet at the same time reassured and secure. Evan no longer thought about his penis, he merely watched Catherine’s face and breathed.

Catherine watched Evan’s shiny skin as she relieved it of its tiny protective hairs. Watched her hands skillfully revealing his bare flesh to her. She knew she’d only been partially honest with him about the shaving. It was true that she enjoyed the smoothness but she also knew that there was more. It was an extension of her developing fantasies. She’d struggled against the ideas at first but finally realized that she didn’t have to bury those feelings. Realized it was okay for her to feel the way she was. And with that surrender came some wonderful, albeit decadent, thoughts.

She suddenly realized she’d shaven him completely bald and became acutely aware just how much she was enjoying this. She hadn’t intended to. She originally meant to merely shave his balls and shaft. Of course when she began she discovered she had no need to shave Evan’s shaft. He had very little body hair to begin with. His chest was bald and smooth, his legs covered in a light colored and light textured hair, and his groin even lighter in both respects. Yet, she’d become so engrossed with the entire experience that she’d shaven his balls, deep inside and out across the fronts of his thighs, and completely eliminated the downy patch that had once stood guard between his belly button and his groin.

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